(AUDIO) 92.9's Geoff Calkins w/Evan Daniels discussing Memphis/Penny Recruiting (8/20/18)

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Tuesday, August 21st
(AUDIO) 92.9's Geoff Calkins w/Evan Daniels discussing Memphis/Penny Recruiting (8/20/18)

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Joined now by Evan Daniels he is a recruiting. One college basketball inside a host to the sidelines podcasts and you should follow on Twitter. Evan Daniels he joins me now have an area. I ain't doing great man after Sergio suddenly felt. Oh boy you're awfully nice to do it over the weekend great excitement in the city of Memphis as Jalen green NRJ Hampton. Two of the top five players on the 2020. Recruiting class. They got together and they shot this video. And they said. We are gonna be taking our first visits to and are they sell all together now. Memphis. And the city campus read Joyce should the city of Memphis that rejoiced. Yeah why not I mean anytime you can get your top five players to commit to you can't urged. There's reason to rejoice and one of the things I'll figure to be dedicated on campus up for an occasional bit that you have a chair. And it paid consultant in and your position on suitors are unique connection to Jalen Greenwood Sam Mitchell. Are having coached that if you came in the strengths. Are her obviously that the connection would you agree in. At age where America is bugging me they've made themselves and elevated Mercury again. Across the board and bureaucracy game slide and the big game but little Cole the director of green and RJ hampered growth. Our pop art and choirs and we're recording for a bigger versions of it. Yeah well wetland. When there was some question in terms of when the Memphis was put together the staff whether there was some delay in putting together the staff so he could continue to work. A mom with Jalen green I don't know that was I don't know if that was part of it or not tell you first if you can. What kind of player breaking me Brigham down forming tell me about Jalen green and tell me about urging him. Gene green it's a tremendous athlete on exposing she takes it odd. I gained a bit bullying and summer out there's eighteen he played a lot of all the change and he did a good catcher at a particular point guard. Unbelievable civil guard the compel a couple that our roles. I think he has the potential to be very good on the ball under the Obama lateral quickness are because of it is speed and link to not let that ability. But offensively he's gifted and instrument essentially engage in a mention his passing. He's biggest splash and get into the basket and finishing it I think an area that he's really improved. It is shooting you didn't shoot great spring. All the at a USA basketball. Trials he shot the ball pretty well from day inspection. I think that the area for improvement that's really gonna need to Gergen record Kurt is currently ranked number one in 2000 warning and he produced accomplished and what. Ivan Mobley and and Anthony Edwards but. She's had a case. To be the best player in that one Tony clout he's won MVP again. RU seventeen World Cup. Turned the ball game and and he was on that in these seventeen teams will be a lot of familiarity. Between those soup. Are tremendous scorer. I'm good her position and long. Solid equity position did you get wired option plan to get buckets. He can create space he can pull up to children who distance. Are you can really really short about Wall Street on eat together that ranked in the top ten and that's what it's 1 o'clock and a lot of upside potential. Who was in on these two like Ku do you expect to be. The top contenders for Jalen grain and who do you expect to be the top contenders for example and it's obviously early. He had got a purpose particularly. I think. Can't record pretty deeply involved were returned greenery recruited them pretty heavily you know delicate psyche. We're. Mostly industry balked at California names only a couple of months but most are there for 20/20 console be the first class. We're they're the girl girl named gene green told me in the spring. Art if you are a possibility that he was going to hear so I I think there are monthly Q meditating on not on its schools were. I'm going actor may be a part. But I know KG he told me in July or a nick and it's a very and so what are being recruited them. So I know that there are simply wants schools Kentucky equal Mobi factor as well. Undaunted Hampton it's a who's who list I think that is where it too early commuter occurred you know we're street art schools are exterior of the favorites. He residing in Texas and a lot of schools met area other beyond them candor. Are as well so all the agents are. What is what is the significance of getting. The first bit is it a good thing or is that not a good thing a lot of time can elapsed between the first visit and the time when they actually make their decision. Well it depends. On exactly where you just saw it but also you know depends on the topic are are these two are in a hurry to make a decision I would. My guess would be they're not want to be up and make it a college choice for a long long. You know they don't go back and let us. But I do think it is some significant change in getting these guy Arctic air risk and it it allows. Damned proud really first crack. That actually needs. These two what an official visit their plight and are giving them their sales pitch well. Technique parking get a kid on campus. Either of these kids who of this type and caliber and they wanna comment in September a bigger New Year's you don't send out. Part of Evan Daniels from 247 sports. Past while recruiting obviously a fast one count apple insider and a host of the sidelines podcast on Twitter. At Evan Daniels is some of this going to be. It's obviously great to be as deeply involved as Memphis is on as many of these high level here. That's some of them become a little bit of a cascading. And they ultimately need to sign saw. Once face if if they get James Weisman does that therefore become easier. To get Jalen grain or large it not that they would play together because presumably James wasn't would be one year. I will only be here one year. If in the end it does Memphis need to start getting some of the high level guys in order to get the other high level guys. I think they've they're birdie kind of changed our recruiting perception. I get where you're going with this and I don't necessarily disagree because I think if you. If you're any hardware. And you've already got our gas you've gotten. The point guard big coats the senate to coach now dangers and give him some good players. But if you if you get a player the caliber games why then. I think it changes the shoot even further and outlook change look at it tail man. James why doesn't the guy a guy work Bruntlett all of those all those outplayed them you sixteen years or about working together. He's gonna matter as well maybe I need to take a deeper look. And media need to give them a stronger chance to yeah I mean I think any time that you're able to get an elite player can help you other players and I get where you're going with it certainly think that that would help change. That there is even further and I said this before. On other Memphis radio shows electrical deal with with any event this is fascinating. I think it may be the most fascinating story college battle. Our I'm really curious to see how all this goes because they have put themselves in position. What some of the nation's best. Now can now can they close saying you know I think we're right with chains like you know and obviously they're 120. It's part of that again. I got coached james' wife and in the kid still in the city at all or are good betting a sock sheltered that recruiting success that this whole. This whole deal it and that says and Kenny and Mike Miller and of these guys that it's happening Rick watched. When you say it's fascinating is it is it surprising. And what was that like what's it like sort of be an out there and watching this thing unfold. What do you mean by surprised well what about it it was funny like so so. There was a lot of what about when I was made. And I used to pad forty come as an example this morning but the truth matter as personal I've read a lot of skeptical comes about a lot of things that I love pat. But it wasn't just that it was Jay bill was skeptical of pat was skeptical of Mike accorsi was skeptical and Evelyn just went instantly to the Clyde Drexler example. And threw it out and said. Reaching for the alarm this stuff never works. You know like that. And then you started to realize and I thinks they think some folks in this city started to realize. That he's got it it's a different deal than that. Because yes first volleys more iconic really get a bigger name and a bigger reputation even though he didn't have the career necessarily the coat Clyde Drexler had. He was more iconic and Clyde Drexler but he also had his roots so deeply and in the cot and Indy grassroots basketball that if he didn't have all the iconic stuff. He would be seen as a guy who worked his wife for the bottom like he he is a different kind of a cat than anyone who has come before and so. I think for a lot of people and I'm not at all lumping you in there they just assumed he'd be Clyde Drexler kind of parked it right and he's not very clearly. Yeah I I agree with I agree with your assessment. I think it's a completely different situation. All you mentioned that the Thai. There's obviously deep ties in the area there's deep ties work. A significant a U program in the area now. To use to a U program earlier here with the addition of Mike Miller to the app. They usually are deep and I'm not surprised that they tiger hurting success. Today I bet that was expected. I think if there is so there was gonna be reached into. To be huge error for someone to be skeptical that he that he's never coached our college back walking before. Oil from a recruiting standpoint. I think expected and that's a look I was that. The USA basketball. Developmental camp last year. And the ways that the kid to gravitate towards gravitated towards in what was obvious. You know I remember term Poland. Eagle point guard the side and coaching a model as you can't sit and we're talking about the best players in the country and members. Our I think jamaat an early in particular actually ask literally about it you'd like it and I wouldn't I've. Is it all syndicate an opinion or public there are so much except in the NBA to he has he has that type of clout. So I'm I'm not surprised by the by by the returned to this point no certainly not. When you say there is reason for. Not skepticism by at least to withhold judgment on his ability to it to coach a game. How important do you think. Like will the recruits be watching if that was this year and how this year nose. Come will it have an impact and how central would be. To ultimately has success in recruiting will rebel people be watching carefully to see. Okay this is great he walks in any Penny Hardaway and all of the stuff. I wanna watch this unfold before I sign on the dotted line because I know what Bill Self can do it Kansas. Yeah me and I I certainly think to a degree a meter of period we're in an age where are accurate creek allotment the tour now. And Adobe raw I would I wasn't by any mean. On. The way to look at kitty kitty our way to accept all that the floor of the great columns about life. We I just don't know that we don't yet but obviously you couldn't the highest level east. Clearly. Very Smart basketball mind I don't think that you have the type of success on the court. If you don't they if you don't have that in your. But I am just curious to see how at all alt and now look at your question I mean I think yeah I think people okay. Very close attention to. It the other thing is you can Mercury standpoint. When you are involved. It is many guys. Are gonna get you're gonna get one of the third ball a lot of guys they're gonna get something we're gonna get one legally. One of the guys are not gonna get a CJ walker apparently he really the base he winnowed his a list of five Memphis not among them. That was disappoint a Memphis I think they were. And on him. Reasonably early I guess relatively speaking but he just blew up and now what you expect lab procedure walk. I actually love better feel that situation ball and a couple of matches to talk of the duke where I'm. I know he narrowed that list you can take some visits. He did have a really good summer we're probably gonna jump and welcome to air pocket you're six Q we update our rankings. Here in this week Granada are talking Forsett and went. Totaled 47 on on Wednesday. But I think absolutely he's got an Arab five in the kind of enrichment. Talking to Evan Daniels from 247 sports. And then finally in terms of the other names where are you right now on. DJ Jefferies where are you on James Wiseman at what what what's your is their current prediction on those two or what are your thoughts. So would DJ Jefferies I think whatever way in which he backed off that led the Kentucky I think everyone just assumed it was that she went from bad. And don't overall I think maybe he in good shape I don't think that she went I think Mississippi State is very much a real player. In battle group met. Mid term vote. James like you and I don't think anything's changed. I think it's a race between Memphis and Kentucky. You know people go back to I made it crystal ball picked the Kentucky or Penny Hardaway. Got the job then that I haven't ever change that part of it is that don't. I act too picky about that dark. And I don't have. New information that can be made that makes me feel the need to change it but that doesn't mean I think Kentucky's getting back to accept. I think it. The legitimate indicated. What do you think in terms of new information the fact that he decided to stay at east. Yeah you know what this world is like behind the scenes. Do you think there was a tussle as to his. Whether he would stay at least they're not as part of this and would that be the kind of thing that might have. Moved you or at least got you thinking about changing the camp crystal ball production. Yeah I mean are all to cook the ball pictured when I feel like I had a good idea we're gonna go. Except make their kids they admit it to Don Frederick from Memphis. They're out of Iowa I'm not I'm not over thinking that aspect that I think. Him being in that city. Obviously the relationship in the report you'll be all without program it's a significant advantage. I looked ideally done for conducting. English at all. And now. It's not. Evan you're really as the Jonas lug your stuff and I really do appreciate it thanks for the insight. But it around a man hundred that is Evan. Daniels.