AUDIO: Grizzlies Asst. Coach Jerry Stackhouse on the Gary Parrish Show (8/9/18)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, August 9th
AUDIO: Grizzlies Asst. Coach Jerry Stackhouse on the Gary Parrish Show (8/9/18)

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Former UNC star Jerry's that Kathy joins me now stack it's scary bears thanks for being a man. What can give them we didn't have. Hundred recognize you do me a favor and first off thumb. I enjoy that so far it's. You. I've been eating good. I. I'm group. There. They're restaurant subtle but whatever food you go to work well both army and I'm excited about is that well part of it you know this didn't. The tournament who have been great to welcome you know they're excited for us. The good seat and move those the group that is not being open in order to. Let's good to hear like come let's not only pocket watch in on him but here's the truth like you made a lot of money in your NBA career you could probably be doing whatever it is you wanna do. At this moment and yet you spent years. Not just on an NBA staff although you've done that. I'm but like in the G Lee and that's that's a different world then five star hotels in charter flight that's you know I've been like just randomly on flights were G league teams and it's like 611 dude sitting in the middle of 32 row thirty. Like a group. It's it's it's not that type of place where you typically fine. Guys who have had the careers that you had but what it suggests to me is that. You want to really you wanted to really be a coach and that is a place to it to become that it will throw your decision to. To give up what would otherwise be a glamorous life do whatever you wanna do to live that G league like for multiple years. Another that the that the group part of my process there were new our wanted to try to go and come under coach and then. A bit more passes in the boon or there's no coach could you know. Full school year men have a model to loosen them individually these disparate you know kind of passed correct because we gave corner of it in your experience there in the game are the coast you know the grassroots network start I know it may you rest also. That you know sort of part of part of validated the beleaguered travel and hotel and I'll open you know what like this stuff out there don't know beat queues for the last probably 89 you do anyway so that that weren't anything to meet. You know going to you know we're professional team the pit group. You know all figured out David doomed from the standpoint of making scheduled to do with putting stance on he would never could go to experience as an assistant coach. Though probably taken a step backwards at take two steps forward and glad data that would occur inside who's serious about coaching. Do you know it may not BA coaching job any gotten into the desert like that it's Lou Lou 130 in the eighteen and now. You know way now those who are. In the dorsal speaks I would I would at least say it was it was great comedian Boca who can get some biblical couldn't do that. Well you're still young guy how much do you think it helped expedite your goal of being a head coach by already being a head coach like it's one thing and I don't mean to diminish anybody's role anybody staff. This one thing to be number four assistant as opposed to. Listen Weathers the G illegal whatever you're running this team this you're making the decisions that's got to be beneficial I would assume. Any amendment. People on the ground grip that. It makes it had to make this this sort of bigger vehicle you have to make those decisions. You know in this in this particular understand that they. Candidate cultural blue bettors is that I don't know what to expect you know kind of thing. Do it on the circus you know that kind of thought servers and then you've got guys that. You know there are no loyalty trust word because you can have you know delegate got even delegate game you don't know. I think that that's why it's not exciting be a part of reduce those eight GB and then come here any patent. In our objectives coaching title logo Warren person's integrity more guys that. Minority coaches that brings them on their side of the ball obviously users who didn't come gamecocks so. I don't know he just goes to those experiences many just can't keep them. As an assistant here at the view that are making news always going to be a we're. You need head coaching experience so now best diver that ought to check from the standpoint norms you know had a couple interviews this summer would be your carpet Toronto are worse. And so just did experience of going to get an understanding what their process looked like it was unbelievable for me so amount this feel like more psyched. And you know I went back and ask questions to those people who are in a few quick things that you will look into that you better. And I think that that feedback to help me next time around in the world they do. But we interviewed did. I'm talking to Jerry Stackhouse former MBA all star now a member of the Memphis Grizzlies coaching staff. Everything I read and again this is probably just one person's perspective but. On everything I read was that you do interview well and that you come across not just as they. Guy who was an amazing basketball player at every level but somebody who. Really understands the game in the and in its it is specializes in x.s and o.s has that been. Not to ask you to talk a brilliantly about yourself I know that's uncomfortable but it can bet that is that the feedback you've also got there that everything I heard was like positive stuff. You have a little bit about that you lose you know most sir that the court does not so common you know it was a operatives so. Always have cocoa and other interviews of my. And good in bigger bit throughout the month in my mom always says they've based. What we're used to you about it we have worked for me just travel around me just being able to you are allowed to be on the bench because I have been on the basis. 40 the spiritual case. And down. Started to hurt like you know eighteen years who they're playing experience to write a resolute immunity agreement and called the war on. There's got a funny weather system where it goes got to earn its shots you gotta. Got to pay your dues are aware that I was able to do that and people recognized. You know here's a Democrat who watched a lot of you know I'm. A and it's just about signed do. Did these two everybody got to you know noted gains instead collective nose and right now what can you give these guys that you. And then because. My playing career what I've been able to do here things are broken in transition they listen on her best kind of in parliament because I have a word well. You know data were blew open a New Year's broken. Do not because they're trying to get somewhere and do which uniquely equip our wrote gas to return to. Come in the game and they make their mark in the game Garrett who have been in the game and you know maybe need to take on a different rule book coming up to date to go out toward paying their career I've been all those guys that sort of normalcy something that the crowd you have grain to that court. I was my current although the game you know to have learned you know now being able to pinky because McCain. Play anymore in the senate this image removed. Contributed America and our go to Israel from coaching my hey you need back in 2000 and it's called the book a lot of he would give better. So bad now wait a minute. I'm liking it mimics they have no problem. Drove what I need to do transition. To go to the two broken him on to become a game. They're not regret the local need right now I've been my dream governor are you collect milk so I want paper. Com com NBA career and am you know and then maybe coax a big this game look. I'm talking to Jerry Stackhouse former UNC star former NBA all star he's on Twitter at Jerry Stackhouse it's interesting because Penny Hardaway now the University of Memphis head coach. Got into coaching a similar way like start work on middle school kids in the got in the grassroots basketball. Do you have any relationship pitting. No I've been in this together got on a circuit men are pretty are. Court so whatever you see each other out there could look at my program and our beat them grow over the program were the biggest. It an advantage really medical brigade they've been able to CDs he would do go there I call throughout worker repeatedly don't think amputation. So our record got can't detect. You know it sees Tatum during the brown and you know. Grand hardee's achieved this coming out now and it to become household names you have put forward a million little part of it development so a big finish you know. The bill in that department as well you know a lot of cute maybe not that you know prevent the pro level. Good you know at least give them opportunity. Because education so I mean he's kudos to have a big program open to look over double that. I'm talking to Jerry Stackhouse here in 99 infamy has been mentioned earlier not only were your McDonald's all American with the MVP of the McDonald's all American game and somebody tweeted me. And said that was actually played at the mid south coliseum. You remember that have been there I got the history of movement. What experience. Then I have ever again out of Udoh are at the salute who's done their branded food and got out there they have taken withdraw the district. Restaurant's manager at you know that we can't we began currency debt that we can give candidates sharply to Tokyo we've. Downtown near Winfield job on my name because Obama. Local local scene well I was. A political boy who did it yes you can try to get that that guy had 28 territory ever met lovers aren't the market DURECT third out it. But that is the nozzles are indicted jurors back out of former UNC star. Former NBA all star he's on Twitter at Jerry Stackhouse now a member of JB biggest asked a staff. Com with the Memphis Grizzlies for me to ask you a couple of grizzlies things were quick arm Mike Conley. Hum how he progressing. I'm can you update us on and on how he has. Well I'm agitated and Jim Allen nor do recruit our government. None of them blew my pick very quick and I get him being on the court he's. You can go well I don't work out where the last week you need to move well manned guard and a gun and click record on the Carson. There's a lot of it's basically those are those who are adequately mayor and our look so good we got a head start you start he's going to who got to have so. Disputed CM. Back in the bill could first of I'm reminded some stamp on it. Been on the court or consult the armed you know to become staggering blow minute you know not make sure that do too much for training camp where. What we do want excited about it. No I don't sit. And obviously the Iraqis the star of summer league but certainly the most encouraging player at summer league given where he was selected in the 2018 NBA draft. Darren Jackson. Really it's showed a lot of the stuff that. Make people think not only was it worth the grisly Smart to take him where that they took him. Perhaps some other fringe I should've taken him even higher what did you make of this summer league to Jerry Jackson put together. And this starting groups yeah. Good good. Knowing that this send a person are cook their standpoint of does that fit into their return to bring to between you know that Britain declared that the greens are little salute the women got the Penders young defenders and they want to protect the rim and wanted to hear it first and then he kind of got to make 783 quite as soon as there are quick they're quite a excited about it particularly bad domestic you know. So you know. That those who work in progress birdie you don't play good kid has talent and not play in a that you torture that they have so violent to Mark Green there and spin around. The lucrative veteran who's. You can learn from that is fantastic of course typical of many resources to look at those little competition so you know there. Excited about that where the forward sisters that you pick he would be a great pairings again there are mixed yeah. When you run good banker on the grass support we do today. Hadn't been able to. So cool so we denied that those who subscribe to Watson moved about a fund the culture. I'm wrapping up here with Jerry Stackhouse former NBA all star now a member of the Memphis Grizzlies coaching staff last thing before I let you go it's a little bit off topic but I think you're good person asked because. If you're not some anonymous high school player who became an NBA star you're not some former high school star who was irrelevant in the NBA. You were the MVP of the McDonald's all American game you were the Sports Illustrated national player of the year. At North Carolina you spent eighteen years in the league two time all star you've been incredibly successful at every level of the sport. And just yesterday the NCAA announced a whole bunch of rule changes to college basketball but they're still not gonna let. I'm prospects like you were once upon a time except any significant monetary. It inducement or anything from agents. You still camp X except fair market value in any way whatsoever. As someone who's. It all those things that describe but also somebody who worked in grass roots basketball. Do you ever envision a time when the NCAA actually recognizes that. People like Jerry Stackhouse when they're seventeen years old are worth an incredible amount of money already and to try to restrict them in so many ways. Is just a battle that's going to be a losing battle. Until they actually bring about real change. We have a particular around the probably live my personal opinion arts epic period. The model is completely broken them in on the front good bad days on the current article Dixon but I think the fact that. In the vote this spring in the want agents into it there's gonna ultimately. Aren't solved the problem in declares union is probably would it would all players. You know these kids have no repetition so the cover of the detained without English speaking on the other. Go and until that happens announces date is our somewhere kind of got their name in Prague but being able to meet those agents are governed by the close to it. So that's you know they have to color and then they include these cute does someone have been talking about. You know we use our league whose goal won't be on the committee decide who could be the song to check. So it slowed in how to use. You know qualifier who this guy that gap filler either non work and excellent is slightly peek you're talking major where each year who are about the the guys on the order that this slippery slope here poker. You figured out not prosecute have been taken away in the increase in the some form or college. Can come out next we speak here if not the independent film they wanna come out that she's garlic you see all. Q do warn that you know Nike you know warn that these severe as opposed to turn to have those beat beat beat you that they're not at the each individual ice who. This is the that makes sense that something they know they want to do the right thing where you got there are some of the right people of and then collapsed. From regret to pick PPG trying to go around Gary it's over those people to tape to understand. There's value. In an they doesn't value that it brings quarter you know you're not or whatever all credit. People out there is a quote these kids that in the that they can you compare that there than it was able Pete. So what him the agency the other way around it is a problem I'm trying to. In the spring you're required to detain but it mode he tried acoustic you don't know. You know there have been paying you know monetary we'll debate it 1000002000. All of them in. It came in widow and unfair that you you know good people who live and who will talk about are we. Result and then that they've failed restrict it are we happen within the proposed talks. You reiterated in cocoa open it figured out with a look at it the model or Satan. College basketball and at the same time he's cute deserved something then let's spend it well. So the pair of shoes that you gave me right you know there. In what our real world in what the world are not allowed to sell something that belongs to you. Well as you. That's part of the country relive it I don't know that. Government knows I'm I don't know if we don't. I don't get it I don't get it either sounds like honestly the NCAA would have been wise to invite you into the room and they have that Mary didn't. Get their do you mean you go there. Sir good we will work on it Gerri it's awesome to have you here I appreciated im glad you're in Memphis and I'll see you soon. I appreciate it could take care that's Terry's jackass former NBA all star current member of the Memphis Grizzlies staff just terrific.