AUDIO: Jared Cook (Raiders TE) talked about his fashion, playing for Gruden and more with Matt Stark (6/20)

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Wednesday, June 20th
AUDIO: Jared Cook (Raiders TE) talked about his fashion, playing for Gruden and more with Matt Stark (6/20)

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Talk a little national football away with Jared Cook cried as for the Oakland raider could make the big interviews. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports he's giving Barry show me your view of presented by loose screws stay. This amendment ESPN. Jared Matt sergeant madness are you today thanks for joining us. Overall I'm doing are right hey let's start with the obvious on doing a little research last night as I'm getting ready for this you Wear number 87 with Oakland this is the fact. You wore number 89 with the Tennessee Titans. Your Twitter handle is still reads at Jared Cook 89 you've been like too busy for the last three years update that number what's happening. On view bounds give back or absolute garbage and therefore you Brooklyn. All right I don't want a delusional checked and I think we view when you change the game you lose the checksum ready just just forget somebody in Oakland to take care Emporia all right so. I know this you're as you're busy because you're a man of fashion you've got a fashion brand. Nifty genius switch when I looked it up this is what it said. An online store dedicated to the duration of a complete lifestyle. What does that mean I mean a close look fantastic work to come up with that that slogan it's terrific. Management. You report that oracle Crowley they're vocal about. Broke. Through war well vet. Bet you understood that there are no well below normal 00 boo boo boos. Moved a big big guy you know with regard there's always detect blood or lost our cable you're doing it alone. Will both of them also. Is the comparable. Period you may could travel. There made her bare bones used. It is a pretty. Yeah our. Merger interest in fashion come from like we know that you're good football when did you decide hey I'm good at this fashion thing to this might be some kind of cool that I wanna do an addition to. You know my day job. Broward school for a rebuild their. Always had trouble article mark. And Bill Maher visits over losses total onslaught didn't. The Dutch a lot of men before they were booted it is. Wounds were involved with small kids but there's still so it is chaos some of the chain initiative to college. So. I would Jerry Cooke tied and for the Oakland Raiders he runs nifty genius dot com check it out. Got a lot of T shirts and nice nice how how important is it to you. To look sharp when you're shown up at the stadium and oh yeah you flip around the NBA man they're all about it when they're walking through the tunnels Russell Westbrook just up the gets away with. How important is it to you to look good when your rolled up on Sundays. Learned that the world don't know the code and look pretty good yeah so. Look horrible start to look at but the more you also might introduce you get down to the statement. Look away and book fair ball. Doesn't Israel try to include no matter where you are. We're walking on the football field about ball court or in full beard is the did you walk round so no more regulatory. Talk some Oakland Raiders football now you've got a new head coach in John gruden. Known to people everywhere is chuck. Does my own popular social girl was just. We call them a prayer. All of them grab a group of crime that you put into the work you put their not only your vehicles that are very similar. When we called my opposition just both of them deployment took. We're argument so that cobalt during the initial must we've been here in the short suddenly vinegar it's and it. Well it's pretty court and doing a great job is pretty handedly break the move to between. Just a technological long known that certain things to love about what balls move. How's it been received in the clubhouse and I think I know what the obvious answer is you know we all the Hubble but. But he was out of the game for a long time but everybody knows how much football this guy net hadn't nose and in the knowledge that he brings. He's a Super Bowl champ in what was that like what are practices been like I guess OTA is not quite. Full blown practices yet but but what about like with them. There have been pretty apparent. Folks read first well. First learning. Quicken loan people's systems so we use duke are very reluctant little could be billed under about an hour and but the great thing about looters. All of you're learning that there is some need to learn the system there are some great beer and they absorb them as prisoners. So who are successful nervous also got old school removed school swim so we're excited to learned everybody's treated the moral of the building they're 100 to have Brett. To everybody knew a lot about him obviously as a TV personality. I got asked who's got the best gruden impersonation on the team do you have one. First of all I'll start there. I expected it. Noddle. Good burst those movies probably pertinent knew more about what. Did you hit it it it. Anybody in the clubhouse. So it's not like it's that difficult right he's got that can Latin ended this guy here Jerry idea. You know what is that he's a spider X banana whatever that does neighbor we'll look. There are well it's got to have a good 13. Pick through a lot of the code greater burden as well. There you go Amerigroup vote for the bill level. I can understand all right so last year your first year with the raiders the team went twelve and fourteen years ago dropped to six in ten last year. Put their back is co favorites to win the west Sports Illustrated. Didn't early preview of the raiders are wrote this spend six or ten years since we last saw Jon Gruden got a quarterback a back field and old line. But there are questions everywhere else now obviously. The overlooked you in the tight end position but would you say as a whole that's a fair assessment of this team. So you know we've got a lot like the modern. Though this curfew on the because both the ball. Best proven to throw around the world to preview books. And the producers you live in the regular students so. Do we go so we'll prove corporate logo a lot. Oh a lot of rest Ursula and a lot of the lesser of our investor about. Outlook moved the ball and keep going of course so does have to be confirmed for the U. You've been around in the league for awhile now since being drafted by the Tennessee Titans back in 2009 you play for four different teams. What do you like about but the makeup of this raiders team that that has people think in many of a dip last year but it can be quick turn around. Those girls through a lot of goods or Lugo a lot of power up their local welcome Lugo awhile ago that a lot of local ball. So go out let it. Go out there are there hunger. So. We realize we've got the right pieces to make good they have. Now we've just got to go out their own through the boo birds in depth you have people of color and got in place that your route to her job this season. Listen we appreciate your time today people can check out your clothing where at nifty genius that come they can follow you on Twitter at Jared Cook 89. They made at best a look at the upcoming season have a great year jeered. There. Jerry Cooke. From the oak Glen paraded is is to be the Las Vegas raiders mind your favorite team that's right you get a jump on the Afghan side and executive with the golden Knight lie just jump around at this point as a brainy teen says no it was a big band that I do your hometown I was fine with that I don't have a problem do you jumping on the I liked I liked the whole Vegas night staying and I like the raiders thing they're building the stadium now the other thing about the stadium is UNLV the football team blows their terrible like Dan ending good. It really ever ever like outlaw the best thing ever got to UW football is Randall Cunningham in the building a new raider stadiums you know these idiots plain stadium expert on that Diego had and as the night this thing is going to be sick. All lines like it's ridiculous drawings and it's in where where exactly they put it's right across from the strip so on on the other side of the highway from the strip it's right there I mean it it's basically on the strip that's an amazing who had a fine so I guess I was gonna have Jarrett on and I know we got a couple raiders fans in the market John Martin being one of them in Australia selling out. ID what do you think you'd be better than last year I only got to shine and in gruden can certainly help I'm they should to see I know well a lot of people are waiting to see how he interacts and gets along with David Carr grew out is can be. God or a target go to our personality on younger quarterbacks he had success. In Tampa when he had to re skin and in some older guys write some of the younger guys struggle in the car I guess is had some. I don't know I don't know he's been up and down you know he's he's very good. And they had to pay and that massive combat ranks when you do that then at some point it's. You know it's like the NBA in your pulled away from someplace else I don't like the quarterbacks if you have a decent to good one you have to pay them regardless it is at this point in the NFL it I mean and unless and eight to bring him back Brady don't do it why it lets you get a guy that then somehow takes less than market value because his wife is like a supermodel makes. Of the Jillian dollars but Brady has done that worry is restructured his contract over and over and over a sunny Saturday he's like the sixteenth. Highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL I mean. That does everything it does it does we won't talk patriots who we talked to our next guest Jeff Glock and because he hates them NBA Ager with a dissident and we're back got the NBA tip. We'll through that Lloyd talked old Jeffrey. Coming up at a top of the hour mass market for GP 99 FM ESP.