AUDIO: Geoff Calkins confirms he is leaving the CA

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Friday, May 18th
AUDIO: Geoff Calkins confirms he is leaving the CA

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Breaking news from the commercial appeal earlier today. Geoff Calkins leave in the commercial appeal what do you say about it. This is what I am super. I didn't I was beginning yesterday I did not go check. I think it was your hard hitting questions that actually accelerated Ithaca area. I think your hard salary packet questions about it here first 200 we were too literally dollar. For. I really thought I was going to be the other sports are critical and you trip effect that's we're myself on yes sir which is the closest. Sure. Like yet to accelerate it a little bit. I've got got larger more calm and able to it that it's a social moral and government. I'm grateful everybody is this Redford what they do years and I'll talk about it and wrote a column about it I'm at some point you're in the next few days and they're. I'll talk about it on my Cheryl. On Monday but it's hard thing to do I'll be honest I've talked about a little bit of that talk Amerigroup last night of the church service so. Partly accurate are upbeat outlook like I turned out so. Such art by but but I'll talk more about it it is true and I'll talk more about public or under the Kabul took more than a bit. Yeah you're you're gonna write a column about you know your decision in in and I'll I'll knock it right com for daily direct whatever color you want you're gonna talk about a Monday on your show that's where you should. I won't press you on any longer although I do will wish you. All the luck in the world with this new endeavor which I'm excited about whenever becomes a reality.