ZBo rumor sends MLGW customers into a frenzy

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Zach Randolph Rumor Fuels MLGW Craziness

Randolph Donated to MLGW & Will Donate $20,000 Again this Fall

July 10, 2017 - 1:53 pm

Thousands of Memphis Light, Gas & Water customers showed up to kiosks across the city as a glitch caused some to observe significantly lower bill amounts. This combined with a rumor that former Memphis Grizzlies player Zach Randolph had donated $1-Million to help pay people's bills caused on-site kiosk traffic issues.  It was rumored that if a customer paid a small percentage of their bill that the remainder would be "taken care of" by Randolph. 

First, MLGW responded via twitter:

Later Z-Bo would post his own message on social media to clarify his assistance and donation level to MLGW:



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