AUDIO: Brian Windhorst on the Gary Parrish Show (7/11) to discuss Free Agency/Summer League/Grizzlies

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Wednesday, July 12th

AUDIO: Brian Windhorst on the Gary Parrish Show (7/11) to discuss Free Agency/Summer League/Grizzlies including TA and JaMychal



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Now covered nearly every kid I went north making the big get a. Award winning writers athletes and coaches the biggest names in sports these are giving Barry show big interview. Presented by Ruth's Chris steak. Yes very much ESPN. Breyer well let's get our graduate doing it NN. Gary would not everything's good my what I appreciate you BAL star Paul George because he's now on record saying. Sure are it's a dream like most people understand the plate to the lake has given that I was. Raised in Southern California but if we do something really nice and Oklahoma City like go to the Western Conference finals or even upset the lawyers. I'd be dumb to walk away from that if you were a lakers fan would that concern. Didn't necessarily I think I think it it if you don't have a player on your team then you're not guaranteed of anything right. So. You know I think it's and they wanted to and that it is. Rampant in the NBA right now as assumption. And I think to a certain extent that happens anyway but because of the nature of the league right now everybody's. Making assumptions and that I can make your conscience for any in any team as a mistake but he also the in an interview with Sports Illustrated that. Over the last year he pretty much walked the line. You know not committing himself to Indiana but all though I'm saying you want to be there and I think you'll see the exact same thing. For the next what eleven months from him from Oklahoma City will say he should he want to win and just happy to be very. And can't see himself wanting to leave him. And yet he'll keep the door open because that's what you do at the freeagent that's milk at the way everybody walk the line and I don't expect him to do anything differently. You make a good point that we operate so much on on assumption like we all know what Paul George is gonna do we all know what Gordon Hayward was gonna do. We all know what the bronze gonna do now but true that like. This can change in the final marks of of regular season they can change in the final weeks before July 1 like that for air to assume that. You know if those last NBA finals with LeBron in Miami went differently he got a state and Miami. For sure I think you know one thing you can she do what are your work for a team or whether you're in the media. If you take the temperature you'd stick the thermometer and and worst all Georgette today word Russell while we're at today word LeBron in that today. And you can evaluate that and that's certainly the temperature can certainly aspect how that he makes decisions and move. But what the temperature of any player isn't free agency before July 1 is irrelevant. And I know that over the next eleven months and I'm going to get asked on ESPN the umpteenth time about what's going on abroad and you can hear me give the same answer every time I promise you because I'd been through many LeBron free agency now. I'll give you pay the way things are on that date but we'll tell you that it won't matter until we know. What everything is at. At the end of the day at the you know we will exceed that little lay of the land on June 30 of next year. The only answer and the reopen that they edit it also true buried. If could you guys know they have options you know he's. To prepare to find freeagent. Captains. Plan sometimes you're pitted yet I'm pine tree. But you need two year advance they have a plan. Players have to worry about that. They play and that the end of the day because they are premium product. They have their choice the choice. Will always be there for that so factoring Paul George or whomever. Every time PM over the next year is not gonna get anywhere because he knows that no matter what he said at the end of the day his options are gonna exist the way I'd say it is. Gary what are you having for dinner next June 30. That's you don't know the answer but you know that somebody who has a job India I think America. The you can have shrimp for chicken or steak or whatever you know that option going to be their feedback and go to bed tonight thinking and worrying about it. Donna brown went hoarse from ESP innings on Twitter at went Horst ESPN does it matter to LeBron what Dan Gilbert does with their front office position that's now been open for several weeks. I don't think it matters to him I think what upon one. Is the best team. Cavett hit the way he wants to team can make moved and put moved around feminist but saying that people don't seem to again understand about LeBron. He want every place he wants Paul George Chris Paul Carmelo at the end when you whatever you want every all you can talk on the eighteenth. Of course I mean that's the way he operates. Did he want him Gilbert has spent a 170 million or 220 doesn't care to give him a Betsy. He doesn't care who's sitting in the chair to give him the best team I don't know I think he cared that much about the coached. Just pick the coach give the game plan that could help him win the only thing keep about is winning. So who every put in the care if the guy help them. Win and get them player to win and keep gonna respect and he did that David Griffin gave him player to win that's what you respect. Dark brown went hoarse from ESPN. Some switching gears a little bit Carmelo Anthony's name is in the news seemingly every day the knicks have suggested there is no buyout option he's got to play for us or you can make a deal for Yemeni to waive his no trade clause. Do you expect Carmelo Anthony is on the New York Knicks. To start the season. I would say. It's 5050 probably I would bet on it I mean. Right now both sides have no reason to Tibet Carmelo. Has no reason to leave a dime on the table in in the buyout negotiation table and negotiation and it. Come to what I'm released throw the wet at that training camp that's like that don't think you should say. And appear the next we know why would you bend right now in July mean you know they don't read it over on the but the problem is. The right now the scene that looked like it motivated to trade for him Houston. And the and the knicks aren't willing to accept peace and trade offer. Well they change their mind. Between now and October what they change about between now and February yeah they could you know wolf creek but there isn't a natural trade between the critiques. And when every do you give a good situation we have to make a preteen trade I always say it preteen traders in the team trade. And so I don't penetrate to be done he could be trained for Ryan Anderson in fifteen minutes. But the knicks don't want Ryan Anderson and a contract so much that changes. I think we're gonna have a bit of a film. West a little bit about the grizzlies because it's now July 11 into Michael Green still hasn't signed an offer sheet with anybody he's obviously. A restricted free agent is the market just not there for you Michael Green the way. We might have thought two weeks ago it was going to be. Restrict free agent Gansu. A fascinating one area mean. The public probably be at a ten volume book. Encyclopedia written on it. If you are restricted free agent that everybody think your team is going to match. Which indicated Qwikster Michael during nobody thinks that he that the the Britons are gonna let him walk. Then it's very hard to get an off. If you're restricted free agent or your he might not match it's like degraded situation could be in in the world like Otto Porter could not only do you get. And offer sheet but can you offer sheet with all the bells and whistles the opt out the early cash bonus to trade kicker you could never negotiate with the team. It's just incredibly fine gray area. And right now to Michael greeted in the area were teamed don't think he's get apple. And so as. You know at that but this salary cap stays dry up. It becomes more and more likely that he's gonna have to be you know be be squeezed into playing. For the group as we've seen it play out dozens and dozens of times. Over over the NBA and although the last twenty years since a version of restricted free agency has come into being sometime they work out a wonderful deal and everybody's happy. In mid August. Sometimes it turns into a hole out sometime turned into a one year contract I think all those things are probably on the table won't accept defeat the market changes. I'm wrapping up there when Brian went hoarse from ESP and he's on Twitter at went hoarse ESPN last thing before I let you go I know it's not a big national story but it is a story here. Tony Allen remains a free agent it appears that his time in Memphis is is likely die and I'm just curious from your perspective talking to people around the league. What's the market fur Tony Allen at this stage of his career as it relates to possibly join another NBA team. Well look I think Tony could probably play for about 25 teams that he was going to have a below asking price. Peaceful night the only team all defensive team this year. I'm in doubt that he's hurt he's not a great offensive player against date so it can't pretend to be a long term contract with the cops now. If you look at the matter can finding a price point he's comfortable at with the market. I think certainly if I were him understand why. I might be willing to move on dial lol no that he's got a great connection there. And that's the price point isn't better elsewhere and he'd prefer to continue to play with with what Conley into a cult and I could. I could see and staying but there's been very little out there on him. And there but give it a little want him but you know he even. I'm you know wolf epic I think the grisly car. Trying to play the market if they believe they can and they put themselves in position where. You know that they're gonna be a fallback option and they are gonna try to retrofit their team a little bit and and go out there and look for the nectar Michael Green. And down that you know that's because they put themselves and then book where the market going in the Western Conference title under present blame them. That is brown went hoarse from ESPN he's on Twitter at went Horst ESPN you can watch him on the network. Basically all day long this time of the year I'd know how busy you are man I appreciate you carved out a few minutes I'll catch up with a demo line. Thank you this spring when doorstep from ESPN. A interest in stuff on Tony and I think if you're grizzlies fan who. Is just hoping still against most odds that TA returns. To the Memphis Grizzlies. A for next season that's what you're counting on is that. The market shrinks autumn a little bit. Eking get more money. Anywhere else. And basically it's like hey can take it this pile of money and go somewhere or take the same problem money. And maybe stay here that of course is under the assumption that the front office would take him back at the minimum minimum price. Yeah no matter what I'm not sure of that by the way. But certainly if you look at the roster spots now. I mean they're gonna have to do something because if you take them at their word that Dele Brooks and Ivan rabbit going to be on the grizzlies knock the hustle and bomb they just there's too many players now for the fifteen roster spot I'm assuming that he was alluding to the relationship that that Tony has with clients to bring an end and some members of the staff just that I mean obviously sips connection to. The grizzlies franchise is rooted in his connection to Tony telling Allen that helped that tells it ended up in Memphis I don't wanna make it is simple know that but that's that's the obvious connection right so that's just a connection but I I don't speak for Bryant but I don't think he was saying just connection with sip but it's like your connection with the community oh there's no doubt I would do the same thing with the same partisan yet LA light. Tony likes it here you know he he seems to. I will say that of of the entire hour. Roster that you know in Memphis on you know over the past year now. Am in a Mike Conley lives elsewhere a lot of the time. I think maybe they're back here in Memphis now but they've been gone for a little while they spent a lot of time in Columbus his wife and is in the in the sun. Mark assaults in Spain you know he lives that. You Gemma Parsons is in California juries in Los Angeles training most of the grizzlies. Don't most of the relevant grizzlies they do not make their home here right. Tony Allen does IC Tony all the time liking cold here Vettel not Tony random places yet a Tony Allen makes his home here and the audit did yeah Zach Randolph. You be buying you bite the bullet in my Cali in Memphis in June. It propaganda bobbled a mark. In Memphis in June is sure Philly mob David Chandler. Eight in Memphis. Obama but like you could bump the Tony Eric above it and act like they they bigs big. They set their roots here now they they they liked being here. And so it is interesting that those are the two guys that seem like they're on the way out because they're two guys who like all things being equal. Antonio made this clear even that is exit interview you know like you want to read about infamy like I'd this is where I wanna be the problem of course is that. I'm I'm not sure the front office feels about him the same way he feels about playing for the grizzlies. And so here we ought but yes be our guest is still every day is there a chance Tony could be that desperate they changed its. If there's a chance to torture over. Mama it seems doubtful an unlikely but but there's a chance and I am the reason there's chances that there's there's nothing else up at their for him at whatever his. Initial asking price was dead didn't doesn't seem to be anything for him at that price right now that's. Again according to just like common sense like look around you haven't. You know you read stuff all the time about this person's in negotiates with this and this team might have a it's eye on this dude elect there's not a whole lot of that connected to Tony Allen right now but also what Brian went door said there's just very little about him and and you know in the connected Graham. Right now the offensive limitations and so there's and the injury stuff I mean I missed point 5% his regular season games over the past four years like there's injury stuff age stuff. Some are offensive limitations I I think there're. A Smart basketball people who watched every Shimon grizzlies game last it would Tony Bennett and said that one of things that frustrated Davis Tisdale says I don't think every command said this just can't. But one of the things that frustrated fears was that it Tony was gambling more than usual right on defense of into the court. And the reason he was gambling Boras because he was just a little bit slower than he used to be he could move quite the way used to move. And so when you start to lose just a little bit which is completely natural at his age. You have to try to make up fort like if your whole thing is being disruptive on defense like that how you major million us. And suddenly you can't be disruptive being disciplined anymore but you start to become a little and discipline to try to make the same types of plays and that's how you end up with here. Yours your teammates and scatter mode and it's you know aid to the breakdowns Kim can be. Devastated and so. You know like there's a whole bunch of stuff there that suggests he's not the same player today. That he was even two or three years ago which again is normal you're not supposed to be at his age. But if there if the question is is the rate Chiat he could end up in Memphis yes there is still a chance until you hear about him signing elsewhere. They were still a chance to be the way the front office got some decisions to make about this roster because. The number of players. They've suggested are gonna be a part of the grizzlies. There are rough roster spot form why gonna have to do some why did they go ahead and say that the two draft picks we're going to be full rosters salt. Contracts and think they probably believed it when they won't what do two reasons either pay because it's true. OK or biggie because they believed it at the time and thought it would remain true does that make sense. And I'm not run in the team time I I don't I don't know that would make it doesn't seem to make sense to me I Obama does well. Well I don't think Adam what is the web makes it's like hey if you believe in those players aren't and all of those millions tied up the market saw Mike coming into in the bars and you need cheap contracts you need second round picks when your roster. And so from that perspective it makes sense from a purely basketball perspective does it make sense. Like would you rather have Dillon Brooks on your roster next year than Tony Allen probably not. But from a salary cap perspective tax perspective and that's the way you rational well and the other thing is. Having watched the first two summer league games and I haven't seen the first half of this game their leading at the half of for the third summer league game they haven't been giving those guys run like they're not. And in a rotation where you can get it get an angle on the built upon a little bit Ivan restaurant. Right so he Keith employment of these he's being held out right a Brooks of playing somebody hasn't played well. Right and so I think the next game we're supposed to see red they said three games for ram right and so. You know who knows like of the you know injuries are injuries and I'd I'd err on the side of caution when I'm anybody. That's what you seemingly solid lakers do little on the ball last night. But I am. Blessed I. I'm not here to debate who should and should not be on the roster when we got the other day my only point is. They're gonna have did tank positions they got decisions to make because all the guys. All guys who think they're gonna be on the grizzlies fifteen man roster no they're eight and approval. Like we now know that for certain now we can pick apart figure out whose what what what what blood very room for all of them so they're gonna a trait gonna be made or. Third or are people gonna have to be disappointed in mobile phone or another.