AUDIO: Geoff Calkins on NBA Combine & Grizz Trade Options

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Friday, May 18th
AUDIO: Geoff Calkins on NBA Combine & Grizz Trade Options

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But there was there was become. Yesterday yes steroids and lots of things emerged from the combined. Heights and weights some of it is. Our favorite subject at hand side you edit and heights and weights and some of it pertains to the grizzlies and rumors let's first get to some of the juicy. If you will or incredibly ridiculous. Tighten its yes that's yeah hides it away that's looked up but doc hides and waits portion of the com. The man who was an absolute monster. The largest wingspan. In the history of mankind. Not in the history of the NBA. I'm bottom line. Mohammed bomb. At 710. The largest wing span ever end by the way if you caught any of his interviews. Incredibly impressive guy. Did you heard yes yeah I've. How I watched five Texas into Syria he's its humble and really really impressive guy. And with a 10710 wing sprint move so broad middle and brought of of spam. And so that was. Bob you know knocking it out of the park hook Evernote is listening out there enough because let's keep god I don't. I wanna grab that may be Bobble would be great and maybe it would be great here's another one knock it out of the problem and I'd like and I feel about him and race Al you what are the pageant necessarily known as the shooter and upon yes but in in in the in the lane agility speed and what ever the hell that is yes. I think. Tripping is involved assess how no no in the lane agility east beat. A ten point 31. Which is the top five in the history of lane agility speeds at the combine. Can you imagine all of it unbelievable athletes who participated in the NBA talent. And grace and Allen in something called lane agility speed and is fifth. And his Burke was a forty bulls Max Burke. Let's items in a maximum is met it is Bert with a forty point five which was six yesterday cracked a become. So grace and Allen isn't actually. How would you feel if at 32. Grace and Allen with a final Fineman. Yet until the slush route normally the first mock draft last year would you rather have done the demon chance though at number 32 also crushed it yesterday crushed to now this is where they get this is Max -- I'm standing bird distinction here they might Grayson Allen's for important. He did 414. Who wonder what jumper not match ever to feet. But they didn't sends out a 42 inch. Vert. And a 34 point five standing for. And so there you go out his bird was even better than Grayson Allen's. Vert and so he's a winner and I don't think he's gonna drop to 32 of me honest I think you're probably right. He's actually does not hired an agent yet and so he's not even formally like he could still. But he's not an out apart he also played well. So he was awesome. Another man who knocked it out of the park in terms of his. Measurements. Was one Jerry Jackson junior. Yes. Keeps rising his his is wingspan was not the was not the 710 Obama. But it was 75 point 25 which was third yesterday. His. 69. And three quarters. Delivered confirmation I sold conflicting reports did they measure and she is or not. They're both OK this was both this is what I choose he's OK without shoes 69 and nice and and three quarters. His reach was nine and a half won't reach is evidently different than wingspan that's still reaches yeah I think just want our rights and let's see was sixth in terms of reach. Now that is the skinny guy to 236 counts. But here you got your favorite stat his hand blank. Is ten inches which was tied for first okay. I don't understand this at all. His head whip was also ten inches. Which is tied for Hearst. He must have a giant block for a hand out right no it can't be that it's if you take your thumb and your itty bitty finger and you spread the misfires are saying that you want. And in fact if you look at your hand right now right as if you drive boom but if you look at your hand right now and you look from. That it's the only index finger to be to the base your hand. And then you look at the distance spread out your pinky and year thumb yeah those are in fact basically the same. Distance. Yeah I can see that you can see that yeah. And for him it's ten edit in geometry. It's ten inches each direction and so he is Jane or mishandling need to prepare winds spraying. About a bit and it's better he is he was he was in everybody's winner. In terms of losers at in terms of loser of a thing of the losers are okay. Marvin Bagley you know why now he didn't show. He didn't measure. You know why he didn't measure. Is he wouldn't measure up. He shrimping and it's particularly his wingspan. His wingspan has been measured previously world. And it is a depressing seven feet even who wings. He does not have the length to short arms he's got short in the short arms. It's no wonder he can't guard you hate to see that. And so he is considered a loser in the measurements. Oddly another loser. The man with a small hand in the entire come. Jalen hands. Wow how about that that's tough break that's tough break any Jalen hand in crystal apple of up to smallest yeah ends in the entire combined. So that was rough trade young did not test well physically but she knew that he was fabulous. He was 61 and three quarters which is fine it's it's small. I he was an ounce up talk like this 178. And a 63 wingspan was small swings and at the time so in terms of wing span physically but if you could just get him to knot it up there is here's your dead or. His ability to physically throw the ball from. Forty feet away to the basket. Rather than his ability. Two. Can't measure heart Jeff cannot measure heart. And then we also know some people who met with the prisons we know that Michael Ford junior met with the grizzlies may note got to get mentioned so. Met with the grizzlies twenty different players I was busy so I'm not sure how much you can read into that. But beat us and the best thing that the most interesting thing that came out of the comment yesterday was Sean seventies story. About the grizzlies intentions. And what he said is the grizzlies want to be. Here's the report. If you have someone you like the first few picks there the first call you may. One general manager told sporting news they obviously were the most disappointed with the way the lottery wet and the options they have now what they're happy. I they said they were very happy. Now maybe they were lying to us he said there obvious they obviously were the most disappointed. Chris Wallace is gonna it was so he's gonna go have an Italian dinner and he's happy that client. And the options they have now it seems like they wanna try to turn that pick into something else. Everyone's gonna talk before the draft. Of course but Memphis I think they're the ones we're gonna be more ready to do something and others. Many in the top two. Would grizzlies good source of the addition trade up. Letting in the top two because these gives his chance to select top prospects like look at dodge which are beyond great big men which they can highly utilized in the roster. I'm just has a big debate. The first set a deadline of sons Sacramento Kings mavs who do some magical work for the aforementioned teams to. Let go of their pets. Alternatively. They could trade down. And tried to get winged for example. On one of the bridges for example like you can trade. It's or they could try and should trade trade out got to play so my question for you with this. If you're in a grizzly. How aggressively. Do you explorer. Either trading up. We're trading down before I do that got I want you to look at the history of players picked number four when should we start start in 2000. Yeah that's good we'll set our desire and will call a winner just doomed a w.s and l.s keep track of radio Penn. And I do now okay in 2000 the number four pick. Mark despised. That's enough. That's now in 2001. The number four pick and we're saying Al you if you an NBA career that does not eat the does that it it's got to be worthy of Antarctica looks crappy season. Direct justifying a crappy strict. So. Just as he played a decade does not make any curry 2001. Still has an hour finale was terrible. Jewel good and 2000. Sentinel as a now. Chris Bosh 2003 W that's dub this what I think we're just gonna give an incomplete to look at Shaun Livingston. He was badly hurt so what are we we can't really talk up Obama so that's that's a draw that's into what Chris Paul. Went that's it went. Tyrus Thomas. And that's and now might come to win Russell Westbrook went Tyree Gavin. To win excellent excellent Wesley Johnson itself and now here's a tough aren't. Just in tops. I sells it now. Okay it's and it's not what you wanna get. Now he's either of music contributing MBA player that's not what he had he was right place right time he was he was with LeBron and LeBron waiters. Canal. Cody Zeller. L. And then we have that gets us to 2013. And that's then we have. Aaron Gordon. I think it's become a W bitterly. Barely misses that. Percent just results is L Eric Gordon has been a split them let's but the differ are our power. Chris steps towards Hingis at the one I'm with you I would not be afternoon Gordon common. Now let the legal split the this steps forcing us to doesn't have to I as a when but I guess if it ultimately link him into this place clearly away now that's a way that's what I mean what if you never goes battle Canada for and one are. As agreed to integrate. Dragon banner. Really now. And Josh Jackson I think he's always look like a win right now I would agree did I was Isaiah and did not make the all rookie gain even but he had a nice season he got better as seasonal I think is gonna turn out to be at at a boat went. So what do we have for the fourth. All right so we have 12345678. Wins yep. We have 1234. 56789. Health and in employ. Such about a 5050 shot. There about a 5050 shot of whether you're gonna get a very good player at four. Okay so. The question then is let's pretend. You could trade up at. I don't believe you can I'm with you but does it take the Dodgers things might create all the batches is agent then came out and said he's not ruling out any particular teams etc. But let's just you know remain. Let's pretended that you could go bits that he's not lady said he's not going to Sacramento aren't until you can go get Sacramento aspect now I brought this up on Gary show. And and Gary and Brad were said absolutely not. But what I said was. What's inching they said absolutely not edit an anomaly this but I said was OK let's say to Sacramento knows they can't get down change that they wanna get something. While they pick some other place I. So they trade down for which the probably still get the player they want who knows maybe Atlanta great player they want but there's a bunch of players trade data for. In an exchange you're shipping and Dylan Brooks and the picket 32. I do it in the here's the reason why do I understand what gears logic was my a my justification is. You are statistically more likely to get a better player at two that you art for. And Dylan Brooks while I. Think he is a very good player I don't see him being an NBA starter I see him being kind of the role that he's in like a nice rotational player. And he was clearly a fine where you got him in the draft. But I'm trying to go get I'm trying to get some might get. It made it should matter there is not a prayer that Sacramento would do that for that price. Agree we we look at gill and Brooks and because he was pretty good this year we cannot we don't get a bit me and likable and everything else we don't wanna give Bob Dylan Brooks. Don't go from two to four for a second round pick who is better than expected and then a high pick in the second round or second round picks. Almost always crap out ST they just don't do the there's no prayer. They would do it for that right 32 the other half she was would they do it for that price and the only way. That you can say that you wouldn't do. Is if you really don't like look at dodge did you think he's any better the player you're gonna get a four jerk if that's true and of course you don't do it. Does he got killed Brooks and two web why would you like to trade for an equal player. It just means if you're not gonna do that. It just means you don't believe and who could dodge that's what it means but if you think he's a stock you won in the league with stars and you don't even have. Tate to give Abdullah Brooks an attempt yes if the grizzlies have a conviction that look at dodge which is going to be a star as gonna elevate them and put them in the politely. Other twos and threes they got going seldom make him play there they would a so so. Looked better once he got healthy that are watching and helping the still books like the number so when we haven't. But if you think he's gonna be a star. I would personally carry Dylan Brooks yes to sack that adamant that extra maidan back at him too for that deal it's not even close of course you do. It's damaging getting a stock does getting a guy he went in the league with stars out if you have no conviction. That too was better than four and mostly you up their dog and obviously very Gary doesn't. Gary doesn't it not a big believer in look at Dodgers will then you don't do. But if you have that conviction. That there is this clear break at one end to what you want one of those one or two players of course you could you get. Basically a last year's second in this year's second. Lets you had two seconds you could've gotten for Tyreke Evans you think so little of second opportunity and he's not not gonna take that. Garbage right or Tyreke Evans even though you know Tyreke Evans that prior to walk. And you would know better chance of signing essentially at the end of this year due why have you treated it or not we're not better so so literally you have no regard for second round picks clearly. Or you would have traded Tyreke for to a bomb. And so to then say I'm not gonna par with last year second this year's second in order to jump comported do is just stupid. If you have a conviction the duke and duchess is going to be good. And presumably the grizzlies would only do it if they had that conviction here's the thing I think there's not much chance and well that any trade that the business can move up in any circumstance I just don't believe it. I certainly don't believe that they could do it for that package but if they could do that for that package. Unlike Gary and Brad I would put a million times over today to file the extent extent. So now. Then the question comes. I. Because what this this report by Sean Devin he really said was that because they're willing to trade down that they're unhappy. With their choices at four. And they are willing to trade down. And get something else and either either trade for a quality player. Possible say that player would be in the NBA I. Or trade down and get a different player a player that let that they think's gonna be available. Later you do that. Probably not it is fair for Ike could hit it if you're not in love with a I just don't think that there if you're not a problem no one else is gonna be in love with a what's going to be the value of trading down may be some Islam. Maybe some lobster object I don't know what you get of course you're exactly right. Like all trades this is dependent on what the hell you be an offer right. In if you if sums offering me next year's unprotected one in exchange to move up from from eight. To for the course at. Right now what is it like Dallas some might sunny outlook it's. Clippers' offer you both of their ones. What I think 1112 or twelve and thirteen there in the clippers off to you both of their ones. To go up. And get your. One I just don't don't be what what where they where they look at the modicum I'm on trial right now so right now they have twelve and thirteen. No thank you would not do that well thirteen for four. Yours though did you grow significantly more likely to get a player at for the New York to get one at twelve worker. The only way to me you do this and by the way so bright right now. Most jock mock drafts have Jerry Jackson going to be does is it for. A guy at twelve and thirteen. Kids. It's guys like Kevin Knox. Miles bridges Robert Williams the monster from Texas and am. Point guard from Turkey. Like. Sort of is is that is the collection of players so Kevin Knox and and let's just say you get Gil this Alexander. From Kentucky and Kevin Knox let's get to conduct those two Kentucky players as opposed to Jared search engine. Which do it. Now I just the ears you know bill lead. Hillary do it is. Is it the elderly trade seems to me again the NBA as a star. Right you need stocks yes and you tend to get stars at the top of the draft. So this is what where I am on on treating a pick for player to know what is going to trade U yes a stock agreed because of the stock they're keeping that play. And so. They'll trade you had good solid player and you don't want a good solid player particularly this team they need a freaking stock. And say you've got some chance of getting a star with your pick it may only be a 50% chance but you've got to change there's no chance that they was gonna trade you a stock. So to not trade that pick to replace. If you wanna trade down the only reason you ever trade down. Is in the NBI. And this isn't necessarily true in the NFL where I don't think it's just start it's a star quarterback but if you can but it's it's a different deal. But if you can trade down in the NBA and get the player you would have drafted anyway. Literally the player you would have drafted anyway so let's say the grizzlies have RI. On. Column sex then or tray yup and right I think that's the guy they would pick even event. It's a risk because you don't know what anyone else's got to pet so let's say you we are your trading down with. I Chicago or Cleveland or something for at seven or eight OK or even the knicks that not aren't okay. You're trading down with the knicks and nine and that way you realize you're gonna get. Well it will be gone dodged will be gone Bagley will be gone Jackson will be gone but you'll get one of the collection at nine you can get Porter. Bomb Bob. When Bill Carter. Train young. Colin sex then Mattel bridges you certainly get one of those guys I guess you get one of those guys is that bit there's two young guys cannot get one of those guys. And so you just say listen if I I don't really care which one of those guys again and if you give me a future bid bid left Altria down. Or if you say I really have a great conviction that bridges is going to be available. Act. This slot and that's the guy I want anyway the problem the risk there is that you don't know. Someone else might look as much as you do and if you have a conviction just peak. If you have a conviction take him like. I it's this is all that's why they're very hard I. About art and play odd that you have a conviction take I'm with you it's like it's just like it this is exactly how I feel quarterback yes it's no and don't tell me. That a quarterback. Is better off in the first round being taken. At while I would not gonna take him in the top row NN but I would take him at 23 yes. If he's not if you don't think he's going to be a star. Don't take him at twenty straight yes that's stupid why would you put an if you do think he's gonna be a star if frankly I'd order. You can take that one for God's sakes there is no picked it is too high. The ticket and a guy who you think it's gonna be a franchise quarterback. So the idea of that I would take inventory brave I don't think at six is just dumb and I think the same thing applies here. If you are convinced that this player is going to be a star you'd take that player period the and you don't trade out. I think in the end. By and large and it's possible that died that I could that I could change my mind here. By and large. I'm in favor of them trading up. Because that means they have a conviction to go get a stock I am not in favor of them trading for a player and I am not in favor of them trading.