Best Football Weekend of the Year (AUDIO: Jeff's Bet$)

92.9 FM SATURDAY on 92.9 FM ESPN: College Radio Gameday/UT Game

The Geoff Calkins Show
November 02, 2018 - 2:59 pm
Bama vs. LSU

USA Today

It's a massive college football weekend, and 92.9 FM ESPN is right in the middle of it.

Listen for COLLEGE RADIO GAMEDAY LIVE Saturday. THEN:  1:30PM pre-game  3:00PM kickoff  UT Vols vs. Charlotte

LATER: (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 6:00PM pre-game  7:00PM kickoff  Alabama @ LSU

(AUDIO - click below): Jeff's Bet$ (PICKS on Bama/LSU, Ole Miss/South Carolina, Florida/Missouri, Texas/Missou, and more from Friday's (11/2) Geoff Calkins Show.

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