AUDIO: John Martin passed along the Austin Nichols Memphis scholarship news on 92.9 FM ESPN

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Thursday, June 21st
AUDIO: John Martin passed along the Austin Nichols Memphis scholarship news on 92.9 FM ESPN.

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Yesterday we had Austin Nichols and Syria. And he's obviously Memphis guy went to Memphis for two years transferred. As everybody remembers. To disagree and of an entire city. And fan base they'll select some many still an operative many have still not though Mike from at this did forgive him publicly appreciate that might that was a very good gesture there pub mr. so Austin appeared on our show yesterday we on the would have in the Virginia obviously got dismissed from the team and he had dismissed from the team before he could graduate who blew. He blew exactly. Well. I can say. That after Austin appeared on our show yesterday what are you got to set eyes in this is awesome. Our senator and our show yesterday I guess I got a message. I got a message. From the University of Memphis president. And David we don't really are tight. Ethnic harmony going office with you oak MI amigo lol I didn't think you want to hear what the tail you. Well he he asked me to pass along a message and I won't I won't read the entire message I'm actually read any of the message. But essentially. The university of Everest president extended. An offer to Austin Nichols to come back to Memphis. And get his degree while my goodness that is fantastic out on scholarship let. Can we get an applause please get a scholarship I. The work of a different programs is awesome clothes is like within a year you know yeah I wondered about etiquette if he can take some other he'd take almost all I don't want to believe. But the university that this president and their red reached out to me in and basically. As to pass along scholarship offer to Austin Nichols to finish his degree up at the University of Memphis and by the way he's gonna do. He's gonna do and I have I was told. By his fame late last night that they have not seen him that happy. If not seen him that excited. In years so after dot. After all that really is our wounded that it is after all the the stuff right after all the transfer and a and the big tree off attorney right that's where they're riding the hot pack now. He's gonna is gonna come full circle about that and Austin's getting in getting his college degree at the University of Memphis. This is just gonna bring you Austin even closer to our around and think that that was possible. No we had to tell him I did Sama did say you know hey. A menu you must. It got used your relationship. Your strong relationship with the president of the university. To help get your friend. A lifetime scholar not a lifetime just of one year scholarship but I do I do feel like in some small way in some very very small way. Just by being the conduit that I've kinda repaid and tying that could have family did for me and start my career but I think as a sauce my biggest. You know he wants to do he wants to finish school dolls and to get it at the University of Memphis for the president tea. Extend. You know a scholarship offer for him to do salute him David Wright I salute you today and I think it's ago I think it's a good story all around and another also coupled RE PR by the way auto deathly help with the universe and all that into south. Now now Austin gets the make it ride gets to walk across the stage at the university America that's because. John has gone through. Just you have many here the guy and Vinod lower wall and I realized you know people are busy over there and I realize you know. Alston left yes and that was a time to your point where it was super toxic in the and it got ugly guy out of bed with the Atari and everything else. So our it its a little bit different than than how target black left guerrillas that. But him sitting here. I just got there or you don't the feel off of him that that was a guy on the outside looking. And a guy on the outside looking in May be even open man would you take me back you know I mean just in a sense that he. That he hit are you welcome back India should be I'm not and and I don't need to go back and at that point again now I made yesterday with him sitting right here yeah but he should be the end you know all those old physical back he should be one of them that as a key to the place right now. Why because he's one of us to but the unity elementary years yet I'm not gonna hold some mistaken kid made yet in look. Leaving at that point. You could say you know it was you can argue what must the only thing and they look at all the IRC which was they would wait you wait till it's done exactly exactly and in in a go back to the point. He's a kid. When he did that. And yes the family was hot and got the of the but again you don't hold it against Marissa was like this dudes at tiger exactly tigers come out high school he's some Indian first we were at if for nothing else forget the ties we should welcome back as a man Ian. And so this. Maybe this is some step toward that. You know we Rhode offered him but to come out and your back in class so they're hey you wanna come get a pick up game I hope he gets that right because it felt like it was almost missing from his life. Well I will like he's not welcome back to Virginia Aziz for urging is not home yet and if he can't go back to Memphis aware they'll Kenny go right. In all I'm in Austin is a good guy man absolutely no idea what I'd. They got a good heart and he has a good family oh yeah absolutely and you know I understand the passion right I did it. I do all the passions what makes this the spam base in this program so great absolutely so if you action if you want to be angry at Austin any you have this perception of Boston and I'm not even gonna defend that lake you can have your perception of Boston what I'm telling you. Is that. Nobody deserves to feel. Like they don't have a placed ago that right in terms of the universe in terms of college. And for this to for a first why it's a hell of a gesture for the University of Memphis president. Who was embroiled in that at that was he here. At that time I believe he wanted to see was he was below the President Bush held let me tell you this as far as I know you and Asher buddy as you can because that's the I'll Titel are now he told them from the get go to putting restrictions on him. President read it yes yeah and they went and did it they did it out all the mess and he had the you know that point I told you so exactly so like he had this right from the gates on Austin road was the president went all that went down. You know and he doesn't have to buyout by any means he doesn't have to extend a scholarship Austin Nichols but there's nothing that says he has to do that. But what's amazing to me is that rut even knew. How close Austin was to get his degree it to come to a communal line you McCall and also made an and that and the fact that Austin was he I mean did he jump that. But he jumped that he was he could like it could have been more excited so and I had a first makes you proud you know that's a great story so. You know you've been home values in Dylan Bob Dole has happened yesterday I mean you rabid senior before the show talked to last night could all mean well one about the surprise rats that always about all day even off the airs image draft so I didn't wanna do you know we had a review we've been draft have that story was worth I didn't want spoil anything for you but there in Austin Nichols is could grab all come and home.