AUDIO: Gary Parrish with JR Moore to discuss DJ Jeffries de-committing from Kentucky

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Monday, July 30th
AUDIO: Gary Parrish with JR Moore to discuss DJ Jeffries de-committing from Kentucky

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So we had an entire show plan your day. And then breaking news happens the DJ Jefferies has released some big news and so. I am gonna throw the Brad and he is gonna get Kelly Gary I'm only a discreet between here JR but just if you will because. This is the most important thing to do is broke right before the show and it says after careful consideration prayer in countless hours from DJ's Twitter account. Hours of consulting my family I decided to reopen recruitment it was a hard decision but I am confident. I'm confident. That taking my time to choose the right school for me to better myself educationally. And athletically is the right choice I don't know what all that means but I've got Gary Parrish on Gary can you make sense of this first of all was this a surprise to UN not. It's gonna take its third if you could. It's not a surprise steady beat committed because even people already committed because hockey. High end and other people were saying what a pity the job you know bulls say they were gonna be a chance. That they would slip though it's not surprising. In a MacWorld went quiet. Surprising given how. Shore. Up well Kentucky's down bit just a few weeks ago he went. Seattle player Kurt possibly. You know I asked her you know like boy or other schools still recruiting. And eloquently just my way of backing is pretty inept or you don't recruiting year and I try to beat two B commit from Kentucky and he's sick no. Or are they talked a pity. In marks he says it back in April you get extracurricular or block or something like eight. Quite well or our workers but it wasn't really like trying to recruit like hey you know let's talk about that he's staying home. And I walked out of that thank you all these these current stay. Yeah true to your commitment and clearly today that its. That's now become untrue because. Here that you committed in the and then reopened a process that I imagine we'll take some time like they're tonight back to go take some benefits by. I mean let's just keep it real. And now you're a big commit from Kentucky to go lives you don't you don't commit certain conduct you to go to. They'll just say they're the only real recent commitment Kentucky's that you despite decided to stay all the whites or. Failure former wrestling coach and coincidentally like I went home from baker would be huge crater lake. Late Saturday night with the oil bought jumpers were on the right are back from a Vegas to Atlanta eager Jeffrey. Olmert coach Carr the papers. Why don't Holland and on the flight quicker and I accept what's up to a but it never occurred in Allah or you don't set what's occurred after Guillen. But later it's still a 100% your current good start would Kentucky's Rick at least salvaged so sure. Of Kentucky's and dismissive of everything else. Just a few weeks prior result. I imagine you know whatever happens you'll Bismarck Lexmark. You know don't let her explain. Are eager Jeffrey editor at some point going to amount you can play at the University of Memphis sent. You know I know can Pakistan's unhappy with desk because. You know an additional one of those deals sometimes. Staff will encourage repeat commit. Or start ignoring and hope they will walk because they beat piercing something they didn't like was recently or pay. They decide to hire or are committed a higher scalpel prospect and I can just tell you that's not what happened because. I myself which I cal Perry in and Tony Barbie. Paucity game acting extremely and they were polled clearly tweaks to quit quit PGA didn't and you like a better player this summer been eager to last summer and you know I I guess I can get to the specific of the conversation strokes behind confidence and operative but like but we're very happy with what they were seen. And it felt like they got somebody who's going to be able placed a bit out. And I know also that before they extracted a commitment. You know they they talked to him about the I can't listen it isn't going to be a deal where it's weird what Connecticut but that does not do it don't have to do it. And you know she has sure been a bit that he was ready to commit to conduct you'd be your wildcat. And it otherwise they would not except that commitment when they did it because. You know I don't like to spend that much time on somebody and they bloom an upbeat. You don't especially Qatar cal Perry you don't like Patrick JP commit an angle to the school that used to import. Particularly when you're meant but it also go ahead separate James Weidman who is. Kentucky's primary targets so I don't the static document set they did not expect it. They talked about the possibility with the Japanese families and were told that. That this was not going to happen but clearly going to change. There is there any indication I mean you've spoken a lot about this before it's kind of the connection of I'm not kind of a connection there related yeah did Jeffries and the loss since. Is there any indication. With the loss and family and any kind of revive and that relationship to where. Maybe that weathered it pretty Chandler or the younger brother is that is that do you think you know him possibly happening. What I wouldn't rule it out but it's not something that I per changed in the past week like they certainly decided okay we're gonna get back on jetBlue also black. I mean equipment because I mean I'm according here is a lot bite. You don't let that roller coast her boyfriend girlfriend and you you'll know. Act like their ticket perhaps more when you're younger than them outlook. A house. Today eight OK they're never gonna see each other it'll all get together this week you at all what now we're finished forever. Well you know I've got to Wrigley or horse shot you know it expects all visiting stops and restarts and in recruiting all the time and settle. Obviously yes you're right Jeff Friesen and it is related to go to the loss and family they are our cousins. Did you get freezing channel Lawson in I'm certainly there's a scenario where. I pick it could absolutely clean up in Memphis with what that whole classic he wanted to. You know it they're clearly and there were james' wife went. I think now they're gonna get BJ Jefferies and if they wanted to add channel lawsuit to that in late Cory Cox 65 kids but America area. I'm in addition to Malcolm Icrc the portal I want to get. Say they could certainly get that direct X some of that might have to do with. You know bigger picture make it's CJ walker can make it some of these other targets. But I want rule well I would never say never with the ball barely in the universe Damascus. If only because chairs are made it pretty clear. That he would like to be there he would if they liked it to have the option of staying home and so if they decide they wanna start recruiting and again. It is he's he has an opponent Caltech it's at least ought. I mean where does it what does Kentucky go from here I began at six. Of course I thought our star player of the deal. There and everywhere probably going to be Lou. The lowest ranked player in their class god. Because that's the way they recruit they don't usually sorry guys ranked outside of the top 35. It's a pleasure to devastated to contract it's. Perhaps frustrating. And in May be embarrassing. But it's Matt. Arm it's not devastating to they have this is not that DJ Jeffrey editor is incredible basketball prospect. Boy for a typical Kentucky class he's just a guy you know they'll they'll have gotten duplicate or an inveterate tire they had here. And so there again this event. There where Kentucky woke over here premiere probably former Forestar prospect to buy sell prospect here that that's probably the white discuss it back. The only regret. I was told Becker Cox wanted to get that done early this to rip away a little. For members of the that we talk about the or like. I don't. He met that was hiring Kenny are emperor VIP. Be able to. You know who really get things done locally and get it done immediately. And it clearly it got out O Greg that color parents. Oh I think of some level Kentucky's probably if there will be huge effort that we like you don't let that at least one player. Bet that this will be able to get. Whom all could be recruiting for them you know also armor which may require them like they would have picked epic according Kentucky article record put Memphis. I really the only reason. That they accepted that their commitment when they. Commitment storm guilt or star prospects is our earliest beat Pitt. And so. They'd pick you up it obviously didn't go as planned but you know we got cal Perry had a top story. Maybe even top two recruiting class. Literally every year he's been a Kentucky so you don't have to shed a tear Grammy gold because. Today this Kentucky even still like when they when somebody commits from them that they even still. Tried every recruit that player of the ago but well yeah we've got a million other gods we can we can take. I think it would dip to stop it is very clear and I can't even remember a time when we are well got to be commitment like Eric. Perhaps there was born but I don't let it go back to the cal Perry days at Memphis. I don't Morse claims it committed. Com Robert don't sure be committed war expedite obviously ended up at Memphis anyway so they're some history of John actually read recruiting a player he committed. Robert don't server. Being committed to Georgia. Then. That when Jim Carrey but it actually a financial friction because so blocked out or commit cement. But an exciting becomes a bit like people are saying any EP gold and side. He subsequently commit to that University of Georgia he was from what don't you torture the week. And then that's when Jim Herrick was the coach there and they got busted that academic. Fraud case. Sell. I would aren't I can never prove this but certainly Georgia particulate Georgia staying of people let somebody connect with the Memphis. Called George called Georgia is our compliance offense. The group lets people explore. The window and let the people at Memphis knew that proper note perhaps state. They're all highly questionable ACP score. Ordered all this I report out this way back when the Derrick Rose thing went out so. Meant guys. It was aware that Robert soldiers standardized test score would like not not okay. Like it was insanely hard like I think at the level look like IP leaks duty ski. It would with all due respect to Robert Dozier. He gained get back has been a political opponent not. I think anybody's acknowledged. Double bill that historic lows. I can I can't say it's in my connect the principal what I can't figure it. Somebody who was aware that rubber nose or had a questionable director escort cult or why insult as any instead. Hey guys need to be really careful in rolling bash this young man get them dealing with an academic or case now the could wind up with another. And Georgia refused to enroll him that would corn belt back to the University of Memphis Italian government has looked like torture but. That just knew what was up with the standardized test score and there but warned that Turkey Linder Georgia. Can they keep weight could your role with Georgia media belt Specter. To the University of Memphis I can I don't know if true I just know that that's what the people that sort of thought at the top. Arms but that does circle back but that's an example John re recruiting a player that once he committed from him out there's not a long track record of that and I guess that would. Say here in this case I'm they'll probably back off now because they wouldn't wanna continue recruiting him. And that happened picks somebody yell at the end because that just makes it even more complex but it was. At this point I would imagine Pataki Decatur greens are done with and they'll be other school they get involved applies. I I can't imagine a scenario where something from this area got to wait for any big commit from Kentucky to do anything other public opinion mountains. So it's is Jeffries is he committed to jet are not committed connected to James Wiseman anyway they found some well. Iowa a place to play grassroots together an adult plates are certain real cheap Chinese slash blog city each each of the past two year sucker. It is in that way. I think and at one of the recent Kentucky wanted to get the that special way it worked beat date I talked opinion about this early in the months. You know about how it is to get early commitments. And go play your store or reading or you and so from Kentucky's perspective. You get a commitment from PGA Jeffries he stated that some overcrowding poor. Specifically recording gave quite the Puerto I sacked. Arm BJ talked about different peach jam about how now compared urgent recruiting game slide in the metro. And BJ took out and recruit a nick Turkey still like we have a different electorate that people have to guard you you talk JR Patel and Kentucky. And Malcolm tell them Paramount took. So you can talk he had an extra playing quite good recruiter in the repeated effort. That's. Output but in addition to just being a player he was a recruiter dictate jeopardy of being of a game like but now. I American Malcolm standard is working on DJ Geoffrey van James Weidman and it's Jefferies commit whatever. Then you don't let syndicates talk particularly. Arm and an arrow where. They watched MBA players you know team up with French and NPR took two or. You know either adjusting or so pertain to know everything trickle down. Where well when Kevin Durant became Kevin Durant. Every 611 basketball player decided he wanted to play on the wing of the cold be big I kept a rare it has largely responsible for the decline of a traditional sugar because nobody wants to be a center every you know mister speaker call your senator Kirk Patrick Ewing considered tall. Because hurricane groups that are he's tall because morning considered tall order and Kevin Greg come along. And kicks it will pay Easter to Lebanon played a little on formally. Like the color guard was complete. Our records from where you're shooting actually. Everybody you suddenly you start seeing it wears Wendy's. Bottom you'll have size where law to airports are short long short belt summit declared in the paper or short to. So that you go to Eric grassroots you know Princeton sixty yearly average short short report being there. Or when they watch what. Applaud Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh still she's got short changed our name Chris Paul go teen bop or any sort of you know wonder whatever Carmelo you know two wins wherever you go probably used to. Your bet that that trickle down to it took their for the high school level. Why don't we ask friends go put together like Bill Clinton and get a and so it I would imagine it's a restore it happening. Own him. But but absolutely could have it will obtain Wideman and amount compared. Well Lou at least discuss the possibility. Go into the same goal and and am playing count craft or gathering at this point the only candidate. Prepared to actually do that would be the universe to Memphis. Justin Moore is in studio with me it's Brad and Gary's on the phone with us 'cause of the breaking news that DJ Jeffries is. ELE. If you're I don't know how the it's like what Morton Robert picked up a can he make some clothes that he could get our legs like get on the airplane again like you bake a football or some other B yeah. Like yeah I'll take that day TI and get ready and then this just hits at 4 o'clock perfect. So over the weekend wise then put out this this sort of social media piece where he limit is hit limits is schools down to eight selections. Which is is a joke right I mean this guys it's Kentucky and Memphis are the opportunities Republican and here. Yeah and that's where I. Even though we talk about the prospects. You know thirty year old men. They're they're. Literally kids and so all of I hesitate to. Market. Or laughed about it they'll all my guys are you know edit publicly because. You know I can't imagine. What it would be like to be seventeen years old. And being number one prospect. In a basketball prospect your rage in the entire world and and and how intoxicating that might be and how might get carried away it was clear skin favorites and all backstop. And so they. Young guys etiquette books to make a list of eight or wanting whatever. But I will say. Nobody on that list other Qatar cure mattresses. Is a serious candidate to get them. And honestly either Iowa on that list. Like the same or Lou Williams and arm and a coach at North Carolina and we can recruit actually a couple of board Carol and Jane Wyatt and equipment units by the way. I would not even use an official visit on her. It just that it is a delight to some time. You know I would talk to and that's easy coats. The other day at a game and there's an art star kid from you wish they. And he. Is recruiting him at all. And I say like that you would take like I told you what state in what he had airport coat on a very sort of let it be like what they're recruiting. You know what they'd be able to keep lived district you know that ninety minutes from campus and all go to add to our campus where we're and this program and operating. But could decrease in the top fifteen team. And their role led. Of course are recruiting the spikes or player from the start they're not according at all. And I asked why these are like a car. You'd like you or I can get a second but like Beckett the vehicle went here or play. You create total and so it Ellie he can say you listings six skull but we know he's really the only considering true fan. You know any gonna go to one of social what are the biggest waste of art not act that would really be. So don't go to the instinct or it acquired star prospect or say you're eat considering you what do you gotta stay in the air to account you're you're not he's not. But that is that it often a massive waste of time a total storm warrants. A medical or Chicago and other popular radio a lot. I our coaching clinic at downing kinkle separate your back at Billy Donovan and Laird shot put on every I would try to come down and speak and so like I was once speaker work. And then Billy I don't know what another Brett Stevens another stupid I did belong to their conduct strikes but I was there and I spoke well also listen to all the other speakers at one of the things really aren't dead is equality and in addition to meet. And basketball coach is also the guy who shot this car or. Would company's. Sales represented. So like. Like or are you might bring him in this guy to talk to them not to nine sales can't get either a dictate to any. You're sort of a seminar on what to do what not to do because sales guru a lack of better to label. So one of the guys what I think Billy recognize that thought it was really Smart was. That being of children and a lot like. Being are over Kruger of astute and aptly and the transcript. Who yogi. Trying to sell or cell or program or whatever. And wanted to know when you can get a sell dollar which don't waste your time on things are gonna happen and so that the demand may one of the first questions be asked. Let's I don't really operate it does world but it looks it's very similar let me ask you how Austin. We don't think I'm gonna get a key it like it's the job used to look like you're in there with this caterpillar and yet how often you actually get cute. And you know they went around Rome and go to call yeah I don't usually do get back. Like you actually do particularly that's what the blue blood sweeps in and and and intakes and from Asia Oca let me ask this. We knew our recruiting a kid and he says he'd interest in you repeat extra phone call then you know he might become repetitive but. Curry didn't know that you're operating on the outskirts like like you gotta leaguer and then there's another blue blooded. And you're that they can record which ain't in the first category not even not even cool Powell didn't he get back to helping you compromise and get back. And the coaches were like almost no. And he said exactly so don't waste your time these are the best thing you can get in recruiting and it sells is a quick yes. The second best thing you can get is a quick note. Bet that the main piece but drag out end up costing you. Good speeding swords and something that never materialized. And you go everywhere to expand on this person that you don't you're not kidding is a minute are spending or somebody that picture probably. And there that are my long way in the way of saying. If anybody who's been submitted on James White and not been jog cal Perry canard elect is wasting his time card on him. You can maybe get a visit you can maybe get him a worker trying to text. You can maybe get into what he should stay out at a table to announce his car sticker to put a hat next to the Kentucky adamant that look at the drop. But that young man angle anywhere other than conduct your Memphis and I swear to god would nor curtain over Vanderbilt. Any other school that recruited him I'm learning from calling again like on the list and send the correct method. Just particular it's over it will play at repertory will play Kentucky and he will not play anywhere other than that one of those two place. The coaches ever catch heat like a furor when the schools that are always on the list. Not like duke has to MED you can protect your kind of names and others say like if you're what does teams that like always on the list but you're not recruiting the guy and you know you're not getting him that could ever catch heat from their fans Ehrlich the media to like. How come I never get these crowds started more like ours or he never closed the deal this one did I say take us off that so that we don't lose out to look like idiots yeah. Yeah I mean you know we look at people laid O got a efforts union job. But I broke a story about that story I just told you about the sales rep although there are writing here at some points and I was asking other cultures. Like cools really cool it not wasting their time. On recruits that they know they can't get. Just go ahead and they identify pilot guy that they yes. It'd make up but they do not waste any current and galleries there they can't get even if the player is saying hey I want to recruit me. Considering you and they and it's got over the weekend and the so when he was coaching at Pitt but it was Cheney Dick. If you can predict that the task like you know exactly who recruit you know exactly where not to waste his time he's really good that act okay. Cool maybe a little delusional like dale is. There in the air with five stars yeah but they just never get them because like they're gonna finish irked at duke North Carolina or duke can be an hour. Whatever and exit date later what Virginia. They get it actually I think you've been fired by them that it actually costs and jobs act multiple coaches sake. Go look at all of our stores for junior wouldn't win when Dave was coaching there. And then go look at how many they actually got and then go back and ask yourself. They really approaching it can't say they've really have a chance if they're really advocate. That would like no no no but he's got a lot of text he could not. Walk away from the five star was mildly interested in him. Even if beane knew or should've known deep down and yet today you're not be duplicated at the end of the day you know beat North Carolina correctly and so. Become a string win. Duke get involved with Rick you know all the prospect gonna go to India or get hurt but a small percentage of extortion reflect poorly on asking out in different girls and you'll you'll want to go out with. You know what I can go to be a little humbling I know it's well. And is it I'll play in the eyes of its entirety tiara yeah yeah. Yeah I met my wife asked not to my right. Like in English it was pretty ignorant. We deal. I didn't really understand because being. A lot like mr. quite quite twenty girls and it would be or popular guys are. I got single friend now who let it slip I don't give a girl just. Not. I didn't tell them what I'm I would but it didn't work. Like walk up to somebody but the great couldn't deal with that that was never really good without the less I had a little too much to drink insults. Our own. Took a period the initial point. I am absolutely there are times when coaches. Kicks says hey I know I'm still considering this school. They're coached stops recruiting him anyway if you like what is the point we don't want it out there are that we're. That will still pursuing them because we're not gonna get him in the which gonna look like somebody B disk. Or. Or couldn't play the same position. And we don't want back kit to think that we're recruiting somebody getting SA peninsula what kept thinking you are part or so there are plenty of Times Square and when our coaches who coach and ask all players even hit the play airports built on a list. Because they don't want the they don't want it to be publicly. Perceived that they are and Paul when they know that they're not really actually ample. It's like Al that was pretty good about system. Are you. All within a bright like their there's a handful of schools where. There's no such thing is being delusional when it becomes to recruit you know Kentucky's Duke's duke. I would say no answers lie in now that there infinitely. While there's been removed. It really might be yet to everybody else sort of have to take urged the regional you'll works. You know what that you know what etiquette play per search you company but to tune in Kentucky shortly and I and I think probably North Carolina. It sort of transcend anything like that could go anywhere in the country. Could you kid. Affiliated with any school. Does that matter there baker thinks they can begin vote in an have a realistic chance to getting caught. But that they can't do that and John even recognize them at their concerns so. I don't when Brandan Wright was in school he acts. You know in suburban Nashville. He told me when he was an art school I would it like Nike all American camp in Indianapolis I remember correctly. Quite yet I'm I'm I'm I'm actually considering members and from school might not coach canal. You know I have three were my home. And I can remember immediately go back into the jam and sitting which aren't as they're recording Brandan Wright and he's at now. And I said all he just said that he's considering you don't. You know what do creek school love you know in doubt right we're not recruiting him he's like don't put it out there that are hurting them we're not recruiting him. Article one any sect could we can't get him. Do you have a suburban kid but to Eric Cole like it Beckett got a university campus can a little bit picky actually circuit. Arnold curator Rick do what you're stay at home plate at Vanderbilt. But like pick occurred at a suburban national kid with those types of options for much of prayer hall that not I can thank you to the universe to that. So there are an example of eight despite star prospect just three hours away from the University of Tampa is saying that he's. Considering University of Memphis. But the metro staff says we're not even electorate are gonna be at the banks we can make a cup are paid to make it to operate. Oh wait there is no water we've been in recruiting you leader get ticket or you don't sell all or nothing. And when you do know that it's almost certainly going to be melting and you're wired network. I mean this sort of takes us back for months ago when penny got this job this this is something and that fans are reveling in near Memphis I mean right JR yeah its like we normally you're not just getting DJ Jefferies. You're getting DJ Jefferies. From rom content out if this all goes the way we think it's gonna go I mean that that's the biggest part of this right I mean DJ Jefferies not just giving a player of DJ Jefferies caliber and then. Penny coming in and changing the program and hiring Mike Miller. And then getting three enforced like three stars you're didn't DJ Jeffries from Kentucky if you get him and that's. That's why every so pumped about this. Well they it all matter urged you know this program that. Really. It's kind of hyperbole hit historical low you know over the past couple years. We're not good to come beat a dead horse. Even more than we can't use that here we pass the bill recruiting within an all time or at a moderate or low which is a modern era ball beyond the core product was. A modern era level I mean it just it just got. Radicalized that you're telling what. So Memphis fans. Are thirsty for something to be excited about and Kenny has provided that. In every way and provided in advance so they first he's. He's been visible. He's been into eighteen he's been up correct certain he's been sadly. He's gotten things done in recruiting. It got things done in a matter of weeks in recruiting that the crickets got couldn't get done and two years and so this is just the latest. Example of that and actually pretty guy he's gotten anything done yet because that indicate that. He went yelling god the kid to be committed I don't know that it went down that way bought it. Certainly like BJ Jeffries was made aware one way or another if you want to be universe Comerica tiger he could be a universe did not tiger and and I'll be surprised at this point if it beats it be not you know now in recruiting. There are surprised at all costs so. At night try to tell our party John Mark Edwards and the percentage play. You don't ever speak an absolute about recruit you know you get back you are you'll just wind up making itself looks duke are horribly wrong. By. That's when given everything I know in given the way this went down. I will be surprised if DJ Jefferies isn't committed to the universe democracy at some point because anything other that really doesn't make. Really doesn't make consent like you're going to. Our cal career. Gil back out and get this to just go to Mississippi State you know you don't accept that it. Let Beagle who lay ethical play I literally can you imagine. Yeah there I get you don't let it go Alex do work hit a. The only thing you know what the baker predicted there is if you get beat down just basically decided. You just won a state all and you wanna beat you wanna play with some you're. The rest of your friends from recent years and your place for the guy who spent last summer coaching there there's really no other reason there. And this would be happy after all did that come back to Memphis or did commit Mary even want to are getting their all awesome. And as a girl and how what's ross' house on what should count gonna bump out of Britain urged an Olympics. I hope I almost I had gotten it before and it doesn't matter what the numbers and figured out yeah yeah like. I'd I would talk again record as part of your coach. Column in Vegas yesterday actually asking like travel. Irish guard Eric and I really you know I wonder that they are just roster. Economic and every scholarships are gonna you don't. It took up ninety. If you record you know like. You. You never know what he's more likely. To get straight up no reason you know another kicker nick and academic casualty. That McCain can enter the draft to go undrafted. And advocate mark elaborate trick you don't know and so coach adults that I'll tell you this. Stand spin weighing more time stressing about scholarship numbers. Then coaches do. They exist or it'll work itself out all you know what go out and except commitment to player that you wore. And it and got. Sick you've got to work out you'll work it out and was meant that they get so many. You know different options of how to handle saying. Aren't they can take peace sign and an end and take a lot scholarship they wanted to or they needed to room. You know. I know that. You know Ryan Opel is supposed to be on scholarship by. You certainly don't have to do that like you know it's not like a armed there's some signed contract you don't have to do it. If you wanna run somebody all bets are hard to do. It's sometimes you just decide it than that of the planes are not gonna be there for them. So they they Al Gore and this happened just a doctor can't just make it very clear to player. That the play at times not going to be there but Mike Wooten you're really I let's say yeah say you aren't yet and and I'm not a bit too big hair cut like. You're not gonna play so like she's really wanna the end your entire next year on the pit gazette incredibly. You know like what I go somewhere where you can actually get on the court I know you're player Arnaud or collect if that make it sound like or don't say over the regular run in the Q at all so. Update this if they can get a commitment to interpret okay. They get a commitment from. And who might look we will. They'll march April and open or you over the scholarship Len. And they'll figure out what the tell Nevada. Some kids after they've seen them when it look like they were gonna loose but more wet and what Barton went decided that both come back to school. This was open people kept talking about Opel if the market would come back there once Kosovo or now. What are they gonna do. You know who never worried about their perspective Eric Mohammed the soonest. I beat a recruit to prepare for the Portland winning thing. So what they know it's not as bigotry here and it it's not a comeback won't it'll be awesome and I'll figure out the duke. It's the Bartlett came back and some nobody don't think trip and and that better the way it looks like I cannot remember. It's a little bit like eight PR everybody else April extract about the new graves right access how many big time programs actually. Being appropriate support tournament. 48 for eight PR problems at its wind. Oh it's gonna etiquette that you hit one ever opening act one way or another bigger schools figured out at the same thing with a scholarship. Budget numbers. One way or the other kids figured out I can't remember a time. Where they count goat was sit eat you know in in June. And completely like. Out of options to get down to to the number thirteen like they figure it out and sell. That would be my advice that most fans I don't ever worry about the eight PR because they don't look circle and they never kicking. And don't ever worked out scholarship number because it almost certainly is not going to be a prob everything gets figured out what a neat because figured out. We'll Gary thank you so much bird joining us on your vacation. Perhaps the seeds for attacking the defense of the we appreciate your side iPad but certainly at a interpret art and life and I'm like why did they moonlight as your. Sergeant. You the return that they are you know when people aren't used to host a radio show. But there are no the one thing you know it's very quickly into account what they know or don't know how shall. What do they sell comparable or shall wait on comparable my point being that. You sound really comparable to an expert dark at 4 o'clock and I bet that I would say a great first there.