AUDIO: FESJC 2016 Champ Daniel Berger on the Gary Parrish Show

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Wednesday, April 19th

AUDIO: FESJC 2016 Champ Daniel Berger on the Gary Parrish Show on Tuesday (4/18/17)


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Yeah. I don't know if there's around 99 of them he had a he had a bad thing you glad you're about to be BC's ugly and having June 5 through eleventh. And the reigning champ. They've Daniel Parker Eva. Out to march champion today and he joins me now then he would carry bears welcome back the Memphis men might go and. Under Robert Trout are now it's my pleasure I appreciate Jabil and here's a tomorrow as champions they what exactly does that mean for you. That means going out seeing him sponsors hang out the volunteers. That trying to get ready for everything coming up here's been. It is interesting because you have no obvious connection to Memphis but when your first PGA tour victory happens in Memphis. You will be connected to this city to this market to that course to this event. For the rest of your life that's a pretty interesting thing and it's got out obvious connection took to saint Jude I and I know that's a big important part of this to you as well. Yeah I mean there's obviously. You know how much thicker than the term and better able to give so much back US saint Jude institute of art without them. And the opportunity to meet some of these kids and hang out Amal. It's pretty special and I looked ordered every year. So how do you when you look back at at last year's. Victory at a TPC south when you've finished thirteen under to 67. Obviously there's a weather delay you got Phil Mickelson make it a Ron had yet. To be able to hold Dole's caliber of golfers off to get your first career victory. Com at the age of just 43 like it and it must be remarkable feeling even looking back all these months later. Yeah I mean honestly with the dream capture and you know I played so well and it didn't get done and in the some event earlier years so on to come out and through their early called off such that this solid feel like. Well you mentioned trail and outstanding each Jerker analogy really cool and you know the old Q look back on maps for many years. I at that one point I think I remember this that Mickelson was even given it to be a little bit about being the rookie of the year but never having actually won an event so it must be nice to have him finish behind yet like I'd like he was making him audio one point would you ultimately pull away is that story true was to get a deal. Yeah I mean so help other guys can talk some trash on. He had that nothing that Ireland used jagr not and that kind of environment I was really aren't so credit bank. I think it's fired me up a little bit more it would have been cutter he didn't buy anything. I just died at one out there did my thing in what is like he announced that they get it done Omnia. On a Sunday. Targeted Daniel Berger he's the reigning champion FE SA JC it is of course is going to be played again. A June 5 through eleventh that it TPC south when data is in town tomorrow is champions day. Here in Memphis. How has your life changed if at all since you won that event last year. You know obviously economic comical computer church can't be enriched on the so many great players are out here that I've have yet to win except. To have that title is pretty amazing and you know obviously it opened up some doors. Interment but I am getting into the armed all the majors. Are just. You know other than that I would say it being famous there was a forum same person. So did the same thing it's just that. It's just that they get the next step they're determining the best player that I can be. You've changed Callaway write. It I also use Callaway clubs I used Callaway ball that the Callaway bag I still can't hit it like you any advice. Americans can now hold it up and stayed there are ready LO OK all that's the case vile gala the met by yet that's on the to do list of four this week interesting because. You have a job. Where you. Are paid handsomely. To do something that the rest of us do win were not working and we hate to do with it like I don't know how like. I don't know how many other professions there are like that and I don't mean that in sports like guys don't just go out every weekend and randomly play baseball. Or randomly played football bug millions of people every week you go out and play golf what did you for snow. That you have the ability to be able to make a living doing this. You know probably not I was in college and you know when I turned pro I come off looking ecology years in. Start applying and so on Monday called fires correctly Q school and I played really well and got my what dot com cardinal Lego man. Which is. Which is what I wanna be doing and then you know played some good Germans on the web dark from Germany to check them out or rather does. This is trying to get the duo what I love and I get the spirit. I think that that's really been a blessing to be able to do I love every day and I'm billion of the golf course and China grinding get better and really enjoyed its arm and I'm spending during a. What did he come naturally Selig with a first time you ever picked up a club would you comparable with did how did how did you like it for me there's not like to the extent that I mean even. OK at best is a byproduct of me spending a lot of money and like swinging swinging swinging. On this did not come naturally to me and you would know that as soon as you saw me on a golf course they come naturally to you all. Yeah I mean I think I think at this level everyone got some level of talent but I mean. I think that the besides finger at people don't shoot the you know did the days that I spent terms sunrise to sundown you know my and leading on the jury hearing checked out out balls. On you know to get to this point just like any other pressure oddly it. But you know obviously people associate at you to play golf thriller but they all seem exactly you know what that entails. Parent may be a little bit wouldn't say a lot. Our order I'm talking to Daniel part of the reigning champ FE SJC. World golf ranking 3535. Best golfer in the world are right now that means he is one of the very best deal at the age. Of only 24 years old is there anybody out there you'll look at. Even while being as accomplished as you war that you look at and go oh wow I can't believe that guy can do that with a golf club. Yeah I mean how it played Dustin Dustin Johnson or prod you to name a current mine I mean. He's just he's got disability just kept the ball further than anyone ever seen inserted an error and you wanna Ers seem sir. Yeah that's a pretty lethal combination that now only console when the and that's why it's normal on a world so that's one of those guys that I would. Be in shock of her retirement implied. I saw that you tweeted when Tiger Woods was coming back that it was great to have the greatest of all time. A back out on the course obviously things haven't gone as planned he is says still not helping enough to play. It is. You grew up like all watching him at his best is it. Com difficult to watch him go through this would you like to see him if possible have another run added where we don't that does golf need him to do that where it's where you add on on Tiger Woods current situation. I mean first sought think also a great spot you know without standard Jason Day or are brought in church speed and Robby are younger players that. Are really making their name to themselves but. I mean tiger just one of those guys that you have people that don't watch golf turn on the TV to watch golf when tigers find if you do move in you'll. And I mean Iger are always watching them and and it's kind of sat my opinion. Just you know. Just the way people trying to talk about I mean in my opinion he's the best that's ever played and you know we're better off what implying. That I mean I dishonesty and back don't want seem content and hopefully when he against. I talked to Daniel Berger reigning champion PSA JC we recently had a masters where. A guy who was perhaps at the top of the list of never winning. A major. Finally got his his first major it was an awesome Sunday. On CBS. Tom is that the type of like war or other. Professional golfers happy to see Sergio brick row or not so much I wonder how that story the story played internationally and in this country tremendously how to play in the golf community. Yeah I mean circular of those guys where I mean he just repeated guy. I've never had anything bad to say about immunity in a different in my heart attack so the match armaments are are. And I just think that Egypt is a bad reputation as people don't get it checked the now warms up. I'm I was early epic Orman I think a lot of you know a lot of other guys are happy market. He's come so close so many time it just hasn't able to do it and the night Charlie did it. It's interesting I'm talking to Dana Berger hair reigning champion PS JC's and down. Tomorrow is a champions that last thing before I let you go what's next for you when really Memphis where you had it. US open. Soul so get to get 2%. Championship and then head over to turn on another ranger. That is awesome Daniel Berger I appreciate your being in town thank you for being here. Mom it's awesome to have been able to watch you do that last June and good luck this June. Trichet out here a couple weeks all right man that's Daniel a burger.