AUDIO: GP & Jason Smith Discuss Penny, Memphis, & Tubby

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Thursday, March 8th

AUDIO: GP & Jason Smith Discuss Penny, Memphis, & Tubby (3/7/18)


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A reported last night at the school seriously considering firing tubby Smith and replacing him with. That's I count Penny Hardaway who is quote actively. Preparing to be. A college coach the what's new it has been about every minute they showed talking about it. I decided I wanna talk about it with somebody who knows how to talk about it and can think of many people better they'll fight. And Jason Smith goes to the Jason judge Joseph weekdays from eleven to clear about it you gotta have ESPN the former basketball beat battery joint been out Jason's been how are you. It's not a story of less than have to doing I appreciate you haven't. Now it's you do me a favor not the other way around and obviously you and I have talked about this the most recently. On your show a few hours ago. Obama but still just if I can fur for people who maybe don't have enough time to catch both shows just your general thoughts on. The idea that that this is this is certainly headed a certain direction that direction appears to be. Tubby Smith out as the Memphis basketball coach Penny Hardaway in as the Memphis basketball coach. Some are among a lot figure I'm just as excited as everyone welcome I'm excited like a singer American lives from that spectrum where. No and there have been some concerns you know I think realistically just that it no it hasn't been a head coach obviously not but you don't vote. You wonder what how could a coach is what we know about any. The Peter Graves similar sounding guy that was very aquatic bird or beast. We don't know that we haven't watched him do it on a game for game to game basis or people in the crap. Depart great coach he is so you know. He got those concerns going into the system the excitement level aren't because you know what's gonna do and and work it in in terms of and seat because you see people I'm sure they tweet you period between me aren't buying these in picket armory upping I'm doubling let these tickets to any forward coach. So you see that part. You know what you can do with the recruiting you got power pairs between being folks saying car in that could possibly change the entire story with them. Possibly favour of a you know with the leader for him with copies so predictable so you hit it hard not to get whipped up an area and get excited about all the possibilities. Good inaudible development at the that this program has lasted now or at least three to four years at least admit that a lot of excitement that we're used to. Whether it's you know looking at a top ten recruiting class which got a little blue weather make a lot like Calvin. There was excitement there has there and it's kind of been bit the last few years in this. Even talking about any you're just the idea to talk about it opposite we know more now we know he's worked well let's talk about people aren't so. I'm whipped up and a little story just into my haircut over you know get my haircut over the barbershop. And my mom Barbara at Atlanta this book real that's where we have I think Tony this is really happened at an actor who. Let me seek alternate brother I meant more currencies and tickets who you only were split them and then let stupid and that's. That's sort of what you're seeing all over the city a lot of people were saying you know taken a look at different view this is and it does. A bit of a real tough spot right like that is so unfair to him and I would tell you that looked at least that's been. There's been a concert took the world and even he says today and has got college. Felt like so unfair to market that all the time and I don't know how unfair picture you can paint of this thing win. Tubby Smith BP is indeed out here is gonna get every dollar that he's signed a ticket two years ago we walk out of here very rich man and and when we get. You know any other things in this country and in a lot they are unfair. We are talking about any hardware and responsibility the door opening. How that how how it's all unfair to carry it it it and can't tackle is that and so yeah sure Ottawa topic because he's a class that. Also I'm very excited about the possibility haven't been geologist Michael and topic excitement will be back while. Talking Jason Smith dramatic tonight from ESPN one of the points I made. With you and John earlier is that I don't know if if if this will work out long term I do not know if if Penny Hardaway can do the job honestly. You live people always talk about he's a slam dunk hire or use a home run higher. They're so few of those I mean in in in the sport of college basketball John cal Perry clearly was. You know I think it in this Airpwn. Greg Marshall would be like he could hire Gregg Marshall. If there's some school can every two ever lured him from from Wichita State that feels like. A home run hire you know put the boy Williams quarter North Carolina felt like a home run higher. But they're long list of guys who. You know people. Thought would just harder proceed going to be great at it just did not work out for a variety of reasons so the idea that. Who you really taken a big risk of getting a big Bristol basically anybody Memphis could hire. Evidence being where Memphis is two years into the Tubby Smith hire. There are so few guarantees so perhaps that he is a bigger risk but I would actually argue probably not because there. Couple of things that we know he can do guarantees or your code coaching basketball is not. Being a college coach is not just about coaching basketball effect that's part of a just thinks you know that. There's so many of the things that job and while wall wolf we'll find out in time if he can do that part of the job. The other parts he can clearly do 'cause it. It heat it even at the sale or just the idea of him being the next Memphis basketball coach has in in. Invigorated. A fan base where. I can't go three minutes without somebody tweeting something positive about Memphis basketball and what about. Pretty much without anybody tweeting something positive about Memphis basketball he flipped it over night. I think you would I agree that we can debate on which players he can bring in which he might short trouble bringing but we can agree heat bring the players. And so because you know I know that the administration is operate under the assumption that he bring him player. So if we agree that he can fix. The negativity connect to the program flip at it positively overnight he did that last night just his name. If we agree that he can help with finances because. You'll see each other gonna go up donations are gonna go up that already seems clear. People want him to succeed to that do everything they can't help them succeed and we agree recruiting is going to be enhanced if if not overnight and in a matter of weeks or months. Then that's that's the most of the job. And then the other part of the job is Kenny actually OK if he can I give the fans. Excited. Create it doozy as and get the players now can he do the job on the court can coax the team. Tool to a level at which Memphis fans believe its program should be. And we don't know the answer to that but here's the great part we won't even find out the answer to that for a long long time at least a year maybe two in other words. A program that has just been stuck. In negativity. For at least a year since at least with the loss and laugh but you could argue longer than that. Palm is gonna be able to be. Attack have a debt excitement attached to it come very soon. It probably. And that is it is it is very difficult to to overstate how much that's worth. Did you know that you make you know you might appoint their tune them on clothes back on. And can't just come back you up but but but the reason that's of less risk than it is with Toby is because we know that recruiting carping about Josh. Had not been and a division one head coach obviously built and stats and and and and learn don't agree it would also but the reason he was able the last of lupus for seven years. Yes he was nice to them year in that game mobile cushion but the real reason you and I both know it 'cause he killed it in recruiting here occur that's why it lasted so that. That's why the appointment on our show there was always hope. It could be or whether mr. every two years of a couple of years a ticketed an opinion we talked in classes. That was the saint and that nobody can do and so even with tubby when you're new you're kidding decorated coach circle there where those recruiting questions. In in Memphis. Recruit just quite put it all program but particularly here particularly when it comes to landing that the key that the people get excited about them going over to bet there's some playing for the whole town's school. So I would argue with you I think it's less risk with so be sure we don't know he can coach. But if you got those players. Example Josh passenger or you're going to get the car and into your second point. Man by the time we find out whether this kayaking culture not bad play well have been packed. There will be an you know 16171000. And that building until almost agent kicker just because there. No you did Oprah also respect right now I'm aware people are talking about out RNC. And you've got all that we can. There are a couple of years ago GP witnessing a lot of open and people can't stand any Harwood should be the coach I have real concerns about speaking and what happens could not at all because coach inning what happens if if I didn't work out they're gonna turn you know that. He gets you know. The band aid comes down all of you turn up oh program hero into somewhat that Japan all like hey Larry pinched he's a boost or if you are Arab. You know hubris cutting them off quickly get back and hey you didn't guns and players your way. What you have reached a point goes well concerns from me a couple of years you reached a point now financially. Excitement level with the program. Those questions most of you gotta put on the back burner because the one thing you know to your organs sooner you do this. Much of it is fixed. Financially it's six but since seat at stake and we can figure out the coaching part later so you're in such. You're in such desperate times downs compared to two years ago in terms of financial report particularly. That now man and particularly because now the bottom out at it up a couple days you ear couldn't to a good there's this so and a couple of convinced themselves this is happening. It you know sport to go another way epic as well we've all pitched shock that. You don't worry about whether or not people are awake until Japan's all because you got to get it fixed now. Unfortunately couldn't. You know to be on that are totally unfortunately in the two years whenever we get the job done and they got to get this picture about both a lot but it's so bad that it's been. OK I'll offer that for that app like apartment you got to get past while back like that money into getting totally linked that it needs. There's a lot of things going on at that university it is not strictly a place that that house's. Athletic teams its instant institution of higher learning. And so I think sometimes people get caught up in focusing just on the sports instead of what they university the purpose and actually serve in our city. But I will say the basketball program is the most visible part of that university. Just like from a report here running or it it it has always been you know they I can't tell you a single thing about Gonzaga. Other than I know their basketball program is also. I really don't know anything else about the school and other than a small you know it's a small private school that's all I know I don't can't just. I don't know about it. Like it might have a great English department or not always about what I know it's its basketball program is also. Eat the most high profile sport at most schools. Is usually when a school was known for. The exceptions being. Ivy League schools like Harvard and India are you know harbor because it's harbored no Yale because it's Yale when I say North Carolina what do you think of championships in basketball that all when what actually Alabama if I were just walked on the streets of New York a blizzard right now. And asked people the name associate word association University of Alabama and nobody knows anything about that sort of a bit hagel say law school. They're not gonna not a science department there are going to say football. That's what that's what Alabama is known for football that this is not a basketball what Mike has done what temple bar program has tremendous what Memphis is known for. Is basketball and win the most visible part. Yes of your university is struggling to the extent that that basketball program has struggled. With whom dole realistic. Hope attached to it. I mean there are people who are hopeful steal but it's not rooted in realistic stuff it's not rooted in in you know I should US somebody will why do you think. I'm that your threes can be met much better than your two. Focus tubby always better in your history like that ain't good enough for me you know like what would you look at this roster tell me why you think it's can be better in year three C a better enough. To where we're not having these conversations anymore there's nothing tangible to attached. That thought to. You're just hoping. In in a very wishful thinking way right and and still be this does not gonna get fixed this offseason with recruiting. It's not gonna get fixed with the on the court results next next month. I mean next year. And so while I agree that this is awkward. And messy. They're complicated. And unfortunate. I also agree it's the if if it actually does go down the way it looks like it's gonna it's the right thing to do it's just the right. That something that they university that is very important is broken. Fix it and this is the most obvious way to fix it quickly. So that it's there it's in that song that's on Brooklyn born to your point I mean you can't blindly look at this bank and continue to seek money only out here. And tell yourself. Oh it's going to be okay because that money yes a couple of the corporate money but to your court it's the front porch and infected and it expects the entire schools so. If you're if you're loaded triple and allowing this to go on. And an end continue to lose in a one point one million donations continue to and that settlement on the money from the grizzlies. That's when your leadership comes in the question you can't allow that as a leader so it's. It goes back in and out if you look at consent of the lawless and Uga the map equation August go back to simple math. If you if your offensive business owner how long can you keep going all hope. When millions a dollar political capital eventually you're going to make a change in so I mean it. I was always the guy that says you got to give Toby to right although it got a that would not coffers sparring in year two but I also set in in and also saying that. You can't ignore what's happening. And don't do not mean I'm glad it's not me. That that have to make that decision but it seems like an obvious ones as well from duke got to get this fixed now and I think that's what. Part of it's for means that surprised me is that you seat today people thank meant as. Has can only get down and in mishandled this and then you could go back and forth on the road in the cult and you're not a joke and whether you know it what are you trying to appeal to the why not just no comment lock pick up the call at all. But this is clearly come from I think you'll comes out Italy can operate and make it bad for for Toby year. Go to paint inside and and and and it's coming from the guys that you know our our our out. No put in popular sport any. And it's coming from that's sort of sort of blame this all along all on me Europe or the use them for Lee let's stop that. That's it this is that it started from the inside so people people don't match today and try to paint this unfair picture. I would tell you to let go they're let go and think about the the basketball and a happier. And an intimate look at it is separate topic think about that between me and bill get in terms of did not want them a lot of people are out. And I try to got going get a lot of money may end up going back to the alma mater at five point who know but are we gonna be okay. How about thinking a lot of a happier time and it was basketball and one that's probably right around the corner because as soon Europe many Ottawa. I mean from calendars that are most prominent but currency again and everybody is excited and quite cool you know about this program. Arm and that that's a hard thing to pass that GP pure Peterson over there and you're born you wrote this opportunity right now with any ready to come over east there's. The other kind of maxed out our Womack and done. You got an opportunity right manager at the crossroads again optimistic if you do not. That's on you gonna get called out that you may lose your job for that because at that point you probably make it's. Blatantly that it it'd be a huge mistake right now too when you're at this crossroads so. I'd be shocked if anything different happened I don't know we were asking you what could derail at this point sure there the chief thing got their but. Not this or mad at bill like you've gone so far down this road. It's it's it's seems appeal like the right answer. It's certainly would be the right answer in terms of a ticket sales and recruits. I don't see why why you don't make this short of the logical. It's going to be pretty opposite that the people become a pretty. It's I mean honestly one of the things have been talking about for eleven mullets when they're all six of their top eight scores to transfer including their best two players deedrick can KJ. And also lost Hugh Lawson which meant he was going to be in the community. I'm not working for you I don't wanna say work against Jim but certainly not working for ya. And it was gonna make local recruiting. More difficult than it did it ever began. You know it is who look up today have they added a single local recruit not warned I'd I don't think mr. felt are cracked where you can handle. Right well what that's why that why you don't it. That bed by devoting Q loss and it's why you don't demo Q Lawson because as I've said a million times. The keel Lawson thing was was considered a burden by Tubby Smith it was like I got I can't believe I got to deal with its key losses situation it thought. When looking at a properly he should have viewed it as a gift. Again from Josh pastor because here's what Q the Lawson could do. Here's what you Lawson could. He. Because he's the father of Chandler and Johnson. He was always going to be permitted to be in those team Kenny practices even in dead period for recruiting. When other college coaches could not go in the GMQ. What could be in the gym. Wearing a Memphis polo shirt and he could be around. All of the other parents and all of the other kids same way he is right now. And so you could've had him in the air every you could actually told him if you wanted to take. Don't ever even come to our practices like that you are out to you there's an and that would need a bit insulting because back when I was the Memphis beat writer. I enjoy our cal Perry was the coach. Steve rocker for was never at practice whenever I never saw him at practice he was always in the offices working or out on the road recruiting. Never in an adolescent never rarely. In the practices and I would have treated Q on the exact same way I would just said listen we have got an incredible loophole here with few. With your with the NCAA views you as a father. Not as a coach you have father rights that allow you to break coaching rules you can be in those team penny practices east high practices. Some would ever whenever you want to and that's where we want you. We want you out recruiting in the GM's for us where in Memphis skier every day recruiting for us that's how you gonna be valuable the staff will handle what we're doing here. You go do that that's your value and he could've taken pride in that and if any it would of worked for you. But when you demote him. And humiliate him. And get him to a place where he feels like he did he won the debate up job you create a freebie doesn't want any more we'll just what. He's still it'll sink practices. He's still the same team penny stubby tie step he still around those same parents he still around the same players but you think he's out there working for you. Again I don't want to I and I'm not telling you I've ever heard in my own ears Q loss of bad Mel Tubby Smith to the Memphis program but I know if I were killed also I would. The moat meet to promote to promote your key. And like in life in on them I'm not bubble players I've bubble good players that program that the rest the whole staff combined and I know what it gets demoted that's the way I feel. That is the way I would say. Here's the most popular you're absolutely right in and it would be fair to feel that way here's the respect that. That token netstat may look at achievement in May be some of the brand around the program that's a loss and our chance are you look at key and just gonna go to Sandra work it matches. You let the point here he's all over everybody in town he beat he's literally is almost relatives. Here whether speech major greens look like a blood cousins second cut all topics you're equally unhappy that he's got a great relationship with frank Harris. Tyler or some other so when it would Keeneland when you're looking at Q and then man. Are these educated work that I don't I don't know what I don't you're looking at that as only their son Chandler Jonathan are coming down the art. It's more it's all of Memphis. Keep an end teacher have coaxed these kids dieters like obviously has called small speed yet when they work. 78910. Years old knows all of them in the in the home he's grown to 200 distant come back ever so that was the mistake. Looking at him and say it and judging has value by his son and that and that alone the talent of his son went Q when. Would have been a better meant as recruiter for you than anything you have right now. And that's why you make that you make the course to tick you off and in keeping you don't you spiteful well that that. But but again. I want to say. Haven't got a with a father before don't mean to now can be successful about it but I think you missed just if you look at him and he just solid silent and you didn't see all look back. All of the he would turn to the recruiting Portugal have in this city and then goes if you got a key also better than anyone you've got to understand currently doing so that was out. Not just that it. He was always gonna be out the community no way or another easy to go be out there helping you or you can be out there hurt yet. And I I don't what they heard you know ID a boy he help Kenya. I got I feel very safe saying that he ate out there help in the universe to Memphis under these circumstances nor should he I wouldn't either if I were treated. The way I was treated the way he mistreated or I would be out there helping them. Either insult. I started in August of eleven man months ago it's an okay if you can't recruit locally. In the recordings are gonna change the rosters the roster the rosters gonna stink you know that's that's in the NCAA tournament if the roster stinks attendant gonna hit a historic low. This is where were headed if you don't pull the trigger after year to. Will that you could wait a third year just cause you think it's appropriate to wait a third year but did you gonna miss out on the entire class of 2019. And who know what's happened with Penny Hardaway by the hand. If you already know letting them get better what is the point and I got so much push back from people. You can fire a coach is six months before the season starts you can't fire coach after two years if I know what's coming tell me why not if I know you're that you got. If I know this is gonna lead to season ticket sales going down donations going down united get money from the grizzlies. Recruiting going down if I know it's all hit the right direction and there's no reason to believe it's gonna turn around what what is important sticking it out and so here we are they for ever had a math problem that was gonna start added up on up and just like I reported last night. And sit on yesterday's show. Forever people have looked at the remaining three years on Tony's contract and said. It's almost two million dollars how could you afford to buy him out when the actual question was how can you afford to keep them. And the administration has finally reached that point where they know. The cost of keeping him probably is greater back and in the cost of removing him and I have a had a conversation with out to say connect. Somebody connected to the school few weeks ago two weeks ago. And we were having this conversation and I said does the administration understand. I know we understand what it calls to move him because like that the numbers in the contract it's pretty easy but they understand the cost of keeping him and all of that all that falls under that umbrella and this is the response I got. It was the first indication that may be this was gonna happen or thought they got was to the peony. Torre understands the pick it the play on words like Penny Hardaway help me the lecture that. It was like they understand the cost of keeping him to the puny. They know that I get the money from the grizzlies they know donations are down and if you just think grizzlies money 800000 donations help one point one million. That's two million dollar right now that it that you're not gonna have because Tubby Smith of the coach that you would have. If Penny Hardaway were the coach or any competent actually that take that back I don't mean competent in that way. But anybody doing a competent job at the University of Memphis you'd be getting this money is two dollars you'd be getting roughly. Richard are getting right now they got a math problem and before -- Dawson this. I have had people. From last night and today. Won't say to the administration give this to you so that you could put it out there so that they could see the reaction like a trial. And I talked about it and with you and Jason a little bit earlier. Obviously and our profession you don't don't hold your sources but I comfortable saying driest. No this is not a trial balloon from the administration I'm confident the administration were probably rather meet not done this. I'm bloody it did serve as a trial below. And we've seen the real world and if you worry trial balloon we've seen the reaction and you went from people being either. Either disappointed. And angry about Memphis basketball or just. Beyond that just have lost feeling completely. To folks being fired up to folks being excited. They again every few minutes I'm getting tweets from people talking about buying season ticket to new Memphis skier folks are fired up and excited so if it weren't trial balloon. It you know what you you know what burgers you know whatever it is and I don't. I don't and I know you're nations having you adjusted its earlier I don't see how you know I I don't I turn around now I mean it's just it's too far gone to turn around now I think. I think sort of you've got the map the other part the lump of up a local to your point. Penny Hardaway is ready now. Two years ago I don't know that he was ready he would have looked to in the code right our budget made this point political problem walk right in their area up there are would be echoed what. Gary from everything I heard everybody not talked to didn't have a real plan right now kidnapping got a plan. And it and it it it comes a time when you meet you meet in your heart away with a plan. And that's what makes an Oakland that's what you got to do that's why you're at a point now and the fans Tibet a couple of very excited about which you want to spend your point now. Even if you know. Sure barring something background checks whatever almost potential brings what. Bigger and that's gonna go through your point out I don't know that you could introduce very many other people are critical to the to Dexter. And get that pop that your gonna get another ticket matched he did you Gregg Gregg Marshall here people excitable their be excited they are about bringing art to go to war on their own police. The blue bleep the blue and grace so. Which it all lands up the man Kenny being ready and now having a plan. That this will leave him short at all here there really is not. That is Jason Smith plays a cohost of the Jason judge show weekdays from eleven at two legally Beckett studio tomorrow thank you for being here I know your body up argues that America. I've Jason Smith and Jason John shall. The other thing that I think it's lost maybe here is that you don't have to pay. Like OK yeah Gregg Marshall could probably get the Memphis fan base excited I can I concern that and didn't let me be clear if you could have Gregg Marshall I do that Obama why it. You'd be Gregg Marshall will cost you about thick you couldn't get Gregg Marshall now another Wichita State in America but to convert you couldn't get them. By white great marks are gonna change jobs with in this league. So you couldn't get him so this is these I understand that yeah like a particular point. But let's let's pretend that you view could elect Wichita was still on the NBC and Greg was bored with the NBC and you said we're gonna go to court martial home. You can't buyout tubby Smith and then go play Gregg Marshall four million dollars a year. He played it they they can't do our work and they you if you pay one point five billion dollars a year to Tubby Smith has a body up for the next six years and roughly. And then you go try to do somebody like Gregg Marshall or anybody read it for me nausea I had people ask me about Tom Green throughout the season because they hear him on the show and love him. And and I remind my response apology can afford to upgrade if he's gonna get offered. You know power five job yeah Georgia they knew something yeah and you know he's gonna make in excess of two million dollars and I don't think Memphis kind of forced to. The mavs can afford to pay Tubby Smith a little more than one point five million dollars a year for the next six years. And that he somebody else 2.5 million dollars or three billion dollars reports about. My point being pitted already wealthy you don't have to make him write a beauty. Yeah not try to hire him away from Wichita State. You don't you're trying to hide her away from east topic he got up and he doesn't need your money or did you what insult them nine boy he doesn't need your money I guess when you're having that conversation with him is it sort of like hey look you know obviously we have to buy out the ex coach bubble how do you daddy go through that process and we would you do you actually talked to him negotiate directly with him in terms of negotiation hill which is okay. You first off. Given the university millions of dollar he's elated as a result of that booster yet Zoellick he's got that kind of money to turn away heating up the heat after a paycheck he's got to the job. He'd after the paycheck it's you sit down with them and you say hey listen you understand what were asked him and that if you if we had two million dollars to remain ours to give you we would. You know what were operating with you know what we have to pay com domain you're replacing for the next six years. So. With with. You know went with all due respect you womb we wanted to something that. In you know we want we share from we don't want to work for minimum wage but we also want to give it to be worth your while. And so if we could sign a five year five million dollar contract one million dollars a year to. That way still keeps us within our men's basketball salary budget. And then just understand this if you get this thing role in the way we think you gonna get this thing roll it. Did the money will be there to properly compensate you. The way somebody. Operating the University of Memphis basketball program at a high level deserves to be compensated this is where will start. Because it's where we have to start boy if you get this thing rolling. Then the money will be there to make sure you're properly compensated and if we have to bomb pew every single year. Until we get due to a point to where each. You are running at top fifteen program and America and being compensated like top fifteen coach in America just understand if you get just that point we gonna get your paycheck that point. Knew Elaine and I got pretty reasonable to ask us how to understand that keep in mind he's been coaching for nothing. Okay he's got an edit out here in Memphis sure though this does the different job there and it did that at the time. The time commitment is is different blood. I don't think this is negotiation. I don't think it's something we're penny says. I'm not coaching for million dollar I want one point two their disease did you get involved I don't know how that report this at this kid that's not the bit that there's nothing complicated about that like the financial details a Penny Hardaway are going to be. Easy to make work and done me a penny more than anything wants to be the Mexico to the University of Memphis. I believe he's gonna have an opportunity to do that and there's just no way. A contract is gonna get in the way that did you contracts prevent. Gregg Marshall to go Wanda. Alabama. Or cow. Or you know all sorts of other people from changing jobs from one division one university to the other. I am a contract not gonna preventing our way of him the next Memphis coach and if he ever does get it rolling the way that he thinks he can and so many. That's so far down the list of things that matter that. I doubt it's a link to conversation. At all.