AUDIO: GP and Easterwood ANNOUNCE GP/Easterwood LIVE event on 92.9 FM ESPN

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Wednesday, August 15th
AUDIO: GP and Easterwood ANNOUNCE GP/Easterwood LIVE event on 92.9 FM ESPN

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It's well established that you guys lucky these two we've got great story great story teller that's a good combination not everybody that's great stories on it actually great at telling the story for the Easter woods is plus because of the lot of people think that the plot of the gulf of can't bear who's backing up an account. You can't get any today I had this idea I different event where you had keys to what we tie it to some sort of sporting event basically turned into a watch party and have many what's been a now or onstage just talking and drinking taking questions whenever. And I was like comes to what you say and I just have to. Drink and talk him. Paying at least would have watched full body of I guess that's basically get as I could I enjoy doing all of those things I I guess I could do it. So we're gonna do what has now confirmed they set September Apollo eight. At the bluff on highway. Got quite scary to protect all helping make it possible until the plant will be we're gonna a couple of days left 6 o'clock tell stories take questions what ever. Very informal probably Stew cuss words you make it bought them. I've promised and then Memphis football will kick off in. I would just hang out watch Memphis will bong continues drinking and tell stories and whatever so if you wanna hang out what does against at 228 the date please get tickets they're going to be. One box HS taxes fees everything included forty bucks and actually what you're saying it's not like toy box and in fees and asked what he had about a forty bucks. And attitude is gonna hang out with the September 28 we watched the Memphis to a game at the bluff on highland. You can get tickets at 99 It's 929 Oppose the legal FaceBook page at some point tonight you can check in 9290 Twitter account. All the information there. I should be fun September 28 meet Easter woods. The alleged. Local basketball expert. In global zero street corner clapping joins me now is what's up what. Do. Square also Monday ended up or pick me up out there they take up production order it be do or let data entry so let's go to sport are stuck airlock. I'm lipped about their order rentals a GPS also tops. In Utah they like to cover up Monday. And dried meat to. The color Alabama right outside. Route until you connected. You guys BMW except your honor you got Irsay the Alabama back. We have Orszag he's always did so to speak it but really can count they could elect. I think detailed went to TERRELL OWENS all the fame induction and awed and a look at which IQ but did you see that happen bombed. If arguably the odd do that would take you debt to the people in Chattanooga. Me. I look young likely look Larry preemption. And every tiger basketball players get a couple of secret. And so what what that's like because that was an odd thing. Yeah it like 4000 people Annan. You know he's got to incoherent speech I'm not sure people saw he had TNT but that's just GL acknowledged. All reported got a great reach to make sure real asset up toward the top and bottom all about downstairs. Often. Anyone and ended everybody lined up he figured out that pop up color or on but on the I would just cannot read a article want to go. When I'm glad I did Jack ever story. I got you there are Iran. Tremendous. But another why haven't been dubbed and blessed to go from Willie Mae east Ali. Our great basketball player that mayor Charles greatly in east balcony of Orlando Florida and net acres so. I got she's somebody deputy adult I probably speak yet but got a. Talking to keep these two would allegedly on nanny to not have them ESPN. He's on Twitter at Easter would keep but how much are we gonna have a September 28. Are you know you plan to black out onstage after after you get offstage. Not on our public IUP gate until a large sort of warming. Wouldn't let our count on your body weight a letter. And Annan on hot yeah try to get all sound and up. But what about you drink I'll sit at the Juliette. If I get a drink again. I would but I got confirmations from people do that though the mayoral not bush says he's going to be their own on September 28. Already guaranteed the we party we know. At least one person cell line that we outlawed we got. Block it because people are projected to grow it out a little. No no doubt the work we're not quite two when he might be states it was say it but I'm so. And shot dead you know and I'm not a doubt Twitter. I don't know maybe you and me and call my code red and whoever thought up. Probably a fortuitous that your immediate I can't seem odd song go back to the com note Friday will be -- why are you don't get out better like abroad. But like you like shop Ed Tom. Obligated to a candidate Barack. Not a good time and com. It it'll also give us an opportunity to do something or at least meet personally do something I don't. Normally do we used to have gatherings. From you early on like I hosted that Monday Night Football thing for awhile. Down at Maria's canteen that that turned into a disaster a and ET Al end up. Like a bear out and surrounded by listeners that the show on a pretty regular basis and I don't think it does them a bit to that it it helps people. Arm feel like they know he gives you a chance to it to to appreciate people who are actually listening every day and tweeting every day. And my putting I haven't done anything like that in a long time somewhat because. My schedule just does it now. You know back when I was doing all that stuff before I was younger. And fewer jobs only have one child I now I'm older I got more jobs and I got three children so much my free time. Let it in yeah is very limited now they just record I realized. I'm back I'm not good in the bar setting like that I write like. I'm just it it I but I don't Doyle that any boys will be fun dig take like just beat us around it you'll be put I'll be able to put some faces with some names. People that I would recognize from social media. And hopefully have if we have time I'll be able to tell how much I appreciate them helping us build this in the whatever the built into. I cannot say they're certain can. Now. Such a short bit feet or Alter it to be a lot restroom but. I've got to take it would mean you won't stay here were saying it may be. And this but don't need your debt if you know. Hope and product like we file shares up all matter how you couldn't do it just. Yet you'd like you're. I can't speak to that you do let them be careful about that up because I you have to be clear about this it does we forget what you use sometimes you may. And I know this will be different because you know literally be on a stage right am I talking and a microphone. And well aware that anything you say could could get out it and a leg beat that's likely to be aware you're down. But there. Vick but you know I got my folk which must. As we wait back a long time ago. I thought I would that a bar. Talking did. Not a friend but it was a friend of a free bug had a friend that friend knew this person in this person her dues in this person and now we're just sort of hang and a and I thought we were all just like hanging out being cool the way I didn't know that they were talking. That they thought they were talking to Gary Parrish from the Gary dare show on CBS sports try like we're just hanging out. Like I continued having a beer when and they asked me a question about something new you basketball related. About it coach. And I gave my honest. I can't draw yet if they thought I would say publicly unlike into a microphone. But I told us that he was like what what do you think about Tillotson avenue this in the is always keeps his balls off the mob Obama while I guided Florida. I would it would it would be is if like one of my best friend asked me a question I had a guy I would just like talking openly here. And by the time I woke up the next morning this was on a message board somewhere. I share. Gary Blair said this that they Rhode Island ally just can't talk to people like you trust anymore. Now it's a yet you we have a good time but if you don't wanted to show Obama met the border Twitter. Do not say it into a microphone on a stage at the bluff on island because it it's going to. Yeah I didn't hear. Me. I had a couple of things don't go pull out of up I had shared gut it out out out and Alec got beat up red out. That whatever it wanted to ask questions dirt but should complain or drank here there whatever. I got so off. Black belt and it got great choice or adult jail it will go due to you know I mean you go back and I about habitat. There is no doubt about it Doug McKee he's doing here on 929 FM. ESPN. We get more confirmations on Twitter brag a little Buddha are going well about BJ says he's gonna be days not even a tiger's alarm or tigers football while he can be an ability on September day for what GA. You.