PENNY HARDAWAY SWAG VAN APPEARS: Penny & Mike Miller Rolling in High Style in Penny 1 Cent Van Now

Audio: Jack Chalmers, GM Sterling Custom Coach Builders (Created the Van)

Gary Parrish
April 24, 2018 - 5:45 pm
Penny Hardaway Recruiting Van

Mike Miller/twitter

Today (4/24) on Penny Hardaway's twitter account a new Mercedes custom Penny 1 tricked out van was on full display with Mike Miller getting a look for himself.

Clearly Penny Hardaway is becoming the best marketer in college hoops, and thus in recruiting.  But for most college coaches, it's the school who will be on the hook to get that type of ride for the cause.

Jack Chalmers, GM of Sterling Custom Coach Builders (Created the Van) joined Jason & John Wednesday to talk about the van: 



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