Jason & John
Monday, March 20th

Jason & John open the 2nd hour with The Rundown. Mike DeCourcey from The Sporting News joins the show next to talk College Basketball. They'll wrap up the hour talking Grizzlies.


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And I remember that he could dump yeah you did remember that part I venue ever said that he went to CB HS says as younger brother did that's incorrect he's a Breyer Christian man be. You know they take that stuff personally as they should met. One of things I'd do very well this shows apologize you are gonna get one right now pat we apology you are these sorry as I am the abroad you. Guys in this M hello I and I apologize pat much but your reprisal guy Ron I that is why it is guys why press guide you come see VHS guide you don't take offense that they have Rollins sinopec is he had to go to our Chris Paul hole. Let's all hold now this award for that this is a layer of Memphis that I just do not understand why. The via private school. I mean I I apologize that rage I apologized to Jeffrey Wright every day because he had to go to US do you what do you Obama must seek more seat must EO CC know you almost your the most he's Mets obviously a play on whereas today I animosity. Hmmm let's rank the let's write a private schools let's do it don't include browser because he's you can't well as they did says is number one right on CBS S is number two yeah. Series is number three. This could be a spirited debate in this town because you know them their Brothers and their love lands ahead hello Christian Brothers. Laws visible for. Severe just over five. You just said some nice to start a war war and that though don't you tell those TV just also laws and has surpassed that allows a don't you tell there has surpassed you see what CBS just is building over there. The place is expanding. Their updating. All of their facilities. Don't you say that John. That's puts them above Christian Brothers. Sorry now. It's it's a big plus is number one in the city. Now even have a kid that goes their way I don't have to say this like Hawkins like that I don't have a kid there was easy what is the other up and comer saint George's. Oh. I don't I don't Alvin Donald there's wind. And I'll see Georges has so much money they got my brother and also what did your money's always laws and is number one. Number two seriousness number one never say no it's not that it has attitude of first round NBA picks last two years absolutely. They can do today they can bring him in baby right buzz into one number two is. I'll I'll go Christian by the numbers say a Christian vote number to act number three. I have not my kids will not be attended private school so decide this is of no consequence to me this is all you do that in US sucks. Not just go out all well there. Yeah I don't wanna offend anybody remembers how tired I am the man then home to about Nelson's leg after awhile we you know David so we needed there will always be a no no number three is today body also number row number threes. Breyer crest. Brother Chris is a solid story. Definitely solid I don't know wary CS is on the list you have trigger some people human drama off the road listening in this but I that I. I Embry I am I am unbiased and you download the CS. I love you see why because they don't bother you shout out to Terry Tippett. Terry Ted well which we don't we haven't really strictly define what our criteria is for this ranking here we just kind of did this on the plot. But maybe we should actually do this put some real thought and rank them the blow the private schools in Memphis yet because it and he's from saint George's also has come to know there aren't allowed leisure suit through the rest it's not just Blase and is now it's not just in the US and CBH as anymore that's also. Oh yeah there's a lot there's a lot of competition out there. Thereby spied for suit. Laws and number one I'd ever seen a bear on this town and the rundown voided the rundown now rundown deserted by Americans went nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. And Jason and Jon. 82 million offense looked ESP. And the grizzlies cannot. Stop winning at this point it is all they do and they got one of their best wins of the season at home. On Saturday night against the San Antonio Spurs on resonate number one this is just something that does not happen ladies and gentlemen can they won four straight games and they never. Ever beat the spurs won coli Leonard plays plays just something that does not happen and by the way allege he was awesome glove winner was actually awesome in this game. And Memphis was able to get the win and honestly you watch that game and you feel like man this kind of reminds you 2011 a little bit like Zach Randolph got eighteen points Marcus saw us playing well my out playing well like it was just. Sort of hard getting back no doubt arson since 2011 and I may be ready to admit. That. I don't think the four game winning streak since Taylor Parsons was shut down for the season is a coincidence I think at this point you can no longer ignore the fact. That they. I don't I never said that they were worried better team with him on the floor. I simply said that it's just about the future and that may mean you're gonna have some games you lose but there's no question about it that. Now that they've sort of got that rotation figured out mens are starting to bring an end James at this point there's plan a little bit more like you streamline the whole process. They're better right there of their better team now they're not gonna win every game the rest of the season. But they've stabilize a little bit and I think that is that's a very important element again they don't beat disbursed. With quietly in the lineup. It doesn't happen in this. Are actually. We're only tried one and it was over it was a rare game that disable his first tried to win. And they simply could not so it was a very impressive win for the Memphis Grizzlies they have now warned. Four straight they won't be back at home though until the end of the month so this will be buried. And again at their store camera traditional half game out of sixth Justin came out a fifth game at a fifth yeah so everybody just bras and everything is still definitely within reach for the Memphis Grizzlies amazingly this week will go along way in determining where they end up I still would not want to see the spurs in a first round series. Still don't want that right still afraid of of that outcome. But it was a good win. On Saturday against the spurs as the grizzlies had it rolling. It was wrestling night that. It was and that is by far I don't watch. And I do watch you don't get to see other. Teams promotions on league pass anything like that. GDP. A solid but bad well I was there I thought you know we'll. Xbox was very he made a second consecutive appearance there are wrestling night I was just on there were no diamond cutters from data below right does buff Bagwell and it. Never Wear shirts now Feinstein whose father had both Bagwell never wears a shirt would you Wear shirt if you look like buff Bagwell. Probably not. Close but look like buff Bagwell. And then the last guy they showed up and I had not heard about a belittling nude beach it's fine. Synar Scott Steiner big bad movie daddy big problem well. Big problem Paul was there and let me tell you if you had not heard the best promo. That has ever been cut. Okay this is legitimately. Like oh bed in the rock Manila better than stone cold. Better than Kurt angle better than Hoke Hogan better than any. Other guy on the Mike Scott Steiner was talking about this triple threat match when he was a TA little loan from a he broke down the stats and the odds that his opponents had a beating him yeah. And our community pool but you look at me do this modes so these. True she normally did go one on one with a. Well legendary for each. I'm not normal so we don't what do I. Deeply. You have triangle to relieve. You have Chad young women try to go about its way as advice you've got 33 or third chance and what I am I guess it's an agent took her chance to win and I don't know you can't beat me. I'm gonna try. Oh don't take you could include a third chance. Myers I imported 5% chance we got to make a third gentle women except I. What did you think was floated by the chance yet to win and the brutal one on one bad pitches into the third should. 41 and two thirds of the women expect applies. To all. But numbers don't lie. And they found that if you expect them. Place. Was that the greatest. Yeah I got a slightly as the work in his Bahrain now just. So he's going to work they've figured out of their parents kids. That's your toy about a third said and I had a 145%. Said so leaded the numbers don't lie dumb act. Sacrifice hasn't hit as usual grizzly dressing Knight is the night of the year he was Scott Steiner. It that they told me I think it was pugs and I think Jason potter told me to they said that extra pocket Scott Steiner were amazing all night. Any time. There were around fans there said they were in character all my office or bigger birds sharks peppered throughout Steiner told Dustin stars' kids have. From. From the you know the media seating where Gary was. He took an obvious head wiped his ass with it and it through overreact yeah. All right that's got Steiner browsing habits got diner is the main. Xbox expired at at one great moment when he pushed down prisons are students first. Blair out of my face and push cruised around. Let me tell you I don't care who they're playing RS tonight by the way they never lost a resting now at thousands eye for an hour an and those numbers never lie would be right degree is the Los arresting nine moot it is the I don't care who their plan. It is the out of the play the next. It's the night of the year and it's a must attend event for many years and spent all of as it's ever been wrestling and it's never seen arresting night I think all out for. Grids is off some. It is the must attend event of the year sort of their friends ask guys that are worthy also say when they did the. Or the beginning he was all right zug will. All I see. It's a white trash. Rednecks. And proud. That's apparent and he looked at or bloody all the rescue section you look at the when he was in the orient you would ever have served me. Gray he'll grade not there at the end of the night when he was again in his cars like that. Allred Dubuque street. A pleasant girls (%expletive) but nobody told me the big red bullied daddy. Sickness. This sucks it sucks that it here. He discussed senator holier lawyers though live below is just ask you before year's goals and keep letting go still still rolling it toppled pulled the girl still pumping still pumped imbedded but yeah grizzlies dressing night is always unbelievable and it delivered once again over the weekend grizzly against the spurs there next worry. The most talented. High school basketball team members symbols and Memphis. Has finished off a season when the state championship John east high defeats south when 6545. On Saturday. Over the due to bless the light blue cross AAA. State championships and how horrible it was one that. But I gotta just play in LA you but I can tell you lose this is east's second consecutive title and I told you earlier on this season. That from top to bottom one through twelve this is the most talented team ever assembled a blue. And this one assembled by one Penny Hardaway. A channel also was outstanding the younger brother of deedrick and KJ goes Memphis Tigers are Chandler is a top warning. 2019. Prospect. Hum had eighteen points and fifteen rebounds. In the finale in the in the title game against south went to when I saw I saw a different chairman I'm not allowed to hear that that was my biggest take away from the thing. Was. Look offset don't hear I didn't think Chandler had as much doll in and as you see with KJ and with the youngest Jonathan who has a 2002 when he won prospect probably going to be a five star like his Brothers are. Tom I've I didn't think Chandler had the kind of adult that his Brothers had an odd you know not not not as talented. At this point his career as Dieter blossomed. Saw a little bit adult and general loss and he would he he opened my eyes will be his particularly on the boards a lot like you know at at this point he's what 69. Don't ask me how much he weighs because it's not much ready and you can when he when he goes against bigger guys you wonder why it's all of this year you ask him to be something that he's not when he's down in there and throwing Bos and try to get rebounds but. There's a fire in him this is a bit in and I taught told as his father a little bit after the this weekend after the game is a big summer for Gerald. And obviously the university of us has eyes on him who knows whether or not the land and who knows whether or not it is at this point who knows whether or not Q loss of will be back. If he's retained or not thumb but channel Lawson now. I see it he's a guy that you want in your program okay and and and I realize I say the well of course you do Jason he's a five star prospects top foreign country. All I've been this way on channel also. If you don't get them. Not a program changer I'm John going back on that. In Pete Rose a couple more inches and becomes a seven footer 610611 guy would then got something called all different all together. Hum but he was outstanding in this state in this AAA state tournament as was Alex Lomax who again was mr. basketball I think for the second straight season. The 2018 point guard and if this is all over was the first offer they want. I believe TJ moss was also on the alternate team as was a big John Martin you've got to keep and I'll Malcolm they're usually. You've heard his name. By the time he is a senior a tiny bit between his junior senior years. He's going to be a top 100 prospect that that kid at 686 I don't know we talk about Memphis a word the big guys lawmakers don't Purdue's bigs like it used to. Our commanders is you throw bag being athletic. And McCain can run jump and dunk in there he's going to be a big time prospect by the time he's a sand. Target also all over him if you're if you're the tigers. It is camping out outside he's trying to. I mean that's all you really have to do not realize there's other props prospects Tyler heiress Roger Brown all over Cordoba. But right now man if you just camp out outside east. Did you them you can put a pretty good program together with just what they've got it that's what Doug is Dylan. Is what you say yeah that's what the hell Tubby Smith is Dylan he is he is right out he's got all of you know he's banking on denounce Lomax don't think there's any doubt about that Alex Lomax has got an offer from Missouri kinda mark yesterday gonzo had at all and has since the Johnson's he was that they're cal and will continue to be developed to fight for Alan Lomax and most people think that. We are also some people think that's a 100% done deal diplomats and they are present on that I have to work to get out summarized as he's going to be if he is a wanted man yeah no question. I don't know you know work. He's taking math. So we go to work I that's ages it's it's it's it's goats are I mean I I need now we could not above this would be by now. And he's more film making jokes about the guys aid look out there working right cannot enjoy naps at your age. I love snaps OK I'm also not responsible for our basketball program small detail two point eight or for a lot of hotel right right right right all that's matter but a congratulations to east. They went back to back and I'm Tony right now lost Penny Hardaway is coach over there. No other high school team in Memphis away Tripoli say Charlie's full winning move bold statement just the way it is. Next worried all right so are really quickly here Beauty and the Beast opened. 20170. Million dollar humbling weekend it is a record. Done. One last year they broke that was bad Memphis or Superman for the biggest march opening they broke that smash that record. So now Beauty and the Beast holds that holds the march record for months march at the march opening night we cannot all over but you know we're all in this will grow so much money Russell era so much money billions and billions and billion dollar a 100% I saw it. I was part of that weekend you're proud of that as well. Well they should think about it and so BI so did the instant of the all I had heard about this movie. Was that there was a gay moment. Okay like Gary pairs talked about it on his show I've heard about this gay character. And it was that because a landmark for for Disney Riley yeah okay they are now rivers are the first openly gay character. And I'm watching this movie and I'm watching him watch him okay will where's this moment supposed to be when that happened and and there's no. Another spoiled for you this is from this is being obesity. CB look at around here this is being in the basement you know a classic case of it is as one of the most iconic songs and any Disney soundtrack. And let me tell you. I'm not gonna spoil this for people but if you're hoping to go into this movie I don't know that you mark but if you covered for this big extravagant gay moment. It doesn't exist if it happened. And fact I was so underwhelmed by the lack of homosexuality that felt robbed a little bit. Got other buzz this big moment there's one point in the movie where gas stove inside kick look Foux. Dave says with a man. You're doing this you know these names without even reading anything like you you're really into I grew up on Disney like most of what America in the ninety's good oh harsh but but there was no gay moment. Jason you don't overview of these. And any well lagged. And don't need not liking blanketing I let you either. What else was big in that time that I got three year old don't you have. We're Johnston right now we're just also fluent found Paul yeah he's not yet anyway about a year away from the start the jaws just dogs this first just 100. I know tells me that it will be there on the Dow ball. And some of the movie itself first of all Disney needs to stick to sports and not. Trying to make political statements and their movies out now I don't go to Disney movies to be reminded that there are other people. Who have different preferences in this life. This is not something that I go for fairy tales. I don't want reality it did my Disney movies a day. And took the movie itself it was fine it was good it was it was you know pick up a little weird because Emma Watson looks so young. Like she is very young looking that it would be under eight I know I can tell Miller Light side this is Canon we have quite as big. These things like this twelve year old looking woman. But they're gonna be allowed more of these allow more of these live action and you're gonna get a land I think I think they're gonna make mu Lon one in Montgomery they're gonna do a Lion King one yeah they are doing Aladdin yeah there's got to be a lot. More of these live action or bad ideas people like where we were still make it transformers movies for summaries and fast these theories on like number twelve. And all Disney can do now is make live action remakes of cartoon movies that they made. Twenty years ago I watched stoppage Thurmond and 170 did whatever they were the first weekend he might Michael Bay won't stop agent transformers movies that I don't know about why so much money I don't know why he keeps doing that I don't know how Michael Bay I don't know how they what Michael Bay made movies that whatever so that that was that was my review founder Sam I think. I think everybody came out the same why it's a 70% overrun tomato they like it's a perfectly five declared dead the animated versions better. Please tell me no tears were shed now I would say though it's very sad though I don't know I think cry Havoc on its view would be well you're emotional like me yeah a bit and -- it you know he did in May when their final pedal drops are made and the candles like got as with heavy cables got his girlfriend is like all and ended that the tea cups looking for her song and yeah. And she turns back I mean that's definitely said there's some finality to that a cup. You die kill my fellow little bit absolutely. So there's my job Marin but if you if you were. I just felt a little bit I thought I was the game home was oversold. Well I felt like to generate interest and that's why I felt like you women looking for something you didn't get fulfilled I did not at all. Other than that it was okay there was an out and we'll be right when we come back NCAA tournament rolls all end. The sweet sixteen is set the one to two with a three and the four seeds are all gonna be right here admit there's only reason they can claim that of course we get it done course to take care business. We will talk to Michael of course see about that and more from the sporting news we get back Jason janitor and if NB SP and take. On the 99 experts in the sunny bracket challenge and win message. Shortly ultra HD a Levy's Martinis and Iraqi solutions it's nine FM ESPN sonic bracket challenge. WM the first four at 99 espn.com. Presented by infinity of Memphis and Papa John's. He's not welcome them it's my own Monday enjoy it also embryo wood chips and salsa for only five dollars all day hit anyone of their border area location buffalo. Is building for crews battle of the bands we Brown's previous Thursday march 23 beginning yet none DM. 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Pocket cost to you you've heard me talking about it for years and people ask me all the time that this is legit I'm telling you you can trust anymore and hang Julia Ruth who needs a call at 8700186. That's not no 1870. 0186. Days company won Memphis most last year in the category of best roofing contractor in the mid south this team is experienced and knowledgeable. And looking forward to your calls a column 870018669018700186. Danny Moore is proving they're on the web. At Morse and roofing. Dot com that's more soon roofing. Dot com. Brought us. He is. College basketball writer for sporting news and a member. A United States basketball sportswriters hall of fame he's a vet and I got looked up to for a long time his name is Mike the course seat and he joins us now Mike how are you sir. Well Jason and tell us how it while the compliment when people say I've been reading in my whole life I'm like oh good thank god sent good about it. Is that it doesn't make you feel all the. Well at the forget old hot alleged to have about legend that's the word on. What they are going very well listen listen L what we got were absolutely gonna listen John's caliber is coming back to Memphis first sweet sixteen Josh asked Derek is playing down right down the road knocks for tomorrow I think for chance billion Nazi final four. How should you that this fans be feeling right now among the corset. Why did this year you're burying my homecoming as well mayor though I guess I rank third. Sideshows so much for the legend thing but now. Look I think three years Jason back. But the John cal Perry gave Memphis its greatest decade as a basketball program and that anyone who doesn't appreciate that is missing the point of sports center. I'd so hey if you wanna be better will be better I don't bring it to me I mean maybe gave you the greatest decade of tigers basketball tigers basketball is. But I love it and and very important so that took that to the city of Memphis center of the people who support the program and you know I have friends who are who are champions who still are close to John and still follow him. And you know I have friends who olympians to. Who swear he's he's a bad guy because he laughed and I. No I left so one I don't feel like I'm a bad guy can I let up inside I loved my time there but. It was time to redevelop. Is there another fan base might that. Off the top your head still has such raw emotion for head coach the way that Memphis has for John cal Perry especially after all time because. It is I mean we've we've taken calls on it. Jeff took calls an earlier this morning people are still very raw about John cal Perry in very sensitive about him. It's been nine years and it's been eight years in this there's been two coaches sets so is there. Is there another fan base of tiger had that feels the same way about another Coetzer is met the sort of in its own in its own boat here. Don't think so and you know it's interesting because so like I'm idiot John showed up at like and then next big that this game where this picture of tiger is certainly my kids when they're in bed everything would be better but I don't think it can't just had the same feelings. Roy Williams. That. That meant this has therefore for Don cal Perry and Roy gave. Can this incredible success at will without a doubt but it wasn't as unprecedented and indicated at that point had two championships in the bank. And and so Roy final four technical or six I think. They made with the jayhawks somewhere in there. Where were certainly welcome but they were not new to the program whereas. What they'll define what was of four consecutive thirty win seasons and the championship game but that that had not happened in 35 years I think. The four consecutive thirty win seasons was unprecedented. So what looked like I said what happened that Memphis senator John was. Any in the in any great program was far beyond the norm. Do you think that's why then that there is that emotion it's the sort of though there realization from fans that. That they know it will never be that good again it can't be that good again. And you couple that with the fact that since he left the program has taken such a downturn. Armed that you have this you just you Erin you long for that level again and you know you may never had a do you think that's what it's routed then. Well I think it would be the one thing we have to remember is that. If you were eight if it lets just say hey you know if things had gone wonderfully in the fall and the big twelve hadn't called that nonsense that they did and they actually expanded and the tigers have been fortunate enough to be included let's say. They haven't Cincinnati. I don't think that that would let that kind of success would deal I mean I don't know about 430 when see their role. But I think that the tigers could again be back in that gains so to speak. With the right coach so you know with Serbs the right support didn't say they would be moving in that direction. I it's harder now and like I said it's more because so being disassociated from. The major conferences. There is anything else so. I'd DL how could John if he'd stayed at continue to keep campus. At a place beyond what it's like what its place in the conference universe. Is. And there I don't have any doubt about that because that's what he does but. I. I AB did indeed left foot pit let at some point in there what there was appointed 2003 when that wasn't impossible. Court he'd let currencies stayed I think in those six. Away from the antique cooler with some but I think more get more money out of met the same thing. But military garb and I think Memphis can't put it may be had a right to feel a bit aggrieved. Because he left for jobs that Warner necessarily better may parity in the treatment but I would think it. You know not significantly better back then maybe not better at all. If you look at Kentucky you Kentucky that the standard I don't and it and that and that might have been the only place Carolina that he would have gone to. We are of course are to the great might the course he covers college basketball for the sporting news I might this NCAA tournament has not had you or. Typical you know you're your double digit Cinderella stories those don't exist. I'm haven't I haven't even had that many upsets isu last night was was not the exception duke over South Carolina let me ask you this does an NCAA tournament have to have. A Cinderella story those amazing double digit seed upsets that have to have those to be considered great or can still be great without those. Well I can depend on who you're appealing to him and I might actually people don't really follow you need regularly. Who don't love college basketball so that's kind of who won worried about the yeah I'm happy to have people who don't talk read this stuff that I produced during the NCAA tournament I'm happy to have the extra. The people reading this out by it helps certainly. Bite I mean my target audience is people who really care. Whether it's the analysis that I do on Big Ten network of the things that I write for sporting news of the conversations I have with people like YouTube. Com it's about the people who care. And if you're there just to see. You know the number fifteen beat the number two woods that's grade I it's fun and all that but I mean if if you're not thrilled by eight. Does the Vanderbilt northwestern game and how pot that lies. Com or you're not excited by eight Wisconsin. Taking out Villanova in the national defense I don't know what to tell you I mean I guess we're not really speaking the same language. Mike which conference has impressed you more the SEC the Big Ten both three. And the sweet sixteen. Well you talk. So what equivalent I think. The one that surprised me more is the FCC. In part because I know the Big Ten better than ever get any and every other complex. That period I mean I I watch nearly every game. You know on the weekend I watch every game because I'm there in the studio and on during the week I aged endeavor to watch every game. And I can't certainly while also killed keeping track of and watching other games from other leagues as well. So I know I know badly better and I knew they wished it that he was capable of better than it had been. Described as a credit Twitter sort of what we call it now clear bead for whatever with that. And made his visit debate that's gonna debate it wasn't personal with Doug Gottlieb. The other 22 weeks ago you heard that basketball analyst. And and he was saying if he said the Big Ten was down and I think it's not down and then he just like an incredulous but I would suggest that it wasn't down. And I'm like outlook I watch every game but if you wanted to take the Big Ten was down at twenty. Sixteen you would have been right and I had two of the worst Big Ten teams ever in the league that year record ten. And Minnesota. Would be combined to be one other team other than each other. And end date in Hayward who rarely competitive in the gay men. Ill Illinois can tell you that Rutgers was competitive to the very end of this postseason. Knocked Illinois out NCAA tournament contention on the final day of the regular season. And Wisconsin recovered to win 25 games this year. It was a deep competitive solid leads the I I didn't the FCC was turning. By hiring Bruce Pearl and hiring Ben Howland at eight reached out to the green Frank Martin. From key in this case I knew it was turning. I did good based on what we saw from the route the pre conference performance it seemed like we were still a year away. And did it obviously South Carolina with a team that did play well and pre conference in Towson Darius on well. I've got to help suspended and of course Kentucky is Kentucky. And you know and an Arkansas played very well at times but was very inconsistent. So I know I think that the I think that maybe what this term it is. Is they're there announcement that they are they know that there maybe. They should have been a good year. And it wasn't totally but maybe this maybe this tournament is to step forward that the league needs that. That they can Stacy was curious about who can hear you know we're good hoops here. You know we we need at this time they spent a lot of the last ten years. Kind of taking it. You know a lot of that booking a lot of SEC CDs yeah and now that's not the case I mean they got serious about it little and when they hired. Well no they promoted mark Woodward into words the basketball job and then mark loot on the other. Other pursuits but they were placed and well and so there's serious about the game now. And I think that did that the FCC is going to be back to a position where you know the other conferences. That are good hoops. Are going to have to fight for those top four there are three spots and they still in the conference rankings. Sticking with with South Carolina got a what they did last how how do we explain. Elaborate what they were able to do offensively instead do you think of the frankly. My this this South Carolina team and at times. Was a mess offensively this year was was was always good defensively about how to explain that second half we did was that more duke and just being. All fold defensively or is it more South Carolina and just shots drop it and just take it from the. I think it was Duke's. Defense did you pour that. They never really found a great formula the defensive end and I remember there was one play in particular that. You know Ed every time duke had a chip and Iran may undermine it would support defense but there was one in particular. Or grace and Allen got some kind of known me and planned. In between that big American recovery and it did it this recovery was like yeah. You know what I like what you see in high school game would call from Tripoli yesterday told us that. He never play defense and bicycle that he never had to you and so you just see guys cannot wait any day yet can't hit. At the offensive player in any friendly type OK you scratch I am so gonna get forty euros. But now he's gotten he's got to guard and he made one of the great offensive plays of yesterday's Kentucky win any game where our defense was really important. Or did the grace and Allen recovery play that I saw looked like. High school defend it's really all that invested in. What he was trying to do and at that level and in that circumstance we're not talking about your protect the twenty point lead or any thing right and you know you're down. In that team in your down multiple possessions. Every stop matters and it didn't take any deed seem to matter to him. On that possession. We are of course talking to Mike accorsi who covers college basketball. For the sporting news I Chris mad now Xavier now house for sweet sixteen this down. Why would Indiana fans not be all over him might. I don't know and everybody's got a better idea John. Hey they got into it's it's amazing. He would do to convince themselves are certain things to say Chris Mack is is the best person for Indiana the higher at this point I don't think it'll happen. I I believe they've been moving toward hiring Steve Alford. But hey that puzzles me a bit not as he's not a a solid coach he's got a good solid record. But. There's nothing spectacular on his resume you'd never made a final four maybe that's what this team. He's I think this is so what it is the third or fourth sweet sixteen. I don't know that he's never danced to the elite eight even. Mom and a year ago it looked at just got out firing Tom crane because they have what they believe to be a blue blood program and I agree with them. And they were not getting what they considered to be consistent excellence you and I agree with them honest. But here's what I can slowly emerge perhaps. A year ago UCLA it was fifty and seventy. And they were taken twelve and the pac twelve conference and for a big guys that are playing their top seven now the top six really or on that can eat. So how do you explain that to. Death that as as their flinched and here it here in the south region Mike UCLA's beaten Kentucky. Kentucky's beaten North Carolina yes does that mean Butler come out of the sound making the final core I. Larry it for a blonde hair down there are going that BioWare is going to grind out jeans and they're going to make you play every possession. And they're going to surprise you with Andrew Chavous is very. Unorthodox offensive game and they're going to defend it and maybe they'll be just right you are not going to come in the air and and play fast break basketball against them it's not that I'm there is going to. You know it did not it's not like they're gonna have Virginia but they've date they know at that they can grinding game and he senator Villanova twice. This year and won both those games. And don't do it and they get to Cincinnati. Back in December. And they'll do it it'd take Carolina on Thursday well you know fighting what they do it effectively enough to win the game. I don't expect that but I wouldn't be shocked. One more thing before we let you go and this is this sort borne bacteria Steve offer question Gregg Marshall obviously had a very tough matchup yesterday with Kentucky and from Wichita State was. Vastly under seeded as they tipped as a ten. At what point if you're Greg Morris these say you know what this life is just too hard year in year out I can win thirty games. And be significantly better than anybody else in my conference and I'm only getting at ten seed and just decided take how are five job whatever limits whatever that might be even though is his existence. At Wichita State be a beyond that it is pretty easy and pretty simple. Bomb a what what point is Greg Morris is gonna get about five job because he he's gone into doing that. Boy you know I I think that first of all lit if Greg were offered one of the great job slight. Indiana are Kentucky or somebody like that I mean he's not saying no to that it. I think that's first and foremost I don't think he's willing to take your job. That is. That is. Like I like the Alabama job he turned down make Alabama has not been made basketball. Significant power since the ninety's. They got some good teams along the way but they're not been consistently. Significant since ninety tact I don't think he feels the need to go and and re invent another program and he's got a pretty good one Larry is the flip side of being frustrated on selection Sunday is being. Not frustrated when you win thirty games director of the year. Act you know I got an excellent team there and one that's really capable of high level playing mixed here they they bring everybody back from. Yesterday he kept except a couple of senior lock arms. That it's it's a really formidable group and any other factor today you have to remember John Jason is that. I don't agree with this move necessarily because right now I think I I know and you know that everybody that's good that you need American conference wanted to be out. But I think that we'll see Wichita. I'll make a move to the American conference and exactly when they can execute bad weather they can do it time for next year I don't know. But I think we'll see that happening then so then they'll get the play the tigers don't get to play the bear cat to get to play UConn. And SMU and so at least dealt the only step before five programs. Could be significant all beyond their scheduled. And yet that that don't pro basketball standpoint for that for the foreseeable future. It'll be good for all of those teams that I mentioned perhaps you bad happens. Dad that would be welcome news for. The university medicine is might accorsi has a great job covering college basketball he'll be here in Memphis for the sweet sixteen and elite eight later this week Mike a pleasure thank you all my life from you. Recent drop from thanks for having me. Young showed you he is might accorsi covers college basketball for the sporting news' Aaron back in just a minute Jason and done anything that FM ESPN. 99 saga as dragon tonight to night espn.com. Or even 99 amphibious CNN it's great. Good prices rebounded prizes for misogyny. They go all the more I get into the 92 nines under. Presented by Nvidia members and Papa John's pizza. I don't care where you live or where you worked believe me the best place to get a new jedi is all star Chevrolet an olive branch best looking best equipped. And best colors a new Chevy trucks cars and suvs you'll find anywhere. 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It's going on today runs till march 31 714 over one text the word wrestler disease is located at Torrey seven ID everywhere and wrote at the corner. Of summer avenue next I would feed or you comment directly at 90135910. Forty so Levy's see is that we're back Jason Dunn editor FM ESPN. John Tyler Perry coming back to Memphis. Is the best thing that could have happened to this other wise. Boring ass tournament let's be honest about it. This has bid and a boring NCAA tournament producers absolutely. Convince me that it's been exciting. Did you not see the overall number one seed go down did you notice Villanova loss it was congress is our number one just went down South Carolina game OK menopausal value airline are watching and they said the 21 seeds are gone bad doesn't excite me. But I doubt grade I get I think the key what. Teams to look for in the future is. I'm just had the editor plane go the wrong way not to dashing out here why I don't play off the runway apparently it works. So as exciting because the 21 seeds have now I don't know not just go.