AUDIO: Gary Parrish on Pastner cleared of allegations 6-4-18

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Monday, June 4th
AUDIO: Gary Parrish on Pastner cleared of allegations 6-4-18

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All right let's get to the big news today which me our pal Josh passed her former tiger coach at Georgia Tech. Cleared of sexual assault allegations falling eight title nine investigation. That investigation conducted by AA at New Orleans based law firm determined that the allegations made by Jennifer patently. And your pal Ron bell who had previously accused past there. Of violating NCAA rules last year. But it turned out that not credible also determined that the allegations were highly likely to ban it in their words. Contracted by bell makes in bad faith in asserted only after various other tends to damage and awards start. Fastener failed. There's a lot to unpack from this area I guess you just start with it's a good day if not an unnecessary day for Josh pastor blood yet a good guy. And also. As I'm surprising day I think most people if not everybody believes that. That's what any investigation would ultimately. Uncover what that there's no credible. As you leave and says it has taught that god after actually effect he has sexually assaulted. This woman I think people know my connection to the run belt stories. But if you go back and read my story though this has become a part of these story. That was never in my story nothing about sexual assault and I would always skeptical. When Ron. And Jennifer are. Subsequently brought this up. Because. My thing you know why was why did you bring that up before. Why did you bring this up earlier absolutely. I spent outward on the phone with rob bell and Jennifer. Over a span of weeks. Before I wrote the first story. And everything that has been my story. If stuff that Ron told me immediately. Hey Georgia Tech is saying that. It was somebody not connected to the program who committed these violations. That's not true it was me. And I would still connected to the program I was in team meetings seemed like fifteen dinner at road game in the team hotel. Go to court to get into what did Josh pastor know what what it got passed or not no. But you know. Rotten. From the shop. Said that Josh was aware that that the two players were at a home that Josh was aware. Of of these violations and built bear no evidence to prove that. The you know like you know was it just proved it definitively. There a lot of circumstantial evidence that that suggested it was. At least possible if not probable for the judge to be aware of those that and he provided receipts that he provided text messages and it provided. He email that he provided full record a lot of the stuff that backed up everything that's been my story. But I think at that before publicly and if not self say it now. In the all of the time before I wrote that first story not one time to run they'll bring up sexual assault not one time that he pulling up. The incidents that he's subsequently brought up. And so. I was presented with that information or that allegation. After my initial story came out but I'd never reported it and the reason is because. It did feel like what the title nine investigation. Suggests. I think Ron bell when I wrote that first story at all that dot pastor would lose his job. And I told Rondell that I am not sure Josh will lose his job but. But you know what my job isn't to try to. Punish anybody my job just to report the story it as best I came here with that much documentation that I can't. And what it felt like to me is that what. Ron that recognize. That Josh was gonna survive. My initial story. That they and it was OK what else can we do what you like is there and that's when he came to meet with sexual assault. And I could never took it any further than that. I never went further than that and I thought ultimately cut off communication with Iran. Because. If rather than trying to tell me what happened to him or you know four or are. Or things that occurred within the Georgia Tech basketball program. He went to trying to tell me how to do my job there what I needed to do that what I need to do right. And at that point I didn't have much use for him anymore I boredom. If you've got proof of other NCAA violations. And it my way if you want but short of that we don't have anything else to talk about. I've never talked he or Jennifer again so I'm not surprised that. That the title nine investigation concluded what it concluded because. I can't speak for incidentally violation. But the allegations. Of sexual thought against Josh pastor of a metal ring true and B. I would always concerned. As a reporter. You know why get these things come up and all of the hour I talked to you aboard my initial story why that they only become a part of the story. After the initial story that didn't that didn't pass the smell that they. As you mentioned then he spoke with Ron bell numerous times for multiple hours than getting a little bit insight into his world. How do you think today goes down in the bell household like do you think this is the end of it and I'm not trying to be flippant I'm not not you know to me like I'm wondering like. There's that saying and I'm not saying he's crazy but there is a saying you can't fix crazy if you know what I mean. What happens from here do you think this is the last that we hear of him and that end these I don't wanna use the word tax but. Allegations then against Josh pastor do you think the vendetta kind of stops or do you think there's another act to be played yet. I mean I couldn't say for sure I I don't think it's worth noting. I believe brought it in jail at this point because. He was eventually arrested on him. You know some sort. Quote probation violation or was something connected to an old case. And and it triggered it the raskin. I don't believe he's ever been able to make bell. I think he's still waiting on. A court date I believe at this moment while we're talking rod Billiton is in jail themselves. Says he was arrested in in March so you are correct there. Yes I don't know like I don't know what happens a lot bell local bullet but. He doesn't strike me as the type of guy who. Just dropped thinks. He clearly didn't hear. And I looked at them 1020. Different time. You know in my reporting. As he was alleging the things he was alleged. Essentially just. Al being somebody is called a friend. At least in his mind that she leader. And there's no denying that the best case scenario for Josh pastor was that somebody just described as a dear dear friend. And Josh let very close to his program without their committee major rule violation. Witnessed program like that but best case. Scenario for just after it that you recklessly let somebody like Ron bell inside of its program and close to a player the case the court is that. He'd keep Rondo with acting on behalf of god factor. Was working with the knowledge of god pastor I'll let other people decide what's true and what what's not there on that one thing obviously. Jock that the other but I ask Ron your reporting different size why are you do we bit. What do you have big gains. Why areas of interest it and somebody in in in harming somebody could you will at the very elite army his reputation. Why there is so interested in doing that of somebody who you say save fuel in your life did that doesn't make sense to me. Like. For the many times on the radio show. I don't have much interest for. Nothing more than pettiness. Complicating somebody else's. Life. Like I think we all know people that we could say something about them that would complicate their lives or weaken it. You know how them for something and complicate their lives and and I never understood when people do that why they do that. You know it just seems like like a part of now find that. You know why don't even appear on even if your call please would somebody the way Robin judge ultimately got caught way. It didn't make it to meet the title and win him the way your kind of what you know like just move on with that and who you know edit and Enron if you can instantly. Said that you know he felt it was wrong. And he had that could be evidence to. To expose just passed there. And that he wanted to do it because he felt he he would fall and I I've said that before I would not if I would rob bell. I would not have built up what Rondo did. But Ron bell. Was never not going to do what he did that the other thing that gets lost in this does that. Some people still to this day ask why did I write that story. And my answer is a well because it was. I mean it was a documented well reported. Still I mean I can do indeed. Georgia Tech up until that day had never acknowledge who committed these violations. I was able to put a name on the violation and then add context of the story. Secondly as long as as them speaking candidly. You know run belt I would very hesitant about this like are you sure you wanna do bit sluggish you know are you sure. You want to have to put yourself out there in this way. And it got to the point where. Ron has provided me with all of the information. And there was text messages between mother sided document that. Umpire and I had that run it provided me with all on the record quote and there was text messages between Ron to document that. And it got to the point where if I would not aware of the story. There's no doubt in my mind because it was loosely. Suggested. Rondo would have like gone public with text messages between me and run them. And that I gave BP a board Gary Parrish and all of the documentation on the major NCAA violations. I gave him all the information to write this story and he refused because he was covering for his good buddy got past. That's exactly how it would gone. And at some point you go and I've explained that the judge is well and it just says the understand even I don't know whether he's telling the truth or not but he said he does. It got to a point where I can't I can't have that out there I can have it look like I'm playing favorites. I had documentation of NATO rules violation I needed to report those that documentation and made a rule violation. It was. You know if it is what if story that. That pushed and pulled in different directions like he usually what you write a story that at bat well documented that well reported. That is going to create national headlines like that that they were you okay good work I'm proud of what I did today yeah. And that one went up like that at all it was it was it was Iraq that complicated. Confuse being. This story. But. I guess in a long went way out circle back and say. I don't know that Ron bell it has the ability to cook got passed there anymore that he already has. But if you can he strikes me at the type of person who who just might. Scared passed a pair she's joining us from down in Florida what's Josh is take away from this I saw that their AD at George tech. Reportedly going to be meeting with Josh to discuss access to the basketball program. From outsiders. As far as damage to his reputation as you mentioned those who've gotten to know Josh you know anything about him. This was not exactly surprising news that he would be found. Clear rather of these charges but to. You know the layman out there the casual fan that sees the big headline about ACC coach accused of sexual assault in the is very real time where. A lot of things have been coming out with the meat to movement in a lot of people that have been guilty of similar transgressions. Have then been outed in been prosecuted what's happened has happened to them. It to be tied up and that and that's that's not something you can easily shake just by getting I would think the text today for your lawyer of the phone call wherever hey Josh it's all good. That's behind us now you know I mean. Yeah I could never uttering that bell I mean. But the good news for guys is that the allegations came solely and without any evidence as it relates strictly the factual fought. They came solely at without any evidence. From a person who. Let's just level with each other a lot of people think it. A battle. It is not well and so. There wasn't a situation where. You know don't copy of accused of sexual assault by a you know fifty reputable women's or Louie CK is accused of what he was accused by six women willing to speak on the record or whatever the details war it was one person. Who. Doesn't come call well. Alleging something that they didn't sound believable. And be counted especially vindictive given the circumstances of the other stuff. And that would never going to be any evidence to prove it even if it did happen which again I don't think anybody believe that it actually happened. And so that the country has forgotten that this isn't one that. It felt like he needed to prove himself. This is one that almost nobody believes quite public jobs. But still it's it's an ugly headlines it's an ugly Google search semi live so not a pretty story and I do think that. You know at the very least guys. Bear some responsibility not. But it relates to the sexual talk a look at him because if that seems like a completely baseless and and be addictive allegation. But. Each team did let this guy and Jennifer. You know it was in this program and I I understand that it. His motivation there might have been pure war like he might have thought he was genuinely just helping somebody who needed it feels like he was a part of something. But when you're running what amounts to a multibillion dollar business and very public way. I think any coach in America would tell you. Like you can't let that guy code that close to your program. You can't let that guy that close to your players. And you know the communication between Ron bell and Georgia Tech players particularly the ones that were in air all of them. What was quite clearly except. His access to players was problematic. And you know Josh what aware of all of that because god made all of that. Possible and so you know even if ultimately god has been wronged here and I think can relate strictly to the sexual assault allegation. It seemed clear that he has been there a lesson to be learned and that that left and it says. You know make sure you don't look around your players as best you can but it is one thing win. There are people around the players but it's happening in darkness and the people people you don't even know exist quite another thing when the people. Causing. Problems and violations with your players. Are people who are connected to youth and would have no connection to the program except for you. That's something that's got to be fixed them but the got the archive competent people aren't some sort of lesson that.