AUDIO: Gary Parrish on NCAA Rule Changes/Issues (8/9/18)

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Thursday, August 9th
AUDIO: Gary Parrish on NCAA Rule Changes/Issues (8/9/18)

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The NCAA announced earlier today. Widespread sweeping changes to college basketball's bylaws it's recruiting calendar and in an evolutionary step forward new legislation that gives more entitlement. To student athletes and all of that is true. But it is also mostly meaningless because this is the day where the NCAA created a lot of big headlines. But they didn't really solve any problems I wrote a column back in April we've talked about this many times before. I'm predicting that what happened today was going to happen now because I'm a psychic but it's because I understand how being NCAA. Oh works I don't care in what aspect of life you're living weathered this third your personal life for wherever. I'm if you got a problem. You can't solve it. And I'm trying to avoid. That rap lyric quoting Vanilla our analysts as film coming on but if you've got a problem. Don't know no problem if you wanna solve it you first have to identify what the problem. Actually it's. And you have to speak honestly about what the problem is. And he okay had a we fix that problem. And if ablaze ultimate problem when it comes to high level college athletics specifically. Football but for these purposes in men's basketball. The problem is its strict hold on amateurs that's the problem. As you've got too many prospects who were too much money. To too many different people there were something to agents to Wear something a financial advisors to Wear something shoe companies there or something the college coaches the worst something to universities in general. So. You're never going to be able to stop capitalism. It's never been cleaned. In these changes today are gonna make a claim. But the disappointing part. And let me be clear. Not surprising part but disappointing part is that you can't even with a straight face pretend that any of these changes. Are going to. Change any of the issues in the sport. Because like that nor lender wrote and he's correct. This is undeniably. A reaction to. The ongoing. Investigation. Run by the FBI. That was first acknowledged last September. If you go back. To them. And even chronicle everything that's happened since then. An identify what was actually happening what the FBI actually exposed. Then you have to ask yourself how does anything announced today. Address any of those issues I don't even mean in dumb because that's probably impossible but just minimize them. Adam there's no good answer they failed spectacularly. Because what the FBI investigation exposed. Back in September. You go look at the people who have been indicted. People lost their jobs it's connected to these banks money people. Paying off families paying off coaches to try to gather influence over. Pro prospects. There's literally nothing today. No announced change. That's going to have any impact on the it's shoe companies. Creating relationships with the best prospects from country. And that often. Using those relationships to create influence. Over where they end up attending. College. There's nothing. In the proposed changes today. That addresses that at all. There's college coaches on campuses. Family members. Accepting extra benefits. There's nothing in the changes today that it dresses that. At all. Instead of just. Changes that failed big create nice headlines. But if you. Look at the fine for an. And actually understand the issues in college basketball. What any reasonable person will conclude is that this isn't going. To change a thing. Friends. Of one of the big headlines today. Sounds nice I can admit. It's written this way. Into a boy now for the first time ever will allow. Prospects. At age. Is something people ball was sensible for forever. Because in one other aspect of life. Do we identify. A sixteen or seventeen year old who's uniquely gifted. And then tell them that you can have no. Professional. Advice you handle your contracts. And all your career. Like when. Somebody identifies Justin Bieber as a teenager. As a uniquely gifted young man. One of the first things they tell him to do urged parents to do you find somebody manage your money he finds way to manage your career. It would be insane not to. Arrest story. Some point over the past couple days. There's a sixteen year old girl. To sign a massive record just a million and a and it all started when she was on cell cloud built Obama ought he. Went on tour would somebody. Her fan base grew. At a record company just said okay we're investing in this girl. I promise you. Even if for world. As it is today it was unimaginable to hurt a year ago at this point. She guess in my hand on the money. She's got somebody handling contracts. She's got somebody handling everything. It would be crazy. Not to. I'm not Justin Bieber I'm not that sixteen year old girl. I don't negotiating my contracts. I guess somebody to do that for me. I don't hand them money. As somebody to do that for me. I'm a 41 year old college educated man. And I recognized that. Those are things I need other people to do. And yet when we identify Marvin Bagley of fifteen years old as somebody who is gonna. Make tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars. We say. But you cannot have agent representation. You got to navigate this on your own and so often as is the case with these types of prospects. They come from backgrounds where there was nobody. Who understands. How to make these big types of decisions. Maybe if you're. In US graduate. And the child have in US graduates. And the grandchildren are in US. Graduates. You come from a family that's equipped to may be guide you. Down past like this. But if your from a single parent home. Maybe the first person ever even attend college in your family. The idea that were then asked can you make these big types of decisions without proper representation. Is just. It's always been wrong. And so when the NCAA announces today we're gonna allow them easily prospects. To have those types of relationships. It makes for nice headlines because that's what you gonna read it most newspapers tomorrow. Almost website tonight. If he lived a double A to allow prospects to. Have major representation. Then you get to the fine print. All that means from the into the place perspective the way they've defined it is that if you are identified as an elite prospect. Then. An agent can advise you. But a kick agent can't advance your money. And aging can't provide you with benefits in any way other than throughout the selection process. They can fly UN for meeting. They can pay for mail. But that's it. And then if you are in college. And you enter the NBA draft. Reply for it you can then develop a relationship with a mate. But it's under the same circumstances. And then. If you decide to withdraw from the draft to go back to school yet to terminate. In a legal way. Your relationship with that age. Now think about this. To the extent that agents have been an issue in amateur basketball. And they have been. It's not rooted in any of the stuff I'm talking about. No agent has lost his license for talking or advising. An amateur prospect. No agent has. Lost his license for providing a meal. Noting he Miller got in trouble for Christian Dawkins got in trouble once. It was paying. Prospects. Because they wanted to represented them. Some day. That's still gonna go on. You wanna know more. Because it's hard to get caught if you're Smart. And because. It's one of the best investments you can make. I told you before it remains true today about 90% of top ten high school players in the country every year end up in the MBA one way or another. If you can invest in them at the rate of 101000 dollars 20000 dollar sometimes even a 10200000 dollars it is money well spent. There's no one there's no legal investment I can make tomorrow that is probably better than it making an investment in RJ Barrett. The number one freshman in the country at duke. Like if you told me I could invest a 100000 dollars legally in whatever I wanted to today Twitter Disney doesn't matter or. Gary you can invest a 100000 hours and RG Barry and when he turned pro you get to represented. The RJ Barrett investment is or a better. Any change. So how does this ruled inevitably change day change that reality it doesn't know. Exactly what's been going on with the agents and players this summer league team's. Gonna continue to go with agents and players. And summer league teams. The other big headline. Now if players go on draft. They enter the NBA draft pick a one drafted they'll have the opportunity to to return to school sounds good right. And I guess in theory it is good having the option to do that is better than not having the option to do that. But then there's the fine print. And really change anything because here's the fine print. If to maintain your amateur status. Obviously because they're tied to this flawed war. You have to be invited the Columbine. And then if you go undrafted. On the Thursday night. Of that NBA draft yet to Monday at 5 o'clock. 21. Announced that you're going back to school. Which administration now and you needed to have followed the proper protocol to even be eligible for that. You go okay well how many kids are gonna affect each year five or six. Total portal. And the list from this past draft a player who would qualify that is like five or six or seven. Here's the other problem the deadline is the following Monday of the NBA draft. Anybody who falls to grizzlies. Or any franchise on draft night knows that the way it works Estes. The draft ends and you immediately start. Single edge or some other prominent NBA reporter. Tweet that. This player who went undrafted has agreed to place summer league with the use college yes. This player who went undrafted as agreed to place summer league with the Chicago Bulls. This player who went undrafted has agreed to place summer league with the San Antonio spur. And so these young people's pro possibilities. They do not go away. Any player good enough to be invited the combine is going to have. Pro prospects. Pro possibilities. Even if he went undrafted on draft night literally every one. If you're good at it might become might you will be good enough to have a professional opportunity somewhere even if you go undrafted. So if you are somebody who wanted to be a professional that's why you went through the process YUN of the NBA draft and remained and it. And you don't get draft declared you're disappointed but they knew immediately get a call from somebody saying hey the San Antonio Spurs wanna invite you to summer league. You still think maybe there's chants. And then there's probably somebody also telling you. Hey listen this MBA thing might work out might not work out right now but we get Eugene we do. Unfortunately to a when did you two way deal you can work your way to a we teaching overseas do you who work to do with how many are gonna turn that down to go back to the school that they didn't wanna be yet anyway John that's a good option it's a small. Small number and a I would bet over all I would belt once that's implemented now that the number of players who actually qualify Ford and take advantage of it. I I'm I'm not being harp about 11. Who three a year so nice headline. It doesn't really do anything. And then the other big one is to the recruiting calendar. They have taken away. 2 of the traditional five day evaluation periods in July. And replace one with nothing in July and replace the other one with the camp into. Now what they think. Is that. We've got a problem with grassroots basketball we've got a problem with the shoe companies connected to grassroots basketball. And if we limit. Being number of opportunities in July. The college coaches will be able to withstand. Non scholastic. Slash shoe company associated events the metal ring back some of the power. From the shoe companies. And won't get this stuff cleaned up. The problem is there isn't anybody who understands how the shoe companies work and how these grassroots programs work who would actually agree with that. You know who would agree with that Condoleezza Rice. Who has never worked in that scene. I'm not even sure she's been to a grassroots event and I say that what an incredible amount of respect for Condoleezza Rice she is a brilliant. Accomplished. A person. Who has been prominent in had prominent roles in this country for a long time. But the thing nursing. She doesn't understand. She's mentally dead. And that idea that they invite. Enough if any. People who do understand it into the room. To help explain it. Oh was among their first. Stakes. Because the issue companies develop these replicate these relationships with these grassroots teams. Now wouldn't kids are seniors in high school juniors in high school the play and from thirteen 141516. Years old. And these events are still gonna happen. I was in Las Vegas couple weeks ago. It was on Wednesday night but Jim was packed. And there was a grass roots. Basketball game going loan. And if you would have told all the coaches that they're not allowed to be there the players would still been there the fans were still been there. You still be able charged ten dollars at the for somebody would still with a ESPN FS once CBS sports network put it on television. Yes I'm going away. All you're doing is removing the coaches from the jail. But the stuff that's going on in the gym not going away. So what does that mean. Whatever ties the grass root programs have on these players. Whatever ties she companies have on to have with these players they will remain just as strong as they've always been. And you'll take the coaches out of those gyms. And put a minicamp setting. That literally everybody who evaluates basketball players says is not a good way. To evaluate basketball players John cal Perry was quoted about this last week he said the beautiful thing about. Peach jam. And Las Vegas. Is that you have players playing on teams playing with coaches who know what they can and cannot do at duke playing with teammates who are familiar with them. And so and I thought this was really Smart for John to put it this way he said they start evaluating process for us. Because the players who were supposed to be shooting shoot the players who are supposed to be shooting don't shoot the players are shoesource post you're playing play. The ones who aren't supposed to be playing they don't play. So were already like we've we've we've weeded out the guys who aren't available to us. Like if you are sitting at the end of the bench for your grassroots team. Or even not starting for your grass root team I know from to jump in aggregate play Kentucky. Now I going to a camp sitting out who's who. Here's the problem they know each other. The coaches who were with the don't know them. And yet they're putting them and such game situations. And go play with these four guys you've never met for a coach who doesn't know what you can or cannot do how I supposed to evaluate what's going on. It's not better. It's changed for the sake of change. And it also on a hammer this point home a million times decreases the opportunity. For young people. And for what. To replace it with a inferior event. To theoretically remove power from shoe companies that you're not actually going to remove. The story of Mike dom is a perfect example I've told him before but bear with me. He's a senior South Dakota State. He's an all American two time summit league player of the year if he stays healthy this season. He's going to end up. As one of the ten. Best scorers. In division one men's basketball history. He's had an incredible career. Heading into July of his. Senior year of high school. He had zero division one scholarship offers. The reason is because you from roar Navarro Brasco played for grassroots team but it was not want to play on the EYDO circuit now when that played on the idea circuit it was just a team. He was just a guy. He could clearly play. But. It's a little bit like if you can really seen. But you only do it in the shower. And nobody ever hears him nobody can know if you can sing and nobody would ever know Mike Donald Singh and an issue. Nobody ever saw. But in the last evaluation period. In July the one that's now being eliminated. He was out Las Vegas they're playing against teams from Florida. Had taco fall seven foot six player for UCF. Because he was there some division one coaches were there. Just happen to be in the jet they weren't there to see Mike dom they were there is to taco fought but my balmy 123 pointers in the game. And South Dakota State's coaches were there. They saw 68 kid who just may twelfth reporter so wait that's good enough. They invited to campus. He goes to campus. He commits. And now he's an all American who's going to be one of the top ten scores in the history of college basketball if he stays healthy when his career is done. Listen to what I'm about to say it's not hyperbole. It's a 100% true. The Mike dom story is impossible. With the changes that the NCAA made the death. Mike dom would have never been able to play at peach jam 'cause he would never been invited to teach him that's the first week of July. One of these camps at the until end of July that's going to. Replace. The lost Vegas events and the end of the month events he would never got invited those nobody knew he wants. You have remained in anonymity went to a division to score NA ICA score. Instead he's having one of the best college careers at the division one level of all time and it would be impossible. Thanks to these NCAA changes. I would challenge anybody on the committee to try to explain to me. How'd decreasing opportunities for young players. Is helping the sport of college basketball how limiting the number of players coaches can see both intentionally it unintentionally. Is good for college basketball may mean one thing that's in any federal indictment that's come out. In the past ten and eleven months that will be fixed by any change you made today. It doesn't exist. I said in a million times a sale once more until they're willing to address the issue of amateurism in the sport. They can do all the window dressing they want. Create all the little headlines they well they don't fix a problem they don't fix a thing. Because they think that. Everything I've just explained. And then torn apart. Plus the idea of harsher penalties. Is going to help clean up the sport college basketball. But I would counter with this. What is harsher penalties. Ever cleaned up the sport college basketball they've been add rules. And penalties forever never worked. Never worked. You wanna one. It's because the coaches who are willing to cross that line. And violate rules. To get prospects. Are gonna still be willing to do. Because. As has always been the case was probably more so today than ever because of their contracts involved. The possible reward. For cheating. For outweighs any risk of cheating. For two reasons. The rewards massive. You can get you literally tens of millions of dollars. And the risk is minimal. Because it's very hard to get caught. Almost none of the people who cheat get caught. Some do. But most don't. It's a little bit like. Why people every night in this city and country in any bars that you could walk into. Have drinks into a car and drive out. Essentially. They're weighing risk reward you are every time you do. What's the reward the reward is you get your car home in north papered over. In the wake up the next day to find your car that's the report. The risky is if I get caught I'm going to go to jail. But the new. Take a step further he said I'm probably not gonna get called Papa had drunk. And keep between the lines. I don't Panama might licenses renewed. My tags Gooden. Got tail lights. I know that if I get caught I'll pay a price I'm probably not gonna get com. So. The route the reward outweighs the risk. To be clears a stupid thing don't of people do every night that's my point. Even though you know if I get pulled over I am in big trouble people do it every. One. Because the risk. It's far outweighed by the reward. Same thing with college basketball. You can threaten lifetime bans and turn emit and sin. Shall causes. The guys who are willing to cheat. Are still going to be willing to you guys who won't all the guys who will win there's nothing they did today is gonna change any of that.