AUDIO: Devin Walker from TPC Southwind following Penny Hardaway/Mike Norvell group.

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Wednesday, June 6th
AUDIO: Devin Walker from TPC Southwind following Penny Hardaway/Mike Norvell group.

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We're joined now by DeVon walker in his. Waning days here at the radio station he is out at south wind where he has been following a Penny Hardaway DeVon are you. And Jeff are you gonna become a hot but this is pretty good right now. First of all before I get depending on a congratulate you on your move. You like you do you like you you'd like. You just. Or you're still at the University of Memphis and yet here you are their party had to magnificent jobs you've you've been you've been the producing Eric show and now you're going to the grizzlies I can only assume the White House's next. What is it where you are caught you up you are on a rocket ship. I I am an art and only very good people around me the most celibate they don't want bear market person to where I am. Walk tall order got your work to where I am and hopefully. After what Bob leave the White House all these hall and watch out. I have a question when you started at the University of Memphis did you know what you wanted. I want to coach to be honest with you start on what the electorate basketball coach. And not slowly traveled route towards journalism. And since then it's been a rocket ship in Iraq as a tool right now. You wanted to be a high school basketball coach you wanted to be like what do you wanna be you unleash my Jewish Eskew who who Jeffrey says is the hero. Who would you wanna Derek. Nah I didn't want a beer fart but going to be some sort of basketball cards maybe a high school lately trying to become a cultural some dumb dumb luck. What goes out or some aspect. And then how journalism there. How to journalism crap up how did you switch. The barber shop actually south from a barber shop so ever cared out from the barber shop all my life commander would be your baba. Every talk about sport cannot almost always secure electrical problem everything at a barbershop where there is no facts are know scores well there's no logical at all. And Evelyn Wood got to school there or won't super Sergio like Bulger pursued that career. And out what you don't want. A self regard beer and once I dare I definitive and has been history or percent. And what are you going to do. Mark. With the grizzlies. Albeit article content and social media quarter cry you year at low degree at least. And how do you move a lot of production for over podcast is like altered for our group for our current dating partner and everything appeared to have their well. And what's your last day here. Carter ordered tutored. Gathered where got to be careful it's gonna be careful and I'm not going to by the you're not happy about this like I told him there I've pulled Solomon and very specific Teri in I'm not happy well listen as someone who switched out the money it took me 22 years and to switched out so I've got I've. I mean I'm I'm obviously not on the racquet the devils on our but but I understand it can be on stressful I. So you are out of that south wind are you following penny let's assume it's a scene. I have followed pinning their aggregate number of people out or followed Kenny with me come by another two older or maybe not to monitor it help or. I appreciate that look behind while got to go hide who would have done this exact same guy thank you had to stand in the way I appreciate it thank you. I am currently sitting under trees Romeo. How many people were there when he TW there when he teed off. Yes probability teed off it was silver arrow cut earlier Lefevre and formula which you all. Am gonna now over dilemma people have looked out from the usual human amid the tiger seeing. Obama Garza the world Burke ever picked a brief prayer that barrier and what he almost got a all predict kind of gone on you seem more more people walked kind of gravitate towards our group. There's been normal people all around. Is she playing with I don't know he's not playing with Nortel Novell and declaring what border quite what was there. Here are right so who who's better. Sabres as all the world culture also remarkable though we're leaving as far records Shriver and having them like. Ordered eighteen shot he hit the ball all the course and from short. Like you is that Gingrich troll here like he even joked around here the man I had probably you sit out I have been looking art. If all of them had some kind of crap there aren't good special offer and that could be true where they got used to all. It is unreal but I also like it is an overall golf game have a short game. That you care about the noble but it golfer but Holbrooke had a rough days are here Elliott had a day in the bunker. A lot today shook. So about how and why are you saying that Mike is that if you do you other experiences out yeah. I'll say Nobel well thought about quite few years ago it earlier about the Bergen impairs and he was. Great arm you could look at any of the Colbert beat Gary you'd go to go to altered. Court opinions that have like you just talk a aux. Like what are your football he would jump all T. But his short game and arrogant are shorter and from work Burke es he's he's triggered yeah. What's the what's there. It is sort of in a play delighted they've been talking a lot to each other they were talking to them what's the whole outlook that the mind. It took them hotspots are now and then there was a great conversation actually go out to serve Obama order trades of Michael bell at Jo cheered Alford coach. For the Washington Redskins that's embarrassing conversation that was critical of whom ever been a lot of competition in the order a couple hot fathered an out there and great shot coach every now and then for the that a lot of conversation on the course. It's interesting because. These two. Don't know. I guess this is not out of this is Stuart now has Memphis ever had. She then I. And this probably recent he bias. But in terms your combination of basketball and football coaches who are as popular at the same time now mind you that's without penny having coached a game. But here have we ever had. This combination of wildly popular now cal Perry was wildly popular. And he was you're better off he was popular at the same time that Tommy west was at the height of his popularity. Or was. And tell me what went to the New Orleans now see Memphis Memphis football now that this basketball was bad. When. When all was of it was it was that it was tells down year. The U to be here right before the Wallenberg group by were asked I think was the that they went in the oral and fall so are here. But it was very popular when he was popular it is fun having these two dynamic coach Izzo resident I mean don't you feel like the programs and good place. Yeah I'll put the part of the great players you're kind of still a bottle like when they walk around here great. People know they are you know there's no other coach Nobel head coach Kenny the culture in particular level. And are you can like I've never can program and in and the president prepared like you never ever had expectations that you have now what about all programs to do well. An Emmy or exciting what you. You failure or process. University. Of not a problem or about what do court order that would include a Maltese or what you go on all but it would not even their outlook in the here we're excited. Football future we're excited it is it's on that you can go out with. Program that is interest thing because people always like to say is it this group kind of a school or is it that kind of school well at why it's a basketball school by tradition and also. Because the ceilings just pattern basketball you can do more in basketball. Because of the constraints of the playoff and everything else that you can do a footballer. So there. But you're right we don't have to pick now and the other thing is is that they're not just good coaches they're start ups like there are. Each of us star quality to all they each like. Understand their responsibility and that this is not a awful good solid Islamic tubby it's not but they each embrace. There responsibilities to the community they embraced. Being in Memphis talking immensely mapping and all of that thing and so there is this star power to bomb. And it's not only that there are also they're both really aggressive recruiters. Think recruiting is part of the reason why they're so popular because they're both. Yeah. Yeah yeah I'll see up until pressure because you gotta have you got to be able to bring children and and when you're in a bit of coaching 181920 year old period if you're getting good the bad kid out of aerial there. A high level period. Look like semi nude cover personal our current most ordering become a broom ball but it's also. What a direct on the on the court on the field you're looking at a course again. You have a top forty recruiting class I rebelled prepare for two or three years and he's. Take a program in the Arctic so. It's a little bit of that but at what is that it also outgrew your spirit that won't compete here there had been hurt and they're cumbersome program and and they can act because low. But it got walker he is out at south wind for what is the last program. Because after this year absent the World Golf Championships coming next year in August and there will not BA pro am and so. I was get. I could ask you if at this time next year the two. Coaches were playing again would they be. Will they both be as popular at the same time next year they won't be playing because there isn't there will be a pro am next year but. Put that aside. What are the odds that they will both be as popular. This time next year penny. And I think. If all of the better than Jeb outcome hung on it Richard optic bothers some pressure and heart will have a a toiletries and under bill in the NCA turner governors go. See in the picture prescribed under his belt. And Novell have another great season under his belt he went her parents. Are great bowl and Lubbock couple are going to be even more lectured and it right now. I'd say the alternate Albert. I don't either you're an ally like the altered alternate scenario would be that. Here's the the dangers for each of right so the daughters here the dangers for penny I that the first year. Doesn't go as well on the court as you would hope and that he doesn't get and that he doesn't get the recruiting class you know. I think he's going to get all these necessarily gonna get James wise men but I think he's gonna get a killer recruiting class. And on the court I don't know NCAA as well they've gone of the NCAA by this time next here on out. So terrible about a year ago right but they'll square under and I think that the bigger danger is for my. And I think the danger from Mike is to a full. And that didn't they're very different one is. It doesn't find a quarterback it's another quarterbacks come through is he gonna have a minor tendencies and that's question number one. Question number there is if he does have a nine or ten win season and a quarterback does come through is this the year when he leaves. And so he won't be as popular because he would have laughed. Yeah OK yeah I can sort of see where we're back Patrick but. I'm the first person to answer that I think it'll be a first come awhile from the crystal ball ever have a great we're never have a great defense. It up and that's something that occurred in the orchard have a great dominant defense or December quarter result aired out and you're out beautifully don't have a great running gambling on both ought to a confusion me right there where if you you have a successful he's been. What good decent quarterback or great you turned over what you say watt. Yeah nor bill could leave Hendrick. I don't know America upping imminent although leaves people still well you know it boggles cal situation where. They Qaeda wittingly or something people appreciate we're built dark if you don't believe there are crucially dumped the program and they're not done notoriety you bought the program. I'll be the dolby any animosity towards a could look I've gotten nice smile on site personality. Is really good there's really cracked jokes every now and then. Well he's he's he's been as effective as just implant any embraces Memphis more. More than just wanted dead there's I don't think Justin's beloved I think he's appreciated ease. And yet I don't is because not as popular as he was when he was a this year but he is I think people appreciate with Justin when they did. And respect what Justin Clinton did and I agree with Mike gets even warmer and by the way I'm not saying he's out. Ice through this caveat in Ali mics in any hurry Italy I he likes he really does like it here and he's having success here is a known or believed. It's just you know you look at. That's what tends to happen whether you look at Houston or use Seattle wherever else global what even it's that's what tends to happen so I it's aware dark about where were you when you left off one hole or you on. Are all of a hole number two. I'm actually walking right now this is important catch up they may go. Or are now so they started on the back they started on the back nine. I don't hear from a background instead of the start of the sort of back and on the front got will we appreciate Devin thank you've taken time out to do it and good luck catching up with them. And at best are ordered by the grizzlies it's and Apatow about a guy thanks. Also mark yeah thank you done that as Devin. Walker what do you think how long's he been Eric's. So he started right at the beginning of the a year has not been bin. After were will we started calendar year so when we came back from when he came back from our New Year's break that's in depth chart. It is and you know happy. Well instead of the forum of culture. But obviously I fill in a lot on Eric in DeVon and I are clearly. And got a when you fill him with Eric Franklin that's actually true true you have a right or an ally now I've heard like Connors Connors listen I -- a lot nothing is under great job but it. For me for me per slamming. We've of we have fun little thing where debt Devin bull like explain like rap beats to me. Full will help explain things that I'm not exact that are not on my radar different you grew up yet different parts of the NN anchor when in my very much Sox. So. I'm by the way. Connor Dunning it will mean I know this because I've I tweeted it out treated something to honor the other. Last night I guess that was and Jason Smith asked me about it I said. Graduation. Now would be proud of and I don't know if people are put it together. But my predecessor year was Alba who is a columnist to. The amazing thing is is that I was the comes commercial appeal for a good long one in the end longer than Allen's. NL had been the columnist for a long time. And he actually died in the job. Mom which is sort of how these jobs used to promote because no one would leave them because they were the best records ever before they changed and so. So. Al downing was this great Memphis columnist. Al Bunning is Connor bombings and I don't know how many people. So he's got he's got cupcakes run into his Daria and is that they they pour out of exactly right. So congratulations to Devin. And two Connor as well.