AUDIO: Eric Hasseltine discussed the Grizzlies 2017 Preseason Schedule

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Tuesday, August 8th
AUDIO: Eric Hasseltine discussed the Grizzlies 2017 Preseason Schedule

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Pre season basketball has been announced and it will begin. With. A game at home against the Orlando Magic. On October 2 I can honestly tell you that's as early as ever for a pre season basketball. October 2 according to this press release but I am looking at now. Which makes me laugh because I have my own joke coming here. Monday October 7 or second it's 7 PM. The Orlando Magic will come to Memphis or exciting NBA pre season action grizzlies the next stable border plane. They'll travel to Philadelphia where they will take on. The process of the Philadelphia 76ers. In an all their glory. Of the number one draft pick overall mark Dell Fultz Joseph LMB. Ben Simmons may be. Simmons will be radio timid de loo while Lou how Barack. Not many people remember him he's another young guy that they got starch. Dario shortage. He pronounces it like shortage which would that was an SH I don't get so that's October 4 on Wednesday to me they want and how important do you expect. They'll get few days off from that Wednesday wanna play until the following Monday where they'll play the Atlanta Hawks at a site to be determined it says at Atlanta. No confirmed word whether we're just gonna go shirts and skins in the park in the middle of Atlanta or we actually are going to play an arena but apparently not for sure at Philips Arena. Maybe it's somewhere else I mean there's couple colleges in the area maybe it's an Athens. Maybe as an Atlanta. Maybe it's in. Chattanooga where they play the pox but I don't think so Saturday evening about traveling to a non NBA city but. If it is shirts and skins hopefully they'll have a radio an accident the so maybe you're going shirts and skins on Monday the ninth hopefully will be in an arena. Preferably one with a dome in seats souls they were that maybe then they return home for the final two pre season games where they'll play Wednesday. October 11 against the rockets the aforementioned rockets and Friday October 13. Against the New Orleans politics. Season starts a week earlier. So they're gonna play that Wednesday. And my guests by looking at this is they have not seen a schedule more rough draft or anything. Is that the schedule is going to probably begin. That's following Monday. Which would be. Seventeen to sixteen to seventeen maybe that Tuesday the seventeenth. Which is essentially almost two weeks earlier than they've ever started normally stories article telling fit 26 states started Halloween depending on wind. Halloween fell or how the week's felt like I remembered teams that did not start on November 1. I was waiting for that to come back around as a parent of someone who lives on the West Coast that is a child now she's going to be thirteen it's going to be a teenager. But what are you what are you look forward to as a as a parent. How Wainwright. So I was hoping it was gonna be here were Halloween was like on a Monday. Tuesday it was opening an NBA we did open till Wednesday I could. Go do Halloween when my daughter fly home Tuesday right that ever happened. Never happened. To be inched in to see the dynamic of the schedule though with how many days in between how many back to backs the start two weeks earlier who think that they would have you're back to backs obviously and then. More time in between games maybe three games a week per team. And for the most I guess I mean I don't know like how it's going to be. Different this year with them starting earlier in the nose trade deadlines also before the all star break too which can make things interest. I still love for shirts and skins to show up and Clark at the you bring your eighteen we'll bring our eighteen. To spring portable clocked one of Mosul. Scoreboards and she had when you're a kid that ad like pills like a little triangle yet he had some kid flipping that never knew that it adds so you would go for Mike down three. Are up three to like down fourteen in my two baskets you know I guess. We plan rocking judge year. Is it Tony five point job that I read some area leaders of the Al lapin net where is thirty plus RA II so I had put to remove the move the wrong 100 you are yeah all the out all okay yes again a good idea. So is correct me. But that's a pre season schedule right.