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Thursday, January 11th

AUDIO: Frank Schwab on the Gary Parrish Show (1/10/18) discussed the Titans and more NFL with GP


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Guests appear repeal the smiles center hotline now. It's getting better show fly again great parents who is live from the local restaurants towards more studio ninety to nine FM. ESPN. That's a cyclical for you in the next segment we'll touch on the tigers went up over Tulane last night. As a two game winning streak heading into this weekend's game. At temple given that also great young also Kentucky's. Interest didn't resonate. Also in the top ten got match up tonight that's in the next segment Geoff caucus to be here at 5 o'clock right now covers the NFL for Yahoo! Sports francs while making the big interview. Award winning writers at least coaches the biggest names in sports be singularly Barry show me your view. Presented by lose the stage. In his movement ESPN. Frank it's our hate doorman. Exception to a current or not. Everything's good in my world to check on you how are you doing with this Wisconsin basketball season. My goodness what I did architecture built alleged going to be better next year like gay. There's one near killed somebody or by badgers are urged there's just great guard is a bad copy of polarized. Well I mean I don't know like you know they've got to pick it certainly did he keep it going for a little while because it was like still a lot of the same players on culture all of that. But that slips if it does slip from it won't be the first coach that has ever happened to I've were betting. I'd bet no he'll get it back right perhaps not as consistently. Right as Boe kept it for so long. Come but. But again this has been surprising. And an unusual you do not expect. Wisconsin be sitting here. A two and three in the Big Ten min and nine and nine overall I think intimate this stretch is still true heavily like they've never finished outside of the top four since like. Bo Ryan Parent. Yeah. Or I had her I know you have believed the world Saturday nights it's been a lot to say it's not like I'm just there hadn't focused. Look at no doubt a little bit now running a lot based only on that podcast all time you talked about a million times. What they're meant to still have a law here a long decade orchestrator and higher regard. Wisconsin is done now that's history now and I mean it is from 1940 children my genetic or they did not make one inch internal. So I knew we could all go up you know one bad hire and I just hope this is this isn't about art. Well I hope for you as well but that's true because that is. One of the great fan bases in America one of the great places to see a college basketball game in the country like every time I've been there. It's been an income you know an awesome atmosphere and a and a good time and Salah. Yeah the Dick and I think especially with you know we heard of that leak now Wisconsin consistent winner down Indiana consistent winner down. And so you've got a league that looks at Michigan State Purdue and everybody else we can talk about that. Another day I wanna ask you about some of the top things and I know it's and perhaps old news now but I haven't talked to go with you about it. And that's the reports of trouble in New England between owner coach and star quarterback. How much is an error how much is overstated if any I don't wanna be dismissive of anybody's reporting just what do you make of everything that's happening around that franchise as they're trying to win yet another suitable. Yeah and they had total order book served up by all most respect shops liquor sham I changed course about the business and I hoping anything and her weren't necessarily. You know I think. Wrong and it's summer period they do not a lot of things demeanor of the Biggio here or there but I think there. The gist of the story was accurate that there are probably what egos clashing or not. But perhaps sports statue ego except I mean I'd I don't get like third you know this passage we're talking about. Well Brady likely criticized by telecheck Belichick negativity. I'm sure if you would across all locker rooms and NFL asked people honestly. Are you supporter culture is he criticized nukes like what ninety to a 100% saying yeah slightly adjust. Are you firing are at their defaulted debt tub or if you don't like it bought criticizing him does mean somber in the normal do so. You know you get caught like stuff like that you say well okay what do we really talk about your reach is actually get a break up a dynasty that. Tom Brady who likely criticized or that you know. Bill Belichick had a preacher to drop global fortune free agent right. I just don't think so I don't know nothing that they are that they after the ticker subordinated maybe Bill Belichick quips and ghost does monitor proportional I don't know what. I just don't I don't think it's breaking up the patriots dynasty out of state gets. We care a lot about the patriots to slow down the patriots. And seeing it happen and every NFL NBA they usually baseball locker room are now you know they're happening here and somebody reported. Photographer swamped from a Yahoo! Sports I imagine this is a question without an obvious answer or definitive answer but I'll ask it anyway at least. Beatrice to get your thoughts on it. Some. Again the reports or at least some reports are that you know who deserves credit that's. An item of contention is this. All this success is it about peel over or is it about the coach or about the quarterback obviously seems to me. It's some combination of of probably all three in some other things it usually is in team sports particularly in the NFL. But I wonder do you think Tom Brady would be Tom Brady without Bill Belichick do you think Bill Belichick would be Bill Belichick without Tom Brady. Is it possible both of those guys would be wise to remember that. Yeah and it didn't recurring question it's. Yeah you have to kind of suspend belief to just believe that independent leak the New England Patriots happened upon the greatest coach of all time and the greatest quarterback all time. Commuter Chernobyl type to borrow a cup but if you. You know I'd go to space getting anxious to lottery try to roll right so it took to adapt so you you have to assigned some creditor you know who deserves what percent. You look and then of people who say it was Brady will say who a look at Belichick can clean for. Contrast rare necessarily just. The infrastructure wasn't there when he did have something building in Cleveland before he got fired. Horror you know the people who say it's Belichick also woke up soared eleven at five. Well yeah that's true to your greater doubt there were horrified but. Those five wins worst in the preakness or do it's sixteen MO itself Matt Cassel stepped into a pretty good spot. But I don't think it's one of those you know. Every report or refused Turbo I think the other pilots are still blank system quarterbacks or whatever everybody is a product of the system you can't do this alone and I are not such. Nothing happens in the NFL and other helpful a lot of other people playing quarterback we're used as a step coast to content out there sugar until he came and you don't do this all buyers option coaches and she makes. And I just pick a candidate they paraded Belcher are really really lucky to try to each other because. They just match ups so great through the years have around the obsolete never seen before it cannot. Different swabs from Yahoo! Sports on Twitter Yahoo! swaps so. Our State's team the Tennessee Titans will be in of Foxborough mass at this weekend Saturday night game. It's on CBS no chance right I did just no chance that it's fun to watch a run on the field but they're not leaving there with a win are they. No I can't imagine I mean who say you know needed overtime to beat the browns so I. I had a tough time believing that they're here's how would have to. Garrick Henry was a beast you know each key Russians thirty aren't aren't sure 140 armed they control all church. 3540. Minute barrier doesn't make any mistakes and Brady makes actually you which has a blank which I look through. Previewed at a different quarterback last five weeks is snaps that's their outrage and a start stop point I know. But and then mail it in any other year might not make nutritious Brady fighting to pierce and Tom Brady but. Which for each sport at some point eight simple he just wants to and that's how he has struggled for weeks. Maybe there's something they were an appetite and occurred outside of the going to be good Brady play for the last five weeks which has been just OK that's fine but now and I'll try to talk Russia opens on the track and I have to because I'd probably are able. When asked about the might market situation because I'm his future seemed uncertain and then they get a compromise wind over the chiefs to. Advanced this week and the AFC playoffs and they announce they might mark he's gonna be our coach I don't know whether my Malarkey should. A continuous the titans coach herb. Be fired as the titans coach I don't have an opinion on that. I am always curious why an awesome half. Actually like is a convincing thing for people in positions of power were aware do you stand on that like it where titans. Seemingly get caught up in the moment of winning a playoff game and deciding this coach that we perhaps were unsure about now we're sure he's going to be art. You know I find knots I really market Marriott doesn't constitutional test data that they're hurt or you saw you're like. So and out burger hopes other local charter that to where. I've heard people criticize the retiring now keep you know the chance at each scrap its coordinator sex or eight people who are gay launch and if you can collect got a good coach you know my based on perhaps Opel and its. We shouldn't talk sports starting out talk about your health about what guy receipts are you know mid major coach Jackson hit the sweet sixteen here we go higher I want to do want to get a chance because such. We don't child council the clerk didn't didn't have a very good out oracle goes out for the good general gave duke a manager and that burning in there and until there are saying like. It's just weird how weak we bring these decisions based on the tiny tiny samples. Like apple opal I I don't think Michael work he's had a good year by any means but I think that's. That the shining example that is that they just kept playing DeMarco Murray over Dirk Henry I mean that's one miner being crickets just dirt. Carbon cap procedure and won't try to make any other decision right I mean. I don't think I'll say that Murray did her listening. You're gonna get to change because I want to copy a Markel more than twenty times instead of two intergenerational. Piled into the great coach and several better get the most out of Mary owed much. Yet you know European Detroit stick around because they had a good capital port of troops. Target for a while from a Yahoo! Sports on Twitter at Yahoo! Schwab last thing before I left to go. Brett Favre was quoted this week as saying is three grandsons now. And he doesn't want any of them playing football says he knows way more like the rest of us about concussion today. And he that he knew what he was playing in that piece he's scared of of the possibilities and he said. And I quote I'm not going to encourage them to play now neck and disk urged them to play. But I will say this to everyone who will listen to my grandsons were saying and the comic pop off if they would say pop rock would you be my caddie in golf. I think I'm gonna do golf instead of football I would be much happier satisfied and excited by that. Then by them playing football because they played football. Every tackle I would be cringing. Hoping they get up and not shaking their head and saying they got a headache but the likelihood of that happening by the playing football is very high so I'd much rather than choose a C for sport. Here we are NFL playoffs here we are one of the hum greatest most high profile. Names faces players that league's ever had. Openly discussing concurrent discussing concussions and how he doesn't want his grandkids any part of the sport. And we just reached the point where the NFL is never going to be able to get away from this it doesn't matter how great the games are. We can't goal for days without a concussion conversation this just be in the latest. Yeah it's it's it's tough for me that she brushed harbored no and I I would think back. I've mentioned this before I don't think that you're up on other shows talked about just I grew up Pakistan and remember that game in 95 this season finale. So that they're clean the Steelers and turn green happily the launch its storm. And he literally source torn up blunt I'm Turk I like certain out yet come out Jane. And you don't just report out search shop Mark Martin who look like it's it's kind of like well like up that the toughest guy in the world or leader or a great player and I look at a particular concern well. Protector applauding this tact until one play what what we do what I can't text and I don't know the character that I being. A warning and a look at tartar and I mean I you know more obviously and had been an infrastructure to lawmakers are like pretty good too I assume that don't Mississippi used to political life because of course you get her twenty some years of the Packers merchants by against. So Hillary answer and I don't you know. I didn't play at a level and school I had to a government and other right until I worry too much was it was wonderful trip taught me a lot of lessons I think a lot of people. Who do applicable to any level which I really and truly didn't have friendships camaraderie and experiences and lessons I learned from a but there are other guys out there and I Norman you know former players who. I would have been outlines right now they can't remember anything 882 are struggling physically and market now can eat either and in many cases so. Current answering more or any. I can't see church paper torrential all because he knows put. At the same time I actors of a couple of great game it's just. You wouldn't get in the real world you know we're getting into now when we did it or else reform that we can now to any football players owner moved to clear my you can knock in 2000 and HE. Start to play football and then tenure players I had no idea the risks we don't know what by now so much. Maybe that's good everybody on the national those risks and you know you can do it there's good news bad penny can I guess I don't I don't know her answer carrier really don't and I. Well look became a abortion gay and I thought I I know what kind of torture actually got to play it. Or would you like I love the game I love watching the game. I also understand why Brett Favre would want to screen exit signs anywhere close to it but it is. And it it it's it's conflicting for all of us because like as much as I think that this board is it is is a devastating. Is playing a devastating role in people's lives. I can't wait for this weekend I'll be watching it just I don't what are college football game on Monday night you know. Yeah and then again it's it's one of those works. Schools need a lot of lives are really good. And it's you know it's funny allowed to teach her champ which we can you know Chris chipped it can all types abortion lunch and right out justly called me I was what you mid ninety's or in between the workers Steelers and procedure mentioned you don't know what or out to our global huge stretch of the optional backup but cannot wash your yourself saying why not leave. You know trying to it's it's toast because it's yes I don't know man I just a little older vertical way I think it's just it's a rich fabric of our lives and but then again we know wrap up auction won't go either which it's here it's not really anymore so no word go but yet again editing. I look traders I do that it'll I mean all the bad times we cute. The NFL flew concussions or whatnot they're trying to don't know which worked we see out the protocol sometimes put they are trying and and it you know it doesn't help to. Everybody on Twitter and even journalists like me nukes so I'm Twitter watch her are washing machines captors camera couched in Spokane has concussion how how do we. Come watched Shapiro I think we need to do Wilson H and amp but yeah it's it's just that it's not that very complications though. That is francs while from a Yahoo! Sports now Obama Twitter you make mistakes go do that at Yahoo! Schwab is the best man good luck badgers are not talking down the road. And I appreciate.