AUDIO: Jason & John on Wiseman and DJ Jeffries 8/7/18

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Tuesday, August 7th
AUDIO: Jason & John break that James Wiseman is enrolled at Memphis East High School.

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These ice goal must days. James wives have been confirmed. He is enrolled. According to his sweet mother not a better source than math and it all done delay artist says James is. Big scope like we hit it broke wherever I would rate. You call him it. This is unbelievable. And they did say they're going to be back and east. But are now have him enrolled in never confirmed thermometer on Marin has done. That is comforting. It is comforting bit and take our thoughts another reason school it's important be in school well he was convenience foods market don't lose your age usually in my. That's a different campaign but it's still important. Did you really just do that completely different campaigns in our campaign but there's a there's a new one out that's actually pretty which would like what's the new one. But the new only says some more stuff I haven't the same god yes no you earlier he goes a little bit more depth and Africa that a good line. I agree. I agree it's like to open remains in hope that you what does it Alia about a bank opened right I got like I always up to that's like there are a big read a book campaign. I like that I'm I'm down on that but you're right it's tough for him because. What are we talked about good news from Memphis it's having sort of the tent pole here in Memphis and James wise and here in Memphis. Sort of still in the gravitational pull that is penny that is the universe him up that's a major win to him for east in the sense that. I can imagine at Findlay prep in Oak Hill and Mount Vernon everybody ING. Hadn't been making haven't gone the mom and change and said man come on down. We got the best of the best for you. Here's our offer bicycle right come join us I can't imagine that that is stopped. Or that it never stopped why would you not if you're one of those schools want the number one prospect in the country there. So for him to. Two at that at least at this point again mom confirming that he's Middle East friend of tar all that that mountain to go back to east where again pennies I coach and and jawed they're all very good coaches try to trainer to will Barton professional trail all that stuff correct right bury it in those days lies because he is on that staff last year. They're close there's not pay any. Nonsense. As a big weight very east due to bigwigs from its bad about that. You figure makes a little easier to recruit him. And an intern not just your efforts you have that you have the city helping you out right on out here he's in the city that you try to Jason certainly here helping out there you go so well. You you thought yes they don't need my help at a mall. Do you ever like to step back and like. Does it violate that absolute insanity you know become our jobs and he doesn't need guys trader at that point he'd be does not need our systems even though we were happy deprive it needs this caller Monica. The did you do you ever have. Recipes missing did you ever. I don't and I am sorry we don't miss those days well and knows the best all parts of them there are some parts that we had to manufacture or you're absolutely right it out and we like these days much about the other easier. On the much about the ever step back in light district knowledge and and realize the insanity of our jobs where it's like a celebration of flickered at seventeen year old kid is in Moscow earlier that a it's insane is that any word like it's like this anywhere health. You bring that brings me some. In Vegas. Going through some reckoning Molly go out there some cheap small amounts and she's recruits and that gave myself some. Finished our right as elect community coming enterprise where. Welcome back to the store is got pulls me over. Sees not my son's Jordan's he lost cleanup costs also claim product rollout he asked him more from a tellem Memphis he said. Are you got panel. Innings because down and I ended up and asks if him and which you know about any highways have what I call up in the but I came up own own own any car on the issues yet on all on Penny Hardaway the player. And this was out in Vegas review with some just some dude it's in the stall and the middle of a mall I can tell you what the name of what. He saw wrapping up but to your point what she just brought up his level what do you do. As a Lebanese I do sport very nervous when we talk about pinning all day long as nice as our leader is like Boettcher job. Like Debra artists trying to lose and everything about everything swat. Obviously yes John but I did that in that explanation to my gym and it's one of pretty cool gay brother it is a cool Kagan and for you know got its glued to that point my apple they're talking about is their government and in it's an even in that in the end though. So the darkest corners in the cheapest malls of America. Penny Hardaway has got that cannot vote relevance. An innocent that's why we like these days better than those pre the fact of the matter is. It's a win for the University of Memphis that he will be in Eddie's high school this year but he's an old. He's in broad I guess we should we should stipulate that he's in Roy until he walk in them hall write it in class five days a week I that I can I can always be a change I cannot complain about it cannot in Atlanta on what if I'm Paul Washington at Findlay prep are and saying I need is due to much squat. Right I mean I need were playing a national schedule I want both post on the my gains you got to number one prospect in the country on my team. You you you look good in those things people wanna come to games are they wanna play I don't of the they wanna see on that schedule so. Again I can't imagine that's stop bright so too but I mean one Smart has gone but he is enrolled yes and that's again where we are right now. Great news from the because great news for the recruitment of James wasn't by the end and and bad news for Kentucky I would say so there they would want him elsewhere that it edged out it's starting to mount here. Right the momentum is starting to build for the University of Memphis. DJ Jeffries. Friends is it not not saying that he can make a decision based on heated tempers but again the fact he's familiar with DJ cannot hurt. It cannot hurt if they end up this against DJ goes dement says it does not hurt now undergoing a high school. In Memphis where you won a state championship with Penny Hardaway last year. Cannot tell me that's meaningless where every. You know every of the Friday night you're going with metal band to the parody so wherever I mean you being seen in mountains got the tiger here on and you do too bad that's the other part of has made so much about whether cap and due to locating can get to menu bit. That's Albany taking care of these programs both high level you won't get to James wise neither one of those coaches and as a veteran bat I had in Memphis that's the advantage now you cities here he Eagles these with these would not -- atrocities on your backyard is in your backyard he's feeling what it feels like not only you know not only be a mint -- and at a Memphis tiger won in Memphis tiger but there are some Poland that when this thing is rolling like it is right so I think it's I've been a huge event what -- more to say now is that I would be surprised at James why it is adamant tiger. That is what I well let's stick it to he's once he's walking through those fault. Let's make sure our prayers holes have been back at all as long as he has in class and attending classes and any ties whom I think he plays. You know senior year here comfort and his mom I would be surprised if he's if he's adamant tigers so that's that is the news. Of the day announced that he did Jeffords will be to links which meant they see madness.