April 20, 2017 -- Hour 2 with "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Thursday, April 20th

Segment 1 -- Geoff stats the second hour of the show with "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing with The Commercial Appeal's Chris Herrington. They discuss today's edition of "The 9:01" before turning the conversation back to the Grizzlies.

Segment 2 -- Geoff discusses the transfer of Markel Crawford to Ole Miss, Lane Kiffin's apparent shot at Nick Saban's handling of assistant coaches, announced rennovations to the Memphis International Airport, and a video of a young Cubs fan getting to see his first game at Wrigley Field with Jeffrey Wright during the Take Five.

Segment 3 -- Geoff yields the floor to Jeffrey Wright, who then yields the floor to David Fizdale for the Closing Argument presented by Ken Rash Memphis.


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Yours and give my perks dot com. Hey how mr. attorney. Oregon does maybe. England's injury removes all the pros it's just a dream this specializing. Clearing storm damage and a whole lot more and if you have an emergency to label our service is available as well as financing options mr. dream. It mystery got. 3930 yeah. Please tell mr. three. Playoff. The 27 in the NBA playoffs are on Memphis is sports station WMS hasn't finished one. Expenses maybe 29 FM 688 am on the WSS. And 929 espn.com. Steve case. His chateau. The ESPN. The. Yeah. I just don't get beyond the I don't. Now he's the 901 Nintendo was. Then 901 commercial fields outcome. Then listen at 1001 for Chris Herrington and. Zito. The second joins me now and I don't want is up over commercial deal that Carolina back of the head and on my screen right now focus or wasn't there. That would go live version of locked ourselves by many looked to fail control yourself by Dee Dee Bridgewater. Eight Grammy and Tony winning Jeff Finger who was born or not they're Smart race and much of the border in the post. And has apparently been back in town during summer social the little one out and sold off. Also on the 901 you take up this question. Black on black crime and the discussion. Tim McKenzie this feature on it from the paper did a feature. On the term. Black on black crime and what. Your thoughts and just got to leave it open your thoughts. Almost my thoughts are much better articulated. In writing they're going to be next week which is typically the case with a neat dot com. I thought it was a good peace Kevin did is actually a good idea or decent something that sort of necessary. There'd been in this. Some coaching in my gas or. Conversation that will morneau and went with Torre's and they in its title and I think we repeated that phrase our cupboards. Given that sort of what's called the it is separate our people used to say hard I'm not really begin much of it. And recently people but had to sort of investigate that curry used a lot more I think for good reason. I think for kinda it's it's a phrase that we salute Nikko walker could help or its way out of electric car basically it. It implies that. That that their debit card problem that it addresses is rooted in race. Typically that racial sort of like call all element and win more alternate issued a comedy. And it's this year poverty and the intersection of those states. And it's true that a large percentage of violent crime committed against black people committed are black or assault recruit a large percentage of our crime committed to. Against white people are white people I can. That occurred we must deliver largely segregated society at least crimes happen among people who weren't option would be to each other. I don't need to do you agree that it's a bigger problem you know a black communities as a result partly to order. Or better result of this sort all cutbacks gulf of Fraser pumped and so I think that that's employees that obscures a lot of it real also a moral. Issue around violence or crime. And it often use I think sometimes use. I'm instantly call but you'd call it more often used illicitly by all aid which it has that until stack that is not intended. Sometimes used with ill intent quite people you Turkish. To sort of exacerbates they're tied for the disliked conversation you you know weight from from from other areas. And so anyway that's sort of a roundabout. Certain parts of the power circle and hopefully I wrote a book. As well. I mean it it it it ET. I what I typically here. It's by someone who was trying to distract from. Some other. Issue whether it's. Police brutality or something else and they sag or gun to whatever it is whatever it is and they say yeah. Why don't we talk about black on black crime basically is that is that's how it's used to say. And the real issue here that we're not talking amount is black on black crime and I think it the interesting thing as I never thought about it this way. That phrase implies that blackness has something to do with it whereas you're exactly right. I I suspect in 99%. Of crimes where a black person that a black person commits against another black person. This is nothing has nothing to do it either ends and any end in any side of that it is. Truly almost irrelevant to the said that to the entire discussion. Order. You think you know I've I think words matter and it in the end it's this or or or sort investigating. What were you mean I don't mean look at that includes is the way they bused away reacted so I think the conversation around whether that is only useful. Is it good conversation. And Kevin sort of started that car and the sweet you are sort of piggyback on it today. Untargeted Chris Harrington I don't wanna cattle on the 901 is up overt commercial appeal dot. Com okay under the grizzlies. How much you anticipating what's your what's your mood heading into tonight's game three. My personal mood is Liz wishing I could have been thinking about you know you don't mind my actual jobs all aspects. It's sort of the gum the frustration I have every year during the play elsewhere. It's funny like I talk about the group on the radio everyday but it's not actually my job true. You know everyone else what everyone else I'm sort of more like one of the bloggers out there. Well sports media like it's all in the Mbeki drop everything mistake about playoff if he will cook as a full time job and would eat. I do our job and that I try to find time on top of that they don't party add back into today Armey RIE. I got something quick may try to write something today like a historical bad about not having anything up really high end of the game of the little paragraph and I'll Lloyd. And so I make her look back a little bit as sort of this is going to be the steps. Grizzlies were leading 30 Richard another screw into the group and all of them. I am able back a little bit over sort of those gains and purple so often we get our problem. You know two of those games have been extremely memorable. The first one liberty lost ground got a coach of the year. Or it was the first playoff game and let bush know the outlook going crazy what really happened pyramid. And that was even in the law it was an extremely memorable night. And then the second one was the first play elsewhere never quite currently which is an extremely memorable right. And then the last two have not been as memorable Sacramento duo re are you but I wrote that aren't even remember that at all. And so I hope. That. That particular memorable right it's not at the level of what the first playoff game first play elsewhere and hope that it comes at. You know all sort of grows in the last 21 game three we've seen. It's interesting I think until the grizzlies actually won a playoff game. That game three against the spurs. Was generally considered the most memorable game and grisly history. Until they finally started winning playoff games and edit it moved down the list but it was one it was number one for a long time. If you now assembled a list of who. Dot org the only other one in that first wrote that for those source hurried at that I really remember individual he. What the wanna get to Dallas where they were actually about to win a game and Dirk Nowitzki like. That was all it is that story that just killed. Parent or somebody with a group police raided an Indy polish put someone told me that I know the people in that chart also noted. The credit yes I think you're exactly Iran I don't really remember much else learned nothing from the suns series to our particular member of for example. So I yeah I I think you're right I am. At least that was number one. Even if now you assemble the list of most memorable grizzlies games. Ever. I think those two. Would still be on your top ten. And that game. That game three. Of the the second game three the one the first grizzlies home win there. Was. Probably it's probably I'm I'm I'm in other days that the triple overtime oneness is huge game six and that same series. Might rank ahead of that. But I think it's right there in the top five don't you. Little bit but it was one not that you be one but the second ones yeah yeah yeah yeah I think probably so I mean I think. A leading expert series orderly they actually humor and the oil series and bit especially they gained six the second series against the where were Zach Randolph got a Jack did it buck to a total bedlam. Goes. I think. I think both of those two minority interest suitable under good or great great great big sticker I think they gained six figure spurs in six in a call curse. And then met inquiry against the spurs are probably should they be your operating. On the triple overtime game even though they lost it to the mixture to look at the couple overdone well. It's funny these series that they lost to the spurs were every game was. Let every game and I it will double overtime it's a blur to me they were all spectacular crater couple. Are. Yeah and end and they were spectacular but they're kind of a spectacular bull are I don't really remember much except for Tony throwing a towel onto the court at some point. And then coming back unless we hit free throws to win that game you go. The hope tonight is that it will be. Memorable that it will be in the end because it has been a fairly let's be honest dismal start to this series. And I don't know whether this is the last time the last two games that will seas act in a grizzlies uniform and I don't know you'll ever see Tony again and grizzlies uniform. But it is sort of this could be the end of something that could be the last meaningful. Playoff game at FedEx Forum and you hope that with this is daylight. That we that we emerge with some piece of entertainment that sticks with us for a long time do you expect. You expect the lineup change is just from listening to David has done I know you were off doing other things but from listening to him yesterday. I do expect a lineup change. It seemed obvious about what he's gonna do research want to like about straight up at a aren't you never Guerrero. You know what what happened renowned by predicting the seems seems quite likely that they'll do OK okay that squared off at it again Parker yes you should do that are you will do that. But just reiterate what I said yesterday I think they got well back weeks the Connelly if all they give. By far the most important EU can't get it. Marcus all coming out in game three Iraqi came out and two I mean that that would kind of spur change could eat in on them but that was not. I was bodies were created problem in the weighted. Conley game one was urged greater problem that with a more talk great moment so he used to come out what true spirit from opening tip tonight. To Michael Green and then will be coming off the bench he's actually not played that well off the bench and he has you as you pointed out yesterday the one plus player in this series which meant may not be reflective of anything. Do you. Do you risk losing him what way you what are your thoughts and to Michael Green right now. I I don't I don't think that net ratings reflect a maturity thing eight. I mean your concern about all your players but you're close as your primary concern about Turkey and so. If the value you'd think you're gonna get. In that lineup changes greater than the risk of what you may lose so Michael bringing. Might blatantly minutes hum. I know they're not that that's a rescue date it is your your brain right there it. And so. And so you know I I don't I don't he actually played pretty well. When he came off the bench in the second half the game to totally take the precedent that likes RD come talk a bit would have very seriously. I think you identified Vince Carter I'm heading into the series as someone in addition to the mark might have to play well simultaneously. You identified fans as the the other player you would particularly. You might be determinative. Simply because three point shooting for this team has been determinative and he's the one guy who you knew would be on the floor. Saw nothing from him in game one he finally got the first. In the second half I think it was a game to the first three pointer from the wing player from the grizzlies this series. I guess you think you've been vindicated in your choice events but he started Thursday's. Yeah he is ending and another three to threes in the second half a game to recruit the best they play. I don't think that's the primary reason most of attacked a blade and I think it's certain L they they just they they got got to yet. I don't think you can rely on what you need to talk college to play well together a foundation board in order to say that's some lucky stroke. And even adding good exactly and all that is not a not future look at the top. Against the horrors. And I think you can hope that quite wondered at less brilliant. But I think if you what brought it it'll just it'll be because he's let Roy did not because you made several I don't think you can depend on Matt. So I think the real you know to be what burger please. It's going to be secondary three point shooting in Osaka play Troy Daniel's been there are a lot of options for that's gonna come from that it's probably have to come from this are. Integrated Jane Davis hit a courier who were injured Mark Green it buries. But the most likely source of that of that sort of secondary shooting the gun because corporate so yeah I think you don't score about tonight. And at the big game that we go along way towards the curtain. You make of so yesterday everyone was talking about the Gisele rain of course during the cousins first and we had a chance talked and he was my comment was that senator. And then you go to mark and mark says equal essential. Typical mark I didn't watch. And it wasn't so early he's just above everything he's. He was just marquis was just it was such a mark moment do you do you think that I know you are huge fan of Marx I think. It most of us are. Do you ever think that sort of. I don't know what it is that above that attitude that sort. Is is damaging in the locker room right now about that video but just generally he seems. A Buffett sometimes and how he or whatever do you think it is damaging are you just are you amused that it's just part of the wagers. I think he after he can be I think he can be a problem I think you probably there are sort at. The Kraft is one of those I'm not sure about what they are at a at a Kikuchi losses at police Saturday. An hour from you know certainly that doesn't have you when this sort of it's an NS reader core and a feeling arm in the middle all the playoff. And so you know I don't know whether to take that SA. Like to disarm to worry about other things police distracted by vessel so that's cool or take it could be. You know what side of greater sort of. And I'm it was the first I had to be clear I think in this instance I don't think it was a sign of anything anything ominous at all. It just triggered for me that it's sort of consistent with. With how we can be I really think it was I'm focused on the game not the silliness and I ate right and I actually understand that this is Vince Carter did a little bit the same which he's sort of said the same thing. He hadn't really talked about it either it's just striking sometimes you just struck by how mark. Mark can pay heed at various points and so much of him is delightful and yet it's so much of it is just feels. Purposefully. Sir. So it's early but purposefully what's the word I don't really know that and it you don't know what to make of it and then when he doesn't come out and play particularly well as you point out in the beginning in game two when he seemed disengaged. I'm which she can do I guess that's the point at which. It becomes damaged in the last thing I wanted to discuss. You linked to my list which I appreciated at the top point five grizzlies quotes ever. And I will say this you thought I should dump the Shane Battier tweet in favor. Of Amanda daddy quote I agree with you if in fact it was a much more colorful quote. And they just thinking here is a sort of I think I could go back Shane had so many great quotes this there's a recent C biased on this list but there chain had about. I remember it was their. There are there was a straight quote. But like I could actually yesterday orbit go back courier would trade a lot of my old stuff or disappears and so how are actually read my age Britain bright cover story. Eddie into the playoffs come. And there was a quote from Hammond mayor of that was that it would that be decide on the go go after so well slowed. Sort of compared diapers were drawn to what caddie shack and the bad news they are being in a movie or debt oh great. Exactly right there was a bill that brilliant crew I quote his first practice he said it was like show and now. Literally the first day of practice ever. It was like showing up at the number two pencils and your new rule or whatever you just literally from the beginning until he latched. And then he came back again he was a gold mine quote so I almost feel I just. I'll be honest I didn't wanna go back and look up mall lot yesterday. And find all the greatest. Shane Battier quotes but he hit oblige so I just threw that in there to have something from Shane and it certainly was a big moment. But it wasn't one of the great quotes of all time I'm with you and I think from heads probably was one of the great quotes. Of all time. It'll be. It'll be you're having your happened and you own T shirts you'll agree is T shirts that have quotes on them. There have quote so mobile dash. Diet what a war of the original Tony Allen all are regarded. But sort of orchard Dina could launch a gas gas I think I got a couple that had simply worn out that I got one or two of the dom got beat. Zach Randolph blue collar player blue collar town which is also a torrent special. The only not onboard who grew at least. He sure that I don't it is rearm. The Al Green would agree who's currently ought to check out early on before the group which made him change it would not stirred sort of occurred dirt saw or spiritual. Well that's beautiful I will Woolsey they're tonight Chris thank you very much. That's Chris Harrington but I know one antenna won titles and I don't want that is up over at commercial appeal. That child okay we agree is tickets to giveaway will do that next. Talk a little bit mark health properties got new home and other Memphis tiger matters just blockage or nineteen NF Emmys via. If springtime as you want you knew Ford car or truck our own country Ford of south haven has ordered an exploring new forged for. For the best Ford spring fling in the country I just talked to Jerry peace says they are actually over stuff. 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All my best friends is just arbitrarily charged downtown on main street the address is 119 south may but I make it easy boy climbed airs on main street between Peabody placing Gail so within walking distance. A FedEx format and AutoZone park the kitchen it's open till two every night drinks is our till three every nice you to stay up later by a band is always something going on god Texas hold on thermos. On Tuesday Thursday and Sunday night's trivia on Wednesday nights like music on Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays in the huddle like a Bear Bryant is available on Saturday and Sunday starting at 11 AM for next time you're Deb Deb do what I do when I'm looking perjury guard butter both popped the ball I'm barely won nineteen Schaub made for more info there's a blinder Memphis Jack Thomas we can find the menu the calendar events everything it's blind bear and I don't walk and on Twitter employee and their Memphis on FaceBook. In Britain don't and our lives things really. Like a little yeah. There's. No he's like. I would you vintage remember who won't cut you can tee you. And she did. A minimum. Donation yeah hands off their mind boom sorry and move broad and. The nurses and sound like early participating contract. And employers usually way to play more golf the players you dot com as the Memphis based company that's teaming up with local courses to offer short term memberships on a monthly basis that's right pay one of grungy and play under. Loaded golf you'll find multiple membership options they. You flexibility to choose what works best for your schedule and budget let the players you show you how to play more golf. Go to the players you dot com C courses play options and more and these players you've done. Financial. 29 FM 688 and on the W limitless in 929 espn.com. Steve is there. Yeah. In the ground and shot. Both he picked up. Five story. On the champ car. On 92 night. Number wine net have a one Marc Crawford is headed to. Ole miss he will be playing for the rebels' next year. Makes some sense he wanted to stay close to home he mentioned his child. He wanted to stay on clothes for their first child said his mother does not like to fly me. There is a lot of Smart on the Memphis tiger message board about. I thought he wanted to go to a program where he could make the NCAA tournament. I've never understood trashing people on the way out. It's something of that. Meant GMs tend to do whether it's Joseph Jackson Tara black Larson's whomever else that is. You know like they're just. Crush as they head somewhere else in the sad truth is right now I don't. If I had to put my money on one of the two programs to make the NCAA tournament next year. I would pick almost over the Memphis Tigers that is the hard truth. So say what you like. I do think it's evidence that mark felt absolutely could have been talked into state. Because it's clear evidence that he did not want to leave the area. And it's also clear evidence. Sure thing to make the NCAA tournament was not. What he needed because almost is by no means a sure thing so he was leaving for a sure NCAA bid at all. He was just going to a place or use appreciated all the things that have unfolded in the wake. The tiger basketball season. The idea that mark hill Crawford was not contacted from the last game. Until he won and tell Tubby Smith that he was leaving by any coach. Any assistant coach either in person or by tax is Timmy. Under stand. Beyond that there is a kind of crazy little. Debate gets broken out about whether Matt Stanley who's now skiing and his division two school did or did not get an offer. From the University of Memphis some are. Absolutely resolute that he did not get enough for summer absolutely resolute that he didn't get enough I will tell you this. There is nobody. On the Memphis staff. Who would admit he got an offer if he got. Would admit that he turned down a commendable off and no one would say oh yes. Of course he turned down an MP commendable offer anymore really disappointed. In they would either side he was never got an offer. Or they might say. He we invited him to visit that many might have gotten an offer or that letter said Saul offered him and then tubby pulled the offer. All those things are true but. No one on the Memphis staff would ever say that he had a commendable offer because it's humiliating to be turned down by division two player. On the other hand I also believe that the Stanley's. Have a reason to say that got to offer lots of will. How many kids do we know in college sports. Have said they've been offered by someone move in that but offered by. Well it happens all the time because also there might be some some miscommunication about. Whether or not you have a scholarship offer if he will run he had an offer to be on the T exactly so there's all kinds of and if my point. I'm not picking sides here. I think anyone who can tell you first certain. They know exactly what happens they're both of their choosing to believe one side or the pretzel candidate period that you are choosing to believe one side or the other. And that's fine. I don't think it's really matters that much to me whether he did or didn't have a commendable offer. I think the fact that. No wonder. Is that Memphis was recruiting a division to cared to. Is an at least contemplating for a don't think anyone denies that. Mom. Is a fair indication of where the program is right now. I'm not gonna keep kill and hope it goes well. I hope the combination I actually have higher hopes for the high school kids coming in. Then some. I think they're still I just looked it up today even after the ju co kids that are ranked this recruiting classes ranked in low low fifties. Which is not the typical Memphis recruiting class particularly when everybody's gone. They could be decent they could be decent tubby could coach him up. I just to me the though the fact that some people on Twitter today spending all morning debating about whether or division to kid. Did or did not. Get a commendable offer says a lot about where the program is right now on what they've had to resort to. And where they're digging out from. And I hope they can successfully dig out from it because Memphis this town has a much better town at the university benefits Evelyn bit. There is nothing. There's nothing happy about going out a FedEx Forum and having 3000 people in the building and watching MBS 500 basketball team and not qualified for the united. That is not something I enjoy islands and doing anyone in Memphis enjoys and so I am going to hope for the best what is next number two blue. Elaine kept. Say it's seen this story Lane Kiffin what says a date for every time Lane Kiffin talks was on Sirius XM. And was asked. If he would talk to his assistance the way that Nick Saban talked to his assistants he said no that's not really how I do. Those things come up and everybody has different ways of dealing with them it's just not really how I do it. I'm not really big on humiliating assistant coaches in front of everybody. And write down notes the staff meeting I explain what we want to get it done. Your reaction. I was trying to. Think back in my head when he is a USC. Always remember him like going up and down the sideline in the that would river and hating or dry light behind him in the you'd be. Demonstrably yelling but it wasn't clear it was he was just yelling in general or he was yelling at Kiffin. But clearly this all stems from bitterness of the fact that he would constantly get chewed out by Nick Saban. And Alabama so whether or not it's true. I do agree with his overall arching point what good does that do to you. Just openly. Humiliating. Castrate you war it's the same thing I would LeBron when LeBron goes off on his teammates like what good does that do. All it does is bring unnecessary distraction that might not like it's just I I don't think I think they're better ways to get your point across. It is very hard. It also skinned dolls can change that the rent the rest of the daily I mean like if you if you're sitting there EA can change the way that you were intending to call the day it's. Are hired to criticize. Nick Sabin and to say there are better ways to do anything. Because she what he has done has been extraordinarily effective yes and so. For me even pretend that I think I can. I can say there's a better way. I think is silly for me to sit for me said for me to say that it's silly for me to say that it's a bad look. And this is one where I think. Lane Kiffin isn't easy punching back absolutely and any time he says something people want a rippling Jeff yes I can think he's right here. I agree terms of the book. Does not effective it clearly whatever makes it does is effective but in terms of just the way you treat individuals the way you treat humans. I have heard this it's that Lane Kiffin isn't the first two said this I've heard I've talked to assistants who worked for Nick Saban. Who say he's just death on assistant sort of the double waste product kind of stung me on on here and I don't particularly think that's the way to treat people. I don't think it's appropriate to humiliate people in front of a crowd I don't think it's appropriate. It affects them. Like I mean what he does is very effective but I'm kind of with laying it out a little bitty profits from saying it. Doesn't profit from saying little. To me when we say effective my my bigger over arching question is. Is ineffective because it is coaching salaries and effective because he has better players than ever. I think two things are true there and he clearly has better players and right. But it's. Heaped. It's hard argued that he doesn't get the most out of those play all in 100% Indy you look at some of those players. And how they then do in the NFL culture which is not always very well a big point you could argue that. He in fact gets them to be better than they actually are that he gets he gets fantastic players and I think you could argue that he if daddy daddy. Did he get those fantastic players to over achieve which is why they then drafted at a higher level than they should be what is why they then go. Boston or at least disappointing. In the NFL. So I think it's both I think he's he's like the whole package is the whole package he's. Is greater burden. Of these great coach. It is excellent swears he's a great guy. I don't know pat. And it is funny I think Jimmy represented both the yes or how well I don't know this is Carlos I think I think he does I know he has historically represented both of them. And so. I don't know but. I don't I don't disagree with with blankets and on this one I'm not gonna take him to task on this what is next number three and three of the Memphis airport. And failed to debt to the Memphis airport is under going 8214. Million redesign and modernization. The key. Concourse which is becoming Z is the one of the straight ahead that one right when you walk in the dead center of the biggest the biggest yes it's the middle. The price project I think is up about a hundred million dollars over what was originally proposed in 2014. But officials at the latest number is an all in price that includes improvements to other concourses to make way for being too close for reconstruction in 2000. Eighteen no local tax dollars and will be used for the project. Which is already been approved by airlines. Serving in Memphis. Our suggestion will be thrilled to hear about this is our is a big fan of the Memphis airport. Think of the Memphis airport. It's very sad. Eyed when I think about all the good things that the improvements that we've had about about the city in the last ten years. It's one of the saddest aspects for me because I remember in college I would have. Roughly. Four to five fights depending on the day to LA direct. And now mean their days where I think they're like 41 flights out of the Memphis airport when you walk in it's a ghost town where. Sort of a separate quest share. They're really two questions. There's no. For the EPA air port it to get it down it's indisputable that. The volume is sad relative to what it once was shares nothing to be done that is simply delta deciding to yank out and so. There was drastically go under to the fact that we can't fly anywhere. Without connecting the fact that it's relative to what it once was ghost town. The fact that they billed as Jain Moore missed parking garage obscuring the rather elegant lines at the airport itself. Which is not really necessary now is unfortunate. But none of that it will bid in the dark parking garage might be but the volume is not anyone's fault church I mean the airport structure itself won't. Actually have always thought that despite our she Johnson's praising the airport. It's one of eight it's a very convenient airport on. It's ugly airport ever been in my life. At brown that light brown on the low roofs. I think it's yes and in depressing it feels like nineteen. Early 1960s. Cinder block I think it's it's he compared to walk into Detroit or walk into the room. I don't like the Atlanta airport because it's so monstrous. And podium and and and they would get opposite statement get a Hartsfield Jackson airport near this is how great right so I don't. But I actually think that's the clintons my total little bad because I don't think and you remember landing here for the very first time back on as a vibrant airport. And thinking. This is not a very attractive airport I think it is a singularly unattractive. Not happening outside and I light the lines of the architecture in effect. Let us say innovative it until it is singularly drab depressing airport looks kind of links. Yeah that's got that sort of violet colored a intent to your point hats off to Detroit and what they did their airport because that main concourse is what you have done. The high ceiling the architecture inside is great Minneapolis is another really good one you know. I want to be at an airport is. I exit entry among its end and load it still welcome it is an I Q so you want it to be glorious. And it also should feel modern like it's it's where there it's where planes and and and at any innovation innovation and all of that so. I'm in favor of this 214 million dollar can course modernization. Plan what's next. Number four number four are we giving away good. Tickets here in just a moment although there was such a sweet video on how it's gonna translate to open translate but let me tell you about this. This video is a dad and son. And they're all far. And they finished up the chores for the dead kid looks like he's. A lot to eight do you think that's lumber and he's hanging over the fans look at NS pigs Korea pigs on the farm which flattens my heart I would love pigs. And the dad is talking a son about how hard he worked. And then he pulls out a gift forum. And I hope you can appreciate. Is this is what it should feel of this is what it should feel like to get a kid and to get that to be a kid. And to get this gift is that that's out. You don't practice you. Little bit today. C. How you react when you retired that you want people. Hard. It was true. So. Have to take this is something here come. Here. There's gonna take the whole day. So do you wanna you wanna do. He sure. You know you know it. Sorry Charlie you couldn't just pull out. Your post. This group can't. I don't know we'll hear. Yeah jumping up and down. That's the good. Political. And yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Arnold they pulled cardinals. Yeah. Yeah thank you and. And the good news for our boy they're playing my St. Louis Cardinals who should be of one. I. Cash is mad do you Q when did you ever appreciate tickets like that yes that reminded me obviously. I didn't grow up on a farm but our remember the fear of first time on my dad. They called me to the office was acquitted elementary they called me and my brother to the office and it was a weird time and the like bring your things. I'd do anything I didn't know what I didn't know why I was getting some in your elbows Jeffrey exactly Els comes to terror. And it was my parents checking me out in my opinion our brother out of school to take us a fair player was Yvonne Rodriguez and they were taken started. Palestinian seed Texas traditionally. You'll cry did you did you didn't did you go to your bigs didn't think I took about we. It did dawn and I remember. Still very entirely with the Buffalo Sabres I had to we have there's a pizza contest. For American field service pursue exchange service program where an every once a year they would sell pizzas. And out of the back of your. Country squire station wagon which is what we had a time countries wires and you go house to house. Selling pizzas and whatever whoever sold the most pizzas. Would get two tickets to Buffalo Sabres. Playoff games sitting in the orange seats to orange seats up high seats right it went gold's. Reds blues. Oranges. And we sold the most pizzas I was hell bent on selling the most pizzas and we sold the most pizzas so I could sit in the orange seats. And watch the sabres play the Canadians. I wish I had that kind of wonder about going to a game tonight. Speaking of which what's number five. Numbers fly. A grizzly tickets to give away. To parent. Two pairs so we'll give them to our caller number three because it is game three. And caller number seven because were hoping for a game and 72 tickets tonight. Upstairs where we go on the seminoles. 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Lessons in Tennessee Mississippi and Arkansas license numbers 1140150062. A six and went into your four hey escalation and polices its. The last time you redeemed. Once she's not fun and yeah located on main street between Madison Monroe avenue parking for extra. Special night for just a great evening out with. Yeah featuring her signature shrimping grants and other fresh seafood from bill we also offer sustainable beef pork and lamb. Top of your evening with warm bread pudding and aliens. Make your reservations now polices the N dot com. 99 FM 688 am on the WMS assets and 929 espn.com. Yeah song isn't just got this you know. What ESPN. Yeah. Thanks coach. Now you know. It's the closing arguments presented by. And rational. And grace. Tell why. The closing argument I yield the floor. To the gentleman. Across the glass from me. Jeffrey this there. I'm going to yield the floor. The David Tisdale. I'm going to allow him to fire someone more tires up one last time. Always use whose shoes you just got our confidence back when needed to see who is soon could be with a team high level. You know it's unfortunate that. In his whole career has gone zero technical fouls. And just cannot seem to create the proper respect from the officials. Then he deserves. Very poorly officiated basketball doing it Zach Randolph the most rugged guy in the game had zero free throws the somehow acquire and then I had ninety free throws. First half we shot nineteen point shot nineteen shots in the paint and we had six free throws they shot eleven times in the pain had 23 free throws. Not a numbers guy that doesn't seem that overall. 35 times we shot the ball in the paint we had just fifteen free throws for the day. They shot eighteen times and Payton had 32 free throws squad shot more free throws that I hold they explain it to them. We don't get the respect that these guys bizarre because my Carly doesn't go crazy yes class. They just play the game but I'm I don't let them treat us that way. It auto parts got pedigree and I'm a young rookie but then I don't wrote us that's unacceptable that was unprofessional. My guys dug in again and are no right to be an examination that. Even give us a chance. Take that the data. I I expect a lot of you people tonight. I expect signs. I expect T shirts. I expect a a Memphis level of craziness. Remember. As dale has heard about this. He's never seen it he's ever seen a grind house at peak form he has never seen that guy announced that peak form. And so. Play it he didn't he get a player that's a given for us he does he deserves cost him. Show up and show him exactly what that building in Dade right if David Tisdale has his players back. His players have their backs ServiceMaster has their back and because he's selling T shirt as they got everybody's back. Pain except the fans now. To have this goes back and have the players back. And to make this whatever it's going to be I have no. Illusions. About this basketball team. But I do have hopes for this night. And back. What I think could well be one of the last nights of the grit and grind era. I have hopes there will be. One of those memorable game threes they Chris Harrington talked about. QB Graham for game three. Oh loss. They're ticked I was a loss or or or the first the first win over the spurs game thread. That series and they're so let's try to make it memorable we'll be back tomorrow to talk about it specialists and embody your workers. We'll. Or we leave dodger remind you that ten bon Temps will be coming up with Jason's out of 1125. Eyeglass Spiegel join Aircastle ties to 25. And John Mark will join GP at four point that's what's coming up next here on 99 of them ESPN. Country club doesn't have to break the bad. 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