AUDIO: Jevon Carter on the Eric Hasseltine Show (6/6/18)

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Wednesday, June 6th
AUDIO: West Virginia's Jevon Carter on the Eric Hasseltine Show (6/6/18) after working out for the Memphis Grizzlies prior to the 2018 NBA Draft

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We are very fortunate to have a young man who moved. It's just completed his work out with the Memphis Grizzlies today he is one of my favorites. College basketball players last year. If he does slide into that early second round I am all in favor. Of selecting one Javon Carter out of West Virginia he is on the telephone with us now Javon I don't but. Merry go or listen I I wanna be selfish and said really loved a sealed a grizzly Jersey but I also want the best for use so. I would rather see you go in the first round. I'm sure you're hearing a lot of different things but. Up the one thing I want to ask you yes your defense certainly brought in notoriety. But still it's always like hey he's the defense or guys that you do realize he scored like eighteen points a game last year and handed out almost seven assists. Does it bother you that people mainly they give viewers an offender when you put up really good offensive numbers. And efficient offensive numbers when you look at it 86% from the free throw line. Over 39% from three and and really only did it about thirteen and app shots that's impressive. Oh yes don't don't bother me no matter. I don't I don't belong there have played people don't notice any being under god there are doing our due up there's that can't. Urban metropolis as well as a partner in this whatever happened that people always talk so on were about what day where look at what percent of every. One former point guard that played for Bob Huggins at Cincinnati Nick Van Exel and I we're discussing your game and what he said. I he said this kid gets after you. And that defensive ability was that just inherently there or is it more just youth you develop data and it's all out effort. I mean you pick up guys full court in a day and age where point guards are are pretty dog gone fast in. You make life miserable for guys as I've seen on TV where does that come from. It is that is so my pick up does play a ball honestly. And then when I got to look superior coach coach Pete is brought anatomy room. He. He just told me this physical article are educated. And NASA though it is whoever goes the hardest part of women about a earned my father always coming words do you regard him and would welcome. Are credited with a book. That it that's very very true is much easier to get area without the ball that with a bulge on Carter. Formerly of West Virginia heading to the NBA draft joining us right now. It's a rarity were EC guys that I think can contribute in the NBA right away a coming out after four years it does. It does count which doesn't a tough spot you came back for your senior season a lot of NBA drafts. Tend to go on potential is that frustrating for a guy like you'd it's been four years at West Virginia develop your craft. Had over a hundred steals your senior year as I said scored almost eighteen points a game you're seeing here and got better each year you were at West Virginia. But a lot of this council talk about potential in guys going here there you did it the way it was typically done in the past is that the is that something that frustrates you resist just. The path you took in your cool it. Own. There's just the past on. Everybody wrote is different. I can't look at another person wrote and rely on it shouldn't mean there's just says. God put me here this is too complex to do produce hopefully. When you came to pick me out there with whoever. I don't think there's any doubt that's going to happen at 62 and a little over 200 pounds you've got that size that they covet. If you sell like there was one thing you want to improve upon before training camp in your first NBA season starts what are you trying to work on most right now. Efficient around the room. Become an better finisher in more consistent sinister. There's a bit the way people transplant last. How is d.s work out there's not much of on Carter from West Virginia how these work out spent for you because I remember back and adapt and do it this way too long so I don't wanna. Give it too much weight but almost forty years. And in the early two thousands you would talk to guys and they would be on their thirteenth work out at like sixteen days. But it's changed a little bit how is the work out circuit gone for you and especially with video these days. All these teams of senior multiple times in person and on tape so what are you trying to show that when you come in individually like you did today for the grist. A workout days there and they're going to you know loved and enjoyed her other employ XP here we go and click place so I can do. Also like the more assuming the more opportunity. So what I can do. And apply a couple of other. Probably not been doing good wrote a coroner wanted to do Martin loaned sort of social directly into social on the other work and no it is going now displayed barks. You're not do it whatever happened dozens I didn't go to ticket they about it. How much of it still becomes at this point to the interview process it's not just basketball as it. And none on you know on the interview and every change I want autopsy. Just beyond this room be itself. In two and they don't like you have enough. That's a good point there there either there either in or they are out when you think of the Memphis Grizzlies. Like what comes to your mind we've been known here. As a team that has prided itself on defense for years had a seven year run into the post season had ended last year injuries had a big effect on M Mike Conley. Are the incumbents are comes back from an injury but what are you know about the squad what it like I know you guys in college talk about various NBA teams. So what was ever said about the grizzlies. Known. Does today they play caller. They wanna get afternoon and chrome like you say they do bring him when a mentality you know assist as well like. Like I wanna come and play hard and be president bigger picking off pretty opponents. And Momo mostly commit this car are grew up America America's spirit of all the sentiment the spirit of been admissible love living here. Unknown we don't look at what happened. Your Mamas from Memphis really had no I hear so this would be this would be really nice. For you to be able to come to come back to Memphis and I wanted to be able to play in your mom's hometown see you know a little bit about the city. Yeah. When it. When it came to an end what went through your mind obviously the dream of playing in the NBA is there. But only one only one group of players and their college career or ends or college season with the ultimate goal the national championship but. You mentioned you wanted to leave it all out there were you won't obviously disappointed in losing at the end of your college career in the tournament. But were you pleased with where your game had taken you. You're very morrow density to deploy in a weird bit which you could have been different work. I don't know much past. That we're. That we have no regrets of but I got up gave a gave it everything I had every game. The players are that occurred there was just doesn't shock has been been fault. Those measures that. President gonna happen. At least I know I gave it everything I have an almost totally OK with. I'm no I know what gave very I gave my all every step away as a follow what the article back into a different though wouldn't mobility doesn't work. Puts in a position and you can either make the game winning shot or you can get a steal that seals the game what does Javon garner want. Period period period I thought so you'll you do get that you get after guys like that I'm sure that's one of the reasons that. Bob Huggins love you as much as he did but. He can be tough how difficult was it when when Bob Huggins has been Bob Huggins at doctor as I said former grizzlies assistant McMahon Exxon said. You know he's tough on you but you know he loves you and it's a breakdown build you back up. How much tougher does that make you you're already a tough guy in the way you play the game out imagine having a tough nosed coach help you get the most out of what you had. Very well mean a lot mentally. President and when he does that you would now like together that you. But something you didn't do you know he's he's just trying to open the try to better yourself a year ago I think it is you can go look like you just trying to help. If you look kind of like an eternity you'd around 80 you don't do it to you let you do that they're like in China hoping that you will be good. Could they don't feel like you go response from the that they don't you go back you're not going to keep him actually see you to keep respondent. He he know you could take years so he needed at all to go give it to you just. Just so you know he's still coaching. Notre you don't need you don't go to Q just try to pay you know these are going to back birdies. Javon Carter joining us here on the program. Have you anticipated. What are will be like when you hear your name called because I I feel pretty confident you are going to hear your name called. Come June 21. That moment is very special. Up for any basketball player hasn't even sunk in that that that that's coming your way or you just trying to as they say stay humble and take it day by day. Now it is stated they read they now have you have any doubt about arms and beneath the display any big haven't. Sought to take it day by day. Well I've thought about it for you because I am like trying to send the vibe to the grizzlies front office that if he is on the board at 32. I announce the names of I'm carpet of the Memphis Grizzlies because they had and it's no disrespect to be as they have they have guys that haven't necessarily ban two point guards the way you are. And they black they backed up that that. Mike Conley kin you don't got to groom a little bit too to step in I think it's a great fit I think it fits. What this city's about your mom being from Mary and the fact that you he loved to play defense and and can shoot the ball from the outside. It seems like a perfect fit to me so I'm thinking about it for you and although I do I would love to hear it called for you personally in the first round. If by chance that doesn't happen I don't wanna see you available after 32 about that. Earlier I agree to a narrow aspect I've but it I would hope so it's been a pleasure man out what or where to next what happens next for you. Our next it's Dallas Zeljko about a man. Yeah that's a that's arrival so I hope that they I hope they well they're after us so we don't worry about. What they're sent to Dallas and then went to the workouts stop tree. Probably. Oh week of the dress maybe. The week so you'll keep going all the way up to the week the draft now are you going to head to New York can be in the crowd are you gonna have your own personal. Like it gathering and of family and friends where you'll watch the draft and in a private location. They're prizes then it probably isn't this premise. Yeah it's it's a special night where Poland Korea certainly can't thank you enough for joining us here. On the program would love to heat C a right back here inside FedEx Forum next year I would also love to see ago. Even earlier than that that's in the cards because that would be awesome for you personally but if that's not the case like I said. We'd love to have you back in Memphis I appreciate the time safe travels in dub bass a lot mood for my friend preserve her term ides of on Carter right there's.