AUDIO: Golf Analyst David Feherty on the Gary Parrish Show

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Friday, July 6th
AUDIO: Golf Analyst David Feherty on the Gary Parrish Show

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Thirty all toward company nor can theater in downtown members on Thursday November 15 you'll get tickets give very up toward dot com or at or PO box office the one man show. I'm not a storytelling that's consistently received incredible reviews in the start. You may feel it's doing golf telecasts for ever the mayor will thirty on the Golf Channel where he's conducted long interview with everybody from. President Clinton the president trump stepped Gurria Michael felt I am of course talking about David thirty. And he joins me now David's Carrie pairs right Dolan. Under great Gary thanks for coming home. Are you kidding thanks for being I'm look reported seeing you when you get gonna tell us start with this you are. Obviously a former professional golf for a celebrated golf reporter and analyst obviously gifted interviewer but. And not necessarily means you should be able to do what amounts to two hours of storytelling onstage alone in ways that. Make people bulk laugh and cry what they did you initially think you can do what you're doing and sellout auditoriums are your initial price it's gone so well. You know arm I'm. Shocked. But beyond those were pick. Nothing really made me feel that I could do it except there was a Canadian promoter and an audience but I did north of the border I was just speaking engagement for some corporate I don't call what twelve or. But he approached me out towards and he he promotes Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Dunham and a number of other comedians. He says that you know what they usually give this a try and clear. So. Are told others about ideas and my curmudgeon everybody he'll go on Oprah but we did turn looted one and Albert. And Edmonton a moment Calgary and there was but 15100 people showed up each. So. He's on it was terrifying and I'll be terrified before I go on stage and meant to strewn all condensed each time this new woman I'm gonna screw it up. But it's been a tremendous experience you know a very satisfied being. Been on stage by myself in on the table there you'll hold cried like that. And illicit that's something that. You'll stand up comedian struggle with fur ever and that's just to get. Fifteen minutes or 45 minutes a best I can tell you'll go around two hours with no notes. Mom I I imagine that you know it it at some point I think that what he terrifying and yet. I did a lot of Reading this morning and and the like I said at the top the reviews have been consistently great if you seven member of the will be the first time best I can now. Yeah it would be but you know I've ever put that way leader that that the date and I'm not terrorists forgo onstage that probably when I'm screwed up. And I'm I'm really fortunate Gary. You know I've grown up in this game and I mean I've been a professional golfer forty years not. Played with all the you know that the great players and and a broadcaster. For the Tiger Woods era and and our best. This group of kids that come public Tiger Woods is their hero. I'm and the Tiger Woods is back in the game lead I couldn't be more fortunate in terms of didn't lose both careers. You know soul I'm got. Plenty of stories and I tell other people stories as well on apologetic he goes. Yeomen like open them and can been puree and Arnold Palmer. All he's a leader told me stories that are gonna repeat. That if I don't repeat them then they're gonna die they'll disappear into the ether along with these men so. You know there's plenty of material layer. Have you always been a gifted storyteller like obviously not on the stage but. Maybe even at the bar at the dinner table have you always been somebody who could get people to. To gravitate you win your just telling stories either your stories or other people's stories. Will he yeah I think so because of my father my father was a tremendous wreck on her. And agree on a tremendous drunk as well. And you when you put the two of them together. He he was I mean he was a very good drunk there was not and you know violent or obnoxious a bottom. The he just became more entertaining. And days it's I think it's hereditary thing you know for me you'll have grown up Iran must hollered as friends in NORTHERN IRELAND where there is particularly blacks it's humor it was very dark. A novel little laughter but tremendously obvious failures just give it enough to to proceed through Sunday and it took me to be about ten years old. Before I understood that my parents were funny at all. Talking to David fair here thirty off tourists come to that or can theater downtown Memphis could be Thursday November 15. You can get tickets a VS charity off toward dot com or at or fee on. Box office you mentioned. Drinking a bin and view talk openly and candidly. Armed throughout your show about your struggles at certain times without alcohol with drugs you also. Note that you've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and you talk about all these things again. Pretty openly but I wonder. You know. Was it difficult to get to a place where you could share not only funny stories and the highs of your amazing career but also there's been dark times as well. He oh I absolutely am you know especially since my my son died last year of a cocaine overdose and I've struggled with that. It very much you know since since Sam. But that big of oddly enough to notify me excited to serve the moment although must. You all journalism and addiction and and stuff like govern yacht just sort of maintain that sense of humor. About it. You know why you out. I find it really therapeutic. To be able to talk about these things and and imagine that is somewhere and I know that their days somewhere it's helping somebody else. That perhaps how the problem of realized it or. A relative of someone who has a mental illness that it recognizes the coach something that I might say not from me it is really helpful. And you know it makes it easier for me the talk about these things. As the as the story goes once upon a time. A Tom Watson asks you pretty directly like if you need help in you did and then Jack Nicholas. A fly you on his private plane to Tom Watson's home and and that's where you got sober and what I'm reading about this I couldn't help but think. That's pretty amazing thing for those meant to do they they cared about you when that moment they they helped you and I imagine you're indebted on some level to them forever. Oh absolutely I can't even tell you. I mean you talk a little bit lucky. You know Tom Tom Watson you don't wanna move my heroes growing well you know I watched him win five. British opens and you'll for him to two. Arabic compassion really looked at me and I'm saw just physical and real emotional wreck. You know to have put his hand dug like and then be tackled from behind by Jack reckless as well. You know not so. It was so I think about a lot could it was an amazing experience. And yet he still tell the stories from those days. One of which involves view. Winning the Scottish open I guess it was 1986. And then earlier you lose the trophy because you immediately went on a two day Bender after winning the golf tournament and out my understanding is the trophies never actually been found. Yes partial bring about how. There was there was area. As a Led Zeppelin concert and gone through the night I want. My old agent in my first agent in Europe. Used to be the road manager for Led Zeppelin back in the swan song record that is. So we're backstage passes and I pulled a big good idea to take this government and what. Earned our. I woke up a couple of days later I plan eagle which is a 150 miles away. But what the left of the sixteenth to be in the firm's. Whip with no social and I'm no recall all of any of you on the pride in the ask. But it is what happened. We got absolutely no recall of course we did hours and where this gonna show control we went a your visit. Arnold I'm Doug or David fairly fairly off to a covenant or opium theater in downtown Memphis. Thursday November 15 you can get tickets Seve if parity off toward dot com a dimension to television show real quickly because like I said you. That's an amazing guest on the show everybody from president trump to step curried. Condi Rice Matthew McConaughey a Samuel L. Jackson President Clinton President Bush Michael Jordan Michael Phelps. Is there anybody who really surprised. But is there like surprise you to shoot don't let them thinking one thing. And after talking to them for awhile in that setting you walk away going wow I didn't know that about that person. No. And I would say no because I I tend to know. A little more bark much subject. Then people might think and fact it's a difficult for me to convince. My producers sometimes you don't to have some of the people on that a lot. And have a good example I was Jim turek I really wanted to have Jim turek on it for twenty years I'd follow them on the golf course I know that he funny. He's warm. You know he's got a great sense of you know presents. A bottom and and people think that he's you know this this you know quite stiff you know on a golf course. That. You know I was no such a commercial for me to reel to do that and and show people are Jim turek really is still those lists really satisfying chose for me. Because those who want the people aren't expecting. When you interviewed Donald Trump in July 2016. I believe he was at that time the Republican nominee but. Still your most people didn't think he was really going to become president and kick you when you look back at that day. Did you know you were talking to the next president of the United States. I I didn't know but I suspect could it mean because you know I think there are a lot of people but that sort of a guilty votes. About Donald Trump where if they were polled there's they're old old nor could drew got meanwhile they're a good show hell yes humble and provide occurs such. You know birds America first and actually looking after us here and then let's see what's going on at the -- lot of people that felt that simply look after our own country first and a few years time we might be in a much better position to look after somebody else. Governor David fair to hear it a fair enough torque come to Memphis on November 15. From what I talked about golf just for a second that Memphis just a recently it was announced is gonna have. A World Golf Championship event here for people who. Don't quite graphs to listening right now don't quite grasp how big of a deal that is can you explain to them how big it is to have that event in Memphis in 2019. Yet these these World Golf Championship events have become very big as a lot of money. They have fantastic fields. And maybe they're really a cool event to attend. I don't know what time of the year they're gonna have a and and 2019. I did I don't know harmony Baptist opens or close to twenty. And you know the people really appreciate it I expect to be fantastic crunched. You know the weather can be absolutely brutal sell auto I don't need to tell you know pulled. He people swept look pregnant months. Ago. It deluge gets it gets predicts that we gonna be an August up at our dogs and it fell to put in the hottest part yet it still makes it make it as humid and hot as Bob Bob doctor David fair idea affair he ought to recommend or can theatre downtown Memphis Thursday November 15. Last thing before I let you go and are really appreciate your time. Armed. Tiger Woods is like you mentioned playing better now this comeback seems to be going way better than any other Tiger Woods' comeback we've experienced. And even though he seems unlikely to to match Jack's eighteen major wins you have already labeled him. The greatest golfer ever you might not hit that number but nobody has ever played golf the way Tiger Woods and Ellie golf right and in as though I am. We we watch him now do you seat. Any resemblance of what he once was do you see the guy who maybe can't get to eighteen majors but can get to fifteen or sixteen do you think that's his future. Absolutely you know on. I think the PGA championship you know coming up I don't I don't see him when and at Carnoustie but I I think she might well be in the shake up the pilloried. His name is all over the Wanamaker trophy. You know rather than got one but he'll be. This. Coach hope for the best as well but yeah I mean I do see flashes of the kind of brilliant spoke warmly we're not gonna see. Is this sort of golf but he played around the turn of the century. But and we don't have to see that there and order primed to win that game is so much of a better place even with him and that. All of these kids have come up you know Rory McIlroy isn't and Jordan's speech and Justin Thomas and even Dustin Johnson. That you know there were there were young. When tiger was doing these things. There and her former appears and a book go to certain extent tiger is up. Responsible for the Ambien as good as they are but to have him back and with them. I think it's the coolest time I can remember professional golf. And as David 3030 offshore amazing show one man show come in or in theater downtown Memphis could be Thursday November 15 you'll have ticket just go get them. At thirty off tour dot com or at Thorpe he embarks on this David I can't take enough to be any I know how busy you are and I look forward to seeing yet when you get to town in November. Not thank you grabbed me on Gary reported seeing. Take care and it's David charity. From fair ready off store in the television show again I'm you can find those. You know and all over YouTube and the web site. They've done some really interesting interviews with our all sorts of characters yet professional golfers but also actors Matt Lauer I saw one baseball players and politicians. And he's really really good in that setting in like I said I was reading about. On the show. Early this morning. And the reviews are like consistently really really good he has a unique ability to it. To stand on a state with a microphone it's just camp site and and go for about two hours just. Telling stories telling his ups and downs of his own life telling other people stories. Army it's funny at times just read one review where. The review or was in the audience and said he saw the lady sitting next to him. Both laughing hysterically at certain moments and then also tearing up at other moments so it's a real real interesting show it's going to be at or for yum. On November 15 again you can get tickets thirty off to war dot com.