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Friday, January 5th

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99 SLX 680. What does that mean 829 ESPN dot. It's. I wanted to. SPN. Does okay. Three of Jason and job against Clinton that. One of the University of Memphis is most beloved DelHomme Obama on his name is Antonio Anderson he's to head boys basketball coach at Lynn English high school. He's here with us now Antonio was good men good air from you. Our marriage as a what's up your year you got like a blizzard or something up there you're gay guy can't sound like go off to a losing season man you OK. I'm doing all right Betsy Angola. Six game you know I'm out probably already are slowly going OK so. Is there isn't a blister Greg and I just saw you tweeted the games are canceled what's going on up there. Jerry. Is it what way the game got canceled tonight. For your take. And now we had a big we had a big snowstorm last night never got to elect. Two TV show last night so and I can't. They tell us why anybody got Dan in Memphis. Any analysis snow on the ground no go down here baby. No I'll get better moving Iran reject every day. But so it's something in your head and it's all those six seasons go well first yeah everything's going good. What season go good everything going well so far. Yeah they go all match you go well. Can't complain one bit that is shouted we got better every day. Good deal good deal well we want to bring you on because you're one of the most vocal alarms. That the University of Memphis basketball program has in obviously lots of storied. Players have come through here some of them not as vocal though you are one of them and you tweet did on Sunday night as they were being destroyed by Cincinnati. Just higher pay any already is that how you feel about Memphis basketball right now Antonio. How about a doubt about it I say that he cares you know I haven't spoken to any personally but I. You know what out of school you're not any result from a program. Always given us advice elbow and how they elect carry us out amongst my group. Paris open a city I stay out of trouble a lot you know Chandler so situations. You don't get Big Brother community. And it when I got out of college outfit called the tablet market advice. Venues like you know eight. He had he had huge huge right now we all checked. And he's bit you know I think battle we need to get out program back to the level a lot of I look at all not. So do you think by extension that. We've reached a point with the current staff and Tubby Smith that it that it just it can't be turned around a change has to be made. Yeah RC and I say well coached and coached apps are getting good investigators are like an eternity and struggled a little bit. He got players Joseph Jack Shea creek property and Donna see you brought amid Vijay beat you know he brought led. He checked the guys. And that this whole. You know like we locate it better. Not bought our dog that we knew that we had at Talladega and they're broke out that it put it together or not but now. It's hard to watch out there that I love much cargo load and any well pick them over anybody. Even I know go to moves. But it's hard to watch you're seeing a problem I hope Beirut well my former guys. This hit the ground so our manners Kurdish option at any other all of our subplot in her as a lot Jim Acosta watched. I understand we got to leave it probably changed my bank we need a one in there who got way to beat juice you do daily Jang. They're called there's doubt very and it right now. What tone I'm curious when you watch them like you did against Cincinnati. And your frustrating what what do you see is in ethic and torture and it's going to be able what do you see as the biggest problem they have right now is at the talent level is there is is that the part of that. The bothers you the most you tell me. You know what I can't. The only one out personally know on the roster Jeremiah a lot of love up to a broad picture you know always extend computer setup or keep people ocean shot lead became. Oh. Outside of Jeremiah and I don't even know the guy named it is our men like. We just don't have it we don't have the talent to compete we're not in ecology where even children American commerce. You know check it out it Iguchi don't get me wrong militia known but critical. Now than ever before and scored only the ordinance only 48 right I mean that's not Memphis basketball. You've got I don't know true Hollywood where that is not us an idea irritate any minute to watch stat. And they sure understand and Ashley. The widgets ostrich older smaller school phenomenon and a current jets in Chicago watched because that low oil we were the Wichita State. And we treated opponents to where. Every lol wanna become a member Eric wrote coach Gary come back coast crowd at an early age I'll walk around the market my old Kentucky group comes commanders. Because we created the atmosphere is so electric or as usual little else very weak they lost that. That does it's hard to get that back you meet. Approached who could bring that back and I aren't really any Beck got. Antonio do you think. It that is while we're on the topic of tubby and his dad do you think it's it's a matter of they didn't necessarily understand. What all went into the job. Yeah I think is big enough Hungary. You know like you can shaking get serious say you know there are at least ten gonna resonate guerrilla. Where he got to be out there dress like a cow pat go to. There's been a boost arrows you know pro gay injured doll burn in hell aren't watching or get a going to be you know they elect. We are they got to be hungry you know where it exists it's how you approach you right out there. They don't because. I won't trigger which coached well we need some organic X one of the coaches are out in the summer. And we there's at least a lesser. You know the other new robot and we can do anything. We can pocket recruits were you got Trevor contact us we never got us. Room. Not one not not a not an a minute we've heard similar stores like that all over tanto we have that that's the troubling thing is like that's not. You're not alone unfortunately our own your reverend you know Linda Draper. I'm a lifelong targets of forty Robert Draper right. Number I don't remember litter Draper the lone time talk a supporter. You raise always around the program layer fits his best friend your member of being around him when you're at the program remember him. So tell you a store he had he had a lot set up with subject. Yet alone set up with a because when a drinkers and got that you probably wanna know you know if you're the head coach admit this because he's. He's been a confidant to the codes in Memphis for years and years and to your point about your story and why I brought it back up these balls have lunch with a bit. It never happened to have an ever follow back there than ever had a lot so it it reminds me of the story. That you have a lot of people have reached out to serbians and want to have wanted to embrace him and say okay. We wanna do whatever you care for not telling you what to do we just wanna be here to help you whatever you need and he doesn't. Follow through. And hassle and also we try and I'm talking about. You know like my show is Doug is. Derek how we only try we uploaded a group checks everywhere you commanders call access if you wanted to talk to anybody about the program actually if there's any there. We shouldn't blow the pro cues we never got a response so we destroy it says you don't want joke pretty much. My. I'm done in a way I always been successful is gonna wanna the way I looked at it right because he's he's won everywhere he's been the about a figure is always a work in a major. We'll look at hard every city of Ramallah must show. Going to the hall of fame actual I question our question to come and now. And I you gotta come on don't even go there don't go there zone that guy says. That's the mint has got any sandals don't let him mess up your your day man you economy. Yeah you know what they thought process some apparent to let it go mountaineers site. You'll actually got that job. The boy there's like no movie called me and didn't give me every guy outnumber the weather terrible clock out at any call got your saying god. Could eat in shares it'll just to make sure. Week L lo be like you know like the other popular program Arabic are we don't feel that you know I mean like at all you know like. I I was talking dog like you know I went (%expletive) they played in New York was Louisville I look more house away. I'm done I'll gonna drive down. Our contact them and figure it LL. Meet you don't have cable DSL about what angle I'll come here and you know it is like. We don't really appreciate about these forgotten we don't actually not at all none of us we know we we know we don't play very well liked. We felt like pretty wonderful going to be pretty neat to guys who get auto regardless Smart group but everyone McKinney didn't pay. I got barely carried it on retarded everybody in here at all apart can afford to be successful at what cal did. Like Andre at all Doug always around how Procter logic given us advised. We have got a little gust and it probably got a week we knew. We have we had a lot of outback these you don't Reggie it'll be about low outside the city because. Post got a big number you know more problems so as hard as Assad a lot and there's very annoying to watch. So its own use of John had to had sold that it had said on our show that he heard. That you have expertise that Louisville game and you've been told that you had to pay for tone. Just the natural. Journalist in me I got to ask you. In aid to tell me if you mind telling us do you deer and do you know who what who told Antonio Anderson you gotta pay for these take. Was it director Barry well I races was tubby hey I'm. It would blow the coaches are almost out I won't say today only because she does try to reach out. OK a lot and I don't want up in Oklahoma they're. They district told our case usually viewed bigger your art time. He called me like thirty minute local market policy in New York is like. I've got to put more Google them Boston's. Like you guys a low ago I figured you might you look. A look at this schedule what do logo logo to pull our guys. Then head it is a very frustrated man and then what killed some problems out or you're the first thing they should reflect. We should ship like there's a lot of macabre battle from your leading into. But I get inducted into like we should go at all or they don't get it they don't care about us. How how would you compare our how would you compare that relationship that you have or whatever you wanna call with this staff the last one. You know. There's good how would you compare the relationships. You know it's not a very close her post passer like he won't quite call me like I still playbook. You know like you know those are chemical shrapnel all the aerial act out leaving out their litigation minister Eduard edu actual ice you're actress. I'd appreciate a brochure they got a giggle right or wrong way. You outraged out every year when Richie and thought so actually carries almost all the play bought this year they got. Made an effort when HM my words don't come and do Connecticut a quite Uga. Well Campbell can you get there executives were in Italy landmark college next week. Any call me like you know political Russia play well it is different. You know Robert how Limbaugh says a patent Egyptian tarmac imported thinks her. As help elect BJ got a brand new facility are rare. Also out there isn't things like that with the gossip but I. You've got to bring you we have so we gotta stop apple from got to change man yeah Cheney won't change. Let me ask you this though zone in just and fair goers in the in in. In fairness to tubby when asked you this question if he made a change. Whether it's administration making him do it or him doing it on his own. To the staff and met and gets better recruiters took to the point that okay maybe they're getting better players. Could it be fixed is he enough could it be fixed that way tow could be fixed that way you think or is it past them or is it done. You know I got up at I think you're you're the guys who are all hungry all the recordings all. Vic is gonna give up. You're gonna get up I think Ellis what coach cal biggest plus you always have got to back your crew there are right now Janet hey yeah echoed Barbie. And then busily post Kellogg will Barbie let you watch Arnold they're great recruiter. Kellogg is a great post I wrote the great recruiter that even though I don't giggle agree recruit written. That's pushing me and we need guys who are I believe in god I think that that. Big shot you get players. We are of course targets of the great Antonio Anderson here on Jason's on the last thing for the it's ago Antonio we appreciate you coming on and be and I. I think this program needs more of that as opposed the sort of standard variety. I'll just give them time I think we need did this program it's passion and honesty from its alarms I appreciate you come on and do in this. How about your boy supreme they've made changes name. New new dude totally we actually talked to Obama before the before the year ended he's a he's a totally different cat now. Did they finish it. This goes revenues appreciate you Alba Aleman made a lot. I'll be on the national get the usually end game are you look at also. Not to do is honored to come and always having you next month we'd love to have you back absolutely man you know that he is Antonio Anderson appreciative of one of the most beloved Memphis alarms. And district.