AUDIO: Gary Parrish & Geoff Calkins discuss Pastner/Bell Report on Extra Benefits

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Tuesday, November 7th

AUDIO: Gary Parrish & Geoff Calkins discuss Pastner/Bell Report on Extra Benefits Story at Georgia Tech


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GP joins me I gave tesh is the host because of pressure of Puerto six every single day is the national college basketball count CBS sports dot com. Emmy winning television personnel to rising star. In the field of meteor out and he and evidently a Pulitzer Prize level investigative reporter GP how are you. I. Tired but. But I'm good what's up with you. So you got a big story out about Josh Pasteur that is creating quite sir congratulations on that fine reporting. What do you make of it go ahead just to start talking. Yes I mean it's it's obviously a mess right you know this is the guy who you know full disclosure I met. You know two years ago introduced to him by just last year. You know just press just sit. You run this is Gary Gary this is run. Well I'm telling how we know each other and Ron went on to tell me his story you know about that addiction about prison about outshot shaped his life shouldn't. We exchange numbers at that time and I think throughout the rest of that seat and maybe. He would text every once in awhile because as you know he was overwhelmed. About the program really until we don't column. Late January. Prompted I thought that was interesting biker couple that declared. The Josh pastor you know Eric has got to be over. According to Ron Carey pastor called him. After that but David Beckham came out after they lost to Carolina asks that you just need Q everybody's turning on him you gotta get here and back when he came here. And so I met him shortly after that and yeah. You know I guess he'll be text everywhere it's always keep in touch but I have not talked to him in well over a year. And you know sort of closure I got attacked a patrol and wonder and so you wanna talk out. You know I got to think that like to say and didn't bet that conversation. Ultimately led to where we're at right now and you know I you know when you about it when it's when you have that type of information. You're dealing with. I mean at least theoretically people's careers. Their livelihood. You know you don't take that lightly particularly. Within the subject is somebody who. I know well. You know is who knows Mike Stanley had no definitely not that it is easy result tricky by. Ultimately my job to it to be a reporter and and yeah so like do my best try to report it right down the middle like true what I can prove. I leapt on a ledge what he alleges. I quote him accurately. And consistently and I give Josh the opportunity to just address every single allegation and you hit publish it to deal with that here we are. Let me start just just to get it out of the way with the Memphis part of this which is he alleged that he. Sent shoes DiMarco Crawford last year when Tubby Smith was coach and also supplied Marco Crawford. With 300 dollars or so of gift cards for groceries without a the past I was that under tubby begets good. I believe the gift card probably happened toward the end of the past or throughout the summer I think. He genuinely get had a soft spot for mark felt like. I think it's pretty clear I mean it's. How about deliberately yeah I EMI you ought to read a rough story. He's darker edge just didn't think anything will come of that regarding Memphis or mark kept. Not big for Memphis I mean I don't think you're gonna deal with that meant to do and certainly like. It's Tubby Smith doesn't want just passer transcending. Rescinding Markel Crawford she was. I think that remark helped thing I would assume that Ole miss so poured it. You know they'll basically take much to this story I mean I don't I might say not already been in touch almost official this morning. I imagine they'll feel support issues and end. And deal with it however they need to deal with that if it's that or insist that you talked about you know I would. I don't have any interest in predicting what that might I don't think they mean I'd I would meant to stand I would not be mad about it. But there are nothing else to weirder there's also one little weird thing about. Money for the plate but he did give a mad at one of vague sort of accusation when he was at Memphis that he gave them money for the players but that that's. Is that in there as well that. Yeah now he says you know Rondo says that after one of just pastors weekly television channel that. That that he attended and he shed in the parking lot. I'm outside of the television studio which Josh were more than Howard hit car his girlfriend Jenna person at the separate car and Josh and Iran talk about whatever they talked about. And according to ride at the end of the conversation Josh and an envelope with what money and it can. And when he got back to the car each Obama looked to his girlfriend and I talked to the culprit as well. And the girlfriend says I ask rob wanted to have money or about our hotel could she said she assumed that Josh was taking care of some of their expenses amounted know the system players. And you know they like. Yeah it just has not been able to Georgia Tech has not allowed Josh to address this. They released a statement to the athletic department to meet but I don't think there's any scenario we're Josh is going to say yeah that's what happened. Yeah yeah like yeah that's true that this. Well okay so like there's several things. Where it's just it's just not from Opel and what you gotta hit the camera in your car or are symbolic that answer yet so let me. It does and it didn't happen to me that you can't prove it but I you know plug bell has. I don't think it's an overstatement different towel. A text messages. Direct message and email. You know with him and people connect it to Josh or. The programs Josh at which Josh is coached. And so. I asked him many many times you have any group that Josh ever gave you money for proper reasons for improperly. They just trying to help welcome to the multi millionaire and urged struggling at some time. Do you have any proof that he ever gave you money is there an incriminating text messages or one where he says. Hey Iran did you get that money or hey why I think protect your let anything like that she and Ron says. You know and have my understanding it he went through everything. And he is quote to me is basically just you bet you he's secure you're asking me to give you an email that says. Iran thank you for paying for plane ticket to let your best place to North Pole come to your whole order that could. Why Batman dine them treat them well and convinced them Georgia Tech and the great quest coins or they have. You know you know it'd be your friend I especially like Beckett jacket and golf you never should take lessons like that. But I'm just telling you what I'm telling you happened happened and ultimately that will forever be I think he says you shifting. You know because like. You know rock you know to Ron's point he's at even east. Did I I I had to take a picture but nobilo would buy 100 dollar Bill Bennett say just get the get go that route Josh gave you did your kids. Basically it hasn't been note too that he's sick like and that is on the argument think that logically. I'm not an agent. So I'm not trying to develop relationships with players. Represent a one day I'm not a financial advisor and artists got immediate guide you through the FBI investigation that are trying to bankrupt. Players to create relationships. I don't benefit in anyway from that. About a Georgia Tech a while I'm not a Georgia Tech screen and I don't care to detect every once again every violation I committed I committed core mark core. Judge pastor that's why I get it there's no other motivation for me. It took in the question which I believe it's true and the question becomes did judge well. A guy again Josh is not being allowed us to publicly say anything about thirty specific allegation. But ultimately Josh can say he had no idea in my goodness are you a liar and that's what we're. I wanna get to that in just a moment that part of it and just a moment but before I do that there are basically two sets of allegations. Involving the Georgia Tech players there are those where you very clearly have. Receipts and documented evidence to indicate that he did provide him with these things and indeed if you look at what Georgia Tech self reported. It basically adds up to exactly how this. What what those documents at up to. And then there's a whole range of other allegations. That I guess are not documented at the Georgia Tech has not fessed up that is that essentially it. Yes our. The others Amare which you know the question becomes how did you get from the airport to not a 110 mile walk out at Iran pick them up. Well what's the mileage for that that had that is an extra benefit you collect famously players have been in trouble because they took a lie. From somebody from campus to a home as an extra benefit. So you know you that's got to be calculated in. Fronts of these spent 500 dollars on gross you know that jet or perhaps both players before they got there what kind of food do you want us to yet. They're like filet mignon Sam felt great and so we went out of ball back and you know took a little things like. Then it gets a little here you know I'm out here hurdle is there. But they'll put it out here to regard their attic up can be the difference between nine games pitched in thirteen games you know itself. If it gets a little weird in don't play itself according work and I didn't know this before yesterday a pile while reporting on this I found out. Georgia Tech is not obligated. Took took so Oprah or whatever crisis supply and actually patent protection because they don't always it would make up a port had access. To the documents like the connector to document now because I. Printed them but they're not that's not always the case so. He has talked to Rick Jackson got. A pair of try to re shoot. And Ron paid a 190 dollars for them. If Georgia Tech and find them online for 120. The things you pick it reported to 120 dollar extra benefit. So any discrepancy in it run destinations. And Georgia Tech destinations could be. Could be explained simply by. Don't play schools and allow the self support but at this point what his electorate detector that. Let's pretend that they date today. They obviously self reported monthly self reported let's split the NCAA investigate this doesn't find evidence of anything else that the stuff but the stuff the run ballast claiming and so this is. What kind of suspension is Georgia Tech looking at and rob bell made elaborate threats in this story. About he's gonna break Josh down to be in high school coach again. This is not the kind of thing that's gonna make just passed her high school coach is gonna cost two players to sit out this is but suspension right. Yes hey I think tiger is probably look at it I like it took scale so how much money the NCAA. Discovers. Welcome farms that you took in extra benefit like it's just placed on a scale like it's more if it's no secret. 500 outlet in separate fifty I think at like nine. In the habit what does that have to do. It could go to twelve but it would got a weapon skill right in front of me but it will really come down to. What the NCAA except at the value of their extra benefits but. Mean they're not with the team right now and there they both missed multiple games and I think Josh even right now according to Georgia Tech so purported. It's it's like nine games so a Coke the entire. Non conference scheduled to use these. I mean they're they're two of the three best players at George tech you know like they're both double digit scorers so I mean there are important players. And so when you ask Ron bell why did you pick out it's sort of interesting writing cook a story of like a hard you decide these that you got to take care of each of what it besides. Just like anything else you figure out can't take care he could Georgia Tech's best players in landmarks delivered a set by worked me my whole life you only look. I can't develop a relation Atlanta but I could which got a Coke. And so why can't we just a code you know taking care of him and then I understand that Josh or Cokie is roommate put Tucker Jackson. And it just keeps getting packages for me. He knows just couldn't come from a good background he knows something must be up front that are bringing him in on to the Mets last Arctic air. So like I won't say. Iran who you know it is getting beat up on social media like I expected that and told him to expect that. Yet in many times what you think's going to happen and I sit. You're you're you know you're you're going to be framed as an ex con. Former drug addict who is crazy and trying to bury your friend for reasons that the X and them Greek. But the but that doesn't mean your line and if you will the talk then I'm willing to do the store and so. I would say on his behalf but it literally everything he ever say that I'm the first time I talked to him. It could be checked out checked out. Everything. Without exception like what he would say. Gary this is what I think people mind and I don't know that I recorded this let I'm gonna have talked about it at some point so here we are. If you call me for the first time in you know this could I don't puke. After Georgia Tech's self purported. I talked to him awhile ago and everything he says Georgia Tech's subsequently self report. Now what he won't tell you and I'll let other people decide whether this is true or not. Georgia Tech would make up reported last Thursday. Cool when they publicly and now that they excel purported. But last Thursday. They said that Josh pastor discovered these violations was first made aware that on October 2 and that he immediately. Turned over to comply. One belt that that's ridiculous here's what happened. On October 2 that's how we just don't just have to count out of it and that wind just pastor and I talked in different times. For over an hour almost two hours and I told him I'm going to ruin your career. Mashed up you're gonna you gonna treat me with disrespect. Your job your career is so you're gonna be coaching high school. And so when Josh knew that the court in Iran go when Josh knew that he no longer had me under control and I had his career my hand. He decided that is best bet. What to trot was to sell purport they can't get about about the stuff. Self report. And and end in the try to find me as a liar is it but the only significant about October 2 is not. And that it's not that that's when just found out. He said that we just found out he couldn't control me anymore and he says if you don't believe me go check the phone records we talked to different times but that. I literally from oil computer signed into its cell phone deal. Went to it and they talked in different times but that. I'm bitterly they aborted to a blade of almost 11 o'clock at night. Which if you're Georgia Tech you probably have to question OK coach passenger. Still hope ordered us in the afternoon couldn't sound like tell compliance at 11 o'clock at night. My debt fight this guy is the person to provide the benefits. What are you on the phone within the rest the night. Which I think a reasonable question to ask about here tell you of the line equipment. I the only thing I'll say at that took the step that could be documented that Ron bell alleged from the very beginning. Every bit of a checked out every bit up. Well there are two things one is I think the line that is really. First he did you walk it does this does not mean it's not right in other words a lot of the people who end up. Knowing things reporting things things have baggage right it doesn't mean you're that the actual information that they're providing is not right he obviously has baggage. In his criminal background. And I mean you eat you know it as much as I do like when he was around here you discover had a weird obsessive five. That's like I I I have baggage on some marked. Like I decided today you know what I wanna a courtroom when one of my friends American Express or one of my print lies. Like I can do that I backed him most of it kept you know I want to say hey I tell this girl she got Mary I kept. She and her husband up FaceBook message right now and that would probably called prop. I can do that I think most people could do that folks it's just not something I'm interest to do it quite hard enough I tried that anybody's problems but clearly he. This got to a point where he say that if it just got there isn't going to be the brand I thought what those are his words not mine. And I'm going to blow him up. It's not something that would've motivated me to do what you did it motivate him to do what he did and your points he does it mean dateline it and motivations are. Year to some people it doesn't mean not come true. Yet the line the line that I think will make really seams and seemed loony is the he didn't call me on my birthday which is right there on Metavante at bats that they you're you're Obama because of that having said that. And this is a lot this is that the point I was going to get to you say all that about rob bell. But the idea just passer didn't know about the stop it this to me I'm subjecting this the same test. I was inducted John cal Perry to with a Derrick Rose stuff was never proven. But the idea to me. That dead John cal Perry didn't know when the best player he'd ever recruited to that point was on his the last strike in terms of taking the standardized test. It even didn't know where it was taken at circumstance he was taken at the action wasn't taken it. Is so beyond far fetched that I cannot begin to describe. Because John and John knew everything similarly. Josh knew. Everything Josh wasn't the most single most obsessive coach I have ever had in my life so the idea that all this was happening love Josh. Knowing strange credulity domain. Yeah I don't know like obviously when you do a story like this people immediately askew so what are you believe. And typically when you do a story like this like I know what I believe. For instance when I hit the Albert means story a million years ago. I knew what I believe I I don't know what I thought happened there and you would never move would be all that different Cutler because I heard you say that earlier I had the same dot. The quote where rob bell says I told Josh you know I'm gonna ruin his career and Josh told me. Nobody's going to believe you you're a prisoner I've never been in prison I have a great reputation. Nobody gonna belief he. It doesn't sound like something just passed the senate. It didn't like it does it. Like you know how sometimes you you increase your worst bit given the way that's not really how they talk here or the opera awards but yet but definitely took that to be an anonymous quote. And not Electoral College after Lakota who allegedly got that's. Actually like a guy that I talked to local. That they'll work they'll sound like. Worked the judge pastor what sat so 01 anecdote I'd dutchess. That's in my hit. On the other side you're exactly right Erica remember talking to Karen Johnson wants about how he never got in trouble that the country could not in Kabul and high school or the couched. And he said it is impossible to meet him in trouble. And why he's conduct Patrick helping every. You know I it felt like it buy it in Ottawa toward adjourned now but the what you basic Shalit if I wanted to go give. Hi at a party at two with a warning acute that it I would it would be in the region has become entrapped into this. So at saint I'm just saying that's what he says. Just Patrick gonna call me every hour that we Wear my network might do. So that I can't speak clearly he knows I'm not doing right if I'm not at home at a certain time. It's not like maybe you'll call the night he will call the not the point being Josh knew where Jerry Johnson was basically every outlook every day. But the two years been without members. So what you're equipped with that knowledge. Now you have to try to make sense out. To look Josh is best three players. We're in Arizona. For five. Did not know. I mean did did make does that make sense I mean I know Josh you're gonna say you didn't know what effect he had on the record as of last week's saying yet know like if she. But is that the titans like. I don't know college basketball coach in the country and I'm just I expect a kick out get out. I got to put it this way I don't know any count that while the coach coach in the country who could have their two or three best players. Literally true trying to don't over and not get better random house but at a how's your family connect at a house owned by somebody who lives. You know stick incredible amount of time with you editor and how don't bite somebody who you call it unbelievable friend and like a party different. Deal which you really under no circumstances note that Thursday. I'd do it if that's stepped up it's tough to make sense. Gary good story. And I'm sure it's not the end of it so congratulations and believe I don't know what is I would definitely get on how would it will block behind tags capacity at.