AUDIO: Jaren Jackson Jr. on the Gary Parrish Show to discuss Memphis

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Friday, June 22nd
AUDIO: Jaren Jackson Jr. on the Gary Parrish Show to discuss Memphis drafting him #4 overall

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The consensus top ten prospect the collapse that 2007 dean. Big Ten deacons play the Big Ten freshman of the year last night and met with president made the fourth pick in the two without thinking NBA draft and talking about us. Yeah I Jackson junior and he joins me now to articulate that you don't want. Gloria are you everything's all right my world parts congratulations. I cannot imagine what that's like two. Start as a young person having dreams about doing something like playing in the NBA. And then sitting in Brooklyn and hearing your name called port and an NBA draft that must've been an amazing moment for you and your family. It was surreal man like that came early put in the word. I'm bill got out of the kind of you know really it and I really let much you know affected divide billion really good idea there were counted it. You know or ride that wave. Are you obviously have that moment in New York last night in your boom down to Memphis this morning. I know that I'm about the million person you've had talked to today so I apologize but. I'm what does that they've been likening getting introduced to a new city it's it's a remarkable situation I've always thought draft pick surrendered because. You don't really get to pick where you're gonna live in where you're gonna work whereas when I got to college I can whale my opportunities and they're not quite as good as yours. But I get at least I and I choose where I live you don't get to choose that. Today you're in Memphis Tennessee this will be a place you spend a lot of time what's it been like for. It's been great you know are especially getting to meet the staff meeting coach. On and being able to talk them a lot more in depth about. What expectations are to the year and talking in the media here has just been fantastic in I could naturally being out the you know the great regret that it you can just feel a thing you get here. I'm really I'm really opposed to. Talking to Jan Jackson junior fourth pick 2018 MBA draftees here on 99 FM ESPN's so. Last night you're selected it did you have television interviews and you're on a conference call. And immediately. Even the Memphis fans that seemed on the fence about the pick her completely on board because you are knocking interviews. Out of the park you're talking about ribs and talking about Memphis rappers did somebody tell you all you have to do to win over people who live in Memphis is express your love for ribs in Memphis rappers do that that pretty much did it. How tired and I do a thing about you know what I know of the quote before and in. Does. You can't know everything because I've been there as much in Nevada but live but to be in golf business so I'm looking forward to that. Learn more about it in Beckley did so ribs because I'd definitely believing get ribs and you know they know to their barbecues side got a had a you know. Gotta throw that put. You know all good hip hop up and all that so visit the flood our you know you got expressed that he got a million Jeff don't want Arafat a lot of quality and any credit actual the fan this is the important so you know it was a great night. Talk Dejan Jackson in 99 a ME ST and do you actually have a favorite Memphis rapper. I mean like you know our. Why I got three OK I got the like I like blocked would sir. The black was up that you made it made double XL sinner but creed he. Gil Gotti. You know let this guy is dead are above the allotted to all the years. We've played a lot of self locker room by. I can't really rapid it there really air show. In Europe that that locker room. Anybody know they knew about planet probably eight all of you we've tied it at the budget vote kind of ironic is that the. That this fire talking agenda actually I'm not into none of them ESPN obviously. Michigan State players have been have been prominent figures in the grizzlies franchise DD here right now but. Arguably the most beloved player in the history of this franchise is Zach Randolph and Michigan State alarm like yourself. Do you know second all have you been that he talked about Memphis at all. Are all we have got to start ready I'm sure that certain coal output because you know green's stick together. And you know we really will be good. In those people who are human impact on the city is made impact. On the Spartan nation as well so does that relate simple loan. Deep being aired Cisco is just a great. Then obviously you'll be back Q I think you get to go home for a few days thing come back in the summer leagues here right before you know it from. You are joining a franchise where the owner or within the past month has said they wanna give back when fifty games next year and go to the playoffs it would be. And in the playoffs for the eighth time in a nine year period obviously that's gonna happen you're gonna be a part of that in some form or another. How do you envision your rookie year have you set expectations yet. All more that that becomes struck the coast you know my expectation is to try to win every game that's that tech mom try to bring that's. That's what you are trying to bring him that the that the you know the met is there on the scene. Present you know we're about you first who put winning above everything and just ourselves as most apparent area. And the united Andy that where hope yet you know. I'd like to front office says we're contender billion already negate number eighty gig on riddler and parade how big guys just that can be really exciting. But you know we the grind that it that it still work you know we're about the bombing and try to leave there we tech. Obviously the thing that people are enamored with when it comes to you as a prospect is. Your ability to be a real difference maker on the defensive end of the court you are an elite shot blocker you can switch everything. When you're watching the NBA playoffs and unless the bigs can can can switch instate in front of smaller players they can't beat. They can't stay on the court do you look at that and and and think that the game has changed in your favor you don't. Seem perfect before you know if you continue to develop and become what people think you become you do seem perfect for where the NBA seems to be headed have you recognized that as well. Our world. In that's flattering. But it EU control you control an Arctic throws and getting in the gym working on my game and the content is all great and leave you gotta go on the court produce so I'm all about getting better work of art and I think with the step we got a place market that we do day you know we got great coaches staff work. We can develop on you know new new coat so besides you know new clothes are nuances so that's always fun than a look forward to do little. Skill development. You know I'm on the young guys so I'm every day. I'm trying to get better anyway I can't watch a lot of film and learn from the vet here at its its meeting at the Mac so my potentially ears just don't be amazed. I texted a little bit with your former coach Tom is on I'll have him on the show later today and I know when I asked him. So what Jerry Jackson only play 22 minutes per game he's gonna say because I was didn't handling well or I would be a bad coaching or something like that. But obviously there was there were foul issues at least early in the season as well all along you know. Martin Bagley played 34 minutes a game I think beyond creating played 34 minutes a game you were a little more limited than that. Was that frustrating was did you understand why what what it what's the explanation. Four when people ask why it was Jarron Jackson only on the court about half the game every game. Google is Connecticut and so you know you can put its value as a favorite for the first out of no coach could just get Olympic the next oh it is needed gambling habit in Philly players something like begged off for what I shouldn't. Should have kept you so you know I would but with that goes to vote. I that we think you would mark scared of anything that he didn't want to think about that's why he. You know you would keep me out so. In any yellow in the Clinton of them side and there was never any complications that way but I think if you look at I think we're very deep ability you know. The effect we we get go we could put anybody you know we a lot of big. So we could keep rotating a rotating guys in and that's just how he played a certain number I think that we just kept pushing that. Are adjourned Jackson's the fourth pick in the NBA draft last night is the newest member. Of the Memphis Grizzlies I believe you're headed to the Memphis red bird game tonight to throw out the first pitch. I'm Brooke army got a you're gonna you gonna get there you are your pitcher. I heard is part of I think. But you know well and dove on it in him. Within the contrasts. And on whether to mob as. That it did they are revenue appeared Darren Jackson from Michigan State last thing before I let two go at bay Cuba be any I know you're you've been busy all day. Com your sitting there last night your name comes off the board pretty quickly. Mom and that must be exciting but also relieving meantime there's a guy who was thought of you know in the same category as you coming out of high school who had to sit there and till the end of the lottery that's Michael Porter junior obviously there work. Medical concerns with him and I suppose even today they're still Lar but Denver decided to roll the darts at some point. But for because I came the big story of the draft after it you top guys were gone for people who haven't seen him. And you've seen him healthy. If he is healthy in the NBA what kind of player do you think he can be. Are these these phenomenal you know he's. You can do a lot of different things on the court and you know he's he's very competent so you know it was. Got to take him already a really long way but you know I don't think you know the little things people say that about imminent indeed going to dictate to get stone so in eight. Where he's very you've gotta you gotta be your everywhere. And wherever. You know Mike have formed last night. You know I cried at a great sobered as well and now look at toward feeling he does and I look forward played in the book. He was the fourth pick in last night's NBA draft he is a member of the Memphis Grizzlies is Jerry Jackson here on 929 FM ESPN. Like I said meant thank you so much for being here congratulations. On everything that happened last night and we look Ford for you until you get back in Memphis. The Puerto watching in summer league thanks so much. Well bumping policy that Jerry Jackson. From Michigan State I'll just wrap a barren to know what I said earlier. Really impressed that he's very impressive every wow you sure you hear people juniors all you hear people consistently say. He's the youngest American player in the draft which is true he doesn't come across that way at all and I think that's testament more than anything to. He comes from rock solid fair rights you know he is parents kept in Okie kids are. Indian good ways and bad ways off in a reflection. Of you know of their parents and you can tell just by talking to him for ten minutes or watching them on TV for two. That that that coming comes from a strong family have of him of what can impress the father. In an impressive mother and we won't you will see how the basketball side of stuff goes. But in in terms of digit winning people over with words and thoughts. And a personality. And an infectious smile. He has been he's been doing that really well over the past twenty four hours a.