"3D" Dennis Scott on the J&J Show Thursday (4/12/18)

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Thursday, April 12th

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About Jason and Jon right here on ninety through nine and payment has promised his name is did this got he's a former member of the Orlando Magic now doing TV work with TNT NBA on the NT. Joins us now Dennis how are you. I don't regret it hurt absolutely. Any time so the first question obviously. And and one of the reasons that we wanted to have you on as as you know Timmy Hardaway Barry well obviously you know he got the job here admit there's as the tigers basketball coach so. Just your thoughts are on petty get named coach and and you know him get the job here it is normal modern Memphis. I'm super happy for any. Quote you though they're called world you're welcome for. Penny Hardaway of the great cute. Either a great person. He's a great teacher. So I think there's this music director of the port of one of their home will hold. On the region that they feel the league with the school. Did you debate it that Carol. Tourniquet winning that ball back pocket of basketball. I could pick a better person to rejuvenate that there have been pretty hard work. -- so it's all excited to selected just like you laid out for idiots it feels like a rejuvenation Alec resurrection women played a basketball game yet it's let me ask you this he's got he's got two thirds of his staff looks like and plays with Tony Matlock who's done for a long time play with the men Memphis. And Mike Miller it's not official yet but looks like it's about to be. The third one is up in the air Larry Brown is the guy that he's kind of said he wants in that number one cheer that one assist and maybe as an associate coach. If you were an issues and Larry Brown wanted to can be an assistant under use 3-D would you pull the trigger. I would definitely look at it. There's no way you can look at Larry where errors tractor or stretch where there. Mental or people a little caught up with the aid like food so. But not to let the group to Larry where not to bring lyric where where are you a letter Alex has a great coach. Kennedy you're doing the right thing. But as we keep all the opportunity predictable it would eventually you can get because that's pretty. Locally made the that you can wait a lot of people are how it is oddly my unit and ultimately where we don't webpart. How to get Tripoli teaching young male and how to eat. Great problem bit when he leaves the important. Our credit people give them an opportunity. Basketball wise. What would go out and have more and moved out he had that lurk on the fly are a little bit or how to keep young men and they shouldn't go to class at the proper education. Would directly admit that has the stronger education and support our area one murky decoder outlook are with you know what payment. Obviously you that the player. I like that you in the Indy circuit but support different with her way to try to look at that threat to him so why are kidnapped. Market Gartner carried over. It to the green light or being a car that local and execute. I'm with you so you listened you wouldn't care civil war though geez there's no question before Shaq and penny come along down Orlando where there moments in their young careers realizing. I'll know manage on dudes don't get it always it always from the get go with those two holy cow we got a chance with what we've got already these two this is this to be some special. What could hardly walk into the duke. Our regard people there. You're aware of the record. He's great complete without treatment it. Like that Cuba the web was. In the world are watching the clock back into outlook order though that government that are there about the pick of a terrible boat load of computers that got in Harlem. Authorities we are back apparently didn't remember cut back door. What there's been critical. In the package here that. He thought he'd feel that it. So that they can forward this time on it K it will orbit and bring it to committee Arlen YouTube it you'll get a what eight extra with a that the bird. And when did you let me ask you there's a my below person in my dad's is did you give young hitting Darwinian rookie hazing you have to writings of. He's always got to regain political question it anyway about what he's been here a better caught. Crippled a little bit rookie typical that they didn't quit yet. You put the alone in jeopardy game there were so. But the good thing about those are those guys go out there that it is desolate in the other rookies and that's what it was great spark apparently. They were ready to be pros who was he a loaner Reid. Was it don't. Let's go about it and that's a great question because. That's not that big and it worked on over the years. It first then think that we didn't get a little older and was quiet but what they would ram it into what you might go partly open. When everyone had one critic first like art so that it won't be back because what we got the court. Applicant personnel return. We are of course talking to Davis got NBA on TNT analyst. And the border obviously playoffs are set Dennis. Which of the first round NBA playoff matchups are you most in three by. Are you don't wanna cover our ability OK you told Peter yeah. Patrick the first rare that you could hold it we're here we're talking about. Certainly don't go to Google are populated. Into art okay see all feasible. We've all been trying to figure out well equipped they're chomping at the beach street. It is they can go with power that that it could be secure in being conflict out of that. Solid play at port pieces. That you could they don't what you wanna get out there. To either but we're back to open wheel. Yeah LeBron basis say gun player than therapies the foresee the interview the 5678 seed is that it. Is that pretty much just the way it is thirty did and they are you concerned at all that there before that they've got Indiana ahead. And obviously you know Boston's weakened Toronto's look at like they're young they beat them the bad teams have been not necessarily the great ones. Thumb is LeBron just going to click that we can we market on down is Cleveland goalies comes file. The way to look at it should be our two little children are our. Unload I mean. Do you live apparently. How he added that comet or an MBA. From this. This control. If the bad richter debenture basketball player. At that broke. I would they were helping out of the pool but it is important to write. That it was the first round at the Milwaukee. All these. Struggles that the real about it and after a popular yet have a terror but well. Yeah we were blah and you're it means. Saying it's humbling what they're that's unbelievable. If that would also help the bigger question is it. Can he can change. With Howard like lightning. Never been you know or you don't go to. Leo experience. Already there aren't ready to date that we. The ball swung the double team. That thing between the well I think people got that boat got there it was well worth it or are. I'm with a three Diaz you know Philadelphia has captured the hearts and minds of America does like they are the darling right now of the NBA playoffs. But do you believe them like in terms of actually being a threat to Cleveland and in coming out of the east do you actually believe Philadelphia. There are apparently it was the first you would gut player out there are in their right. The burden that you will always the final out it's about Iraq so our question also though who say they definitely. That prompt. Oh is that it is the bill being their always over analyze it and the act of scrutiny. Or that it seemed to play through it all back share. I'll be out article they wouldn't it have been to their attitude at all if we're told that that was the so should I wreck where you can't he's there have their share in the league if they do they are very short. Buckle Belinelli and stay sharp in my lower you have to look at all the better. Picture. Can then that would give you can lead the way it to a deeper purpose here. Pretty man really appreciate the and so I gotta say this before we let you go man I need Orlando making that eighth member of the of the magic all the fine they got everybody they got they got the group of men got in and got nick they got Shaq. That some elected to the edges the listen one David what we've we've had Pat Williams on the show what we're gonna start the movement 3-D we need Janelle hall of fame down there would decide what. Is that it would have caught. And boot them out we know we're still here and beat us our troops so. I would expect you to look at the particularly. Use ever 3-D and thank you for this are average Jane Judy appreciate the time manager thank you broader Arab leader yep he is Dennis Scott obviously one of the you know you everything about that Orlando Magic team and in those teams it was. Pity Jack and nick Anderson and innocent in many ways nick in and indigenous sort of the foundation Dennis gets there of them the moment after they get to them. He gets there the second you nix the original mate you know. The kind of set the foundation as a Bluetooth and they had a goal and didn't check get better I hope he gets it I hope he becomes the eighth member of their oath and he deserves. Yet we all time leader in threes for the month preacher still I mean great shooter you know immediately he or the bailing or he's earned a spot was also in the Georgia Tech and lethal weapon three home. He was on the as a member member like we say though when pinning went to Orlando Orlando became and the Sistine. So it felt like you know here in 3-D audit you know that was our god for awhile there at the nick Ayers it was our back. Because of course we were we were Penny Hardaway got for the there's Washington this free throws there were nick Anderson from champions on lap legend he probably gets asked about panels. I wouldn't take him through I mean and is free throws for a row. Well that was it it changed and he's it was a great pursuit it was awesome free throw shooter is I'm telling you rocked him he was I never the same mental how can you be. You know like how do you put that in your mind. I mean in terms of light moments. You know that is it that will probably isn't talked about it enough you know in terms of like. I don't wanna say Cho committed it's that you know that the negative term what you know what I mean like on that stage that sticks out because of the stage and because you just mentioned nick was such a great free throw shooter that never happened to him. It had never happened he was a guy you want and at Atlanta he'd knock them down and I that's part of why. The memories still so fresh because number one we were all working for Leno back in those days the number two. Nick was such a different coaches that's what stood out no one no one could. No with the fact that he went up there and it missed all of you know if if if he makes one or two of those free throws. History could have been changed forever that was gave one of the NBA finals maybe you don't get swept they could bounce back from that against the rockets obviously. But maybe if he makes one or two and they when the game. His threes forever different that Jack never leaves you know and many jags. When titles you know although you know throughout the decade on there were on the way and maybe multiple maybe histories different but that's. You know. That's that's the game so they are it will come back dated John attitude and Phineas.