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Monday, July 2nd
Bobby Marks from ESPN was on with GP when the Rondo news broke. They talked about that news, Lebron, and a few other items prior to Bobby doing his afternoon hit on ESPN TV.

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Break in the newsroom is give Adrian more droughts PO rush on Rondo has signed days. One year deal with the LA lakers though can't wait to hear what Lavar ball thinks about that Rondo of course found. The interest in the Brian. In the finals talked about how important is to be surrounded by. Cerebral players Rondo has a reputation of being maybe the best in the in that regard he was terrific. In the playoffs this year. That's another interesting development. With the NBA's. Biggest and brightest franchised. Well body marks think of it big in the big interview. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports these are doing Barry show creator you'll. Presented by Ruth's Chris steak. And if I am ESPN I'm. It's very nice doormen. I'm good Gary how you doing everything's all right my what I appreciate you being I won't keep it to longer than you doesn't come upon you got me a deterrent. We got some writer's cramp Brenda and you know that's a good I guess I'm just glad be the rethink your fingers get the rest the bad mom so Rondo the lakers let's start there that's the breaking news what do you make of that. Well they do they renounce Jewish Randall which is you know I thought had called Randall would be there for about you for a year. And you know what you Heath care Latin players that you gig yet took up much with each. And you you're gonna need to work with Aaron mentioned agent from CAA down the road took. You let Randall go he let go into re entry into free agency now he's got to restrict it neighboring Rondo and I don't want your billion dollar deal. Continue needed a point guard eagle at lob the ball they needed point guard them better point guard that the push shot. The push lawn though and you've got to. A tell you why you've got an interest in static characters that they have until now that's another statements that at that. I mean would JaVale McGee who is legendary and in the end being a character obviously. A Lance Stephenson now Rondo even though he is. Rondo is interesting because he's widely regarded as one of the smartest players in the NBA but also one of the most difficult slashed his. Tough to get along with guys he and Rick Carlisle famously like bought it heads sadly. Mom and like it's all surrounding LeBron James so it's interesting what they're doing other gonna work and Abbott there they're put together a collection a character like is that now. It is it is interesting I mean I think that was really the big thing as far as you know literally only started to get an idea that LeBron was. Product who's gonna go to Los Angeles was gonna be by himself so art who's. Dario who would as the supporting casket going to look like besides the album yet your young core variant. You know once he committed last night you know they got they got right out of the gate twists you know what they're signing event. Yet they've made it pretty pretty clear that. Darryl Sutter will gust to one year contracts. They're gonna stay conservative and Angela did 2019 bullets and cap space again could go outside a a Mexico level contract or there that I trade to be asked for a L player like why lighter. You know they'll be in not in position to do yourself. Talking about remarks is paean for office insider. Here in 99 of them ESPN. Bomb. That's what the point I've made is that. You know I and I am assuming LeBron would love it if there were another superstar known lakers franchise right now but really like. He just needs one by this by the entry deadline. And they're going to be guys available at the trade deadline who aren't available now on so the lakers can't get a deal for collide done. Can't they just hold on to these young assets until then then like then somebody who's not available today and all star level guy even becomes available and you can do a deal then. But you're right I mean and it's funny because. It won't last that LeBron James who run a team. Would a team that had cap that potential cap space going into the summer you know I don't remembered in Miami or L you know you got. You got there what would cap space. I don't remember in Miami or in Cleveland beat him being basically the pitch man in free agency and ordered for something to that to hug and sell and yet don't know I mean I think when he that that four year contract three years PS3 years guaranteed workers a player option. Yeah he's signaled that you know are not here just for a year. It's gonna be a little bit of a slow process and begin would get you guys up to speed here. But any I think he's the reality and he knows what's up north were gold stated who used it that he will indeed be a little bit patient with this group. Were you surprised at the lawyers though let them nobody. I don't think anybody expected that because he had never done that before but the message seems to be. Like when he does have to recruit guys that might be happening right now. Yeah he can tell them listen I'm here I'm not going anywhere my family said look man this is where we're going to be for four years is that possibly there at least partly the road. I think if you would have done the wanted to war you know acquire option ordered the second year in Delhi have been prod more like queen in Cleveland. You know just a county that option again but it's it's hard to keep when you when you're changing teams it's hard to do that. Yeah how a player option hanging over your your Ed O'Neill and then you can bet all the pockets. You know an epithet. But better than Gary puts a lot of pressure on the organization go out and do it occur. A collide letter train try to remove some a year younger players can you're not you're not win now approach and I think would deal with the four year contract. It gives you a little bit of a little bit of some of the breathing room. Hum. The glider thing is is now probably the biggest thing out there if you were in San Antonio's front office what would you be advising them to do. I would probably advise them to look her best package out there. I don't know of this relationship mr. terrible at this point. Yeah that condemn Matthew from action is coming close so I don't I I would be stunned that even on the table right now and you know what I would that we can probably take a Laker W that's the equation right now just based on how they're durst signing and I how to make a deal work it's going to be extra chin hard to make money work who is so if you were to Antonio you're probably looking he. You're looking at Philadelphia and you look at Boston as far as what those teams not for heart partisan that you know can be non expiring. In no certainty that he's going to shine kill you not. Bernardo and get the best offer you know he's not and cheers and cheers let them contract so. I I think if you are you Antonio you're you're looking at I cut the project personnel who have been. You're right you're clipped him last year without a Indy only once we sure create games you must surely be clout can change. It is probably not what we're quite letter. And listen he sees camp at least has made it clear he'd prefer to go to LA but the spurs don't have to care about that at all any more than the pacers care about it with Paul George. And I think the fear has always been a which somebody uninspiring contract if if if if they've already made it known that they wanna go to a very specific place if we're not that very specific place. I we don't really wanna give up assets to rip somebody for a year and yet Oklahoma City was willing to gamble. They did it and it paid off on Saturday night Paul George announced that even though a year ago. I don't think he had any plans say Oklahoma City he announced that he's he's staying in Oklahoma City does that change the way the Kauai letter thing goes down at all or is it. Paul George is a certain guy and Kauai Leonard's a different guy one has nothing to do with the other. It's a little different just because I'm looking at what the market's gonna be next here in 2019. I think this year is different because. You wish there were shell many few off Carl and the type players. You'll be that besides LeBron Chris Paul Paul George necessarily mark just go out there I don't think. If you lore you know the pool of of of players from abroad to pick from London there. So I think if you if you are eighty you know if you're LeBron James and you're waiting on a superstar like why letter our your lakers. I think there's a great cool guys like you know clay considine. Jimmy Butler. Carrier ring Kemba Walker Marco saw an innocent and there's a litany out. Free agent that could be really appealing. You know next shot from the lakers are. I wouldn't each year off what Paul let me know what I will Paul we shining in Oklahoma City it saw. That came dressed either GM did a great job and I call and how she couldn't get I'm for a whole year and you're able to sell in the NBA guy like Russell Westbrook insult. Yeah I mean he got the Shelley bought include you know gaining ground even kill him and he changed it certainly came. But I think it could fall back for a Little League as far as what Austria crap which is currently. Talking about remarks from ESPN I 929 FM ESP and some people on by some I mean a lot. And not necessarily reputable reporter it's just basketball fans are speculating that. Rondo being far aimed means that law and so is going to be available in some deal. Is that people just connecting dots unreasonably hordes or something to. I think it's connecting dots you know because you hate you can't just second year and number two pick in the draft he's gone into the second year and uncontrollable contract. So yeah any cut and you got an injured right now her so I think. I think any better nearly got there and she'll run there was little bit different just because she is you know in oil battle tested. The likely that is when they are in Beijing you while Rondo on the court. So I think you probably. I think it's great I think it's a great learning tool for Alonso. I mean you know I think it's it's an idiot Rondo is probably has to deploy a person to learn from and you know it's almost like an extension of your coaching staff in such. Yeah I don't know I'd I'd put the writing on the wall forum. He'll launch the ball teachers just that Iran does. You mentioned DeMarcus Cousins earlier obviously he's also injured but an amazing talent but suffered an injury that. I'm is difficult to back back belts back from give a sense for what the market is for bode cousins right now. It's not good now I mean that's not good at all I mean we I thought that. He'll he'll know it happened he'd stay healthy but I don't doubt would've been a fallback option for him I'd be undrafted in LA. Aimed you know with such random drug from the could dodge it but it's yell mean normal and not offer and Max contract year I mean that's not common deal trying to. You know multi yell at you know 175 million dollar deal south. I think if you DiMarco sure you'd probably get short term deal mean can you get cheers forty million or even one year 2825. Million. Try to go back out there in 2019. But yeah I mean anything that room are ones that are you know are rebuilt them. Wrapping up there were body marks up from ES PM last thing before I let you gonna appreciate your time. Yeah I think some extremely optimistic grizzlies fans were hoping that. Will Barton might be a available for the mid level obviously that became untrue very quickly in the free agency signed a fifty year deal with Denver. I'm do you have a good understanding of who might be available to the grizzlies with the mid level right now. And it Garrett I go I got a call coming into the tournament so yeah I don't understand it then good thing on our coaching thing. This body marks from. The Rondo news I was assuming he's gonna get called on the details here about a minute in about a minute ride so far out I'm completely understandable. Understanding now thanks of of that. V. The right thing is interesting if your myth if you missed it ad break in the breaking news the past twenty minutes. He's reached a one year nine million dollar deal. We have the Los Angeles Lakers to play with with LeBron James itself. Oh what it appears is happening. Is that. The lakers would have loved to have done a deal already. Four co why letter down but that hasn't happened and it's it's I think may be doubtful that it will because. The spurs might just say we're not we're not gonna put two of the best five players on the world in the world on the same team like when we can prevent that from happening at least for a year. And so let's we're gonna do will send him anywhere else port accident and LA that might ultimately be where the Iraq. And if you can't get coli Leonard. Then you know loved gotten Paul George but there's some thought. And this was interest and that. When the lakers. Whip like all excited trying to get co Y Leonard it's sort of turned off Paul George right like you know what like L hold up now I'm I read that now on this now on that third and that I have a secondary like on the back up plan if you can't get a deal number coli letter I got to stay here will rush and built a party forming an Oklahoma City absolutely so huge kink takeaway from in that may or may not still happen but I'm skeptical yup. And you can't give Paul George. And Chris Paul like stayed in Houston and what there's not another guy who's worth. All of that. I'm cap space there's not another Max level guy out there for you available via free agency so what it looks like they're Dylan is just getting all these guys a 11 year deals. Can Davies callable pulp. Tom Ron dole out Stevens and Al McGahee Lance Stephenson. And they've just decided we're gonna put the best piece is we can find out if they are great around LeBron and you're one. Keep try to do a deal for awhile like we can get that done at the trade deadline. Other posts all star level guys are gonna be available. Maybe we'll do a deal then. Commit either way. We got all those one year contract coming off the books in. Summer of 2019. And that's one Klay Thompson is available. It's when Marc Gasol is available it's when Kerry Irving is available the whole this whole another free agency class. Phil what Max leveled out and so. I don't ask and I don't know that I'd like every deal the lakers have done what I understand what they're doing and I don't know that I agree with this collection of players but they seem to have a pretty clear plan. And that's give LeBron and the best chance they can give them. Well understand and they're limited in what they can do in your wine. But but regret and be ready to go when you it is they have their cap space open July 2019. And let LeBron be the one that recruit somebody. And spins really the next year recruiting somebody to come join him in year two will save.