(AUDIO) Geoff Calkins Show - Tim MulQueen, new Memphis USL Head Coach, on 92.9 FM ESPN on 8/16/18

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Thursday, August 16th
(AUDIO) Geoff Calkins Show - Tim MulQueen, new Memphis USL Head Coach, on 92.9 FM ESPN on 8/16/18

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Joined now by Kimmel queen whose. Who is the a new coach of the the new soccer team in Memphis the united soccer league team in Memphis and he's gonna tell us the name right now Tim Howard hill. Up do you want to get fired it's my article that I don't exist. I can't credited right now by. Unit until god and imagine themselves. And you'll get to be not only our team name and our our logo in. Our crack them and we're really excited but we hope everybody will come out. That really special bag and take off. Well we hope will be a tremendous. Part of meditate them and the city but I can't give a bitter right now yeah all the sand. I don't understand honestly I. Well I I've I do not understand you you let me that the clip you know the name of the steam and you know the logo is that right. I would say yes that is correct. Just wish yeah yeah yeah you might not unlike any longer contract and I have been out a little bit this bit out outlet. I'd vote and I understand I understand you're gonna screw up in your second day on the job. Good talking to Tim Cook Jim McLean and I guess there. That you are. Did you partly outlook came interest in this game because. The man in himself to empower men US men's national team. Goaltender Tim Howard who lives in Memphis how did that come to pass. Well Tim and I have a long history together on as a player Internet supplier me the coach so we spending. He yelled for about 28 years in different capacities of up our coaching and playing careers. And when he came and met and became a part of the organization. You know we could have regular conversations about soccer and would only then they'll development. And I did I hadn't seen that kind of enthusiasm out of hand about a C or project and a long time. So the more we talked about it the more eight. Made me really interest that it and and got to the point where I I he wanted to reach out to and do ballot general manager Craig on our our president and speak at Camden and you know. Pursue an opportunity to work at a club. Because he had so much passion and it really sold me on the other city I know when I got here from my interview process and spent some time here you know everything he's got a lot. And more soul. He actually told initial conversation than it actually enthusiasm for this city that really sold me on. You know worry a goaltender yourself is goalkeeper yourself is that right although. Not not quite of the dimensions of tea I gather that Tim is Tim is a larger man and you. Yeah ain't much floor I would portion of the plane apparently didn't have to beat out large supply bill. So yeah I didn't play and I got a blank played in college obviously individual one. Well I played in a professional leagues before Major League soccer. So. And did apple playing career as well that was fun. Like you know I'm glad now on the and the coaching world. So. Do you. How do you put to get what's the strategy as you begin to put together this team and and what the timing of actually assembling the players on this team. Well I mean hey weren't very competitively with a lot of new teams coming and so there's a lot of all. Moving parts so we need to get on it because a lot of players are gonna be. Snapped up ayalon seemed so we've been working on already identifying players. Players that we think will fit that style. We'll play that we want to have this idiot man that. We wanted to being aggressive team wanted to be a hard working team we wanna be a Smart team. I'm so we've identified players but check those boxes. And I think what you have to do is built a team down the middle. So if you look for a goal keeper you look first batter the batter you look for a big deal you look for playmaker and goal scored once you get bill. Pete is in line menu. Look pretty ancillary part you have to have a strong will we call spying at the feet the middle he makes sense right. So we look for that person knows will be a player that we are gonna try to bring in right away. But we also lost on some players that will be. The secondary to that and just to make sure that we have the right players in the in the next. Is today is a free for all all fine players or is there's an expansion draft you have to forgive me I literally don't know how the the the procedures by which this team is going to be stocks. And right how does that how does that happen. Question so let me Hillary and bill and art in our league. A very much like. Most professionally except that there is no expansion draft. I'm so we are charged with going out and using our connection and I keep our own scouting. I'm getting out and finding players and. You know meeting and talking with the agent who represented players that we like so it's really a very comprehensive. A long process. Because we don't have the benefit of an expansion draft. That people have to make players available to us we actually have to go out. And selected by these players on our own and bring that man. It's bird dog and it really is getting out there and finding your it's a free for all its I don't think yeah. If anything you know let you know hopefully you know I've been in thirty years as a coach at all different levels so. He had a connection that you have people that you trust to help you identify players so that you're not only think I'm in areas and I'm god that you know don't fit. The quality of play that you need in the US cell the US dollar really high professional soccer in this country. To we have to make sure that we find the right players he can't and you don't have the time with the competition. You know to look at these players talk the talk to make mistakes. So you know weekend our aggressive and our pursuit. But identifying players that we want. And hopefully help will be starting at five players in the very near future. How old many international players can hear. Not right now we're worried. In the league is gonna come out without many we wanna pass out and anyone I have. Traditionally between five and seven. So wall operate in the back guideline until we're told the ride by the US cell. We're talking to McQueen he is the new coach of the Memphis. US Al team at the end this interview he's gonna tell us the name of the team and they. It didn't hurt his career brief career and it does the name of the team. And and the logo of the it's nice that there's so much interest and and honestly and it does for you. People keep saying that AutoZone park is gonna set up very. Well. For soccer what's your sense of what the environment will be like and how well that actually will set up side. Well first of all the environmental burning fat or you know meant that as a soccer town and I think you know people. Understand that and recognize that I mean yeah the history DNA at bell had to have my hat fell here so it had a great tradition the great youth programs. I had division one soccer. In here without cell and plug elder god collegiate scene so. It isn't very much soccer count. Out so I expect the atmosphere to be of the gains we really erupted in half and really committing pretty Pollard an and an I truly stock price environment would she singing and cheering him. And you know that all that goes way this soccer fan experience. I've had barred the lack of appeal would really great. I'm in a week. I company pull out where we play Yankee Stadium. Probably play New York SE and the life out there as is dreadful offensive too far away. The tight line to pour. Ordered all parks and I'll probably firm great fan environment. Where they can be on top of the game and it's good. Good for the players because this fight lions are very good and you can actually. See straight lines Yankee Stadium makes it crooked you look at one goal in adult center to the other goal is to create great result. Auto assault. How hard it will will it be to be competitive. As an expansion team first year relegate. Well I mean I think you know we'll have our challenges for sure because we are an expansion team and we're looking to add players that could take some time in jail. But I think word word in a position where we have a bit. I had a heart right now because we you know we don't go into camp until February 1. The people that don't start to march shall we. You know we very ambitious in the back and we wanna compete. You know we wanna give ourselves the best chance they try to get into the postseason. And we're gonna work every day without being our goal. I'm not going to be a profit it's gonna be day today and good players coming and Nolan got the expectation that we know we are gonna be in every mattress and be competitive and we want to. You know we wanna break in and get into those playoffs and then once you're in the d'antoni thinking now. The bill bill that will be the goal in only it will take little gas is making sure that our home field of fortress. You know let people come here and they don't leave when it would any point and they leave here with a sour taste and amount. From mop on the game. The help they enjoy the city why they're here but not their ninety minutes of blank. So yes so we're gonna be ambitious and we're gonna go after right from the start. And 901 will be a fun day that is when the you'll fact the unveiling the name in the logo and everything else in this. And the exhibition game which should be a lot of fun for the city and I imagine a lot of fun for you. Yeah be great I mean I know the obviously but my relationship with cam and I know several Lille players on Colorado and you know just bringing it that all the other teams in this C. For method did not play and the C will be fantastic the environment will be great in the great ambassador for the games LL be. Fun to see as well have him here so they'll be a wonderful luck I encourage all that the fans out there who are listening. They get their ticket that you let helped to map is dot com I'll be great way to kick off the French I can and get ill. Early merchandise as well you know with our logo and and with the team named Billy yield one that this law. Tenure awfully nice dress welcome to Memphis army I am a former Yankee myself and I can tell you live and as good down here so. So enjoy the city and we'll see is him. Well I appreciate. Look for that netted a game and my guess then we certainly hopefully we can talk more often. Thanks to appreciate it. Yeah that is Tim mock.