AUDIO: Adrian Wojnarowski on the Gary Parrish Show (7/16) to discuss Kawhi and latest NBA Free Agency

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Monday, July 16th
AUDIO: Adrian Wojnarowski on the Gary Parrish Show (7/16) to discuss Kawhi and latest NBA Free Agency

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I covered the NBA for AS Vienna Adrian Utley walked throughout inevitably going to be. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports these are given Barry show me your view. Presented by loose screws stay. And as I am ESPN world. It's scary how you doorman. Area great aria everything's all right I appreciate you being out we'll keep you too long obvious course a lot of big things going on in the NBA because it's the NBA has twelve month a year sport. At this point but it seems the biggest story the summer grids are now just two wins away from a summer championship how much is that resonating throughout the league and a. Cash yeah there's been. Has been a lot of talk about it here it's called thrill that which didn't end I'm excited for camp. Let me ask you about what is actually that then the biggest story or one album and that is the co Y Leonard situation. He's now officially eligible for a super Max which means the spurs could if they wanted to offer a five year 221. Million dollar contract. Is there any thought of just. Putting that on the table and actually seen if he's got the you know what's to turn it down or would simply be too reckless to. To put that kind of money on on the table for an unhappy player. Well yeah. I think there's been thought about it there's no question I mean literally a made it don't have much in the way of leverage in San Antonio. Now where a player who has sent you want to believe that that is a big chip to play. On to be able to offer that on this part I don't they have not done that yet. Today's the first day is eligible to sign the deal they couldn't. You know they do they could've made it clear to wall that you know that that contract which is the peak if you wanted it I think. If that conversation had been different with Emmitt. Try to resolve things or or show any inclination. That he could be open to returning. I think what you just described probably what happened. Today or by now. But you know it's it's. It all it's hard to make that offer to a player who has shown real anger toward the organization and has shown. IL a real sense so calm. So you know that that she doesn't want to be there anymore. Is there a feeling around the league at all that there's any chance. If they would actually bring in the training camp or they they got to get something done before them. I think there's a chance because you know the spurs surely don't wanna give him. Away date this is that the top three player in the league when he helped the top three top or however you want a rate that rate him. But. You know. You've seen in recent years. The return people get the return team get on trade especially for players. Who are entering a free agent year. You know the following year that they've not been a significant other hasn't been a player the caliber traded. And a long longtime idol idol I'll stop my head I can't figure out. Coming Chris Paul. You know when he went to the clippers. Was. Not certainly at all very close to all NBA players are all star this little NBA players look up. Liked player and so. But I think teens. Are reluctant to. Go all in with big big offers. Because they feel like he may very well just be a rental. That he has indicated he wants to go to a lakers. Or at the very least Los Angeles but but the lakers a particular. And there are health concerns and meet people didn't seem play last year but nineteenth and he was an act at all NBA level last are now to order and understood and liked what he was working its way back from the injury all may have gotten back there yet. Kept playing but but didn't. Armed but. You know you're going to trade for him you wanna know I'm gonna roll the dice a pop oriented player pops by the NBA player. What a beat a top twenty what do you only have to key player our top twenty that changes the kind of wrists. You would do in a trade and so it's really complicated. So I don't circumstances around the teams that are making offers and talking with a spurs. And the spurs have been very. Clear that they are not they have not yet anyway. Lowered to rush all. Force him to trade talks that brush holder and has been really hot. Talk and Adrian awards are askew from ESP he's on Twitter at wo GE SPN also hosted the won't podcast you can find that. An apple podcast meantime Magic Johnson is publicly saying. And that's a look cool like a week going that your one with the bronze with a roster we got right now we're happy to delay it. Seems to be trying to send a message that we're not gonna overpay for Cole why Leonard. Is he bluffing or is he really comfortable. Going into them the Bronx 34 year old season with the piece is they currently have around. Well there's there's certainly behaving like they aren't like chuck you set. You could say one thing publicly wreck solid organ that they were gonna give everything away it's but but they're behaving that way coach Gary and and remember they'd pick in next year. Wild they would love to get coli and it's. I think feel confident that they have a great chance to getting to create they although. They're pretty comparable Paul George too although that's different case. You know Klay Thompson might be free agent that he doesn't resign and Jimmy bought it they they have some other players. That they can go after free agency it's not all coli Leonard or nothing now. I don't know that anybody else but if he's healthy there's no one else like him. Bought. You know I think there's confidence in LA that they can just wait now it didn't work for all George but. This is the Paul George and two different player and and so he he he doppler wants to be in LA now. If he got traded somewhere else and liked that place he could end up resigning overall but always possible. But. Do you not think the lakers want to keep as much as they queue and they wanna keep some of those young players want it depicts. And you know and tried. You know bill this sober tie and cap LeBron on for a three year contract that wobbly port your option. But they have a black pepper three years and it does take a little ugly whatever you want to say that takes pressure off of them that say lights. You know these guys to keep doing the one plus ones there's pressure on those teams. That doesn't exist three years gives them some breathing room Karen and I speaker used to. Is it possible this is at least part of the way of thinking as well like we eat we do what LeBron James to have another star. Wit by the time the playoffs start at the trade deadline but he doesn't need another star in November December. Illegal weakened wait this thing out may be Jimmy Butler becomes available may be. You know Marc Gasol becomes available who knows that there's gonna be other stars available at the trade deadline. And you can hold on your assets wait this thing out in May be flip assets for some at the trade deadline and then cycle wire free agency next summer is that also. That's right yeah not not a great point Gary ER and what a cool I get traded somewhere else now. And make it clear that he doesn't. Make it clear I am not saying here and they get their trade deadline is built on what he got the not staying here maybe that's useless and again now. You're going to end up paying a lot less acquire letter at that trade deadline. That you would have to pay right now are backing is gonna have to sort of just yet probably fifty cent on the dollar after whatever he itself overall scenario. That batted at any arms. You could get to see him play this year and picture book why letter. Tucker and Adrian what Rouse you from ESP he's on Twitter at won't ESPN. I mentioned Jimmy Butler you've reported he's turned down four year deal worth of more than a hundred million dollars that's being interpreted a lot of different ways but isn't it. It really just. Like Smart business there's going to be so much more money available. Next summer for the same reasons kite re turned down a deal in Boston. It just makes sense for Jimmy Butler returned on this. Dad and entered the correct you Gary I didn't report that I don't want the credit Kirk. For one that I did but but I I think borrower cannot incited tonight you don't true obviously. That that he did turn adopt yet that that was the kind of deal that. Do you say Klay Thompson. You know why letter at the same off beat like it on the same deal last year. Where there's just so much more lucrative odd appeal by waiting another year. Bomb that being inside lights. The food and a player who. But there's a lot of turbulence in Minnesota there's turbulence between owner for office. Proposition. You know that that it would put salt the coach Tom Thibodeau players and players and coach and players. There's a lot of acrimony in that organization. And so there are no sure thing when it comes to anybody future in Minnesota and I think adequate Jimmy Butler. And so they're gonna have to work Arctic commits them to. Jude to do a deal bear calm but again they became the most and they gave up a lot to get on. And so they're not going to be able to Blake when it comes to. You don't Jim actually amount next year because. Again they they they traded a lot to get them and and you know that deal that the bulls did the bidding war market and that that would that picture. And Jack Levine will seek to get healthier in a prison Don. They they made out. They may not okay there. I'm wrapping up here where they drew what are askew from ESPN last thing before I let two gulf the latest thing I read on the possible change to the one and done role. Is that it would be eliminated. In 2022. Does that jibe with what you are hearing that now that the year seems to be 4042. Went high school players will be allowed in the draft. That that yes and and 20/20 one it was earliest possible they could do it. And I think I think the feeling has span there's a lot of infrastructure that out again place in the league. For teams to prepare for this weather to growing our scouting staff from opposites. And delete preparing. Maybe being a lot smarter now. About what the needs are our players at that age verses. When players are coming in back in the ninety's. If that agent I think teams are I think a lot because GRG leak jeans and that they're better I think there I think they're better equipped. And understanding all the issues that come with actual players might think it gives the league and it gives high school basketball in a palace that spot chance. To prepare for a but it it's inevitable that it's coming and it just a matter what form it takes. Both sides want it and it'll just be a matter of what in what warm assault take. As Adrian what draster premier space on Twitter at won't ESP NU course see him all the time on ESPN and have you haven't subscribe to podcast yet go do that. It's quote spot you can find it apple podcast you the best buddy appreciate your billionaire. Thank you are always great to be on a Pakistan. Are right that's way agreeing at Walter askew from ESPN. And of the point. That we were discussing with the lakers I think about monopoly income Magic Johnson that's the way I'm handling a situation now. Everybody seems to think that you hear people talk about the LeBron lakers situation nonstop. In a variety of ways. And what most people seem to say is the lakers have them do something to give him another star. You don't wanna waste yelled this season. Because he's not getting any younger than he is operating an inquiry it'd insanely high level. Ebony just turned 34 this year. And that is gonna go away at some point. With 99.9. Percent of humans on this planet it has already gone away by the age of 3334. A but it has what LeBron but it will at some point so you have years to waste you got to give him some button but that doesn't need somebody about the opening of training camp. It means somebody. Really what it means a summit about the trade he because. What we just were reminded again in this past season. Is that the regular season doesn't really matter I've LeBron James can rip home court advantage away from you about going out a winning game one. You know he doesn't know all the top and so. They don't have to. To be what they're going to be. On opening night. You can. Just like Lohse is just sit back and see what all rolled into this season would LeBron membrane demean women Rondo only Stephenson in this. Why he'll cast of characters and we'll just play. I will see Alex go and we'll see a delay if the spurs have ended up doing another deal with somebody else for Kauai. I may that we can go take him from them at the trade deadline if Jimmy Butler becomes available because. Minnesota reaches a point where they realized we Ingram be able resigning. A maybe Marc Gasol becomes available there is a scenario where. If they don't do anything this off season here's what I think haven't they will all ultimately moved some of these young players. Whether it's coups not lawns no brain inning or whomever. Bill Josh Hart bill moves somebody. Some package at the trade deadline for an all store level guy who becomes available at the trade deadline okay. Become a walker whoever and a good player. And then they'll bring Kauai in two free agency and next some time now and and be ready to rock and roll. What I got right but I would assume that at the trade deadline. LeBron James will be playing with another all star and I'm not assuming it's brain inning right I think there will be at the trade deadline. The day after the trade deadline LeBron James we'll have another all store on his team it'll be an all star who becomes available at the trade deadline if they can't get a deal done for Kauai. That'll be the way it plays out and that's why actually I do think your erupt Lincoln imagine just that you can't slow play this there is no need to get collide Leonard on the lakers for opening night. It's at the cost of over pay a visit assault possibility the grizzlies don't pan out like they want to know. Yeah it's you know if anybody on an expiring anybody else in award dealer and MB up anybody in a walk year who is on a team that is not not doing well in them is going to become available up. A right now it is still a seller's market now it'll become a buyers market at the trade deadline. I would assume and that's why again after LA you can ask ultimate you can be patient.