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Monday, August 13th

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But we're back Jason's 99 FM ESPN and as promised his name is Benjamin Albright is an NFL insider. Hosts a radio show in Denver is one of our paper to Jewelers it's now did you know what's going on man. There are as our English so I wish the circumstances were a little better. Is packed than when it's done in Denver. Well let's out of the overwhelming feeling your they serve better erosion. You don't support for MO last. Out we are so Kimba. Wood in the front office. Guys and that's topic for it really. Mechanic and offered to order a much greatest quarter of the match. Outside chat tell people what. Was just doomed from the beginning because the the the the idea from the beginning was that John Elway love them income level that in the obviously traded up to get him but they Gary Kubiak was never from forty didn't necessarily but the system. He can beat out Trevor Ximian. And that area are three years and as an up or career there's been a change. And maybe advance Joseph isn't it is and it isn't a big Paxton guy either. Was this in many ways doomed from the beginning Benjamin. Arnold or do attribute giving it distinctive that the plan or what are lists conceit. Has a plan to develop him certainly you know wrote that didn't follow current well. You mentioned Gary could get situation that is true Terry try to head it guy Turk and yet. You know the east at that time try to go travel to the point where. You know you openly lied to allay that I don't eat simply true percent in the raiders team supposed to like act which. Then you got my core came here last year he had no interest at developing quarterbacks. Are eroded edit any other respect job which were fired midseason. Bill much great to act and under his wing but he just hasn't been able to you to get actually become the guy actually still struggles. Post deputy guided street had a nervous it is first reason they're instinct is to take all rock. I part as a by product that is just meekly doubted that pits which you can read wicked college which candidate to rewire yourself for the pro game and not just and unable to do that. How much does this confidence Benjamin he looks like a guy that scared of failed to your point it's always the first option the closest option the dump off or did you just like you said he he's looking to run. How much it. It looks so unlike the guy we sought Memphis a guy we saw deficit swagger was confident this guy looks like he's lost at all and and I get asked that's part of not grasping the system. Well and I get exactly keep got a guided it being a cop that shot away at built without getting. Equality live success wire wrapped in economic replicate back into that appeal to the published so. I say get sad to hear practice every day he's coached it in no pressure situation that practiced in better check Kelly. Articulate critical process of the art and multiple law. But illegal lights come on Jack Kelly can get sick gamer mentality intact and seems to wilt under pressure. They're used to be a conversation here in Memphis sort of as the the college football program was was taking off. Was it was it because of Paxson Langston or was it because of just in Wednesday and really who makes who looked good. I think we have our answer right. Well we're very storied history sides still you know his first the truth of I think it's somewhere that like packed with a special athlete that happened that mesh well with this system. You wouldn't and I hacked it at that marriage to other you know kind of critical yet I would say it may be quite as its 60% of back in fact that forty bit. You know I would I would say that the combination to to carry it. From what you've seen it and is the commitment level they said he's looked better practice what about off the feel for what you're hearing is the commitment level there is he off the video games and totally in the playbook and immersed. Well let everybody say and I certainly hate to be has been a lie cheat just Gamertag and eat it much. And ultimately I would you guys friends. Oh what you get our guys friends on like on line. Now all age as secretary will go to you know immediately. Check it on. Quite a while so he's well off and now all quite as much lets us I guess and support binge and gotta have that step or where are all. Or so we are huge eagle we don't play. You know I just want a situation where people are kind of hired a you know I heard of that are that potential and ready to seat potential. No doubt so I mean do you think. In a listen he's the first round talent I mean it did the arm strength is there we've we've all seen it it's never it's never materialized nicely in Denver. Do you think he gets another shot somewhere you know if and when he is he has cut you'd think somebody else takes a viral I got estimate Kristen heck ember can get a chance and Jackson's guy wants somewhere. Well I don't actually get a shot somewhere there's too much you know to which air and encroaching hubris and ego being what it is somebody willow just could not get you know it's ironic that its particular order they're big all a big arm that they get her chances. And not you know aside at particular chat somewhere amateur where. You know I am looking around to teens look at that perhaps due at Denver given up on into a city already had their diet at all. Don't Allison get back pressed got so you know I turtle where it will be picked to kind of get our shot. Benjamin that these rookie quarterbacks like let's look at them got the looks the most ready to use it is that they can make feel Hinckley was at Sam darling look good who do you like best. I think Heidi baker probably the most ready although he probably will be the last of of the first routers may be the mark historic sit with the guitar rock the key this you know gonna go Tyrod you know early Sam Arnold really impressed especially on cabinet may direction but nobody else. You know he came up very sharp. Shape that Tony Romo on their that touchdown play permit side to side. Aside I thought he looked really good Allen Josh delegates and it's yet to misuse. Which is kind of story his career and job growth to match. They'll put that line and get at least it'll. That's they ought. What goes into I guess because when you you know when you see quarterbacks the college level most of them put up big numbers and and tax and with the guy. And I think you and Aaron were in the same boat here bin. You know I thought he was going to be a star quarterback I just thought he can make every throw in the book and then obviously it's just so differently today when you get to the NFL what sort of with. What goes and said that you know to the cauldron that did that makes a good NFL quarterback like what do you have to have. To be a greater pro quarterback. Well again work ethic that's not want I mean you know apps you've got to work at it there's an eight skilled yet they have yet placed the ball accurately yep real. Processed all be quickly. You know those can think I think goes to most two biggest trait she get a quick. Quick guys. At a quicker reached. And now if you get those things you got to work ethic that area you know got a live action I had packed in her high trash it as second best quarterback and expressed our course let so. You know access too big for me. What are you what a lot of bears spend it and what are why haven't Mitchell Robiskie or is it just too early the tale. Well it's it's a little early to tell them we're seeing flashes on the you know he's a good decision maker and these need actual football. He gave slowdown form a bit you can you can help on that offensive line he was in trouble you know last year that. Taken developed. Strong running game and until blocked that he can be that guy he's not a guy. He's he's that he's never going to be the guy that you want to to put a keyboard backlighting oracle carry but he can win you football games that you got a strong run game at a decent defense you you can make super ball. Well I'm open so we are course on an hour and NFL insider host rated show in Denver on Twitter at Albright NFL. We're obviously here in in Memphis and Tennessee Benjamin. It feels like Marcus Mario to needs to take a step forward this year they won a playoff game last year he certainly made some plays within him but just. Across the board its production is probably not where it needs to be at this juncture. Do you think that stepped forward happens this year with a new off with a quarter of coordinator and a new sort of coaching staff. Well I'll team has done there's no bigger Santa metal floor in the NFL and I am umps. You know I and I don't know how long you get you to be able to keep Q there's huge profits quarter and you beat up pretty coaching just personal. I think he'll turn it bring around. You could design accepting its six to Mario striker that's the thing you know you talk about guys that systems. You know and yet that's all the time but you got a guy with the raw talent Marcus marionette and he's not working within your system it's your system that needs to be scrapped not a quarterback. What early sort of reviews for Jon Gruden and I know everybody seems to be very pessimistic about it I think that might be also related to his. 100 million dollar guaranteed contract. What they don't reviews on Jon Gruden and his returned to the NFL. Each supposed odor I work for grouper a year down on campus so I think he's gonna succeed. You know he's keeping guy that it does things you don't why be illegal to legal bill Walsh school. I guess Cink is no way he doesn't really like to develop young guys cheaper first ever ask so I think that people are in this YouTube assessed football culture that we have now in getting younger getting cheaper. I can coming into bringing a lot of veteran free agents and it goes against the grain. DC a lot of people they beat deriding them I think you'll be successful jobs always been successful initially sustain that success in the problem. What did you do for younger mu what what was Europe was your job title there. Re. A cut. What do you see in that division is it is at the charges to lose that does Denver compete for playoff spot had you think it plays out in the AFC west. Well before before that vikings dropping a set that Denver probably for a while carton in the charter and the division match. I don't know that maybe I was overeating did urged a little bit you know I think at Kansas City Oakland and endeavor candidate here below the charge. Urged the Irish to that pressure I hope they go to win the division they'll have a defense to do it it's. But I think you see an endeavor and can shoot for about nine wins and potential while cart. And then finally bit Jamaica's you have a report a little bit and into a little bit about what's happening in Ohio State on this story over the weekend was that Tom Harmon. This according to an Ohio say a report that Tom Harmon was the tipster. I come from understanding how how accurate is that how involved was Tom Herman you know sort of in the reporting. The Ohio State story there was xmas. Well cricket was told that could come Herman Cain was behind the push to get that story go it. And it's out kind of bait which I don't know that Tom Herman specifically himself I highly doubt as a matter fact that he was your anyone. I directly associated it was the tipster the cash is king was canopy impetus behind that because of losing out only recruit. The day it got it nailed down at Texas to Ohio State. Com so you know I ate. Debt that's what I was told. Which you know again I am the oldest couple come out most people start reported to I think Britain murky does a great job. And in the senate the guys there that you I stayed alarms really can eternity although some of his information you're incorrect. Do you think this sort of based on the information that we do have deep thinker admire his. Is back in Ohio State or do you think this is the end for him. I was told there about a week and a half ago that the PR machine there was kind of bracing for some retreated to a four game suspension I'd say at this point price here tomorrow two game suspension yet and that he stated our state. Bids them and we had a good time as always meant thank you. It's stuff he is Benjamin Albright covers him though. He's based there in Denver and listen the looks like he was Tyrone Paxton onetime has been let down. I think a lot of us where you know. I mean I don't know most of us some of us word skeptical but I was I was bullied like in the argue over the meet you over the moon and again got burned I'm burned at that time Herman's story it is. It is bizarre you know the reporting is because there's a there's a pop star wide receiver there. At a Texas and here Wilson who committed Ohio State over Texas home. And the reporting is that Tom Harmon who's the coach at Texas basically knew you know his wife was friends with Courtney Smith and they kind of knew what was going on behind the scenes didn't do anything about it. But now that he's losing recruits to to you know it's Urban Meyer who. He speaks out. I have a problem with that would that be negative recruiting job oh well here's the thing like. You know. Oh only when you lose a recruit. Are admired does it matter that you know Courtney Smith was being assaulted and if that is correct right right is alleged are that yet. That's at that that's that's that's cut sports and not so it only it only is worth you know pettiness in it's it's only worth speaking up. When recruits are taken the money. They go pursue a bit and Albright for joining us welcome back Jason and Jon and its benefit yes it.