AUDIO: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver joined the guys to discuss the NBA draft, super team, 1-and-dones, and more on 92.9 FM ESPN.

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Wednesday, June 20th
AUDIO: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver joined the guys to discuss the NBA draft, super team, 1-and-dones, and more on 92.9 FM ESPN.

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But we are delighted to be joined right now by the commissioner of the NBA Adam silver. Who is getting ready for the NBA draft out of a first and foremost thank you for being witnessed by the way you were the first guest I believe we had outside of people inside the building here right now on gold doing Dylan seven months later we're still here they said it wouldn't last. I. I'm glad that you with a so as we're getting ready for the start of the NBA draft tomorrow night. What is your anticipate anticipatory level here for this event which is really the seminal event of the off season going forward for the India. If it did enormous amount of anticipation I mean we have I think another fantastic class based on watching a lot of them playing college and obviously some very high profile international players coming in as well they're coming in will be younger. And they have historically blue we're we're projecting. We're gonna have roughly 21 and done players coming in and out of college. I think this is the reality of where we find herself you know we spent a lot of time talking about what are minimum age should be these days but but I you know I can just tell from the amount being talked and written about this class that not only if fans excited but I know a lot lot of teams are really excited about the opportunity as well. Certainly looks like a good classic you mentioned the possibility of 21 and dines. If being in your estimation. How many years we'll be before we are announcing a high school seniors again in this draft. You know I I'm not sure as as you guys have reported we sent a memo out to our team saying. That if we were to make the change you wouldn't happen before either the 20/20 122 seat in the reason we did that is because teams of course trade draft picks and the year that. But if if we were to change the age from nineteen to eighteen you can just in time imagine how rich that draft class will be because in essence to well up to class is coming and wants an MM maybe maybe there's some some. Do something different we need to do that Europe all we had very preliminary discussions with the players' association about. What would happen in that case but we really haven't sat down and either he or frankly where our owners or the players association to have more and it extensive discussions about whether the right thing for the league used to move. A year earlier it just to just to add to what what's going on as ever think you know Condoleezza Rice was brought in by the NCAA issued chaired that commission. They met for about six months and they made a recommendation that. In essence that the NBA take back the one and done. Players so I think one of the important factors of course is that there at the college community is saying they don't want those players. I think apple weigh heavily in discussions we have with our players association and and around the league it's a mixed bag I think probably our teams are about 5050 and we went back in 2005. We we went from eighteen to nineteen at the minute major we did it because at the time. During his sense of the players coming right out of high school or mature enough boat determined skilled employment at candlelight standpoint that things are a little bit different now I think there's. A youth programs. The junior. NBA programs the USA basketball programs routines are more intensive plus we have Archie leak which we didn't have back then. Again it's not it is I don't think there it's it's win win whatever you do I think like I can understand from other general manager's employment. Why they would prefer drafting players after they've been in college for a year. On the other hand I think it compares to the college system but they don't want the players I think that's something we have to take into account. We're certainly something that looks like it will be good. I figured out going forward as we're talking with a NBA commissioner Adam silver on the eve of the NBA draft. I don't we just came off lather rinse repeat for the fourth straight year a finals between the Golden State Warriors in the Cleveland Cavaliers. And on one sets it's what the people wanted ratings were up our people were very intercity even though was a sweet they were very into the series because of the stars that were there. However there are some people out that are saying look. We're getting into a situation where we had these dynasties which are bad for competitive balance in the NBA now my Canada that has always been. We've always had dynastic teams in the NBA go back to the fifties. Whether it's the Celtics the lakers the bulls of the ninety's the spurs and and a couple of teams in the two thousands. The question then becomes where to where we going for on the idea of of these same teams being their year in year again being a problem. Broke your point about who is happy about it certainly not the Tony and other teen Zack I can begin with but you know accused your point also about. Competition I mean I and I talked about this during the final I mean just taken the east for example LeBron of course they had this been to a final now eight consecutive seasons. You know I think I think the first persons Bill Russell to do that and he's played with 159 different teammates. Over the last eight years so I'm not sure what system. We could develop its bridge supposedly the right outcome was he shouldn't be in the final that you figures are on not suggesting it is but from a system standpoint I don't know what we can do differently I don't think anybody was looking at at Cleveland going into the final and saying what a loaded team I can't believe he has so many superstars around him would we know which complete respect to his teammates so it's an and then in the case of the -- I get it in terms of Kevin Durant going there it was a bit of an aberration in our system we had a spike in our captain enabled them to have additional cap room to warriors will tell you that would -- a way to get it done anyway I don't know. But even if Kevin Durant hadn't gone to Golden State analysts estates stated Oklahoma City or let's say gone to another team may be in the east he quickly would have had a third team that would have been much better any team has Kevin Durant will be too but then you go 27 other teams and so you know you gotta give Golden State they're do it and it and it said repeatedly let's also celebrate excellence. I mean ownership the job Bob Myers is gonna to GMs Steve Kerr of course one of the one of the great coaches in our league and then you know step curry drafted. Klay Thompson drafted streamline green drafted 35 by Golden State Warriors. I'm you know and so I I don't think there's a week we wanna go about breaking up teams just to break them up. Just to force some sort of parity dead dead dead it's kind of a natural on the other hand I can understand system doing some did different things in the system that may not have allowed Kevin liked. Got to go to player like Kevin Durant to go to a team that was already so good so number one would there are things we can look at there's always been an annex collective bargaining agreement you know and and people over the years we've talked about a harder cap them we have a million of the NFL as much harder cap and we do our somewhat soft obviously allows teams to go significantly above the cap and the tax level. And that's the case with both Golden State in Cleveland there's significantly above war tax level is right now so we'll continue to look at that but in the meantime you know hats off to Golden State and the Cleveland for that matter their date there competing with in this system dared. Dirt they're driving hard to win you know and and to extend that Golden State as a result may be a dynasty I mean they're probably right there are important enough for me to declare them wanna maybe people have to look back on it but but again I credit them with working within the system and and also just watched a watched the basketball on the floor I mean it's it's it's their fantastic game and I think you know and I loved like they I think you know a few players I mean. To throw people when Wayne Indiana lost. In game seven equivalent in a heat within the next day I'm back in the gym. You know I know what do I know where the bar is now and and and also in our league in terms of parity for the first time in 39 years we had 27 game conference finals so I mean you could say the rockets were built to defeat the warriors and they were right there they had games seven. And home. Against the Golden State Warriors and NRC and gave us five you know Chris Paul the superstar player in this league you know be injured himself. And Gary you were so he wasn't in the game that the whole season was built on being and so there's elements of luck involved with this as well so. I mean I still I'm still this at this stage of celebrating on the basketball we have right now but but I hear people I mean let's computer to Dhaka. Honestly between when he had other teams via did during the biggest complaint is in terms you know will defected to to do these two teams have met. Four times in a row and so there barrel complaint is that collectively are thirty teams are charter. What system we have together with the players and by the way the players wanna win too I mean is not just donors at the players and when he other teams want a system that allows. Every player regardless of where they get drafted or where they get traded or where they signed to be able to compete for championships true and that's where you want so and age again you know it's it's pretty who dirt dirt that you you guys pointed out. There there have been dynasties forever in this league play there isn't there's an old. Sports Illustrated cover Uga should look up from 1997 and there's a picture of my Michael Jordan on the resources that yeah you know and I think it you know are the bulls bad for the NBA you know and it's sort of it's it's it's kind of the same storyline right now I mean although you know I was with the league of course has started nearly ninety. People weren't quite saying I don't remember this same conversation back and I think because he didn't have the Kevin Durant factor I think that that's sort of books people a little bit I think just from because his team that was already championship team gain Kevin Durant there was no there wasn't quite the equivalent with the Chicago Bulls but I'd like I said I you know it the from a system standpoint. I'll take that as an issue truly because we we always to collective bargaining. Can be sitting down other players association premier what's the best way to design competition around this week and that's what we have sort. Ensor joining us commissioner of the NBA you've also advocated Ford now that gambling is legal a 1% cut basically. For the league where where are as as the we have a couple of states now that are that are going forward with this. Where is that heavy right now about a 1% whether you can whether you can't. There's that it casinos don't seem as excited about the idea that I am I shocked it's hip are still. Our notion is dead the you know it there's been a bit of analogy to me to to music that you know called a royalty you know when that music plays in the casino everyone understands that to the musicians. The composure. That you could it you know we all get. Royalties some seats from that music being played from our standpoint we created this contact me MBA this year believe or not spend roughly you know close to eight billion dollars this year you know in the NBA culmination of our Arenas paying the players all our expenses and everything else it would just seem pretty natural bad to extend dead the casinos are gonna then take the debt contents. And before and it and it for profit business of course spend use it to make money that the NBA or and or whatever sports week. Edit and including the players are involved in the creation of that contents should get some sort of share so we went to the state legislatures to roughly twenty of them right now work. We're in the process of either passed bills or all all or call discussing right now sportsmen and let this legislation we went to them and says you know while we don't know we should get some sort of cut technologists say that the extent that the states are. You know saying ultimately. No they're not they're not suggesting necessarily that we don't deserve to to enter into court. To some commercial relationship with the casinos they're saying we're gonna let the market you know work its magic in other words you the NBA if you wanna sit down. Wish com users are winner or whatever it is the casino and have directors is discussions that took you and then. You you know soak in other words UMass situation for you go into a sports sports book at the Bellagio hotel and there's some impact. Is this some official moniker that says you know. That after official you know. Betting parlor of the MBA or whatever the league is and you know as a consumer than that their data is coming directly from the league isn't it there's a whole process now where illegally some of our art data this is the call excrete being scraped you know where you have college kids watching games off all the television and and creating their own stat sheets conflict have so you know you do you know that the status officially you know there's and integrity behind the information you have it allowed them to use you know that the logos and marks of two weeks so I'm at the end of the day. I think we're wolf we will probably and that kind of entering into a sort of deals directly with with the casinos but but let me just it just to step back most importantly from a legal standpoint I mean -- position I'd try to pursue that became commissioner. There's hundreds of billions of dollars spent illegally just in the United States on sports right now and for us having it regulated in the legal across the country is. A much better than the current state of affairs work you know people are paying cash you know we did get into a corner bar it's like here at least it. Probably most important not putting aside if speak is that we have you know access to the data in the aggregate not the individual better so that if there's operational behavior if there's you know you look everybody knows what the lines are in these games everyone knows with the over under is and you can see when something's happening. Aptitude operational just like there's insider trading was stocks that the New York Stock Exchange to the other computers. You know that is set off regional red flags if there's unusual activity in particular stock and then they work backwards they see exactly who's buying that stock and they can figure out whether there's something untoward going out there is no different in in Europe where there's legalize sports betting and people are identifying themselves spending on the Smartphone detect if somebody who's never made a bet you force also in putting a lot of money down on a game they had an outcome that nobody was expecting it causes them to regulators to look at maybe who is this person and and maybe it's totally legit but maybe it's not so are important whether or not it becomes GMBH a regulated jurisdictions do much better for us. Our data Melissa we appreciate the inside there a lot going on wholesale these things play out looking forward to the draft tomorrow on ESPN ESPN radio and he is pin is pin dot com Adams over the commissioner of the NBA thanks three with a specs that.