AUDIO: Alex Lomax Sr. on the Jason & John Show

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Thursday, November 9th

AUDIO: Alex Lomax Sr. on the Jason & John Show discussed Alex Lomax (4-star guard from Memphis East) and his decision to go to Wichita State


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He is the father of Forestar east's top point guard Alex Lomax. And recent as recently as last night. Commitment to Wichita State Alex Lomax I had to Wichita State his father out Lomax senior joins us brother Lomax how are you sir and thank you for the time. Third yes sir I've ignored did you do. Man we are doing well brother figure and you must have a pretty big smile on your face today you join your sons join and a top ten program one that's for. At a perennially been a top ten program Natalie Gregg marshall's got how pleased are you today how pleased are you with your son's decision to to commit to which Allstate. Well. It will definitely audit and in Wichita State. Of the ball beautiful program. You know. Old record of court coach Marshall. Coach latest period. Their trailer load Kyrie. Although everybody it is it is good good good good Wichita State and I'm glad to be made good citizens. Who did it come down to. Four for Alex and in this decision like who their who their real schools who were who were involved there at the end. Leo. 200 total Mahan bill between. Old Mitt. When Terry. Every important in his recruitment they would you know showed up alive they've been there car. It's probably euros. All told a variance umbrella. Good coach good people. And you have kind of real. You get below. We had cruel to gators. We room. Guru I mean we head and we had a pre school there it's a big name school good premise these fees grew due to be programmed overlooked amid Alex occur. And you know it just came down to you know this came down basically to. Wichita State Ole miss can you personally. University of Memphis. I know with with Memphis it was. It was interesting because. You know there is there are two really really tout the point guards in this city your son obviously and Ty Harris. In the class of 2018 Alex had been on campus several times and he was a priority. For the University of Memphis for a long time. Did you feel. A shift did you feel it changed it sort of value communications went with Memphis at some point like I guess how did it. Changed. As it relates to the University of Memphis in their recruitment of Alex. Well I mean. So I don't think it had anything to do with universal news for the program which is. Universal than that loses to both. Always a bit of both. Good programs they know there's a good program but I don't think you're anything due to school I didn't think it was more with the fear is in debt Alex. You know just maybe want to go out for at the box outside the treaty. It just try something different. You know. More different school we don't they in the same conference. Would you know Wichita State platform is this parallel already established and kind of filled out form. How tough for a bit because I know Tony Matta like just like you mentioned of the form of state players down now know assists and moments. Because I know how hard he recruited some I know how hard Ole miss work or. How tough was it and that and that relationship Joba would Matlock and Kennedy thought it was a telling them yesterday that. Again as we love Joba whereas the whistles they was as tough conversation imagine had to be. Well yeah oh yeah you have to look Landon. Tim bailout well look I'm not proud man login. You know he called me like maybe lever for two days before. Most of the tab appears started he was like a limo look look what's going only. You know and in it would kind of Barca you know they know they're already kind of told me that you know we leave it would talk talks with doing critical. Arco race and cop on getting him would you know neither he noted that lord there's more to a billion Oden is all about Alex to you know court of public father or not this not just try to beat their. To hear about and do everything that I can't at the far blueprint in a while the role you know if we only can be no. Do so much of facial looks devastated so is not about. Local lore is not our big trees and so that they can have a date so you know I had good. Deal broke it down to me a lot of medical not cutting and not by ago he got hit six. I think this morning. She could read and that would lead like a rather late in a creek and back so is Israel no no hard feeling the what are but it appears that you know. I. I respect element to these amounts are respect and you did that store with margin out of a few weeks ago commercial appeal. Tigers beat writer where it you know he was he was doing a story on how things that kind of shifted. Mrs. has kind of changed its priority because you know they've been weigh in on doubtful while in work counts which Broward they go to Tyler errors but she said summon that story. About at about Tyler hairs that I jumped out all the page to me. Because in this day and age when you're talking about fathers when you talk about their age you coaches that kind of thing you've always got usually. By the Loma she got folks and art market is number one the other QA not that. But jewelry and you were in that story quoted as saying you love top players is game you love that family and you even said that if Tyler Harris goes to Memphis you bought tickets to go see. About the relationship with the harris' seems like most of us want a pitch YouTube YouTube families the two point guards. Against each other. But it seems like it's quite the opposite you got love for those folks. Did did it not to look low and did like you know. Until to a crime does Lauren. And we probably is mourners in we get so much history. Our friend and my family is gonna get so much mr. Newman bit and its way before its outlook. And low you know vote like. It below between hair do than a low makes its. At the beginning before it do you have notebooks but now bit distant sources it is it is good to deliver a review more because we get to pick him up to do you go to an intrepid. So I appreciated respected and Harris is Tyler. Frank and I am devastated. Family got respect Kremlin. Does a part of you wanna see Todd Harris at Memphis so that we can get some AC man Lomax there's bad. There are very you know outbreak there will be denigrated just caught you know round pick. I tell us in the media enabled situation cannot you know clear. I think there will be great at this point let you know colored. Will be a good looking interest. Was sure. This town elude. Welcome it to me and a little bit about mole did little deal betraying it it would doll would have been fairly university entrance you know always go. You know it is. It is it is different when you voted involved then you know this is usually a lot. It did look complicated to vote is well good university differently and it. You know I congratulate bill regatta two will that was you know trying to come to going to be. Universal McCann follow. How were your interactions with with tubby and and the staff because that obviously they have been. Criticized here locally sometimes by us and others about the way they approach recruiting. How were your interactions how frequently where they what did you think about the job they did just. On the recruiting site of of of Alex hey we want to be a part of our program what what what would you say. Well me. And in this situation like there is like me who did. You know this could be recruiting game Newton worked a certain way and they came India. You know principal could be a good for the recruit. But he could have been in are we left filled person that they could probably could have been you know baker the put little bit more income in it would put Alex regard to de LA bit. Well maybe we can I didn't hear it mentioned the excuse pushed you or your nose being sold are good but they could've sold just a little bit more. Good you know. It's all about recruit got a better record when they came to a lot of guys industrial lot I gotta tell you about Coca proved we utilized. We take credit for the last opting to have this live here and there. We take cannot talk to hill from town so. The relationship I mean it it did it and who like it would look may have wrapped tightly but it just could have been more. They can't collect they could put a little bit more to a communique when me and his mother. Got you there's. But no but it is that's all it's just a little bit more communication other than that the right right right and. Yeah because you don't we we have lived an alien who we read about a quarter drive me just going to be a little bit more. But it could have been a little bit more but sadly I'm not trying to say is like you over the bridge negative thing about us you personally have to put. To get could have been a little bit more about bill and saying treated so you look if you guys who try to recruit seeding aside and created. You know if you should go look it up the weight not fail like welfare of the way I mean. You know way. But luckily it's adorable here or just gonna play from my school I'm here my wrote the date. If not well hopefully if you don't say if we take hold in the French created option C you. You know. Twice a week. Brett you stand 100. We wanna I wanna we are of course talking Alex Lomax senior his son Alex Lomax junior committed to Wichita State. Last night what kind of player is which are stuck with star state getting in your sons stood. So I definitely requesting current one thing different about Alex. Today you know he's gonna bring. Look at you what he told me. And I'm doing like the number that I know of its so from an oh. And I heard them about. Old news I you feel about this woman who doubt told me is in Wichita Australia the do you feel about only asking that close. Like there is PCI one you know try to be trained to go and pretty contribute don't wanna put photos. Then you know put him back and win a championship Wichita State. So you know with Pitt would have been created yet though did this before a thrill you know Tucker. What are ways the pitch to Alex. Like hey look it look it we had a guy like you once upon a time his name was Fred bamboo him my views in a free played a final fours and guys in the NBA it was that sort of the pitch that. Which tell us they had her for you guys. Well yes. Yes the good they let fall. The way they platform is bill. You know considering there are they tipping point guard took a trip league. You know apparently didn't root for the NBA. And they didn't they got lead at seven years it might have been oh Bogart's. Adam. You noticed this curly in the NBA now they have looked garden now. Should bode would be predicted to go to India is so great they developed. Give us the is that we know we know you know there is famine. Tell us what you think Fowler from the Lomax is tell there's going to Memphis which predicts. Or did you when you aren't just give us the inside prediction brother. Yeah oh well my prediction yellow blocker big should yeah they do. Apparently gear up they regulated Dalembert did you Atlanta do you hear this man saying we can't land Tyler errors zionism dog and apparently whoever thought it would do it booed at what is that I know I know Dallas committed last night when is he making it official when they see signing when will he do that. OK you don't graduate they're doing we you noticed this sign appeared you know they'll bow out into the thick paint my own career. Well we will be doing a that we had this. If they're sort of duking it become so offended the I haven't Hulu because you have this wind is that they do would be a bit on that and still listen to lose the town's. You have the kind of I don't know right now at the trial book. We'll put people that follow you know both social media we'll post the times and he. They were we will be looking for. May we approach let's congratulations rattling Athens on God's son disarm it brother and really did you after time man. No doubt about that you've got to have me on and not as one of Tim everybody appreciate them and coach coaches and all the programs there occur. You know. Called me and expect afford pic and week. All day all night and I'd just appreciate the logo and the support the go you know what's. I'm from muscle not just wanna break everybody in our ability to get dark. Have. They don't know what they each and Derrick would have me on great. Per survey we appreciate found the Lomax thanks from the pleasure. Our current year that he is Alex Lomax senior son Alex Lomax committed to. Which just state how do you come away from that I've been after for those phone I'll have more than I take you like Britain dudes different kind dude. I mean it's all about low economy mostly parents now painted my kids some want weighing in enough time we can't get enough attention. This dude is a different kind of cat meritless and I'd. He did say he wished him at this would that a little more. And I you know what that the west was still very compliment carry out on of their that is but a car effort unfortunately that is has become a common refrain. And some alone until you talk I'm no longer have told you that if I don't get nothing else from the head coach in Memphis job are wants a damn hustle. Some hustle bra the Memphis. Hustle well and Iraq are actually morrow of the goods that way Austin Nichols gonna make his debut. Pretty sure 'cause it was great news Reza tell me it was gonna be last weekend when you came down and I came down there what LC. I pass I saw that action are right he was doing a lot of handshake and he getting a good teammate John I don't care about that standing as soon as guys came out to give them that is that is of no interest to me that's a great teammate. Patricia out Lomax senior for joining us he was great congratulations out from making the decision means good decision on what's best day's going good you know through a national you know championship caliber program. You know so. Good for. And now all eyes are on Tyler hairs he did say. I think we can land is massive we can land Tyler and he talked about tires today and the spears movement I think that's what that is.