AUDIO: Dave Meltzer (from the Wrestling Observer on J&J to discuss Brian Christopher death

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Monday, July 30th
AUDIO: Dave Meltzer (from the Wrestling Observer on J&J to discuss Brian Christopher death

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I'm mad Jason or John that if you guys have been ESPN. And as promised his name. Is Dave Meltzer of the wrestling observer sort of the foremost authority. On all things professional wrestling he joins us now Dave how you doing man. I've been a really rough weekend but I'm I'm hanging in there. Yeah I wish I wish we were talking here are you know under some different circumstances. But obviously the news yesterday that. You you reported on were all over was the you enforce the death. Of Brian Christopher Lawler. I'll start with with this yeah you see whether it's from the reaction of triple H or that the iron sheik a whole kogan clearly. Brian Lawler in his brief time in the WB have made a big impact on on the people there how at how do you believe that that Brian will be remembered. Within you know those walls. That's a real tough question I mean he was a guy who was there I mean. To me my memories of Brian as a former are going to be mostly the Memphis stuff did this before going to double to get this that was really the step that he really get to China and the headliner. And in depth look yet he was really good guy he was a guy in. You're in his talented guy without a doubt they never pushed him to stop guide to cool thing was which are good. Being kind of fell apart that one point I'm not really control like it was doing so well yeah but and then after that he'll keep. He was around wrestling but you'll wrestling it changed you know when you Norman had a WMC. Saturday morning show as your springboard into the local wrestling stuff was you know it was a lot of hit and miss stuff and things like that he was around that seemed forever. Boy you know if I had had that step kept growing and that salad wrestling state. You know he would have been had a giant sharp for decades in Memphis and then probably none of this whatever happened obviously. Yes sir you reported yesterday obviously Brian crisper was in and harming county jail. It sounded like from from your story that that that G area family friend were looking into and trying to get Brian into rehab facility. Yeah yeah that fact I think they were just talking about it recently and Brian. Didn't know how long he was going to be in ejecting he was just afraid to use champion for a long time and I don't know what this is hard to say it was going through his mind but. But yeah I mean he'd been in rehab before and I guess one of the family friends and come up with another place. That they thought you know might help them and of course when it comes to rehab in you have to want it you know guys would have wondered in go to rehab and go to the process usually all through. You almost have to hit rock bottom and say I'm I'm gonna make it and and who stood. Who just say what that point would be I mean being in jail perhaps. That would be the point where he was so you know thinking that I don't know it's it's impossible to really say. How tough visit to come up the cell and I realize I'm in a mass you know kind of put you in someone else's shoes here but how tough must it be to come up as the sun a vote. Of a wrestling legend you know remain in decides you wanna do that and then I suppose always too at some point or another it compared to dead men with CNET and wrestling a bunch but. They're at it that's a tough spot to be and I imagine too. Dancing to let's yeah I mean I should because again like. Sure he grew up. You know he'd instead this the morning to beat Jerry Lawler. And no one could beat the timing was wrong but jury lord came in the 1970s. Which is the perfect time to be. Jerry law or everyone who watched the local restaurant show this is our best talker. He knew at that he had the ability to draw people we can and we got two matches. But time Brian came up and bright it was a really talented guy and and I would say the same age she was probably better than this father. But the time to change UWB that is the Major League ressam groups and local restaurant isn't going to be drawn. 8000 spans every Monday night if you give a good interview likened Jerry Tuesday and it'll mean that the you know the it was just it was just a different time and they're great and and and you couldn't you couldn't have a jury will ultimately communities it's you know and you create new ones I mean just. And perhaps that was some frustration with a minimum you know when he went to the big stage. You know again he was never. But that W up when he was there was a big guy territory right and and Brian was not a big guy quite that good to see it was a big guy. Memphis was territory to the guy who's five and if they could talk big and perform well. They could be on top is bewitched to protect territory that didn't exist when. When Bryant was thirty Herschel. We are course saga Dave Meltzer recovered the world of pro wrestling for the wrestling observer I just wonder Dave you know mental illness. In the way that we address it is a problem in our society and it is a problem in the world of wrestling I mean you have guys time and time again. You know whether it whether it's that you know Kurt angle or Eddie Guerrero or Hoke Hogan or Scott hall HBK time and time again you hear. About wrestlers sort of battling depression it is there a threat that I guess is it is it the the trouble is it the beating on your body. You know it is there a thread. You know that's a great question and nobody's really brought when you ask me if I'm not a lot of lot of restaurants over the years. And my feeling is is that the depression this is much higher among wrestlers and I think I've heard the Samoan like rock stars and things like that as well. Because she go when they're used to that great rush from wrestling and then you go to your hotel room. And here you get that come down and you're all gonna get here all we traveling. The family aspect cannot give kids are or wife or whatever you're not they're not there all the time. Stretched. It is it is it's it's stuck in that way yes yes and and you get those big guys and some people can handle the big highs and the lows. And then but other people you know it becomes step especially win. In wrestling a lot of times things aren't going perfectly and smoothly and it's a struggle and says Daley fight for. Or bookings and survival and to make money. And once you were big star and you know he gets to be likened likened act again with Brian if you really camping because he was a guy in his twenties who was ill. This future look bright you know it really did and now it's 46 in his prime is over and you know is he you know what what was he you know you're struggling from from showed show in. Yeah he certainly had alcohol until issues you know that we would that would be so. It was a real you know again all those things. They that they that they probably your your your point try to get. It is there is there an onus and and that this is unfair to expect a bit but is there and should there be an onus. On W dot on the dubbed a B two to sort of after their careers over to sort of have. In a minute this exists and I'm economic and or two above the sort of to have sort of of a liaison you know to check in on these guys and make sure. You know hey how are you do what are you okay like should should should the onus beyond on the Debbie Debbie for that. You know that's a hard one to say what they do offer rehab. But that requires you going there are saying they need to rehash a lot of guys went to bed it's put. They probably play honestly probably saved a lot of lives through this rehab but a lot of that's gone through the rehab also died because you only have just it was work. So they have done they've gone I must say above and beyond but they've gone they've they've taken steps I did think. They're probably is more that they can do when it comes to. Depression issues. With talent especially tell that was that that was gone I don't know what you exactly do. But I know. You know it's hard because getting parties is is is when your older and you. Being in this profession your your bodies beaten up in your a lot of pain and and that's and being and a lot of pain. Enables you mentally to justify it still taking because I'm in a lot of pain beneath the pills then I'm just hurt so bad. And and that becomes a downward spiral this really. You know got that allowed the guys still. Yeah and then in the seats are certainly see the NFL sort of have have the time and I don't anyway yeah so we are percent in a day enough to cover the road to progress in four. You wrestling observer you mentioned Don it was just an awful weekend. 44 wrestling because not only. Did that Brian Chris for passed away but so too did brick house browned and nick viable cost so. I was I maybe I'm late to this. Was was brick house brownie report I think was a week ago laps he rest here in Memphis that he passed that was that was that not accurate. That was a really weird story he'd he was in. I think using in them Jackson Mississippi and as we usually but he's been an hospice care and hospice care. They expected in the past away he did it in advance cancer spread throughout his body. And he apparently. On the twentieth. Passed away. You know it does that that the nurse checked him in and in the in and says that he was dead his mother was there. The mother and upon sleep next to them. I don't know how long time this was but I mean the word was out that he was he was dead and then. Hours later maybe a day later I don't know what to dated in between the hours later. The mom's sleep next to him and he wakes up and says mom I'm hungry she thinks it's true. And in effect mom I'm hungry Moammar wake up and and she wakes up interest Cheshire actually screened. You know because it was like he she saw him he's supposed to be dead in and you know speaking minute and he was alive although he was doing was. It was inevitable it was gonna pass away and it was actually ninety's like that it passed away at it again I mean that. It was it was really weird it was there where there was some wrestlers wrestler who it was wood on Friday of this week which was they were forty or. Yeah is that today's quick exit guides in the morning. But. And he was explaining you know hit it out of body experience during that period he was considered dead. While that is that is that is actually remark when it just curious sort of distant to turn gears here a little bit you know because you've covered. You know wrestling longer than than really anybody in and done it quite well. WW stock right now is through the roof they got the big and they get the big move to the network common. For for smackdown so. Is the WW we bigger today. Than it's ever been this will be glass missed if you're asking like twelve year old me when that when there was the rock and stone cold in the undertaker and like every night it was something crazy. Compare it to the product today it's like not even the same thing. But is the WW bigger today than it's ever been day. It is bigger financially than it's ever been is not bigger popularity popularity wise by means that it was. 1992000. Or even I would say in the in that eighties period you know he would ever be 85 to 88 in order that peak was. It I think there was a lot more popular mainstream in both of those periods because you block out. And you would see you know the restaurant he sure you don't see that really got not general public to wrestle judgments he lets you rest or teachers or you're they're usually ninety WS. But the government. Yeah so. And TV ratings aren't anything compared to what they used to be or anything like that but. The television business is changed and the value product I mean it. Believe if they were at the popularity level they were in the nineteen early 1990s to have the kind of rings that they were doing now. The company would be worked it was because it is now reports three times because the value if you're out there you can do six rating on Monday night now on cable. It be worth. You know what god you know how much we know some trick they were pending and focus is that. What they were doing man. Is not that much lower than what NFL is doing now. Including Altman took abuse by no where near as big as an adult financially it's just. But yet financially they're much much bigger than they've ever been because there's the value of television program the trust ratings has never been higher because. You know show you shows are able to do that in the television industry you know this is. The value of wrestling used to not be considered high because of who it is appealed to him in the minds of people analogies they look it's the consistent. You know like three million viewers every many nice two point 723 million you're certainly right height to today's that's just been passed. It is yeah. They'd school me why is the professional wrestling hall of fame and museum in Wichita Falls, Texas and not in Memphis Tennessee. Well you know there's there's different hall of fame on the way in which stopped bolster the WB we won actually could have sworn. With a bit of my at a could be one or are not even buildings. And then there's the one and number Waterloo Iowa warm yeah yeah so that we should credits big ceremony on over the weekend and nom. It'll as far as like their. You know I think Memphis has its own little hall of fame and at all worst place I mean they they they usually don't they bring people and in kind of conduct people at a minimum this. Academic limited if they did that I think our recently I wanna say so yeah. It is but it always who was abdic Paula. So they can have been a member assault came in and think Lewis has this thing was helping to those things these things exist yeah. What they've tell you what man we appreciate the time wish it was under a different sort of says so we'll have to do this again meant thank you for the times you. Don't yet. It is Dave Meltzer. Of the wrestling observer until I got told that again as the go to for a lot and I can tell ya go on for hours about the WB right now bill Nye yeah we will put. Or is gonna bring them Homer Simpson my way on into the bush Wear that Wear the same though we're just we hate the product right now you know we've had no we knew we yearn for. You know days gone by the rock. Iraq stone cold you know my neck you know we'll let you know how we're famous for like didn't parents of of people Russia estimate Okobi whereas impact on wrestler and thinking I'm going come on out there but I didn't let me next. We gotta get. Soul man rocky Johnson on Asia. That's is that as the rocks that this is that brought that did we get we gotta get emotions that not doable. I don't know the right that I'm not any old Logan had been in low you have make it happen and and I hate again tonight he's off FaceBook. I know that. Where is it live as here and you know I don't appeals of Florida. Yeah he's from Nova Scotia wrestled here in Memphis for a long time out now and that you still here to a night doesn't let you have now but but they did for time as they begin to talk to him because I think all lets you talk to his dead. The rock volume gain clearance the rug OK here. Iraqi guys good movies you made at Tommy weren't let's go get a bonus of big get our our final rounds are a menace on Yemen.