AUDIO:  Neal McCready with Jeffery Wright from Atlanta on the Eric Hasseltine Show as coverage of the 2018 SEC Media Days continues on 92.9 FM ESPN

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Tuesday, July 17th
AUDIO:  Neal McCready with Jeffery Wright from Atlanta on the Eric Hasseltine Show as coverage of the 2018 SEC Media Days continues on 92.9 FM ESPN

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For you what is been the most interesting aspect media days because you know and I both covered that you covered a lot of it. But when you're down there are oftentimes it's mainly just kind of talking points it's a whole lot of nothing. I personally thought it or you're on trying to justify his decision of firing Matt Canada when he ran his entire platform on how Matt can't it was gonna be the cornerstone. What he was trying to do. And yesterday and Ed just edges keeps digging in and making me feel more and more correct when I said two years ago this was a disaster. It it was a picture of him in incomprehensible hire Joseph Lieberman aide. It. That particular piece are just. When you look at the what paper he was really hear them it's it's either you're the urban growth cajun boy and it it's almost funny when you read them on paper just it's it's not a he added all that to coordinator was one of the vessel that's coordinators in the country. He essentially admitted that he could not let him run the offense. He had just stepped in at the first sign of trouble in his first season he had stepped in. And try to basically take the offense over he alienated Canada ruin the chemistry and so what that program and then he went out any higher Stephen's been. Rob and nothing good Stevens near the main Stephen Drew years and been. In the SEC and and around them and probably get all the things toward a thirty years. You're not gonna come up with any new idea that essentially endorse try at beating out Lal. That he cannot. Delegate. Cannot will not delegate. Batted that they football team that when you talk to people around that program that are close to it. Milk say hey you fixed some fixes and out of there almost. Possibility. And then I'll look at that schedule and I act because that will help movement of works. In college football and at the Louisiana maybe you are no other extreme base school. Will turn on them. Quickly and make that place and home field disadvantage if they lose. If they lose to Miami to open the season. Going to lose to Auburn in week three. What do they Uga lost to Louisiana Tech or old the last two games that they should win and it probably will win. But they're wanting to going into that game against we get a chance to accomplish treat them like the Super Bowl. And that beta two and two going into the Ole miss game and only offensively. Will be able to put up some points. There it. They're the recipe for a complete disaster there amid after all that they're scheduled hole or bandits Georgia and Alabama and Florida. At tech today and it but the you know that there's there's no creepiest of them after awhile. It if they have 45 losses in the middle of October there's only going to be one talking point in combat pollution that XP sorry to Oliva. Firing at or Iran starting over again making that they horse. What Tom Herman went to Texas and in worse. What is. Jim both Fisher turns it around quickly particularly in him. The optics on that already had already gone on in and Jolie are. Insurmountable. That there will be clamoring for change your future looking for drama in the SEC UC domestically expo look critically. They started going badly and everything is in place scorching start going badly. If you go downhill quick. Neil we appreciate the talent the forty anymore right here on nights Johnathan missed him.