AUDIO: Miller on EH Show Driving Through Snow w/NBA Champ Rings On

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Tuesday, April 17th
AUDIO: Miller on EH Show Driving Through Snow w/NBA Champ Rings On

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Out on the recruiting trail. On my favorite jazz have ever had the pleasure to be around in the NBA is name is Mike Miller Macon today's Q and I of the day. Best in sports. I'm Joseph Q and any of the day on ninety you know. ES. Hamlet is due respect. University of Memphis assistant basketball coach Mike Miller joining us now coach Miller what's up dude. Gone are your dirt a good man I'm good I'm gonna worry US right now. I am drive it out here road with a lot of law that does not act sound. Like but see this looks amazing and I have heard you on I don't need and I'm not aware that is. The Baghdad and here. This is what's amaze me as a landed five players in a matter of less than a month. You move the recruiting class ranking into the top thirty and that you guys are still pound on the payment what's a well what's what's going on. We're gonna lower our coaches. Code got a lot of do you want to accomplish here it's totally. And so we got you out there or could vote if he does it look up our guys take it doesn't really proud of what we are a popular. When you. Was some clout and Penney said that when it Al Coates said that when he came Arnie said. I asked him that specifically as it does your celebrity gets you into doors that otherwise may be closed and he said absolutely there's no debt there's no doubt about that. I know that that's a factor and I know that that's a bonus for us but now adding. You ended that mixes well certainly. Certainly can't hurt that but you also have to be able to YouTube. Connected to get a aside from just the celebrity side so once the the jaws get put back up and they realize you guys are the real coaches. What's the approach from there. All the directions that all looked up that they wanna do a very very critical during his stop but we love coach auto Airbus saw a couple. Army and that that that there's actually been out all about what we are here some if all over complicated. Epic game and beat beat ordered by by the Oilers general Albert where would let this be kicked out. Or connect brought back that we live that every they're trying to do we take a step or. I'll bet we're here to assist them and make sure that they've been great the right there's that put out the best positioned to them and apparently a bit of life. As you said one of the questions you asked them as what you wanna do for the next 1015 years of your life is this what you want do you want this basketball life. It's not an easy life those so how how brutally honest are you with them about that it's not easy because it's not easy to get there. It's not easy because it broom it requires a lot of movement you've got to be willing to go. Where the work is as you and I both know. But is also you are playing the game that you love. Foray living and whether it's a living in America or whether it's a living overseas you make in my to play basketball there's very many jobs better Matt. There are well obviously I'm humbled by photos that are currently second second mainly radio second made. It. So I have created a bit. They're a bit. Artwork and their art whatever decision you marry. Source girders as you make when your they're sort beat 12304050. Years old you could put all the time without the world record so there's. That's ordered it to them as there was appears to we've made mistakes code awkward shot but they've got so it's now try to help it. Oracle's respect. It goes to work of art. That view on it or come here you would work or don't work as Peru where Iran electorate. That it scratch and continue to build it like it is all the works cited double which don't want this to go out on a joy it. But it system limits ought enjoyable plant or they can enjoy you know you know that our spirits. Since you noticed like you know 181000 people but it all all crazy so we've seen that side of a lot of other set up under all. I heard you talk to Jason in job a little bit about this as we talk with Mike Miller here on the program. That you know you can pitch to these kids. Hey look this isn't some more doing just to do we're not doing this just to go collect a paycheck we're not doing this because. Yeah ads canticle to have the assistant title of cloture. The title of assistant coach or head coach and you get some deer out of bed we're gonna be able they you know get our faces on TV. You guys are both financially. Well off they that you wouldn't have to do this this is from a like you said a deep seeded fashion do. Past the game along pastor knowledge of the game along to the next generation. It's a point though where. Not a lot of guys always get too so for you what was it about the coaching life that they've made you go okay that is what I wanna do because you have play options. Yeah I think. Quote our Democratic Party really just excitement the city an old gorilla out every. Quick which are saying and what I said those guys true if you look at what have you done as far as. What he gets out he coached in middle school just the coach I would go to Google sky news bachelor but you know I mean that I let effort that adds up. That's the that you don't uses to lobby a part of it and it got a little saves or pay our our our trade did you go to work or helpful. You know we we do that because we've and we liked compete like that would let you ought to stop and eat but you couldn't like hell and so they'll probably just. That or was it was big foot from the fact that what what I saw. Opposite he was capitalized by. By what would have been hired Eddie and being a part of that. My family being there be basically all of this also is a great up it's almost an act of the other. Document Mike Miller here on the program. As we get roll on into another well leak out of town in the payment you're somewhere where there's snow so I. I will just leave it at that. How tough was this decision in terms of your family because both your sons are getting to an age one is in high school going to be a sophomore. The other one is getting to those high school years. And that's it's time for a father especially your position where you could. Just sit back and be dad but it's also an opportunity here to to do some that you love to do they've always understood that I know. I don't Jennifer's been very supportive of whatever you've done playing wise. But this I would imagine you added to run this through them as well and make sure that they were cool what does it yet. Ali showed that there was Alabama dessert and the multiple I'm struck. You know I think I think this is something that actually before a mob that all of us such trouble trouble our ability bank. I also want do you have CB word can be a part of bank that's well you know I still being a legitimate still being active and still being there was and you don't let. That's no reason why that this loose you know really kind of a dream come true what patty is here and a video Judas in. A city where we call all the families that. You know I did it to talk city to the way are they like that's what it's about the travel schedule that your. You know that I'm Australian yet. It's it's still you don't halt almost bites. You know I doubt the overall order for us straight up all of stepped all of that. Post that you look like kids so I able let. Daughter was ordered yet so it was. It's you know it's a ballots ended differently just don't like it has to do work historically Magellan. They disagree doctors couldn't come down there MB of artists as well. So I I heard you say on Jason and Jon that you've you've college brother Ryan probably eighty times and you've called and other guys you've asked for a lot of advice about wanna go to your brother specifically. What at what point during a holiday family meal do you look over them go Ewing did Mac kid we are. I do about it all the article is darker band got Robert Kirk. At this despite or or or what about battle but anchor at the it is great always great but where you know. You know he's got two left there fifty years now the credit now goat but you know it wherever. He's helped so much. So for me it's it but asking the question. A basketball side of it this outburst on. I used Joseph Dow the first time whether talked about edit an experience and experience the ball out. Experienced double as the opposite getting out here on the road and doing these things recruiting and make sure don't think it's right away got a big what they surely do better. It's petty name them or this or a nurse about the bad of this course I felt so you know our outrage go to the right ways it almost out of doesn't make sure. A slightly and you know a double check everything and you know he's been a big part of that though is a big part of it up dot. Well I think also today. In all like you said they complete these recruits can learn from the mistakes that you made. Which you guys can learn from mistakes from coaches that you have along the way of made whether it's a inconsistency in our rotation or an inconsistency in a message or not getting their point. Are changing their points at basically the inconsistencies. That led to mistakes were and let's be honest you are basketball player a long time there was probably more than a few times you looked at a coach Neal what the hell is he talking about right our and it. And it happens to everybody. But what are your new coach and it happens to you you've got to be able. Today if you make a mistake like that it did to get basically get out the the liquid paper that the white out and wipe that out real quick in and and put the right answer in place. You have it would hurt when your coach obviously have a Eddie Ito on your World Series we used to go on to it that you learn stuff but. What he says these are currently it that is set but what about follow to go over your credit hurt. They couldn't just let this Arnold and it hurt your credit preparation for a bit preparation for regular season. But we've seen everything. Of course he's keeping that obviously. You know. And the most successful in oil ought to look at everything up you know you're at eight protesters so I've been able to walk on the fact that. Other than ever but it's not that that's beside the coach but I thought knows exactly what the other thought the golf course frustrates. But that at all civil dollars and sell his health. Currently it is Islam a learned most but also what it's a great coach didn't know how they operate it just a colleague if those bank suspect. You know you know you played at a news. It out later that you have put out what was billed as well as well we have a lot about long it was in a lot about overrides the bill would devote more. Quiet weather all the way so it's it's that are not the city because. It would happily do that pretty good sides to build. You said you're out on the road and there's no doubt that. Both you and coach Hardaway have incredible ties to the city and ties to use basketball here. And there's great talent here but I would imagine it's also a priority for you guys to expand the net so to speak. So you're not just fishing in the ocean that is Memphis that your. You're getting kids from other parts of the country as well how important is that you guessed. Obviously it's a there it is a very accelerated pace right now but you'll have more time as this moves along. To expand that area. I would imagine that some you guys have discussed is say look we can certainly get the great players in Memphis. But we've got to be able to get great players from around the rest of the country to open wanna take this where we wanna take it. We haven't located so the other city and at a press conference was all I'm saying you want to win and that's what you have to have that. I want to do live with the local here and he got back that a target that we are you. They're. And of course but you also want to win. If I love what you're app do actually as well and Iran's you know. Hitting the culture in this stop the coat want to put placement style life. Yeah I go outside there are guys and and you don't think to really. Don't you accelerate our program is going to work out so. Our best goal you know like hey walk about a ballot like there I thought it was well supporter but while up order. And in toward the end you know seven page letter was. Mail portal about thirty everybody is dependent star recruit bachelor's target guys if captured I must music that's out voted so. Got I think we wanna do a bill that others did or part it was dirty up the that's what we're built the first city. But we also got to get the best guys recognized but you don't know that I it was a worker went by the end that I don't work so I'll try to do that. I'm a little guide to do that though doesn't it. I get a told you why Florida have you ever spamming you have but as anybody that asked that question ever spent wintertime in South Dakota matter. Let's let's compare the two right dad that's why I've never understood some of the some of the day like tropical locations or are desert like locations not getting better players 'cause I'm Mike. Do do you live here it's snowing everyday it's 85 having girls are in bikinis every day. I think basketball would be good for you here I'd to deuce side questions and I'll nights ago because that. These are the fun ones. You win that ring aren't just. Call live well I don't know it. Oh yeah always out. SA say it's no whatever hand you have it on his becoming incredibly strong because it's it's kind of like weigh in on it go to. He had a lot of a lot of way our dirt or even thought they're profitable Bubba Billy goat are hardly had you had that. At that. There are a beautiful human being if you did that makes that's an even bigger power play and one of the listeners wanted to know what ever happened here monkey. You had a pet mart. You do you saw super what I had my without basis ultimately we have a beer good sanctuary because. Lose you get perspective they're boy so there aren't a problem. Unfortunately it's under way I reject objectors doubt bout that Bob but how about sorry but Becky lost. What's your Monty through pulpit the wall Mike. That's pretty good guess. I I've heard multiple stories it's sunny like the throw open people. Now that don't lie whoever told you. First although OJ got a are being a birdie at that got beat it about. Well that's everybody's Ellison verdict come on we all know that I. They're only human and monkeys even probably more human and the most but not if but now let's leave an area that told me that I do know about a lot I do know the monkey locked rob Fisher out of a room at your house once. Like literally locked rob Fisher in a bathroom. Could I tell you act you know let the monkey was probably right on their two. It's up to study was probably out of some of that one as well. This and I I know you're busy I appreciate. You coming on the program I'm I'm incredibly happy for yet. I think this is an awesome step in and we are all as you guys hopefully now that the entire city is is extremely excited with what you've done keep up the great work him a look forward here and some. Some more news in and it's always seemingly seemingly positive and animal look forty has put this together. I Bellwether oppressed. They figure it out short. You gotta brother's note no talking about two are there you Barney data held a job. I brother Mike Miller right there.