AUDIO: Lon Kruger, Young's Coach at Oklahoma, on Golic and Wingo Show

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Tuesday, June 19th
AUDIO: Lon Kruger, Young's Coach at Oklahoma, on Golic and Wingo Show

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A lot of college basketball fans this season was Oklahoma's trade young the things he was able to do and it's it's going to be interesting discussion. About where he'll go in that well right now in the ultimate great game mock draft and has him going number nine. To the next while uninteresting. You know and some people that you might be going to the cast potentially date Michael porter's at a big base eagle on their ammo as Michael Porter right now that's strapped to six Orlando. In the latest mock draft I'm looking at itself you know again who knows a good dose exchange well listen if you're right and it's going to be an interesting dynamic going towards bus to a vote Cleveland may or may not do with the eighth pick by the way. This time tomorrow. NBA commissioner Adam silver will join us so did his take on the draft and other things going for including the potential done noble and only one and done rule right. In the NBA and some other things that are going on but we're delighted to be joined now by Oklahoma head Coach Lon Kruger on the show pencil performance lined a triple action protection for optimal engine performance with shell V power nitro plus. Premium gasoline that is a lot to say. A to a guy who's done a lot in college basketball aren't true to the big twelve coach of the year in 2014 log thanks for being with us this morning oh what are your expectations. For the guy that was your superstar freshman this past season trade young at the next level. The great thing in my head me a graduate give us courting appreciate that in depth. We're excited portray these were tardy. Terrific freshman year bureau lowland. We'll keep getting better and I think the NBA game is suited to him up. The open floor of the transition. It's tribute pastor great vision great creativity. It'll do well. Duke coach a player different when you know it's basically a one and done player. Going through season. We recruit differently from more than anything else probably although a train hit that we'll expect like it's coming out of high school that we don't. Curry talked about Israeli talked about. Maybe two and done maybe the media believe it will look like he did don't think the first 1215 game that they're really never been done in college that's all up you know between December that he was going to be one and done a little bit but has not been. And it chancellor grew a little bit but got to look at your registered a point not that worked out very well and again not Italian guy can do what traded and then have that opportunity right up the bat. We're excited for him. Designated today as you mentioned there led the NCAA is scoring and assists per game which no player done since 19831984. And you said it's unexpected is third challenge in adjusting on the sly when all of the sudden this is he exceeded expectations early on in the season how did you have to adjust as a coach. He going to be here expecting there to do certain things up including locally and yet when a guy you have explode like he did stretch at a personal level according. You can adjust to eighty years your connect all the people that they can make you most of her even. And they create Brothers and military knowing score big crater brother and a made a lot of good plays again just terrific start to it took freshman year and a great effort from your overall. Go back to or talk or Lon Kruger Oklahoma basketball coach again big twelve coach of the year in 2014. A little back to a new set of changes recruiting. Sold between the time when you worthy Pittsburg State assistant coach back in 1976. To now. When you are going into living rooms to try and get kids to come to your program what has been the biggest difference or recruiting these players. Well Pittsburgh state 76 ever go back away and bring back memories but I don't think they're different day you know young people have the opportunity placed so what's more. In the summertime and give so many other good players in the summertime that back there in their late seventies early eighties that. Might catch a guy against another good player occasionally in the high school game and even harder to determine a bit harder project. The network where extreme even more amazing. You know had a very good summer summer road opportunity at regular high school career. Lee Majors to get all the good players as skill he exploded dip beyond anyone's expectations right off the bat though that the level of competition they kid in high school. Up to play against other good players and social media and they of course you do everything. Ogle good and bad so look. Things are different today from what they were 3540 years ago. More there's no there's no question about that Lon Kruger Oklahoma head coach Willis has taken three different schools to deal lead they also coached in the NBA the hawks for two plus seasons aren't. The one thing I wanna get in view you with Trey because he has a he's a one and Donner and now the NBA is talking about changing that rule hot I mean if it is an NBA rolled snot out its dominance in an NCAA rule what's your take on whether or not that should be changed. I have great they young people should have the opportunity to coming out of college. I don't know I think that's gonna happen that are coming out of high schools are. I think that's gonna happen. In the oval what could have on the other hand you know can re up if you'd you do decide to go to college newspaper to your newspaper courier beat you still have the opportunity to go one and they'll hold. You know I just see something happen were they typical out of high school or corporation like a lot of give and buy extra remote Doumit to that. Won't play any NBA probably which is unfortunate that still like to see him people retains some poor amateurism if they go two years. Realize they've made a mistake then go back and have maybe the balance of their five years ago probably remaining so they can you'd agree and can't be on scholarship and Chan. You know still you'll do that college experience but. Probably weighed on the road like to seize up like that happen. So long that that makes a ton of sense to me do we talked about this a lot on on the show and also leading up to the NFL draft you have guys that were first round draft picks. That were professional baseball players they got paid an exorbitant amount of money. And we're still considered amateurs when they came back to play a different sport pilot Murray of Oklahoma. Us starting quarterback just signed a deal to play in baseball for over five million dollars yet he's going to be considered an amateur. Playing football and I know the delineation there as well it's in a different sport. But at the end of the day if you're being paid to play a sport. It your and then you can still retain some amateurism why couldn't be in the same sport and did to your point to get that degree. I totally agree you know of young players a little from European known as the the great line there between amateurism. You know what they've been paying look in. Provided. The young player in your typically come over to college. The United States I think certainly could be you know. Senator I would think and certainly it is good for the young guys and it to promote the opportunity go to college in nineteen decree Ian. In an experience that look to see something done in that way. And coach you're no stranger to this scenario with what's to be ready come up here Howard trade compare in terms of readiness to body heals and you coach a couple of years ago as the sixth overall pick in the draft and it was certainly while talked about there how would you compare the two as far as how ready tray is to enter this league. In nineteen years old nobody between you have read probably that I entered that order different. We're obviously gonna make a difference totally two different skill set up buddy with. The best shooter the best player in the country and his senior year in. And just outstanding. You know unbelievable Kenny assembly will total medals turn on the other hand the freshman mirror ball in hand call a time very good out of backcourt crucial ball in the open court to have. There have been a different set of expectations by you know biggest. Very pitchers might be to see you know I held player of the expectations being traded at nineteen years entering a world terrific confidence trips to cup side the locally. You know look at least they're right out of that. And along those lines again we're tired line crew rogue or basketball coach coach for our for trade young. We're fed age difference a couple times during the season were Trace seem to get frustrated and and you kind of heard it. In when he was talking to the media and you almost had to step back and say way to read this kid's nineteen. When some of that was gone on the off court in the talking in the media how much did you get involved with him in trying to help him through those scenarios. Of course you talked to him every day you talked to about. You know shutting up and always not listening to a local militia were absolutely impossible would you pay because they live picture but they're just keep thinking good basketball plays don't worry about what they are much now. Make good plays today Derrick geriatric at a pretty good focus in that way even though he was deathly bother. By that. As any young people would be you know look me in not only. Well quit having met a moment to repeat is getting up Turkish it also been built up so much with the expectation continue to rise. Almost unfairly victory you'd outstanding under their amazing job. I saw I was listening it was a big my answer imposed there. Had a I met you saw drew -- this morning hey let's say you get have a watch party for a perjury on their in Norman to see where it goes will be a lot of fun it was it was a lot of fun to see him play Galloway is one and done season of for the soon Islam we appreciate you get a broad with this morning thanks so much thanks coach.