AUDIO: Jeremy Woo on the Jason and John Show/talking NBA Draft

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Monday, May 21st
AUDIO: Jeremy Woo on the Jason and John Show/talking NBA Draft

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I look back Jayson the John attitude out of him ESPN has promised the NBA draft come bottle wrapped up over the weekend Jeremy Wu was very covers. The NBA for Sports Illustrated he joins us now Jeremy how are you. Obama and or is that our ice Michelle joined you gotta pick a side man I mean we gotta get you on the record before the NBA draft begins are you want team will got. Or you're not on team Luka. I want him Luka I think I think a lot of people are. I seek you know. Whether you ask him to bear for. Whatever you know I think there to argue but I don't think that there's much argument that you all beat. A very good and the declare that sort of how I view it like. I think it's possible you know he goes to I don't think he goes one primal call part of them like them for probably a month or so. I don't try and we'll now. How would he drop to four Germans see in some reports that says here recently that that Sacramento and Atlanta would both pass on for front court players do you believe that first ball how I guess what would be the scenario that he would go to at Fordham grizzlies. Bright well you know this unity under a note for you mean like collapse and I think. You go over it really does depend on Sacramento honestly. And you know I think with. You don't let it out obviously when insurer no you know because you know love European players understandably. You know are you kind of fine art I think he pats on them mind you Doug and you're so you don't know. You know who's making the pick or you know what the other thing they're there Ali so that you panic you know mayor Mark Bagley is a guy who. Or more. Scorer or are they were just I think that it aren't all that app so I could see red eagle in there Seahawks. To me. Part don't think. The great great pass from Luka to gut them just because I think with you know where the team is that yes he served a guy you can help them right now that sort of skills. I also took a position on the I don't think the grizzlies. Would pass on him. And I it is an area where does it get to four. We always assign these these draster numerically I feel like you'll hear things like all its. Two player draft or three player draft or ten player draft whatever. What what is this draft is it at three player draft or player draft how would you sort of assess it. I didn't you know it depends on who you are you saying I'm Star Trek and I think if you talk Buckeyes out of you don't see yes. Are you the potential to become impact players I think there. Probably seven or eight guys who are in the top players could darker work crew you know become a high level. Starters architects you know greeted her excitement. And you know. Looking beyond that I mean I think you go convict a player party. Talking on their that I could have confirmed whether it back school obviously I think it would try to declare you know that's our doubters now thirty the audio I think it's. Eric good. The central role players here. Try I think that it allowed it should not be pretty deep. But you know he put these things it's always like five years now and now. Yeah exactly Jim I'm just tell us where you ministers are all on your opinion where are you on Michael Porter junior and just didn't didn't have to spend the medical testing right and and where as you in terms of is it too risky to do top four top five for him which is slot and a little lower. I probably would not take a minute how are based on Yahoo! and other options are and the uncertainty would result. I don't see him blown out of the top ten okay. But I don't know that he goes in the top five united on talent. On county and certainly argued outside talent but you are just not just about basketball you know he got a sector and you know other other things to what team you know Easter between situation. And I expect that is. It's Campbell sort of control who gets medical information is sort of turns gear into a comparable landing spot which makes sense cannot happen and the passcode. We of course our energy every who covers the NBA for Sports Illustrated what about re young I mean he's that he's. He's a small guy 62 with a 63 wingspan definitely does not blow you away. Defensively I think the hope is that he can when they become step carry off with a with a I think that's sort of an unfair nom. Burden to put on him what do you make of train young as an NBA prospect. Yeah to get I like Trey I think key. You know I don't think it's fair really compare anyone to Seth Curry but I don't understand where that came up shirt Williams playing right the first like month and I beat Oklahoma so. They vendors are a little. He'd obviously. The that let it has an inside and Saber but you let something he's been you know you know go to court. Her former brother Herbert get. I got involved. I think you will be able to shoot from deep sort of could generate a margin of error. And question them pick him. How. It made him successful is gonna translate. Read and write you know against. More athletic guards are princes. That are gonna sort of continued scheme you know because arrogant and those around him the other Gutenberg you can click away you know we've taken. So I think that answers upon. So I edited it you know he goes the perfect situation when it got around to be a very very. I think our starting out regarding the talk apostle he ends up being. You know somewhere low that the correct that you think you want to. Germany gets a new updated mock draft over SI dot com and and right now and you've got the grizzlies select and Marvin Bagley and number four distill about the fit right there you offensively we love them obviously we hear the same things you do about the defensive questions but if it comes to that obviously you've got to pick their right now. How do you see it working out you liked the feel a lot. Like that that yet I think if you get that I think it makes sense. You know provided you know expect and a and I think they would you know what we saw on Conley tied up long term you don't try to limit these guys you know your best at. You know yeah I think. You know I'm Bagley will probably benefit. You know from playing alongside guys like mark who obviously to create. He defender is gonna help him sort of picking up Brett so. Is you know is is motor abilities are easy baskets amount last. You know I certainly there and I it will translate. You and I think. In terms of potential you know being athletic address having some semblance of skill level the sort of girl thing. I think there's an outside a strip because become sort of potentially. Day four consecutive things. As your most recent mock draft the post this morning you got the hawks taken Jerry Jackson junior that's another prospect who has been linked. Two degrees is obviously why do you think Jackson over Bagley is is it the defensive potential on the potential for him to one day be. Maybe that click a teletype Brent protector with a with a three point game is that what what gives him the edge you think. You are yet to record arc. And towel on that situation yet but you know I like her are being. A year ago. I don't be beautiful like just disrespect him this. You know college player in the draft period which I think as a unit that took the current players development. Hillary who. It athletics. Decrepit. I'm Angela you know going back our school you know he's really done a lot better. Or less appears thank you like tkachuk and on that upward trajectory. You know again the defense is going to be coming and I think while Lott and I think it's your land you looked giving John Collins to you're gonna be a conflict of bankable police is charter rate. Leo you wanna you are you articulate player available which also are I don't wanna. Duplicate skill sets and so I think index and the deputy to dial it could you know choose to develop you know. Into a sort of guy who space the floor and give you some offensive skill you know it gives you you know quality. In our defense to back I think you know that's a pretty valuable player that. This did anybody hurt themselves this weekend at the come by and. The guys who I think you know had hoped to be on sort of happily put comics like. Excited battle Syracuse Arctic melting and from SMU. Landry Shannon from which just they have enough to got to. Has sort of been mentioned as potential. Lakers front nine didn't show well I'll musically they're not a matter you know always very like the way I sort of in our mind. Actually it is sort of like. You know it you're an educated persons are seen these players coming and it turned discuss confirm. Or right you hear what you like him or not it is or confirm what she thought I played badly or as well all right so. But you know those guys that we didn't have the best weekends I would think they would skew more toward second round trying to sort out your. And then guys that improve their stock of a would you put Dante given his erect at the top the list and I know you wrote about him. A 100% if not not they played really really well on the picker on day two and I think Abraham. You know billion honestly somebody might had a case to shut down they want but you know what Pam I think the sports like as you do it had to get his approach it really goes on you. All these yeah I tested really well athletically April that's where I mean clearly you know he's gonna beat Annika Grassley you know marks our player. I deadlocked things really locks on outside I think he probably is safely. Not turn in LA for surround mix Sally got a couple of good ballclub out cook in more more track. And I'm I'm cares about the deal Washington he's got a couple of Memphis ties did he do enough to work himself in the first round though he had said if I'm a first round awhile ago what do you think is is PG a Washington now first round after the comeback. I I don't see him at the first travel career track yet he didn't play well I think there's still you know with images are so many parents. Our question sort of kind to you don't. This guy at his position in Oregon and what is he the right right but it's obviously good player and I was nobody. At the end bands. I think it does go back other a good chance to should be a late first round nine next year but I think Richard look at a crowded. Situation right now and I don't see him as being quite clearly and Matt. Pointed at 35 year. A Smart move for him go back but some think and and and then finally Jeremy Karl of these towns. And the Minnesota Timberwolves seem to have somehow gotten sideways. Seems to be a rumor about him possibly being in play I'm in Phoenix would he be worth the number one pick TU. Com PX I mean I think you think about it. It would you know I don't know what. In other eye on the situation there but I think yeah any time. Like you couldn't get a guy major had a chance to interview we're just talking straight up to get a guy who guarded established. Player you know at that same position you know recruited you know kick it around developed members is. You know to bring in town and try to win now you know I mean. I get to consider it. Com. I don't know you know a couple of situation I kind of think I eat more. Posturing and I America are good and other critical a couple of I'm so I think it's sort of low interest situation but I don't know how much smoke there is kind of actually given book. Jimmie Matt appreciate your time they'll grant work time zone. Or achieved yup he is Jeremy. Wu and I'll tell you this. I think of your Phoenix and that and that offers on the table you do it. I would. All of you don't like cat. Other I like him. Alike catalog up I think he's still got great upside I think he's going to be one of the best they easily for a long time oratory to announce any he'd be back with his or Booker. Yeah Kentucky's guys alone Booker on the outside and inside. Just don't know how good he is going to be and you get a chance there to have. The rim protector you need. How much better can he beat in 41 and twelfth that question I mean that like that that's my only thing now I felt like cause any towns would resign with me I do it. I gotta have that and it kind of goes in the face of what you're doing if you're Phoenix. Well he's Johnny you're gonna suck well you may not though you may not a few graded it good and he's also our rookie year like you may not a Zaki may help changer franchise I don't know. He'll certainly help each major Fred does more immediately than the utter able. He's already produced mostly you know. You've got to seriously think you have to think hard about the I don't know I don't know that would be like a straight a deal in the mile currently talent for the first picked. I don't know if you throw something else and I just don't know but yet that's certainly. Something worth watching we may have to superstars dealt. This off season right coli Leonard's gonna probably be traded from San Antonio that's something tells me they get that worked out remember pop and Aldridge last offs yeah. I got I discovered pop pop's gonna go on of people would have a hand in the offseason is I need you maybe could do it again where the money is required the big money alright still with San Antonio and resigning when your team right. And then cause it sounds very interesting very dramatic. Offseason in the NB a.