Alex Rasmussen, Memphian/was at Vegas concert, on the GP Show 10/2/17

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Monday, October 2nd

Gary interviewed Memphian Alex Rasmussen, who was at the Jason Aldean concert (site of the largest mass shooting in U.S. history). 


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Last night in that loss Vegas. At a country music festival. The deadliest mass shooting in modern United States history it took place there were are reportedly around 22000. People. In the crowd when a a man with a gun from the 32 floor of the Mandalay day. Started opening fire it went on for several several minutes at this point 59 people are confirmed dead more than 500. Injured. Alex restlessness Samantha and who was there with his wife just trying to enjoy. Concerts and ended up just. So I'll let him explain that I would assume just hope it like crazy that he's not one of the many many people who are. Hit the ball. He's back in Memphis now and he's nice not to join me Alex first let me just say. I think for you and your wife from both OK it look like. And I just look like it was a just a horrific scene. Yeah. It was scary guy out certainly appreciate that mean certainly it we're talking about. The tragedy like this today announcement and you know more uplifting and and ya know it's force octagon he saved or lunch so now about the don't have the account to achieve about a week. But you know our stance. And I really appreciate you being here like I said in the last segment when I was. Explaining The Who you're in and why you're gonna be here. I'm just sort of occurred to me that you went through something last night that you survived thank god. But that most of us will never go through most of us are never going to be a crowd of people that's being shot that most of us are never going to be and what. Equates to a terrorist attack whether or US officials are calling it that. Or not so let's just start at the beginning you're with your wife you're at a concert you're in Las Vegas this is supposed to be. As good as life gets and then I imagine at some point either use sought crowd that heard gunshots. Or you heard the gunshots and recognize them as gunshots what. When did you first know you in the middle of something very very scared. Rewrite their man we were you know for the right before additional team and Alicia one on the stage Jake oh little stage we're probably by Richard B. From the stage for that choke after that we moved out of the crowd went to the bastard got them during came back into the crowd that I did not push all the way up to the front. I'm become the stage about you know somewhere between maybe I think thirty cookie sheet from the stage of your clothes are certainly not the back. But we've war over to the horse got away from the Mandalay bay from the police said the club there's a close side. It stayed in the middle event we are up. That they got up because that's like besides her I'm lucky to be allotment and that's I think that the degree to while we didn't get this issue with a bullet. And so immediately. When the gunshots happened at first I'm not heard and you know more from the Katrina what coach felt like. And they've but it star makers say in the dirt. You do you think you're great it's probably just artworks nobody else for cannot about a good we're gonna look at her now. You know we but I need cheap fireworks that momentum immediately there's kind of on my appeal to achieve sickened we're closer regular. But we got to make around or where Rios could just audit that takes that away from Mandalay bay where that sound like the shot the conference. And then right about that I'm not a done. Panama not survey of the world to go and on another set of shots at all. I looked up and the band was being led off the page on either speak to create a wake up. There relay help stage right in the middle of its own spot sentiment that clustered just started so all of a sudden it's very real in my mind that this is no joke so the cheers they were all. And I immediately just stalled position they're back in the news sedated and got away it will certainly guy with multiple let them. And just a low shot after shot after shot lead over up under people. And it's just a miracle that more people weren't killed because we are sitting out sitting there in the middle to shoot children and meet its ourselves. Darnell as restless and he's a man unit was in Las Vegas at the case now being shelled last night where. American with a gun a whole bunch of guns says shot. Into a crowd for around ten minutes it appears and at this point the more than 500 injured and confirmed 59. Dead I think when any of us hear gunshots. And I don't wanna pretend like I've just clicks in my whole life running away from gunfire it's not true. But like I think your instincts are to run like run to whatever you perceived to be safety. And yet I saw your FaceBook live video and it appeared like it was almost impossible to run because there were so many people like. How quickly could you move even as you're hearing gunfire above view. That was until worst art gave because we immediately at the apology to the tickets and a gunshot or beauty and give it away. At that time the Beirut stop playing in the swell like to come up on the stage there domestic violence there were a lot of emotion and commotion. Let you know all the sudden the eastern charts are read out again and literally child like it outright crop is and that out I ended up back and then you look back iron because. I grabbed my wife we we took cover after a trend bachelor that would have been the third start college now. It took cover behind the tracks interpublic BP people all light it'll prob be charter on the ground. Just try and stay low did you get about that situation all so eloquently percent reduction that moment that the scene is again our stop and grab my wife. And we just we get started talking mediums are staying eight there were either people pushes nuts she tell them to retreat on that dish cracker. We just got yelled. You know I have no idea how she turned out to turn out the old and no I mean I'm them on the market council lacks the guys that prospect at all could think about enough of what. Give yourself you know we had four kids back at home or not we want about legal parent plus we were we were getting out. Darnell a stressful and he's a mentally and who was at the Jason now dean show in Las Vegas that now wolf. Double lest the deadliest mass shooting in modern United States history 59 confirmed dead at this. Wait until you get back to your hotel at some point. And how quickly are you able to learn from news reports exactly what it is you were just in the middle of. So how are not we thought this year we had nobody is completely relate bay in the may lay back we saw the shooter was and in the park. OK so it sounded that loud. And I wasn't looking back that way either good to survey the situation we're getting a lot dodged and near you know Vegas you look up to you think that Katrina right they're very very. No better here are now you're exactly right like I I and I don't mean to make light of of the did very heavy situation where we're haven't conversation where haven't. But like I. I've had friends before out of Vegas I say okay where we had in this okay we're headed to the MGM and I think Coolidge get over and the like don't know it's just right there on I know I don't know dude that's twenty minute walk away it's nothing is just right there even if it looks like it's right on top of this I know exactly what you say. So he does that area very well you've got Excalibur. Luxor in GM to meet leg all right Eric you and across the street and they've considered kind of behind that you computer itself. So we evacuated that we're Al coordinators hotel we've got leaders parking lot. And started magnitude towards the strip because again we felt we had gotten a wake major at this point we politics although all the chase he's going to be a stroke. And we headed right back towards the area we we actually got bright Qaeda. Good drop weight of the MG elk in salt people letting out of the deal at this point nobody knew it was going on the reports of multiple shooters. Com. We know we've really come to taxi cab we jump to next actually can be debated heeded that they're caddie I know what it was gone either glad that I'm in GO. We should take he turned into our ears of people like the fact is that arc but people all mistreat fairly crazy trying to get tactic trying to jump in the art. Do we essentially to object is actually real you gotta go right now to other people by young men and a woman jumped in the position we are comedic Leonid so of course. The taxi drivers them I don't know of another body count me in the academy and the there's came to bogey there's just KM area. Oh we got out of there we are stay in the north and the distress down the circuit circuit so we are trying to Al. A bit of media hard we got out of there and the girl that jumped into our witnessed. The China caller moms we lost her mom her mom was under the stage. Hiding from the gunman's intended to treat our situation treating people are sure the first responders they don't treat shown little smoke. They got out of the car pretty quickly look they'd gotten their hotel not far and we went on the circuit circuit immediately packed our bags. Clinton got another cab and it went to the airport Noah took a long way to get there or particularly got to want to. Ignore everything he minister of the got Internet servers are rendered Clark. No into the cart community are fast runner to carpool to pick up one hour later basically at midnight at which point. Got the airport I'm sure vehicle rental car and there were no quite committed to bag on the road course leadership in the Castel nobody has to go to America. We get the car keys in the century out of Vegas track that the DPS ferment that's what we need to quickly realized that at least for not gonna drop twenty dollars are now. You know we've been debate a week earlier on Tuesday the reality of the we got to get our spirits about. So we we we figured out policy should you trust what speed it not for our dropped. We pulled up why Republicans aboard a boat couple flights into how public opinion and strip structured or grayish in the Phoenix airport got a little coral hot on the flight. Capital. Talking Alex rest Muslim he's a member and who was that the case now being show last night where 59 people now confirmed dead the deadliest mass shooting in United States modern. History I'm not sure how old your children are but there are they old enough to know what happened and if so like. I don't imagine they were too worried just like it's no wind is certainly if not your kids than your other relatives and friends. They knew you're in Las Vegas they knew what happened in Las Vegas how quickly were you able to to get in touch with them and let them know you're okay. Yes so like every good shot and call my mom bursts. There about a waiting Indy Paul RA. This can happen to you Burton amnesia or in the middle rugged league worst baker we're geared at a dot. So she she do my mom immediately that we were immediately tray and Weaver got back to offer it. What to level the playing and and we couldn't get everybody had been there yelled not kid or sixty you're gonna have a wide gap sort of like you. And and stopped four and three by you don't want. And young wizard too young to really comprehend Canada old grads with a little bit certainly not sixty year old. Do not taken that festival and conference what meet meet ever since you know batter to your course is all about her. Go and enjoy concerts. You know here's chip up about certainly have the support of the streets that you will never be able to get over because the two are passionately travel. You know every time we get a chance and he gets on virtually reaching you don't want to moderates are going to be about art. We get shows and you know we got to get to walker on Thursday entry in the markets we can. Came to bring up or outside of that it wouldn't become a third. That's and diplomats you know along with that stuff here guilt that you. Yoshi you have lecture kids at home again in the Concord yield you know late colonel Steve you know from Baghdad. You know you look up the good people were harmed or were wounded in or near the numbers are it's not that held them to the fact. Her art department you know our content that Miller hitter great. That's Alex read my dog that's all dressed mostly the man dinner was at the Jason nodding show in Las Vegas last night. Like I said at the top I'm glad you're okay I'm glad to wife's OK I'm glad you back here in Memphis and if you do make it to that will go show on Thursday and I'll buy you drink. I'll see. As such Rasmussen from a from here in Memphis to scary scary stuff I can imagine you know he's just at a concert with a wife no different really than the concert I was that would my wife on Saturday night millions have been. The worst mass shooting in United States modern history appreciate him being here.