AUDIO: Grizz Coach JB Bickerstaff on the Eric Hasseltine Show (8/10/18)

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Friday, August 10th
AUDIO: Grizz Coach JB Bickerstaff on the Eric Hasseltine Show (8/10/18)

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Abby a little bit more like the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies Jamie Baker's step always as a good chuckle going. Especially when he sees me come on his offices the highlight of his day. He has to join a radio show announced let's make of today's Q&A today the best in sports. Joseph Q and any of the day on ninety T it's. ES. Can't say that. I am here to make history and hang up on me after that comment to be honest with you. Yeah what I started here exactly did you hurt you bad figured he liked to they had dropped the call I'm sorry man I get back in next time cool seeing October. A he's seen a schedule. Obviously like any entity got to play 41 homes 41 road. But the back to backs have been dropped down the travel miles for the team overall I mean I know you don't get an all these that the the logistics of at all. But it looking at it it's not bad you do open on the road through the first four on the road but there's some nice homestand and the league seemingly is taking into account. Opportunities for teams to stay as fresh as possible give me your thoughts on what you've seen so far the the layout. Yeah I agree I think it's important you know when you're got guys who are paid to perform at the level that our guys they're trying to perform. For the fans' standpoint you want guys to be addressed that as they possibly can so that they can perform at the highest level that they possibly can choose. You know compete. There and compete for the road fans or whatever it may be but. Think you know the league has done a really good job at taken steps in that direction. You know spread in the game down a little bit more taken out you know before his insides and you know as many back to backs as they possibly could so. And I'm excited about it you know you look at the schedule like you said. You know there are many. But at our longest road trip to the four game trip. You about why I gave something like that so let you know means of those those types of things I've gotten a play in your favor in the long run. You know more reps we get the style that we're gonna play the better for us in the more pressure we can put on people. Well I better stay out Utah early because you claim three times in the first twelve twice and you dot they're pretty good there there are some tough matchups. I think any time you look at the west and and what's happened over the offseason. You heard just gonna be same the same thing pretty much every time. Damn that's a tough game damn that's a tough game damn better good of the west is just absurd it's not like the east is terrible but. The balance of power continues to stayed more focused on the western side of the league right now. Now with LeBron joining the lakers and although cool while leaves the spurs mean Western Conference teams seemingly just about every one of them got stronger. Yeah there's no doubt about it that the arms or operate out west and that the way. You know people have to approach it is you know whatever you can do to find an edge you gotta be willing to do it and I think. You know you see the organization here I in the Western Conference that specially. Other trying to figure out a way to get past the Golden State Warriors and as long as the warriors are. You know the reigning champs don't Western Conference teams. Our pride for all they're gonna try to find ways to beat the Golden State Warriors so everybody's on a mission every single summer. To try to put a unit together on the floor. That can you don't disarmed a chance so whatever you gotta do. Change or join it in in a lot of that. Lot of time if it means they're taken pieces from the Eastern Conference and taken pieces. You know from other teams and things like that and stepped in and in one area. You know trying to dethrone the champs. Jamie Baker's staff joining us here on the program. Let's step away from the scheduled for GS to sack tough news yesterday for Javon Carter. I know there's still like evaluations to be done but how how troubling was that beauty here knowing how hard. The young man has worked to try to get himself ready for training camp. You know it's typical U trio for the kid. You know that type the kid that he is the type of effort that he puts an end. To regain into competing. You know it it it's such would be quite honest with you. For him but you know the good thing for him and he's got a good supporting cast of people around in the Stanley there within the coaches staff and his teammates. Our in our training staff and you know the doctor issues and they'll put him in. So we'll make sure that he's right in the him. You know it's understanding that we're gonna do what's best for his future and not something match you know. Our quick fix. And try to get him back there you know what if any on the short end. The most important thing for him as you know we're trying to prolong his career gave him an opportunity to be the player that we expect him to be. You know so would do the right things by him for sure. But it is difficult you know and it's tough but. You know it's a long season you know expectations are that he will be back. Obviously early in the season so. You know we expect in the work as hard in his rehab that he does on the court. How much contact you have with the guys during the offseason just individual contact with I mean like. I don't know what if there are rules and regulations but I know you are. A guy that is very hands on your relationships individually with the players mattered to you you we have discussed this and I know you have to let the guys do their thing but I I know you also wanna know. Them to know what is to be expected of them the Dade training camp opens in late September. I think you'd what I try to do is you know reach out to guys. And different guys obviously have different schedules. How much attention they need in the amount of conversation that we need to have you know the younger guys. We kind of keep heavier at some point. Just to make sure that they're doing the things that we expect them to do and it the way that we can kind of help guide them you know. The right way through their career when they're building their habit in the summer and there are in experiencing. All seasons was so much down time. For the first time and you know who knows how long so that's those that we keep you know we keep. Closer tabs on trying to help them. The veteran guys you know. Once every two weeks once a month you know will reach out have to conversation. Just to check on and see how they're doing. The other families are doing when you know those types of things in the end. You know recently sent out you know amassed fifty text message of the guys. You know to let them know. What we are expectations are for the first aid training camp from where we expect in the B and you know let them know we're here to help them get there. You know but it got there on their own. Than we expected to be there and be prepared to go because of what the rest of the group. You know I'd say it's an interest staying. Scenario now because it's not liking new head coach walking in to aid team he's unfamiliar with how much does that help you. In terms of getting ready for what you wanna do. Day one last year I know was tough because. You were close friends with David says dale you are close friends of David says dale. It's never away you wanna get an opportunity but you also have a desire to be a head coach in this league so now. The interim tag is lifted the that the deal is done you are now in in charge of this in charge of this ship so. It does I I I assume present a little bit of an advantage knowing. The hand you're already being dealt with some new faces in there but a lot of guys that they were brought in its seemingly fit what you wanna do and some new faces that have. Very good reputations of basketball IQ and character guys that can help raise the level of this team back to where it's expected debate. Well I think that the best part about going through last year with a guy. That will be returning as you build a trust. And people get to understand one another you know when times are tough and you know the type of people that you wanna be around. And difficult situations. You know they're characters shows and so you know what did situation we expect to have this year you know we expect to be a much better basketball team. And not. You know have to deal where if you know the injuries and things like that that we went through last year. But knowing that in tough times you can count on one another. Gives you a leg up already so. You know being able to build that trust and respect one another last year and then having this summer to actually put things together or put a plan in place. You know as being great you know we've been extremely giddy at the coaching staff. You know watching a ton of film. You know communicating with one another so that we can. I get off to a fast start at the beginning of the season and not you know still be working for questions. And you don't lacking a little bit early but our expectation is you wanna get off to a fast start and we're preparing now to be that. I can't thank you enough for the time I know your busy guy this season opens on October 17 in Indiana regular season home opener. Is October 19 pre season starts October 2. I'll be knocking on your office door before you know it and I know you seemingly cannot wait so. Well you know our mission you know our mission itself. I you know how much I know you miss me you live like a half a block away from me and I still haven't seen you all summer so that's I know you are are definitely I Jones and hang out right. Yeah I have actually seen you a couple times you made a quick right before I was under a lot like golf cart was peeling out SP speeding away from me. That was somebody outside knows present now I know. I appreciate all your time is always you know that and I hope we get some more time of the family before we. Kick off the wild roller coaster ride of the season very similar friend. Our appreciate you could deputy. You tear Jamie Baker's step the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies right there. I had a gas that it it. We have been so blessed over the years with just great people around us organization and easy fits that bill. Tootsie degree heat he genuinely. I'll tell you this. Job. He genuinely cares. About. Everybody that works in that organization on a day to day basis for the team and and people is to let people he's around you know we genuinely cares he's just a good. Dude and a perfect example and get of that is as many good. Nom I lost my father at the end of last season I'd I didn't tell hardly anybody and I asked my boss said hey. People need to know right now need to know we have. Two more games left let's just get the root people find out after its I don't want coaches players not I'm not. Right after my father passed away. Scott Zachary. Right after that rob Fisher lost his and to a man JB reached out to each one of us individually. So I just found out I'm really sorry if there's anything I can be sent me a cart and written Clark Webber does that anymore let me now. Sent me a handwritten card some I das who sent this from JB. We came and I heard I heard about your father I'm really sorry I wish we would have known I understand though when I was just like. I wanna Sonos item about it you know we have we have games to get through two more to get through was a long season off on him want you know. Wasn't looking for that yet a tough job you were a tough spot I appreciate that that's Julius. But he genuinely cares and I think he's just terrific. All the way around for the organization and I'm really anxious to see. Where he can do with a full training camp implementing his own staff his own people as nothing us guys we're here before those are handpicked by David Tisdale.