AUDIO: Bruce Pearl with Gary Parrish on SEC Champs 92.9

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Wednesday, March 7th

AUDIO: Bruce Pearl with Gary Parrish on SEC Champs 92.


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The two time SEC coach of the year who just let depleted roster to an SEC regular season title and at Auburn tiger the gonna be the number one seed. In this week's SEC term they get started tomorrow in Saint Louis I am course. I've talked about Bruce Brody joins me now BP it's Kerry cares how you don't want. I'm great Gary Hart you don't. Everything's all right my world in first to congratulate you on. A miraculous season on a lot of levels you work. Obviously picked night in the pre season SEC you lose two starters in the preceded some out. You end up with a roster that's undersized and yet still getting a trophy at the end of the seeds are you surprised. As you in your players were able to pull this off. Well yeah because of where we're picked and a lot of things that we got through which you know talking to you remembers that heading to Saint Louis. I'm sorry but I just can't help remember. All how many years ago we played at Saint Louis gets double interment and played a sweet sixteen and beat the U seed Ohio State. And we played Michigan State to borrow borrow or artist for Barbara you're there were like 151000. Tennessee fans in Saint Louis and I can't help you hear that overlook. Memphis is not that far from Saint Louis and we have thousands of Tennessee fans from the members' area. And out of Saint Louis and we just about got that sucker down but curators at a party here. If that's what you play the game you know we talked Johnston would be you'd pick who's gonna do this is good that that makes it interesting. That's what it actually put the ball up there and figure out who's got what it takes. And the two teams that wound up finishing up top Tennessee and Auburn. The two teams have brought it every night. Those two teams that that that. Didn't play great every night at least brought the effort and the energy. Gave themselves a chance to do what word torture could control trusted each other and as a result courage yet to. We know that this team was good enough to do what it has accomplished what did you see that you if we bring it every night we can actually win more SEC games then. Then or what as many as anybody else. I think the I think what the run was was late December. Our and that early January hearing what it was we we host that you maybe. We we went to Mitt played middle Tennessee in in Birmingham and neutral site and I do not good or which team wants. And we handled it pretty pretty well first out. And then we went on the road the current state it's either one of ill be seeing it at all placed appliance store market are. And we managed to find a way to where we were out of six guys and Mac game. Atlanta couple kids that got hurt cramp for the current in the locker with a back like we're true it would take up to one that we cable and we destroyed UConn. In the next game was was at Tennessee. And we bail us out. People balls away also beat never tell you won't invest you know to just get after them. And I think at that point right there are certain holy cow this group's got it whatever it is the troops got it. I'm talking Auburn Coach Bruce Pearl dramatic nine of them ESPN's I have to bring it up my colleague cal booted CBS so. Boy right before the deck don't hot stuff added. Doing prediction for the FCC and you sit there with eight well all the one record you have deep middle you won at. Et Marie you beaten at Dayton program that was down this year but it still historically good. And he predicts that Alford is gonna go for in fourteen. In the SEC and you turn that into weight thing and really got your player than your fans to respond to a what did you take when you sell out boomed from CBS sports figure political but more importantly. That you're the only culprit here I've never mentioned it is they go well like I really don't want I just don't somewhat portable speaker just truly. It up every convention that they've all right guys will they despair that didn't bother me personally. I think trust I think we're better than not that it's so we went to Tennessee. And I had a teacher print it out but I award already but what sort of at a garbage or put forth fourteen on the score or. When a book or that gave up upload up their political players public he should out they had heard it before. And Ed and it bothered them as as it should about the and when your pick to finish where we were picked up British due you know Gary we worked on ESPN. Once this year we're on ESPN. Two. Three times but it was against you current tax say that the Kentucky and I make sure our players understood look. He has yet to hear not present us. The air because you can't text data Kentucky so that's the way we're proceed to the people who want you you can do about it don't complain. We earned this reputation of course there's a lot of years. Nor that you could do about it is we have been change that perception and I hope that's what we've done this season. It's it was a terrific I'll be honest with you I didn't even see that prediction when he first made it and then somebody tweeted me. Because I'm CBS got the and they were like oh so I can so I can't help smartest CBS economical form fourteen a league and I'm like well. The that I finally figured out. And I think caliber that I tell you gotta calm down man at the mart board and they're twelve and one right now but either way I I do and I mean that sincerely appreciate the way you've had fun way bit. And turned it into a thing and honestly even cal has duke he had to take eat a lot of crow but he's done he's enjoyed watch it become a thing and you've you've you've turned into. A huge pop but doctor Bruce Pearl here. From Auburn you've obviously been coaching with a lot of stuff swirling around you lost players in the pre season like I said you all staff members how have you been able to stay focused. On the job at hand then and actually you'll turn this into one of the all time great Auburn seasons. You know curious sort of like it's it's sort of a next man up mentality in the sense that. When you gotta you've been a part of the team and when a guy gets hurt is unavailable. Your heart breaks for. And so when we got a couple kids you know who we put their eligibility in jeopardy by the state that were made. Which treated like an eligibility issue and it injury issue and set the just so back to those counts if it works so hard to be apartments. But. We got to move on without a public we got no choice they're not available. And so we just kind of went that spread out word about what you can control. And then as a coach what you gotta do it you gotta believe that before they believe themselves. They'll play post pictures and show them ways I'd look I don't were undersized. But here are where we can keep up or to risk were to take competitive and spread. Gosh you all got to keep a label but we got to make a Garber sort of plumber gonna be bulk of pretzel was not some teams bigot by the army and other spots all. And it would have got to trust each other and rely on each other in you know what apple world championship I told the guys who could we have done it without in the slot. Colonel could rebel without a strict approach. That we could we have done it without a backup point Kirkwood are better without waste in the future and he just does you know what. Give the god next your caucus say thank you good without him we don't Wear away ring and we don't have chip which. Photographer is prone to go to the Auburn Tigers Auburn to be the number one seed in the SEC term to get started tomorrow. In Saint Louis you remember when I came down to Auburn not long after you got the job and we spent the day together in your offices around campus and one of the things I I remember from that day is. I had never heard you be anything other than confident in Bayerische rush is sure of yourself in very ambitious. And I remember you saying this is going to be difficult probably more difficult than than people realize that that surprised me because. I was like this is Bruce Pearl this is big money all Burton like they'll figure this out pretty quickly and yet you seem to have a grasp pretty early on that. That you know the historically speaking this wasn't the Tennessee job that it might take a minute. As you sit here right now with the SEC champions. I come from where you got the job to now how was the progress how was it to get it from point a to point B. Well you know what if it wasn't all burn. It was it was Auburn does basketball. One but it gateway conference Gary is that Auburn's done everything. And then a women academically caucuses are just a terrific place. And it looked like a private school and so there's a lot of excellence around here it ships that part of it what the league grow in the respect for the rest of the league. And look at this league right now in the sense that really truly. I think Eric twelve teams in the Caribbean and in Saint Louis but you could make an argument could make a run and win the SEC championship and it's even we can talk teams out. You know. It you can even go political order that. So I recognize the challenge of our what the liquid is getting better investment that people were making into the Greek. Bringing Missouri in Italy text saying it into Italy cultures that were coming in the way people were recruiting. You know realistically I young iris you're honestly saying you know this could be it could be the toughest job I ever had but that's what makes this so status or. Absolutely there's there's this championship right now you don't stroke you know so really very burger warding. And down when guys sacrificing for each other. And play for each other and you know it can't be anything. Anything is possible that some really great product but what about our all chipped chipped up org this is probably been the most difficult and so they're for the most rewarding. Come wrapping up there with Bruce Pearl he's ahead go to the Auburn Tigers they're gonna be the number one seed the SEC tournament starts tomorrow and Saint Louis you mentioned. Those Tennessee days earlier and soft finish with this it is the ten year anniversary. Of the number one Memphis first number vs number two Tennessee game. Instead it's a FedEx Foreman is still one of the most memorable. And biggest sporting event ever happen inside a Memphis your balls obviously. A one meg game after you predicted it pregame in what was the a makeshift pep rally that would I remember about the whole experience. I just remember being an old soul but PP BD date he took the day out. And just seem that the role of fans out there and it was mostly blue but there was plenty of Orange sparkled at all throughout our. And it had a national level sort Super Bowl. You'll chew the it was just absolutely electric in the finger I would -- article appear it was taking place in Memphis Tennessee. It wasn't in Raleigh it was an interim president Chapel Hill once and it lacks content. That night college basketball cut the seat in Memphis Tennessee. You know are a great robbery. Great fan bases greatness tradition and so on Abu global player wouldn't look on the floor at the gym or out their purple jeans. It was Specter. ESPN game at that point in the here's your beer creator that's circus. Our route. Are are just really really crowd took it apart of such an historic. What that is Bruce Pearl head coach the Auburn Tigers SEC champions number one seed in the SEC term they get started tomorrow in Saint Louis all bubble played its first game. Believe that'll be on Friday Broussard told everybody who will listen that the job you've dealt with this roster given everything that you've been having to deal with the since the pre season. Is one of the most impressive jobs if not the most impressive job anybody's done this season congratulations. Appreciate your time and I'll see you real soon. And Gary are so very very happy for you and all your success we've known each other a long time. It's an all artwork how excellent you are. And and where you know we're gone I looked older litre fuel CBS. When you were beginning and in your burn it you bring the intelligence the clarity. And doubt and doubt I just working directly to Obama. Bruce a really nice OC real soon. Well taken that's Bruce Pearl echoed to the Auburn Tigers and any tennis at Demi has been you know one when people ask me what I remember about. That number one vs number two game. That that the crowds outside of FedEx format actually the first thing that I see yeah yeah I know I was actually part of that is I didn't get a ticket to be gained here at the time I was of programming 929 in my dad was in town and we just decided to his group I told my Dennis at let's just go down their be part of that it can. It was actually out awesome I'll never forget being outside even likes Tokyo Sullivan's and in in just outside it would never to give the game. Yet no it felt like a big time event and it was a big time on that ugly legs and tell it to get to. It was obviously a tough ticket to get but it was also like an incredible television watch because it's one thing when you get duke Carolina on Saturday night and you know in February prime time. But you know number one these these are two schools that aren't supposed to be or where they are. Number one member dispersant vs number two Tennessee too big coaching personalities. I mean like two of the biggest coaching personnel we have and they are out there and Bruce Pearl and then. Of course you've got a team that's undefeated who you know did dig deep in February. So that adds to it as well because there were a lot of people who fought. You know at that moment that Memphis had an opportunity to be the first forty you know. Forty you know basketball team in in the history of the sport and obviously they they lose there. And then they lose the national championship game so they finish whatever they finished thirty youths eighteen to maybe. But but we leading up to that yet it's amazing game day experience that it's sort of provided a visual of a massive event now and then the game wasn't great I don't know people remember that like the game was not I don't know about them frankly it was not a well played basketball game. But the Bruce had that moment with Erin Andrews now where she asked something about. You know what do what do they do it to you he'd like grabs her. He's like the gravitas in their whole myth he's grabbing her call her like you can buy that on YouTube so there's a lot of like little things and then I remember one of the things they said Bruce said. Was there because that the shot well from three point range in the first half. And he just said they'd beat us from there like they just won't you know like I know the they beat this or they are the first twenty minutes but they're not going. To beat us from the three point line it was the all the that we're just gonna trust what the scouting report says. And and and trust that they cannot keep doing in the first half. They can actually doing in the second half what they did in the first half and then he was exactly right the ball got out of there with a win and down on Monday morning they were ranked number one in the country in the shortly thereafter. They lost at Vanderbilt it was. One of the rare times I can remember that Tennessee game to receive any game was on the subsequent Monday or Tuesday. But it was. It was pretty quick after her. The Memphis game I'll look at it right here so they beat Memphis on Saturday night in fact and they go to Vanderbilt on Tuesday but point being that. He lost I don't think indeed Iran an event I'll remember that I have four basic I would the national for the game. So Larry four day span I watched the number one team in America loose loose twice and also the number one Memphis blues on Saturday night in the number one Tennessee. Lose on Tuesday nights that the fund sees it really more than what it handy have a hot they beat Tampa she beat each day he was pretty good day here they finished 46 and eight. I don't remember sadly tournament yet they were pretty good. Is the one that Shane Foster audit and the other we're guessing they're also a AJ Ogilvy chaos camera they are fine but they were certainly good enough to beat a and therefore good enough to beat Tennessee on their home floor. I'm given the the magnitude of the game but it's also just a reminder of of how form of the basketball slipped you know in the past. A decade because gosh yes you contrast what we've just been talking about west. You know what we saw pick from this past Sunday and it's those are terrific. Memories and I I realize the grizzlies have been awesome last seven years but even for meet the in the last ten years that. There's nothing like when that team is electric like that I mean nothing. Very you know it people cared deeply and people have cared for longer about the tigers don't have degrees grizzlies. I'm not. On the series are different the way they play they don't play seven game series it's just a different deal I mean I do think the grizzlies have a larger fan base now that the tiger exhibit and desolate with her insert certainly with young people who have. Like yeah that's on him like my kids know the grizzlies my mice my nine year old timlin. My kids don't know anything about the Memphis Tigers now I don't know if my four year old could tell you the coach of the tigers. Or any player for the tigers like I don't know my four year old knows tubby Smith and my nine year old knows Dylan Brooks you know are lucky that everybody thought my four year old you know he can you can you can go through the entire you know now for the most part. But not now the candidate shares outstanding judge jagr and wasn't that the player he may well yeah well that they were good you know or check with planet he knew Shaq and he knew those guys but. The current roster I don't I don't think Oliver could name a single player and I don't I'm not sure dollar Kadima. And in the coach but he he knows the grizzlies are young people certainly the clear is that taken over but. I think eve of the conversations we've had over the past two weeks or ten months people still care deeply about the tigers yeah they they won't go to FedEx four to watch a bad team. But they steer can still cared deeply you won't drive downtown to watch a bad product. But you still care and it's why if you ever can get a good product again they will at some point somehow. They and in the though the folks will come back you know I don't know if I ever be like it wasn't 2008 but folks will be back because people care.