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Tuesday, May 16th
AUDIO: Dontari Poe talks about Memphis, Atlanta, KC and more about his camp with Jason & John (5/16)

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Dot I was up demand. Dorm room. Man every I before everything is good so you got a new home. In Atlanta really nice deal for you there with the falcons. Hi how you like it a man how you love and it. So far folk who have manic you know very good odds on the motor got a place. Yeah yeah I do it again I want some preliminary inquiry will lessen. Dig that how tough how tough was it out of roses is not supposedly Casey either the team that drafted view that been your professional home. Was it a tough decision. Not. The big again that we right so they're they're they're Polycom person and so you got to attempt must person let it roll with the punches well. And have their band went down and that I do with this movie. You talked about that the business and that's what that's what we love about who you're handling yours tell me a tell me about sign on the one year eight million dollar deal was its. For the flexibility later on what was behind the just doing it for one year. Oh yeah it was just really stupid of me having Harding jagr coast I don't know whether or not quite. Am not concerned at the game that we are you got a trying to delight they're so. Want to make sure our title bout and then I had no grip on the edge orders that look part of undergoing that. When you were negotiating. With various teams. Did you bring up. The fact that you'd expect to be thrown touchdowns. In organizations was that something that you brought up to Atlanta. Not what I am going to I'm foolish souls. So here they go. Do you think that you think you are the best. Pass catching defensive lineman in the league. While not plan or not. At Brigham brigadier and I got him so yeah. I think it might be UN JJ watt I think yeah. Are you wouldn't want you guys are the two that do it. I live feed may elect there are being a brigadier I got good shock. Always a caucus. We are of course talking to former McIntyre current Atlanta falcon Don Tariq vote here on days and I want to ask you about his not America's it was in the news. Eddie lacy. Has a weight clause in his contract so he gets he gets 55 granted he's got seven way into gets 55 grand for every win when he's under. 255. Pounds did you have a similar contract like that do you have a weight causing your deal like that. Yeah you do have away because of my English diluted net. Not like all right track pretty much aria or eat eat so I'll become stronger member and I either I guarantee. When you have something like that in your contract I mean at that point it's that this is money in your pocket so you yeah you make that I like. No I can't eat that I can't eat that today Riley Katherine how. How closely are you monitoring what your put in your body because like there's money on the line now. I'll live I mean it in the morning here local Irish government grant to want to. To clear certainly don't want to be trick is just so it would come out try to tutor so what. Well in two month period from Vietnam on the world want to go. And I aggregate debt photo quality and unmarked. Have you had your first away yet. Not not here not ship but I aware Marco. Pretty much twice shall we shall unworthy to be I dig that we'll let us know when you do get that if this was one of the crater one on. One of the coolest things to Lou's day and I remember seeing him back into your uncle was a look back looked at it again this morning in about. It made me smile that YouTube video you did back and I think it was 2012. We gave mama Cadillac Escalade man that she was shaken she was shaken out how do you how much do you remember that like it was yesterday man and how has the I imagine you bought many more things from mom since then. Are you evolve into what can you put those promises are proud this she wanted to go. Seeking to see all escalation wanted to talk about computer and black market. In here yesterday grand optimize you know by your computer owners. If you constant Little League so local like us to do there are. So let's go back yesterday a little bit more about it tell me if this store was right that that coach Miller said Miller. Saw you about you were in a marching band you about the you're going into your freshman year would you're in the bay in any comes in Christian says a big dude you need to go out and play some football is that how wind. And not I feel like there on the illegal a lot of an estate leisure one double break ground that went out there 18. Well illustrated Jones goes on my brother deity. Second prominent that you let life much like in. 2000 come liked it oh. I kind of want to do their planning easier to parents got kind of creep up automatic. If they're gonna be the man and not an episode but it clams on a walk on the football field back. Either kind of creep into Tuesday's second place saw our planet so low almost there. Yeah and I think that's the bad decision paid off for nothing when you're you're going to be back in Memphis Dontarrious. June 3 with the all star football camp website is so mainstream. Dot org how can people get involved with the camp. So my eldest son of it ultimately goggle is on site it's still like their. Let Karachi heartbroken. People not to execute come I have a cop. West accused term France from whatever it is like it is. I'm like environment or try to do it much foundation so. Just sat there on would have meant treatment he got flooded by a time. We gonna like it. Why is an important for you to have this back in Memphis. Can't remember to Wear off pardon me if you're gonna trim may want a mob. They're going to pay them nor has don't like spectrum treated well. Lower but I did not better connect city. And I just wanna I wanna bring people wait I wanna bring two years ago or so Barrett that he. These. Are all. It must be. Must be really cold. Domtar to look back now mean you were part of of Memphis football went. It was struggling that was a still that was an area where you guys had sort of struggle and now look back and see. The program thriving and they've had two straight coaches who seem to be really good at what they do and and they got natural bottom position to be in the top 25 and a big bowl games. Is that is that something that you look back on and and and it makes you sort of proud to be proud now and that you were before but now especially because using the program thrive. That it can't be done and that you were part of its new. Yeah yeah on the government standard tool not a joke you've been eluding we did have to feed it the pursuit that I got on a treaty that they're broke loose bit. And I walked away from them mr. Cheney went out there mayor skip out on pitted they hide around trying to cope. I know in the back automatic entry would do it at the time time that they don't want now is it amazing we're obligated. All crap and still they don't have a on just unit that a problem that we. Better barbecue Kansas City in Memphis but John spot. Hometown and bar you know may. What. What's the difference between the two for some eyes voters in that you don't. Yeah I can't attribute they got a lot of talk we're pretty good natured out. Greet contribute to your courage your barbecue so I became that kind of have to get stronger they do politically it is meant strictly Ulihrach have all gone. He's a teacher are horrible wherever it may be if be to myrtle you need to eat. We knew we did you come back home. What's the must stop was the first stop in terms of beats that you you've got to get to you gotta get. Terms of EPA has got a million different in my mama how. They're liberal mullah outburst before policy. Going to be where. A real level so it is what it is. What's your mom's goats who did slight what is it what would you put her dish up against anybody else's in the world. Artist she she make it should be in. Gonna let it dry yes we created lasagna through Kennedy era but that's why we got in the poll household. Are Dahmer era. You have played the obviously you grew up in Memphis you played at Memphis. And then obviously getting Kansas City you have been in for the majority of your life to. Really good food spots. How is it in Atlanta is it is it tough for you man as it is there a lot of good stuff to eat it's not necessarily known for its food how are you how you hang in there. I'm not a lot of good governor you yacht and do appreciate it well that'll are it is it is out Saturday got a lot of beer truck though due to a I recruited allow purposely become trapped Billick from a lot of let you had a good trip. What is your diet. Man up pretty much eat whatever I want whenever I want nice split. Make sure that it clean and laying you turned out. So like you enter your. So what is and what is a lunch look like for Domtar oppose it like grilled chick and NS now lead is it amazing is that a lot of don't like what you have to stay away from. Man good away from Kraft food out there what we. All of us would be a pretty much be probably permanent. Grew chicken. The spinach broccoli and and cook. A lot of people are nagging cool but it car count China Clinton. Let me just a lot different what do we do wood dale brought. I don't really IP traffic controller they're. Yeah so you can it is possible for you to get full. That is something that has happened before. If possible. If possible moment probably great period in back popular prop. Would think that is not type out he's got the camp by the our star camp in Memphis June 3 sign up hope man's dream. Dot org dots are always good because I'm proud you mental outlook on the weights are any man were pole for our year. Merit our editor for survey and the is dot terrico. Currently listed at 63. 346. Are now reported sick ship 346. Found who now again he says he's got to get the under 330. If if if he gets out of 330 that's and as that's what ever read at least it's and that's the number he's got to be yet so his lines. Reza you're there you're there resident health and none on this show he's in salmon grilled chick and what else was it a fruit cup cup and then spinach and broccoli is that does that check out with the doctor yeah I would not do this for. Stay away from efforts lot. What is the only fruits and I've been told that our brave series and series school. Bears wrestle Aries the rest of film a lot of sugar too much of got a lot of sugar yeah well like you can't for example you can eat a banana. And exhibit on a corpse tons of cards and bananas yet really Atlantis and not even so he do you think guys have do you think yogurt is bad for you. I the yogurt IE is by he plain yogurt. It is plain yogurt. So if I think at the flavored stuff that's only got a couple labor something that's all that's all it's all over the mall. Oh that's Baffert. Even if it only has like eighty caller's. There I don't talk to. Cut but you'd. Obviously that bit of the lean meats and the veggies lean meats those toll check out via salmon chicken battle gets you where you need to guess that's unclear on their practice and in the hot you every day. But upper same night that like fish is I mean it's like to Linas I mean vicious. Best I mean this from all those things you can eat yet if you're walking out you're an athlete like you've told a fish so early to tell a finish. Now don't like fish so he's got his own camp. And yeah I'm a member he's part of Gene Robinson scam to me this weekend this Saturday he's got he's got a link he's got money Ballantine promoter Jay Howard. Lots. NFL players coming through and you can sign up that a viewer interest that. At Pau man's dream dot org.