AUDIO: Gary Parrish & Memphis Flyer's Kevin Lipe Discuss Grizz News

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Tuesday, July 10th
AUDIO: Gary Parrish & Memphis Flyer's Kevin Lipe Discuss Grizz News

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The government out of there are a Baptist choir it's got to live regular regularly. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports these are giving Barry show me your view all. Presented by loose screws stay. And FM ESPN. It's very nice doorman. The good news carrier everything's all right I appreciate you being here let's just start with. I think was the big development of the week in cal Anderson four years at 37 million from the spurs to the grizzlies. I guess let's just start when your thoughts on the calendars in Contra. Yeah depleted biggest thing that happens again in my book. IE I really like to appreciate I think it shows that they. I think it took they've identified because because they wanted to repeat bright either released or player he really personal clear. Obviously with a nickname like slovo. That athleticism. Maybe not as strong point. But you know he can really finish at the rim he's just to get enough of a cheater that you have to guard them. Oh in general Burnett because of a four year deal you can between nine at the end of the deal so I really like it and I really liked that they would after. Somebody that does the spurs were thinking they're gonna retains. And and you know I think that shows a willingness to use to mix it up a little bit and think it because they want I. I like this article in. He certainly activity. Topic is ever going to be at all star like Japanese and he's a good young player. Very very good defensively especially if you look at it is advanced metrics so I like assigning a lot I think. You know but to two billion dollars a year firm starting small forward is political. Somebody inside the organization sort of explained it to me this way they said listen I'm we're trying to reestablish a culture. Whatever that culture is. And you can't do that with a 32 year old on a one year deal or 29 year old on a one year deal to get there just playing for their next contract. But if you commit to a young person who's talented and who has been a part of a winning organization arguably the best organization in any MBA. I'm you commit for years to him that he's eat it any already Smart indeed already a basketball player you know those things if he's gonna commit he fits what it is we're trying to do. It's a concern is lack of three point shooting I guess blood. If we've got markets saw Jerry Jackson might come on the court web that we can afford to have a non shooter. On the wing and either way he's still a playmaker on the wing and he's a plus defender one of the best wing defenders in in the NBA. I was second best in defense of plus minus at his position last season. And with Marcus all former defense a player of the year and Jerry Jackson a defense that difference maker and Mike Charlie who takes pride on that side of the court and now you Rick how layers into it. Know what I got outscored the warriors but maybe we can guard teams like the warriors. You buy that. I do but tunics sentimental vote Erica took. Somebody with Vickers who's the other day at a public you know you may not win a lot of games picture you guys are gonna lose a lot of 080 I've been a the other. There at their debts and definitely committing to the defensive side of the ball and it'll I think they've identified that is as. Like a core part of what that means should be public is curiously he played hard those decent and you I I think it's. A ticket to get an encouraging sign that they they cannot have this clear picture of the kinda got to go after a bachelor or I mean you look at dear Jack and you look at. Tell Anderson if you look at our recasting you look at two or Carter right Peter guys are Smart chief players. Pretty noble has the ball in Turkey. That ability to actually get to contribute at this point that it did kind of better and small signing. You know I like the direction of the. Talk we can light a from the Memphis flyer he's on Twitter. At flyer green is blocked if you had to make a starting lineup for opening right night right now and everybody's healthy what would look like. Assuming you're ready to open we do know obviously there are currently. I think they're gonna start deliberate through the tulips and should do I think that they have there should be a blooper export 222. Which makes its debate. He's learning is east. They beat out of ideals shooting guard but I think his size there is going to be is going to be big collapse. And I think you're gonna sir Colin Anderson that small forward. The power for requested is a little out of the air idle boats there. I don't know that if they're going to do to Michael Green and starting at Carol for that and Jerry injections Specter senator there's there's kind of a best there. Who I would probably charger to actually are. Sick at all the five currently working out even though I think your text in the patch that are. I'm really not sure what they're going to be there that's that's what the and the biggest mysteries of the beginning immediately. Obviously the grizzlies are gonna have to make a roster move of some sort do you have. A thought on who ought to be. Tom and you know before Malia was that the other Davis is just. In time to count them innovate to be true I haven't necessarily. You know for a third year NBA got to be totally get not just dominating. Is that they're a little worrying to think we're not think maybe he's not gonna figure it out. But maybe you know maybe there's a way for them. Blew like it derailed mark the first company where they needed to Michael Green and say if they're really lectured at and touched. Which I mean. I know they like in about it about the election that much for opening night when he came. In I think big they have the option available to didn't that the discredit or. I would assume that if you're actually trying to be good this season and you all are. And they are. You gotta you've probably got to keep your Michael Green them estimate blows away and I don't know why some I would blow your way and so you get into a Jerome Martin been Maclin more conversation or you try to do any deal you can do. That doesn't involve somebody who you actually think it's gonna gonna help you win in 2018190. We will pay you mentioned Jerry Jackson. Now we've now seen five summer league games with them. First one was. Actually in like literally unbelievable like you can't. You could not only that what's happening after that yes he tees tempered off reds as you know we won't let it wasn't good last night but still. A bit. People are mostly encourage like I haven't really done any NBA person who watches him play. Forget the box scores just watches and goes who'll everybody seems to see the same stuff what have been your thoughts on Jerry Jackson. I thought he looked really good you know I think he would analog that are in less sensitive to the cart a cheap at critical cricket Richard Kraft. Not a Picard plays left but it really limited him. You know but I think you literally get. Nobody expected to go out there could bakeries. Rattle can keep that he expects it to do that but you know. But the government he was hit he was there on a peach actually willing and so you know it's still its ability to do that. It is secretly in the that's up there off that early he's going to be pretty open. It's it's good ability to knock at the opposite way because college. I really like watching him play a big. He's he has a game changer inside. And he's just he just moves so well relentless deployed. And you don't ever one is gonna top five pick on somebody who really gets after it to that's not like the best deal for top five pick it's like Michael Kidd Gilchrist plays so hard. And like OK okay I know how it plays so hard guy like with a 23 pick in the post the second pick in the draft. But like he does play hard like he in. He's diving in the media role he liked. He doesn't get after it and that's. If that is that he sometimes. When you combine put it this way we combined. Unusual talent we have also works hard that stuff usually works. Yet he's settling at a very high motor and you know I think there's movement to be said for. The son of NBA players right then they tend to do well right connected to kind of have a cup picture what it takes to succeed in relief because they're captain told the red. Look I think there is some thinking that. Army Kevin like a from the Memphis flyer he's on Twitter at fire Gray's blog and then. Every summer when Marc Gasol goes back to Spain he ends up speaking. In a foreign language or at least a foreign language to us to a Spanish newspaper but eventually somebody translates it. And it's like like a little bit of doubt about his future with the grizzlies the headline quote that. Made its way to America this morning is as follows Mike conflict is between my desire to win. And my loyalty to Memphis Memphis believes that I am part of the solution not the problem in quote I do believe that the grizzlies believe that. But it is also likely. I mean they just possible but likely. That. His desire to win is going to be unfulfilled. In Memphis says this season progresses again the grizzlies are not gonna be picked by anybody. Outside of people who just love the grizzlies just have to be a Western Conference playoff team. How do you think this unfolds as the trade deadline which marked being in a walked year. Approaches like it or. Let me. Hell. Out of the playoff picture in the trade deadline is approaching. Is that it is your opinion that they should really look to move mark assault or. Keep them and see if he'll opt in and just ride it out when Mike and mark forever. I think there that I think they'll probably do letter I honestly I think that the time to trade market felt like you're right. I don't think it hitting point now you're gonna get it out back. And what you're just really trying to tank which this year they don't need to do right because if today. Finish I think what is it it's a top seven protected pick I think so players they're like and I'll lottery in the gonna keep their pick and have to give it up next year. Let's protect it. You know this is the year when really they need to throw went like. 37 games and finished into the west to give up the tick went well great that it they're gonna have to have a decent starting senator. And even if you know. I also think we saw some signs of a decline from work assault your right I don't think the whole thing was that the team was so bad that he was I think that was not so. I don't know I don't know what you could even get four but it's all that would make you. If it's not that it's not that he's not a valuable asset its is that what we get back for that ought archer that they except for the release at two traded for that because it's not going to be enough to fill a hole that you create. On this roster. Is that also an indication that maybe he would opt in to his player option because he won't be owed. Are rodeo rider 26 million dollars and if he is in decline. I mean I guess somebody can give them more years in in more told money but. He might beat up the point where the ops in the 26 million for the same reasons Carmelo opted in it's one or not. Yes I mean I don't know I did the last time the Latin leaders were in the situation that ripped off. Opted out and signed a three year ten billion dollar a year deal price yet but I'll have a picture perfect. And that was to be a playoff in it till I just don't know it's different dynamic is to. Tell you got to beat you we go for that money. You we yes I mean as it is that these guys tend to unless they're really chasing championships stuff. They tend to wanna get the money as much as they can get the money as as they see the end of their career approaching because. They have odd careers they make an incredible amount of of money but then the careers don't last. Very long and so. As always we'll see but it'll make for interesting conversations at the trade deadline approaches Kevin appreciate your mayor just like always end a catch up with the sound.