AUDIO: Gary Parrish talked to Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork Tuesday

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Wednesday, February 14th
AUDIO: Gary Parrish talked to Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork Tuesday

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Andy Kennedy now its twelfth season act Ole miss announced essentially that he is going to resign effectively at the end of this season started with a phone call he made to Ole miss athletic director rob you're gonna Sunday morning. And now here the talk about the current state of things in Oxford almost athletic director rob Norton Ross Gary how you don't want. They do area under well I think they haven't beyond. Are you kidding thanks for being here you do me a favor and I appreciate it let's just start with as the story goes and he wakes up on Sunday. And decides he wants to meet with you were you surprised to get that phone call. So was. To some degree that it was Sunday you know and Andy you know Indy series wells anybody probably in this area but also just college basketball and you know he's he's a great guys on us so what himself in this self awareness piece set because the great trait for Indian he'd. We had some talks you know just about how this either and you know comes to abandon in this team make in Iran and he was trying to push all the right buttons. But yet getting a phone call Sunday you know after church. Saying hey a wanna do this at the end of the season I want to coach up the season but I wanna announce this tomorrow. They way terrific coach and we got a game Tuesday night maybe we do this Thursday or Friday. And he's had you know Iraq summit peace whether this was the right thing to do let's lift the lid off of all of all the pressure if you will I don't want the focus to be on me. The end you know we just rolled off the planet and here re our you know make that announcement yesterday afternoon in the united sort of respect the way he's handled this entire thing. Obviously if AK is at peace with its Denham it's it's better for him because he doesn't have to deal with. The stress of those questions I imagine it's also easier for you because you don't have to answer those questions whether to publicly. Or privately from big money boosters on you don't have to ask answer questions about the future of its basketball coach. How how much easier does this just make this process for US the athletic director. Well we've you know we've got to give any credit you know for allowing you know the program to move forward like because you're right I mean we know how these things go after every gamer a tough loss sir you don't win or lose in these type of situations. They are you weren't going to coach next year it was Fisher last game at home or. Position last game with the SEC tournament you know and we can avoid all that and so so he did you he lifted the lid off of all those conversations now we can beat. Totally transparent we can talk about all the great things that he is done and and celebrate the work that he's done here. But in the neat thing about India and in doing this when he did it is she's a young guy. He's got plenty of road left in his career I know he wants you to coach again and he wants to be part of a program here and so. That that's the neat thing about this is we can all just be respectful. They were all friends and they were all gonna dished. Continue to two to embrace this this moment for him and in that our program as we move forward. Talk on the south editor draws to a parent 929 FM ESP and obviously with him coming to you it also eliminates you having to make. Probably eight. What could have been made at a difficult decision because big picture. If you look at it from a certain perspective he did remarkable things for at a very difficult job relative to other jobs in the SEC at least historically. You know it never finished worse and seven and nine in the league never for an is worse than six the league obviously only two NCAA tournaments. You know that's the killer because people think you should go more often that and perhaps they are. Right how do you gauge what is success in men's basketball. At Ole miss because there's something to be said about. Prior to this year never really being bad arm but also. You wanna be great in men's basketball for the same reasons Auburn wants to be great amount of basketball or tennis he wants to agreements basketball how do you evaluate what your program ought to be. That's a great question period and I picked it all goes back to do you know what's division what's the expectations. If you will of the program and have a we see it's. It's all our vision is you know we wanna compete and we were computed types global and and win championships and so what I expect from a basketball perspective. You probably not gonna win every game going undefeated and is powered college basketball. But what I want to do this program is is being able to establish. A program that wakes up on Sunday mornings selections Sunday morning. And you're in the tournament. Whether you're 01 CD or an eight seed or twelve seater. A foresee whatever the seed is. But you know they you're going somewhere. In March Madness that that's that's the goal and then when you're in the term and then anything can happen and so. We have to be able to put together the right kind of program whether it's financial. The ingredients whether it's the the fan perspective we we did we do have the facilities we have the commitment. Promote facilities standpoint. You know I think we have to change our mentality and how we embrace basketball. Both from the administration but also war stands. And the expectation is we wanna be in the tournament the league is better so the league helps. You see that. You know I think we're talking maybe seven 29 teams in the in the tournament this year when the last time that that happened in the SEC civil leaders better. Which we know it's harder but that also gives a great opportunity as we even as we move into the search show process. I've said many times on the after being down in the pavilion that it's obviously not the biggest college basketball arena in the country but it might be the nicest it is at least on nicest when it comes on campus facilities how much does that help you in pursuit of your knicks basketball coach having that it. To use as a as a possible war. I think coaches they're all competitors I think they wanna compete against the best I think that's what the FCC provides but they also want the commitment you know what what does the university stand for are they committed at the highest level. If so picked the first thing the pavilion speaks to. From that perspective views its commitment. But and then you look at atmosphere it can get loud and there I mean that's Georgia Tech game in the ninety last year. That that place was rocking in that tower should be you know overseeing a look at Auburn has done. You know I look at their gyms those students lined up an hour and a half before the game and they fill within five minutes and then the arena's full. That's the environment that we can have here you know we we have a great baseball atmosphere our football atmosphere. Who is second to none with all the the grove and and everything and then. Now we finally have that in in basketball so. I think it shows commitment but that's not the only thing is you know so there's other things that we're gonna throw on the table to attract the best coach. You mentioned this yesterday in the press conference that one of the things Andy's decision to just publicly acknowledge okay we're gonna park at the end of the season. Some one of the things doing that now does is it frees you want to get on with that you're Smart guy you know how this business works you probably. You know this seemed to be heading a certain direction even before you got that phone call on Sunday morning I think even AK what acknowledged that. Under this frees you up to go out and can end in and talk to agents can search for whoever you need to talk to. Don't play where you don't feel like you do your doing it behind your coaches back to how much of an advantage is that. Yeah that's a big advantage you know we have we have that advantage of football this year were able to scour the landscape to a lot of re search you know figure out who was in a wrestler who was not may be some people would not talk to you until. Perceive there was over whatever we can we can filter all of that now. And like you say do it out in the open. Not have to worry about you know disrespect in the year treating him a certain way you don't have to worry about it. I don't have to worry about a good I would never do that that that's not how you handle. These situations. But you get phone calls throughout the season going hey. If you make a change you know what I can't talk about that right now we still rec games left pulled out you can say oh really. They look so let's talk further. So it it opens up the process. It gives you an advantage where you're out in the marketplace. A lot sooner. Still probably higher in the same topic timeframe Darrius you know 'cause guys that are going to be planned and you don't warning disrupt and other programs. Situations so you probably hiring in the same process. In time frame which you do a lot more legwork by having this situation in the free clear. Talk to Ross worker or miss athletic director here on 929 FM RE SPN obviously there are a lot of obvious candidates for a job like the Ole miss job I think. You can you you've probably seen him bounced around on Twitter or. Or wherever let me ask you this. Given the NCAA issues the football program hasn't toward. Arm key in new high era men's basketball coach if they have any sort of into double issues in their past or will you just take that on a case by case basis. I think you said it you know case by case you know what what with the situation what happened how they handle it you know ward of the dynamics surrounded the leader in you scrub all those things in the process. Obviously. You know not only would our case but also just the last I mentioned it to sort of loosely in the press conference yesterday. The landscape of college basketball in today's road you have to be careful you have to be extra extra careful. That's something's not brewing whether it's an FBI probe or an NCAA investigation that may not be out in the public space you hire somebody. Two days later news breaks. You know you're in trouble and so you can't do that so you have to be extra careful in the world that worry and men that's like giving us this time to do that I think we can we can really dig into the background so but he'll he'll treat everything on a on a case by case basis and Terry I think what we are due to argue with the search for us. Coach just. Called yourself bumpers. Don't know it'll ever knowing you're reaching out to a bright. K I I don't I thought brought why don't like it might what I decided cut down from my job to just one like a trying to get in that surged from business it seems lucrative it seems like it's even a better business and that's what writing does blue. Use a search for. You know wolf cigarette out you know I think again back to today's world if you will I think we need aid but it buffer. If you will I think Sarah somebody to do background checks that maybe we can't do or don't have access to certain information. So I think we use an advisor may not may not be a search for purse say. But I think we'll have people advising us and you know but you're right up the road W psychics for breakfast every morning yes. Yeah I think we need we need to sign a contract. Whenever you need me you'd let me know I'm I'm absolutely here for your target Iraq Georgia Ole miss athletic director and 99 FM ESPN. And I enjoy a good a good Oxford based breakfast like drag down 1 morning no problem. I am ultimately. One. What do you what your fans how do you want your fans to handle the rest of this season the awkwardness has been. Ripped away from the situation I think it makes it. Where people may be appreciate what AJ did over twelve years instead of focus on how this year has gone. I'm what what he you hoped to fan base handles the rest of this. Yeah I think that's a great way to look at it Gary is show him you know respect and appreciation you know what's so let's hopefully we have a great crowd tonight against Arkansas let's look to pack the Tennessee game the Vanderbilt game which would be the last game. You know here in the in the pavilion. In your show you know our respect for what he's done the work that he has done recognizing how hard it was. We first started and just the resource is at that time in the in the mentality and mindset. That that's how want to go Emmitt obviously that we wanted to be loud and we want our guys to feed off of that and could we want to win we wanna win these last six games and then make a run in the tournament so that's what we're looking forward to and they were to do you know video stuff and a lot of promotion of the memory lane if you will offer for Indy. But that tore asking our fans stood stood embrace the twelve years and and recognized you know the work that he's done. Just trust your ailments athletic director on 99 FM ESPN Ross I can't thank you enough for being here I didn't understand how busy your past few days have been so you carving out a few minutes this is greatly appreciated and I can help in any way you let me know. Joke that they saw geared for having me don't. Thanks so much as Ross Bjork Comas athletic director here on 929 FM. ESP and he touched on a couple things there toward the end that I always interesting it's sort of under explains to I hope listeners. Why. Universities do you do you search firms it's not just because they don't want to do the work there is some work that. They they literally can't do or or at least they're not equipped to do background checks famously Steve as yellow. You know itself Florida accepted the job and they search firm. Which by the way of saying search from the Memphis has used in both football and coaching football and basketball hires. That search firm is the firm that uncovered that he didn't have a degree now you can argue whether you wanted to uncover that are not right bomb but that is the search from that uncovered that and it it ultimately cost. Steve had that opportunity USF he went back. To Manhattan they can find out in these sort of theoretically they can find out things that that you might not be equipped to find out things that could be problematic for you. If you make a higher and then they com. They come to the surface plus the search firms and summer better than others but you know they do different searches every year so they know. All they have relationships with all of the agents on who represented anybody you might series CB Corey considering. And so on and they allow everybody plausible the liability. Mica a search for right now could reach out to any number of men who work coaching around the country who might be candidates for. Palm the almost job and just sort of get a feel for OK or they would they be interest if we were interest did what sort of money would it take to. To get a deal Dolan. You know that those conversations can start happening literally like yesterday. And yet or when those coaches are asked about how to. Any sort of opening the can always say I haven't talked to anybody because they haven't searched for and Ross can always say I haven't talked to anybody because he has. It'll be searched for talking to an agent typically or you know what with what everybody looping who who needs to be in the know. Look at him and when when it's necessary or or or time to do so so the search firms actually. I know they get banged on alliant has literally are behind it yeah yet but they're useful right they're useful in a lot of ways and the other thing he said that I thought was interest in that I hadn't really occurred to me. As it relates to this Ole miss job opening. Is that. You've got to be very careful because we don't know when the next FBI issue is going to drop. And you're typically a guy is connected as Ross would have you know sources within the sport. Or within the NCAA. Who could help him with hate we org looking at this person is there anything we need to know are you looking into this program is anybody looking into his program. But with the FBI the NCAA by its own admission had no idea what the FBI was two weeks. It's a they probably don't have any idea what the FBI is doing right now it's about about the worst thing you can do at Ole miss or anywhere else. Is higher coach it was just like Ross explained I hire a coach and then. You know four months later. He's under indictment I'm because of an ongoing FBI investigation and that would be a nightmare. And it's one of the reasons I. You'd never know for sure but I I assume. Like a lot of on the fence coaches who have good reputations. That could you know could go either way I think he'll stay. They'll be allowed to stay because this one athletic directors set me back when this FBI stuff was a little more fresh than it is right now. He said who wants to be higher coach under the circumstances I don't know who you're hiring you don't know all. If your higher in the guide at the FBI has got to wiretap all I mean do you really are just keeping your fingers crossed on some level. And so you know it's it's not the most ideal time to. To be hiring women's basketball coach giving everything that's that's going on but at Ole miss they're obviously going to have to do it. And dom yeah I would ask you expect them to use a search firm he basically acknowledged that they would. I'm because they've probably been they've never been more important than they are right now as Ross Bjork ailments athletic director.