AUDIO: Jason & John with Mike NorvelL (6/6/18)

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Wednesday, June 6th
AUDIO: Jason & John with Mike NorvelL (6/6/18)

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Almost dare say an unprecedented time in Memphis athletics in terms of excitement Mike doorbell. As the Memphis football coach is a huge reason why he joins us now coach doorbell Harry do. I'm a bit dogged got such self and well how'd it feel walking across the fairways and the greens with Penny Hardaway added. And it was incredible and as a great day in L Oxley it can't come out. You'll be a part of this event done you don't celebrate and support and thank Jason got this system. A great day to be at tiger now how you play that. Scott I probably played on the best round demolish that spirit you get a couple of little bit and there are some people watching and it all came together not content. Well now wait a minute fifteen or you're responsible for a lot of this on coach that's wells hope. Well it was a as part of electoral adult population net next seven or eight months so who knew that wanted it. Well wait a strong. You said you played great but I saw a tweet. Dead dead what are your balls hit the water. All is well I mean it was on eleven and so that what you think they're happy curb I hit a whole aura about it but the water. Well look I think it happened I how this game. But they've pennies that we need to have going at them at eight impressive just. To see the power he generates nearly the golf ball down and down the fairway is pretty impressive than. They get short game matched Ella good speed and an incredible. Incredible athlete who has done it I'll tell you about the Georgia State. But to better person to now mean that's where that's what I think separates him in the sense of the needle does the the icon that he is and just how receptive is to every person. You know he's just a wonderful ambassador for our our program and done York city just a great champion. About Joseph Gibbs Ochoa what's his game like. A man I'll tell you that was part of us enjoyable experience has not ever had he was ill when I was when I was growing up you know took its course or is the guy in power the brightest that says the smallest ball coach's son you know that that the games ever seen and to go play around a golf with Tampa. I think we got about two or three holes then and then gawker that question so the search. We where we'll talk a little bit of all and you know definitely. Or torture. Yeah of course I'm gonna Memphis above coach Mike nor bell here on the Jason and Jon social as you know I mean that there are expectations now and and whether it seems to the now be an annual conversation that we have with you but. You know you have helped take Memphis to new heights in the sense that you know you guys were picked to win the BAC west by Athlon a couple of days ago. Com do you welcome those expectations do you enjoy having those expectations. As a program. That's what I think it's a lot better than the alternative not any when you have people that are talking about your program and a positive manner I think a great compliment. You know a lot obviously our our football team or coaches you work every person that. That's part of organization understands what it takes to to achieve their goals and expectations but VOA and we didn't I'm I'm glad that we have that we are perceived nationally. In a way that. It brings great light for our program. Coach does a QB battle coming out and you know it's one thing we also fans will wanna know has a look. Well in those guys are competing I think in coming out of spring. Yeah Brady like David Moore no really kind of separated themselves a little bit. They've got an important couple months before we report back fall camp then Dutch. On the Sony they got to maximize every day and then yelled we have done UConn right there as it is extremely intelligent young man at the they redshirt freshman and then equipment that your impression birdie Brighton destroying our program here Sunday. And you try to see what he's manipulative but I tell you October or we are. And in terms of obviously you can't you can't talk specifically about. Recruiting and recruits but it it does feel like you guys have done a fantastic job ever since you came in. Of capitalizing on the momentum that that is there with the program do you feel like that's still happen. On the question thank god does there's a buzz and excitement about what we're doing. In the exposure that we received PL last year you know being a top 25. Your program person for ninth straight week and definition up that way. You know really you know building for the future many guys that you know you're young men are able to seat. On new players like ants. I jarred a very early Ferguson that are that are incumbent. It is such a high level in and there are a lot of our young actors that have immediate success can they wanna be a part of that story they wanna be a part of both of what we're doing it. And Odyssey and. Deborah is a little because as they obviously you know when he one of your greatest task. Offensively is replace and you know the production of you know statistically the best quarterback in program history and then. You know one of the best receivers. In program history in him up I guess how do you how do you begin to go about that is it is it just by committee realizing that there's just like gonna be a singular guy on the roster. Who you can do that with and I'm just curious as of the process and how you do that. I'm in the you know every every player that we have Bob arcane wants more they want or more catches up or change or plan content. You know they got a they've got to maximizing your each one cat that comes comes their way. And it does you know the year before I got here yeah you know or they can't around five or dark receipt. And yet there was. Go to. I Ngo he was able to step up and you into into trees and had over 3000 bureaucracy so. That that opportunity to present itself for somebody and that you whoever's. You'll ready and prepared to it to capitalize on on that time will lecture will emerge as the go to guy so. I feel very confident that we have on the scene mode now look the running backs I think ought to be discouraged we that. All irritated that it's a great forecast. Those are I have to ask you this because I think you that you deserve it. I think it's remarkable we've talked about with a although recruiting experts you've got off the job you guys have done recruiting it's an unprecedented level the job on the field where we were the success now's at a level we've never been that. Here in Memphis you've done all this too with the idea of getting delayed that in nor press easily getting pushed back has that been frustrating at all coach. I mean you know obviously where we're excited about what we have worked out about what company. And that's element. At the end of the day a week we go to work your recent you know every every day trying to go to you the best job that we can't what what we have and we know that the future is bright we know that kept. You know that indoor built facility then they all see everything that's progress in Bordeaux and at the Liberty Bowl has been it has been incredible. Bombed in helping your progress our program so are you aware it's or where we're excited about our program has that really we think a bystander truck up. We of course are gonna Memphis football coach Mike Norville here on the show a do and it's go back to the quarterback. Position because obviously that's going to be what everybody focuses on. You know going into going into the fall. Can you just sort of break down what you've seen from Brady YET knives in the grad transfer. You know from airs on as they can you just kind of speak to what he shown you in the spring. You know I know a lot about Brady you come in and yacht they're recruited out there are a state that was at coach per year but. They're trying to think that that really has impressed me or anything else just how quickie transition yeah at least eight spent so much time. I'm learning that EO of the new terminology you know you get a chance to know the players. You know he had it been injured for the last three years and so just to see can go out and and took to place past and the not he cannot think of anything that. Can they are not quite hesitant with what you know issues to the let dumping PP he really attacked it took. Field full speed ahead and say yup I'll perform at a high level so. Yeah I think he's got to watch what future try to vote you have been bad data or they'd like except they've. They both did a great job this spring and you know we're looking we're looking forward to seeing what they do here all camp because lately got its gonna you're a fleet are seeing the president a chance to. Two win football games is going to be named the starter tonight I'll throw out what that would close those gaps. Actually coach know your very busy a bankers say this congratulations on the big day out there. Appreciate you got that email on the go go tigers. A pencil it is my doorbell University of Memphis. Football. Coped well tigers go tigers indeed there is good to hear that he was it a big part of this fifteen under. Today says he rally. It's like he's rally rally I MI I don't I didn't appreciate you asking about the bad shot went on in elegy about it quite a guy now ski every time we had them all you ask about the kick he missed last week. What's the difference a day are you. You have nothing for that. You've got nothing. Do you got asked that question for a specific reason and was about his teammates trust and confidence and I like it he don't like talk I'm not missed field goals I found that out okay. I think I've might be one of the worst five golfers as in as an adult which has a white adult at Memphis. We've seen. Do you agree that yes I saw when we all went to riverbend. I seriously believe that how long undated a cheap commercial two hours. If I mean for sure. No one ranking on the course too that in all honesty is a good time and array should be ashamed of the golfer you yeah. In all honesty well first of all of the duration be ashamed whoa whoa careful yeah. Right should be ashamed of what are now you would like Tiger Woods is a pay and we got Manny out there you just we just saw demo walk and come back out if it. Leslie Carter the third. And it that is golf attire today what was Davenport. That record books and going off court all right but Devin says that does not always the right is Arthur we have some we. We got tiger was what got we got mark there aren't that this is like to burrow in your tummy moderation be a shame that I'm not out there stop I'm proud of you can't turn as a don't you know regardless I admit that I began I have. I think it I you're you or your race you see a little bit better golfer now that you have not had very many iconic moments as a golfer that's on sale. That's all I'm saying you know where's your double nickel. As a mask now but I it's not meet I to have the iconic moments in golf it's youthful why would I use dirty skiing you should be playing golf. Dude why would I from my background ever be a golfer not a mean. Golf is is it's inside you have Illini just it is yet and they play golf but brother that it amounts to Israel bombed it no they didn't as they did John but no I don't see don't look nothing they don't have golf courses and Mozilla I promise rather they got they just got a Wal-Mart. That it I don't Arkansas they just go Wal-Mart within the last five years in the sad part about this is that we can never be invited to the program we can never play because you're not good enough to get us out there to have his to a that we you can represent I can't now and what a shame it's not just may have both of us continued the learning I don't know. But we're both equally terrible golf. That I will agree with but again I have an excuse. I'd I'd carry that burden and it every day I'll walk around this this city now and then I let my race down daily. You Kenny being invited to a of a match or that. Match a celebrity match local celebrity match they wanna have job market out there ivory. OK any ditch because he can't play not say what I'm good that I say what I am good at but that is always amount of missed the boat on golf. That's where all the business deals get done what he always told me growing up all who would we talked to some I told us was that your dad may be. Some I told us that spoiler to golf. Because they need to be Annan on Monday if we we need data because they needed ZR around all the new you know business folks at its rather assumption is that thank. Yeah for sure I say what I am good at them. And that's going to golf parties like a golf you know my buddy coop is have a record it's a pool party. Mo not that sounds like another white thing they ask a familiar aroma familiar what's their usual level parties. At a white thing you know I cannot as a lot of money list everything like it it's like oh I've never been known guide are this Saturday before the you know before the Sunday at the F is easy -- those like art is like a done everything we don't get to go celebrate. Exactly I dress up. Now it's a pool party just slim. You just when you guys are invited to become a cargo what. Could you know Matt Cooper he's one of the best golfers hail from an amateur perspective and said he meant evening so. You should deftly consider coming out that's what I'm good at golf paid off and don't don't invite me to his event occurred. Real quick before get a break one of our listeners because we had coached Norville on wanted to hear nor bells speech after the UCLA whence I was gonna play like on a breaking. And it doesn't change how it's. One game has gone I don't see it. When you are the only time.