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Thursday, July 12th

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I back Jason dye 929 FM the ESPN. He news. One of the two most winningest players. In University of Memphis history along with Robert Dozier his name is Antonio and since he joined. It's my understanding tone that you've got some that you wanna say so we wanted to. Give you the platform to do it by all means the floor is yours. Eight analogic you know apt. You know it is you know it got into him in that goes on. In the old media being NCAA I think that you know it. Louis blues 21 man with a beer in your back I think we need to do the same thing you know we have legitimate case due to the fact that. NCAA. Cleared Derek through the crowd out and they'll have no proof. The way they claimed to be eight or did it do nominee I think they've pretty much they cannot even speak out the back. We want one of Apollo odd that they would like to have had that Agassi's. And not elect as best we we buy it well again are you back out there about a record back in I would Batman Robin went back to back. Because that that back go along whale outlet about them. It Alec people that actually beaten like they beat the Derek unity ticket at eight bit or intimately what declared them up they'll. We have a we have reason why and I know I'm a lot of it got that we get it yet. Oh I'm. Com. Think that we. Who did you who did you talk to yesterday tone. Not look at Donald not about it looked at the picked him about it. You know. Well we can't about it you know I mean rob acting on top today he go in Toledo. You know we are Hispanic network. You got a million supreme bey involved. I'm art you know delegates supreme bay in on it. I guarantee that you know either big big fan of the person it's important mile auto that you know all of our. You know out and we went on yet 3238 went. Talk about it all the way the not to brother could be so you not to opt out of the air answer man you know once he he knows what a note to our easy sullen. Taught that you guys got a better pace than the we've. I agree I don't really do agree looking up on yesterday. I didn't think they'd be note 88. Pick that coat Allenby wrote about an economist for example that because that's a small school dominating. It the country. What recruit him in game and I think there. And we expect heavy blows and it is sad that they pulled out on but I think we get back. So will anyone but he won no money here. I want I went back. So why is it important and I'm with you why is it important to you all these years later. You know it's a tough fight. And you know if you and I think deputy deserved it as well meant people the element is and or. The negative reasons maybe do about it in the media would not put. We brought so much excitement at city. On alchemy. Those winds would give me 130 definitely in my career that you bad nobody NBA player or not. Who goes and work haven't gotten now you know I mean I don't agree that needs. All those opulent I got to fight for the. It's almost a legacy brother that's what you put of them and that's what you put the sweat that did the tears in the bloody and for that your legacy that's what you stand for. I can I give it. Oh yeah I definitely agree mimicked him opulent my legacy means a lot in the end of this and I think that you know that you got those people. Look at vehicle to the blue collar hard working god and those winds. Those were about war and in Allah Allah those magnet we put some work. Some excellent team to team effort to get those who made it means so much. We are we're talking a former tire Antonio Anderson who says he wants to. Lead the fight against the NCAA I like to get those wins victory talking about doing kind of the same thing that global is doing and filing a lawsuit. He's definitely but I wanted to make you think you know we get up on the war is now public. And I what is meant by Boris. Com and you get the people in the cities like you know behind it and when I know a lot of people will be. Probably you know I've got to be pondering your cockpit right or is that it so output. You know local ready by. That you do not have you talked to any attorneys yet. Not have an open anyone yet outlook speak in one from members who got in the background look what do Contra. Yeah I took her listen and you wanna be involved in this and you're an attorney used to deathly get in touch with. Antonio Anderson if you reach out through John we can certainly we can definitely do that have no idea when you think back to that time you know after the season was over. And and and coach cal left and then you hear about the the other sanctions that were imposed. What what. What feelings come to mind when that happened. Now devastated but you know let when it all shook out man Derrick result in many. Now put out you know on of the truck and day out there beat the dark out now the house or put up or days ago. You know elect. The they have no reason populace. You know I mean and Mike I Derrick remember. I ought to get that but you know when the price and you ought to be I'd UD I mean like big part of it. It GSP he's cute as it. I could and you gotta go do the crap out of god knows. I'd already been got pulled all the people are all rocket so then that put that stamp on Derrick Rose and cleared on the school and play. Now I'm illegal thirty eating is now he's not looking eligible that it did it make it. Are you do you play amid because obviously you guys as the players were affected by this but. John cal Perry headwinds stricken from his record as well do you plant talked to him about getting involved in this as well. Demand a panel cultural arbiter about a billion but Coppola get a while we can't I'm not political commodity. He got another school and don't rate being. But I'm sure you know we need it LL helpless you know be always back. We eat when he Lebanon that are graduated and he always answered my outlook followed detect that you always call will be checked on the you know so I know what back. When things that he cares about being viewed up at 400. Do you think this is important to Derrick Rose and and can you see him. Being a part of this we know it's kind of been a little you know. A Dicey between Derek in Memphis do you think this is is still important to him. I think it is and I think Derek knows what. He thought well. That means it means a lot and I think it would mean a lot and a lot of children speedy. And the university as well like he got the support they got his supporters well people might negate that beat them back because ultimately you as well. They needed treatment you know look cute animal gonna drop and no winds that make those that you know street audio yacht as simple as well. So it's going to be a mean in theory can be used to be the heroes they could be supreme bay could be the ideal match can be Willie Kemp you think all these guys are going to be you know sort of involved and on this just Ouattara. Yes I know what all be all and then we're also close you know Chris has his supreme yet if I'm going on but we re you speak so you know that. At that want to tell him I'll I'll call him later on that part that you got days. Some media and better and anybody in my room at all years. I mean even go to meet the street does it it it it got together. What about Joey you think Joel I mean he he was the seniors well I think Joey will be involved. Probably until he did in Europe but you know. Yes you know another and other technical way as well you know I think it means a lot to Joey as well because now until we see a year so you know that. Backpacking beat back out of the not going to be tough and as well. Well we're behind it 100% 100% of anything we can do to help you please do not hesitate to reach out and again. If you're an attorney near listed this and you would help. Fight the NCAA course. Antonio residents are about what is going on with global please and I hesitate to reach out to us or him by the way real quick relates ago aren't you coach and archived coach in the heart of the TBT coming up. Yeah you know I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm evidence that the Saturday Mickelson got the trop and Virginia tomorrow from members. I'm lying up from bock and tomorrow so we get down quickly out at 230. I beat you. Did that and then there is a website where if if if folks wanna help with the expenses the travel expenses of the web so they can go to. You did it go meet hate on not that you got the link what we pulled sweater aunt and recount outweigh him help. A lot the got it trotting entity in your own pocket thousands altering trucked in and hotels so any little thing helped them you know in terms of you know moving gas and things like that anything from. So automated at the matter what is that help will be appreciated. Did that well Antonio you gave so much of the university this is absolutely Phillies that we could do I spend you know get if we can help out anywhere along the way pleased and on as to to reach out to us man. I'm happy it got so much. Yes sir he is Antonio Anderson who who wants to fight who wants to fight the NC I like delay and you know I I think it's it's it's a noble cause and it's it's definitely is different worth Antonio appreciate it man. At this hour. About that today's move. Like this I'm not has blown smoke either I think. In on the puzzles to do this they have a better case than believable bad there. I mean as ever cleared by the clearing out some Antonio later that we've laid out exactly know they'd ever had proof they use that term strict liability that feels like you could be. Pretty well poked through my court of law is not a court here here is something I olasky. Do you think how would get involved I think he would because it's his reputation as well it's a season yet vacate because I think if he does. It helped take on main object but yeah I mean how does that not right if it yes if it's important to him too that will help me and helps his reputation because. He's you know he's put to school tomorrow based on I don't know how interest that he isn't trying to help his reputation he's a hall of Famer Earl ray you know I mean I mean has the raptors are laid out what if you had if you were known as sort of the bandit coach which is what he was known. He's not bad day he's ahead he'd sort of shed that a little bit out I'm not know many of us live to clear you can visit to a whole other set abide Mitt taken that number down to one well you have nothing to lose and that's and that's why we're just Smart it looked good for you you care about your role players you care about retirement Memphis. Minute there's nothing for him to lose and I imagine it not their attorneys all over the city. That would be willing to look at this for Tyrone and and the team so. I'll hopefully this get a off the ground ago like isn't yet maybe can go farther and well as I would employ Antonio put some thought into he's RD reached out to some former teammates is gonna talk the CD RC we supreme day. Later today Derrick Rose as it is very interested in doing this as well. So when you have that. And then you know well you know how this community is we love fighting for a reduced so. This is gonna go somewhere. Gotta go somewhere I could just might so they go from Antonio is that we appreciate him coming on to day will come back Jason's unedited and Phineas via.