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Thursday, January 4th

WWE Superstar Matt Hardy joined the Geoff Calkins Show on Thursday to offer insight into Hardy's life and career.


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We are joined now. By a WWE superstar. Matt do we start this theme song tournament would you ever as things are surmising so yeah. He joins me now. The wrestler have that as a theme song. I hope that you were playing that Penn Jillette views this morning. Yeah. Our. Being current reincarnation that everyone is seeing them out party right now us. I do on most I am certainly a larger than life character Ryan more than just a normal mortal and down mostly my. We'll see what celebration of the black go back playing time so I obviously love the soothing music at the piano. Presuming that you you grow up to lead a normal life and then at some point. You discover. That she or a vessel between dimensions or is it something that is that a journey that you seek out or is it something it's best that money. You know as you're saying obviously there was a there was incidents where I was injured and wrote down the barriers of my mind. And that is laid dormant inside the vehicle loans or just touched another being there was magic. Being pro life who's now Mike McNamee is good the yin to my Yang yes. And whenever my dad when are my condition came back to be I have realized I am more than just immortal are contracting my soul. Every that's what has been for the last for the last two dozen years. Brent Wright is the yen to your Yang. And is is a scoundrel by all accounts. Oh winner got our own room but to have where is this what forums where it once this is where is it rooted it where's the rivalry rooted. Well here we all go very deep but you know he's he's very very intelligent I'm sure you can understand us. The the the course. The if Tunisian. Then. And how this brew why named sister Avago I knew her thousands of years ago prior to that while rob resource work. The. You have a lake of reincarnation. Did you just look for property with a lake of reincarnation was that like in the early real estate listings or how does that come to pass. No it came alive his desire as I erred in my property because obviously I love 120 acres which you refer to the party compound right and what's weren't when my condition had been reignited then everything you're became magic so that there is magical land it is a blow back to. The order dated abruptly. It is also so throwback to the older days of mankind when things were much simpler and easier. Senior Benjamin lives on merit well I'm. On the compound. Yeah it'll problematic is that. The incomparable senior Benjamin and his mother out keep climbing all golfers vocal combat to read. And and yours and your son you tell your toddler son. Yes I have to actually tell others cannot so I think that's a bit. The newest addition. Is so we'll look at this it's my. And it is. It OK I have three kids I'll be I have three kids that and they are named Ben Peter any Andrew. Isn't is more Wolfgang in QQ. It'll add to put on a kid isn't it. I don't think I don't remarks let's not salute my name what gang actually shows Jamal could so she is that she is a huge you know French she. Often played my music. Before I return to the WBA Sheila a big fan obviously of a walking the composer. So will be issued and they simply think the cool kids who call by this idea that that was her choice I had marquee name. But I think it a very trendy name now but in another they're both going to be fun. Kept up where did the delete thing come from what did you start to delete people. Yeah that's sort of a nice question I'm intrigued question Palin got planned alternative way of putting out the playing of your opponent whatever may be so different terminology unique correct. And I think in many ways through some elections there have been town last seen. Where people need absurd quality or an essence about them legally does and that is where that originators and prompt. I'd I'd I think everybody can even saying now that we just introduce new year 2018. You know everyone talks about these new year resolution they you know and in the vast scheme of things calm and very miniscule you know I think every day you should try and delete negativity or delete hatred or delete obsolete calories that you take and there are all they think that Lee should lead is a good word as a lot of very. And we do need we as Americans do need to delete some obsolete calories that's certainly true. I talked to Matt hardy WWE superstar he will be here Monday night. At FedEx Forum so. Be sure to catch him there you have traveled quite a journey. At various points for you and your brother in involved. Battles with a diction and ended and and that sort of thing. How hard was it to emerge from that. He noted it is a tough battle without. Actually another one of the reasons I chose to lead it's okay that is something that. I had looked to settle that are hard to do and that was delete my demons. You know this this that there's any athletic. Endeavor you pursue and he doesn't talk about. Some some sports or anyone error be bigger conversation you know it's it's very tough on. Anyone's body you know I would ever say you know we are holed up and we are all physical human beings flesh and bone and you know your body is not meant to take a pounding day and out. And we do them more than anybody in the professional wrestling industry so that was was when I was younger you know myself and my brother obviously. We had so many Americans who made famous the loud and actually dale Romans and he'll be matches you know on those matches just took such a cooling told. When your body. And it was one of those things just threw my passion I feel like I overdid it I had both our look W first come around I probably should ask you take tomahawk. Six or eight months before alleged look at those so physically mentally and emotionally it is on alcohol levels. You know I I don't let your at this that was prediction that point just to try and beat passions to work on this and we'll look good. And I think part of the part of the journey of being an athlete. The learning how to cope with can he get older and that's what I had to do had to take cowboy add reflect had a real look like. Look I I am older my my body can't function and do think he could before and I can't put. Through much of punishment can't inflict as much damage on a bounce back as quickly you have to learn how to to really pace yourself as you don't look something up. I've done apple like in an increase muscle Leno. The other thing that you've done which is pretty magical is leave WW the and then there. Be so dramatically successful apart from it. Did you come back and triumphantly. In and wrestle mania in Orlando make your return. How hard is that to do to beat to beat as successful as you war. Outside and then how satisfying was that day and how much fun was that when you made your return. As it was utter validation. It was truly. One of the most rewarding moments in my career and about IE. It's definitely a top three moment if it was really about all I mean especially we live in the age of technology at the age for permission you know people who knows got instantaneously right right now. You know we knew almost. Almost a month out we're going to be your mania we knew a couple of weeks out we're going to be involved in this. Match the letters. And one where would keep this so confidential and able to keep it on the down low and it was a legitimate crops and the night before the night before we were in a huge show. Four another record promotion rustling the books reviewed in a lot of match which was almost thirty minutes which was Caribbean saying. And then we shall the next day. You wrestle mania the British Russian menu there have been industry and debut and return and get this. Colossal reaction which was so humbling and so flattering you know we come into a lot of match which is our staple. And then who in the attacking titles of origin which it just it was like Trulia Perry book ending anyway. But also let me say there's also the beginning of the nuclear how it's been an amazing journey. How do you keep a secret how many people now. There's nobody everybody knows everything like everybody knows everything and yet it was a surprise. I'll be honest did the circle Hewlett probably knew about this appearance Willis. Myself. My wife and my brother my brother's wife. Between man. Privilege and and also a mark around that I was literally about it. And actually have meaning to grow locked up because. I think that it named. I pronouncing correctly it is it's really good mall haunts. Part of a map parity he'll be at FedEx Forum Monday January 8. And you get tickets at Ticketmaster error or federal at FedEx Forum. Box office umps you make a triumphant return. And I. In it'll be great fun Monday night. I do love some questions. Lied to wrestle did you wrestle. Russell alongside. The sky and or will or did you actually wrestle Gaines got big discount. I don't know that the best bit actually did that time we actually Paul side by side so that's how we're. Slow. Vicious. Should show issues that ambitious in court. That Jerry. A converted your wallet your laws much more milk is so gaga gave it content. EE eight illegal under scrutiny jump into that broke and dancing with clear passion what's that. Are absolutely and I love what. I can imagine I do think it's been a pleasure to talk to you and we look forward to seeing you in Memphis money thanks very much met. And that I absolutely dormant this considering. Good. We're talking about the same addiction and what not a very like I believe you don't deployed in your body that would what you don't Kamal but I am a big fan meet. Comes close to a few so I love coming to us tremendous solely for the world we. You can wield little. We'll have some meat Gloria we'll have semi wave Matt thank you give me a lot of motivation did it I should start to finish seeing him on the scene in my bag that is. Quite have the great mat hard.