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This gentleman in our studio is it led one of the most fascinating lives in or outside the world of sports. And anyone that we know his latest book out which is available now is called coach wooden and neither one and only. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is back where this Kareem what a pleasure as always how are you this morning and a great great to be here. Did this is one of the great. Great front cover back covers I've ever seen on a book on knock it alive for those other radio obviously would you give out here and social media or Q when you get the book. The front cover is is John Wooden coaching you. And the back cover you escorting John Wooden and older obviously a hole puncher decades later. McCord it's just. It's an unbelievable picture I mean even you looking at those pictures just has to make you just you're gonna just go there and I get too emotional hunger. I wonder where my hair weren't in the Baja novels food group brings. Take us back to that during take us back to the sixties. Many of for people know your story and it and AmBev most people I think too but some younger people may not power memorial high school in New York City. Widely I think considered this state of the greatest has co player of all time to go play at UCLA in your playing for the legendary John Wooden. At a time in America aware of the world is changing and you were very conscious of all of that and and you've talked about that he did then and you talked about it for them. Fifty years basically since take us back to that time and your relationship with John Wooden when you were there at UCLA. Well it was a very special time. When you come out of high school and you have all these dreams you want to fulfill them and I had all this. Intense desire to to do well as an athlete and I thought that you feel they would would be a good choice Armenian and it worked out that it could've worked out better. But if it was interesting just what we went to groom took to learn about each other and to work. Developed throughout their relationship. As it went forward. Along those lines we we've heard so much this year especially with what Russell Westbrook who's doing in the three point shooting up today we hear some former players talking about this search the last era. And buck. There are things that can last through time I don't think there's anything I've ever had any doubt about that. So what from John Wooden in your mind is timeless of what he taught. Just the commitment that you make code to the game into your teammate. Food that is something that they're you have to understand you have to be honesty you have to be a willing to sacrifice. For the the group. And you have to. Have a commitment and a lot of people don't get that you know. And I think that that was one of the things are one of people to understand about coaches he is a very. Complex guy who wasn't just told me he was a great coach he he did things and certainly your trip to help us learn about life. How sell out and no. Bill Walton who came to love him and then and later years famously clashed with him at different times where it was of sort of a counterculture. Kind of person in in the late sixties early seventies and John wouldn't seemed not to be interested. In that habit to tell us about. John Wooden that the person and the experiences that you had with him. Put me coach would Morrison become good citizens who want us to be good fathers and husbands. And two two lead lives that were were morally. Operate and that's why he used basketball as a metaphor to teaches a book about life. And in the process of doing that would we want a few games. It's I have to if not do you think that's that's lost today we we do here even current college coaches talk about. Being a teacher but we're seeing college become such a business and was coaches their jobs are on the line if they don't win as well soul. Has that got lost the full teaching of a student athlete as opposed to a coach coaching a player. It definitely is gun laws coach warden wouldn't be able to do that today. Because that the kids are still big go to college today either to get an education or. To get the attention that they want to go to professional sports leagues but they're not doing both at the same time. And I think that's very fortunate for that that's the world that we live in now. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is in our studio at the straight talk but to mr. tuck wireless best phones best networks have the cost the book is called coach wooden and me are fifteen your friendship. On and off the court it's on sale now along those lines and you said the other day that you think the current one and done climate. A college basketball is a travesty adding many people including me to a degree agree with that. What what is the in the current. The way the world this is sort of situated today what's the solution to that problem what what would be a better system that is realistic in 2017. I think if they just would raise the age from nineteen to two warning one. And city are you can't come into the NBA and Lester 21 years old or you have a college degree. And that there would I think that would change a lot because then the kids would understand that they need to. Get a little bit more qualified before they come into the NBA it would improve the NBA player and because and guys who come in would some skills and having learned I'll work ethic. I think that that would help them and of course it would help to college game. Guys would stay in school and the college game which would benefit from that I think everybody would benefit. But who know. While why don't you think they would do that because look unless we see baseball you can go on a high school or you have to say three years or college and our football you have to have the three years. To to be there wise and this is this is again an NBA rule that is one and done prior to the NCAA. For the college players. Why would the lead to why should the NBA do that. I think by. Creating a situation word he give more incentive for kids to go to college. College really teaches them things that. Fit. It's not there something concrete. Put just the attitude that they developed by having go to class and be responsible outside of their sport. That kind of matures them and gives them. A work ethic. That trend that translates into them making the transition to professional ranks the thing that doesn't happen though. You don't blame the guys that are wrong one and all Norma could look roll right you can do it. What you're into the it's the I can get a degree or Arkansas a contract for fifty million dollars if bush can feel when you go to our most people getting larger originally part of the job world to try and do that Florida and so that that's that's relevant decision for a young person to make it. I'm glad I didn't have have to do a good. Deal with that because. And that's really differ go. What do you think you would have done because the counterargument to what you're saying. What I understand the premise of what you're saying they counter argument is if you're nineteen years old someone is willing to give you millions of dollars is very tough thing to say what you can't take it. Because you're a basketball player Europe computer genius you could write what what what would what would blue well cinder have done if you would had that decision to make when you were nineteenth they would. Depend Norton. How old copper and I was that I could make it. After I I were to coach or should just grab the morning I had. I had those choices put too much less degree do the globetrotters wanna me really vote you sealer. And they've they offered me some money while you. It was not enough to make me wanna leave college I'm glad I stayed in college. Great is that to say that the globetrotters wanted me to leave college come player of the best awesome. There was something going I really didn't understand it at that time but it was like no I I got something that that's important to me and I'm the first person in my fairly graduate to. College so what one other thing and every side their coach wooden and me is the name of the book the great current Abdul Jabbar is in our Studio One other thing I really want to ask you about today. I think the last time we had a chance to speak with you is about a year ago after the passing of Mohammed Ali Murr approaching the anniversary of that in the conversation was a great deal of it was about social activism and how ugly. Really in some ways is sort of the grandfather of that in. In the in the world of of modern sports and you learn so much from him as a very young man. And we are living at a time right now where there was so much more that so many more athletes that are willing in various ways and from Colin camper next to. And LeBron James and an agent their own sort of individual ways to be so much more active socially. That it feels like we've ever had before. And I would imagine that would gratify some like im curious to hear what your perspective is on that. Well I I think that there hill Mohammed Ali was able to. Show me through example. He showed the whole nation you know work through it. What the issues were. When he should the angle Vietcong ever called me the N word. That really helped a lot of people on the stand. What this was all about. So yearly. To have someone in your life like that that. You can rely on that gives you sound advice Goran. Provides are really. Excellent example I think we we all benefit from that. Do you think unfortunately overall do you see do you think some leagues and or teams. Don't want players to speak our rather than just concentrate on their sport and do their thing and not have the outside influences that they do. But I think the I think that goes back and forth you know in the east situation and it might be a little bit different. You know and once circumstance somebody might wanna see there are athletes. Become involved. And and in other circumstances that people might resented you know it's either it all depends on how it's done. I think that's probably what turn people off with good call interpreted you know he. The he didn't really understand how he wanted to say what he had to say. And those kind of people were wondering won't Jesus is that she anti establishment or borrow you know what's going on. So once he got that sorted out our I think it went better for many young athletes any young athletes shut out your guidance your wisdom and I have been for example on. Coach Carroll open and in Seattle he's he's asked me to to explain some things to him in and help him. Get a feeling haunted you don't just. An idea of what the guys are thinking and one and so he can make sure that they don't do something that that's that's crazy and then puts him up there in a bad light. There's the thought again of Colin governor possibly signing with Seattle to be the backup quarterback there. As far as on the court there's been so much talk about the game today that there are two teams it's not good to watch New Yorkers adjust your dominant teams. You certainly were on some dominant teams are no doubt about it is. Do you say this is bad for basketball or just cyclical and it'll change yet again. It's definitely cyclical. Put up for felonies. The Philly sixers had pretty good genes Celtics lakers. Detroit emerged Houston got in there is there road there were different teams that and got to the top. Saw I think that that. Probably is the the more average the way it is pure pork out but no we'll go through times like this when they're only two teams that can get there. He is Kareem Abdul Jabbar. His new book is called coach wooden and me. It is available now everyone should go on biting at their for some reason he may be the most accomplished basketball player that ever lived. And as we talk all I can hear is huge tell year old management dragon wall know they are gonna power for 48 minutes I got a question for you got yeah. What are you gonna how are you guys gonna divide your your bobbled collection dogs you know that's a great question weren't where I think what we really need to do is we're gonna give those out as as prizes to people if not that I think we'll do you have any of the 1950 Dodgers are more to focus foods that some form that's an special stash it. All. It's a draft. That's an honor as always thank you so much are very much loved seeing here an again and you go to the book is called coach wooden and meet the author is Kareem Abdul Jabbar.