Gasol to Raptors. Green & Temple to Clips. Mack to ATL for Dorsey.

(AUDIO) LIVE COVERAGE NOW ON 92.9: Grizzlies Receive Valanciunas, Wright, Miles & a 2024 2nd-Rounder. Avery Bradley to Grizz from Clips.

February 07, 2019 - 1:11 pm

Here come the WOJ Bombs from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowksi:

Essentially Toronto has a chance now to roll into the Eastern Conference Finals with Gasol's presense. Memphis gets expiring assets (financial flexibility) and a 2nd rounder that we won't see for some time.

Flipping JaMychal and Green gets the Grizzlies off that luxury tax line and they acquire Avery Bradley. The terms of Bradley's deal were only partially guaranteed for the 2019-2020 season (year 2 of his deal).

Here's more from Chris Herrington via twitter (listen for Chris on Friday (2/8) on the Geoff Calkins Show):

"Don't think there are draft assets in Bradley deal. Trade would clear luxury tax room for Grizzlies, create a large trade exception, and Bradley's non-guaranteed deal is a possible trade chip this summer."


1:31 p.m. Per Michael Wallace from the Memphis Grizzlies Grind City Media, the Grizzlies delt Shelvin Mack to Atlanta for guard Tyler Dorsey.

3:24 p.m. Per Michael Wallace the Grizzlies will waive Casspi to create roster spot. 




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